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Part 96: Cloche on Croix

Reyvateil Talk: Cloche on Croix

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
Here it is, the ultimate dump of Talks. I'll even include some repeats just because I care.

Move On!:

Yes, Lady Cloche.
Are you really a knight?
Even though it was necessary in that situation, you made me join the fight.
Yeah, but that was...
Don't you have a sense of chivalry? You can't treat women like that!
Really? Nobody has ever complained about it before...
I'm complaining right now!
Or are you saying that I'm a burden for you?
No! I'm not, of course!
...But I understand. I'll change my attitude from now on.
...Okay, whatever.
Anyway, don't let it happen again, okay?
If the same thing happens again, I'll lecture you like I just did. Be ready for that.
(Oh, my...)

Behave Yourself!:

Well... to protect you, Lady Cloche.
Okay, you seem to know it.
Of course I know. That's my job.
Yes, that's your job.
Then, I'd like to inquire as to how the enemy got to directly attack me despite your defense in the last few battles?
That is...
...Well, this time I forgive you since it was an urgent situation.
However, if it happens again, you may not be pardoned. Keep that in mind.

Thank You For Helping Me:

Eh, what for?
You helped me.
You stopped them from giving me the death penalty.
...Ah, don't even mention it.
You guys had helped me a lot before, so I wanted to do something for you in return.
But that was part of my duty, so you didn't have to feel obligated.
Then, that was my job, too.
You are a knight who's supposed to guard me, right?
As long as you work under me, I must support you, right?
Well, so...
...Let's call it even. Just forget about it.

Little Revenge:

...What in the hell is that thing?
...I thought you knew it.
Eh? Well...
...Ah! That Pippen cracker, right?
...Seems like you really didn't know.
I knew it! Of course I did!
What's that suspicious look? That's not a lie!
...Well, I hear the Pippen in that park flies.
What!? Is that really true...
...Ye, yeah, sure. I see him fly sometimes, actually. I know that, too.
...Such a Pippen doesn't exist.
You didn't know.
...Huh! How dare you deceive the Maiden? You don't deserve to be a Grand Bell Knight.
That's fine, but please don't tell me a lie from now on.

$1,000,000 Question:

What happened?
Actually, I have a question for you.
Me? How strange. Please go ahead.
But, should I really ask you this?
...What are you going to ask me?
Please just ask me. I'll be fine whatever question you ask me.
...Okay, I'll ask.
Do you really own your house that you and Cocona live in?
...What kind of question is that?
How can you own a house big enough for two people to live together?
Grand Bell Knights' salary isn't that much, is it?
...Of course I'm not that rich.
That is a rented house, I don't own it.
I have to renew my contract annually and pay rent every month.
...I see.
That is so-called "a rented house."
That was the first time for me to see one, but it didn't look bad.
...It sounds like you had a pretty poor image of rented houses.

What If I'm Wrong?:

That's not right! They all looked exactly identical to you, that was not easy at all!
How so? If you love me, it should be easy, right?
Or else, you fell victim so easily to those dummies because you don't truly love me?
You basically mean, as long as the appearance is the same, the heart is not important?
No, I didn't mean that.
You mean that. You just proved yourself.

I Want Courage:

...Seems like you're losing spirit. That's very unlike you, Lady Cloche.
Well, because... I've already failed in an attempt to create Metafalica.
For this, everyone has lost trust in me...
I can't help but think what would happen if I fail again? What if they come to rebuke me in person?
It frightens me...
Lady Cloche...
Croix, what do you think about it? Do you really think I can do it?
I believe in your power. You definitely can.
So, please be strong. You are the Maiden Cloche. You're not supposed to be depressed.
...Yes. I am supposed to be strong...
(...That's her natural reaction to feel scared...)

What We Talk about :

Yeah, do you actually need more time to sleep?
That's fine. This is nothing. I'm enjoying it.
I've never chatted with someone like this before I met you.
First of all, before I met you, I'd hardly ever had "regular conversations" with anyone.
So, don't worry about my sleeping time.
If you have time to worry about it, use it or more interesting talks.
...I'm pretty excited about your stories, did you know?

I Got Courage From You:

Of course there are. Why wouldn't they support you, Lady Cloche?
But I was worried...
I deserved to be despised by them since I failed in creating Metafalica.
...One girl in the audience cheered for me when I was giving the speech.
Without her, I wouldn't have made it through it.
...I don't think you're that weak.
I am much weaker and more timid than you think.
So what she did was really encouraging to me.
That one word of hers gave me so much courage and power.
Now, I feel I must be stronger for those who still support me.
...I support you, too.
...Thank you.

Want to Talk More:

Eh... why?
Because you've been staying up so late these days.
It's fine with me, but you are...
I'm fine, too! Don't treat me as a child!
I appreciate you care about me, but I'm the Maiden after all.
I hardly had much time to sleep. I'm used to sleeping little.
So... could you stop fretting over my sleep too much?
Ah, certainly. If you say so...

Want to Talk More And More:

That's a good thing. We should appreciate that.
Of course. I'm glad.
...You make me embarrassed.
Now you said that, I feel embarrassed, too...
...But, but we've talked about pretty much everything we could.
What about it? Does it matter?
I just thought even if there were nothing to talk about, I'd still want to be with you.
No, I mean...
(Lady Cloche's changed a little bit too much.)

Make Something For You:

You? I'm really honored!
...Aren't you worried?
You are dexterous enough to knit a poncho.
If I were worried, it would be an insult to you.
...I see...
I didn't know you were thinking so highly of me.
Of course.
Then, I definitely will make something for you.
How about a pair of matching clothes with heart mark logs?
(...I complimented her too much.)


It sure is. Maybe we should just go to sleep.
I didn't mean that! I just...
...We're going to sleep and that'll be all. I was wondering if you would mind if I slept here with you...
Of course I mind!
...Damn it.