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Part 97: Cloche Miscellany

Reyvateil Talk: Cloche Miscellany

What's Up With That?:

You may.
...Do you promise not to get angry?
I cannot promise until I know what you are going to ask me. So, what is it?
The Dualithnode Crystal is, in short...
I said you don't have to know about that!
You said you wouldn't ask me about that anymore. Why are you still asking?
Or do you enjoy sexually harassing me?
Sexual... harassment? How does that work in this case?
Be quiet! If you ask again, I won't forgive you!

Too Crowded!:

Don't you like crowded cities?
It's okay, but...
Maybe... I just don't feel comfortable.
I'm not so tough, so when I have to walk on a crowded street with many vendors, it is pretty tiring.
Ah, I understand that.
I know I can't be so picky, though.
I know I'll go through a lot of dangerous places from now on. I need to be used to those places and be tougher.
It would be shameful if people caught me being so feeble and helpless.
(What a tough position the Maiden is.)

For A Change:

Eh, you have never been to one?
I sometimes would go out secretly, but I've never had anything to do at a convenience shop.
But I changed my mind. Maybe I should see more shops.
Ah, yeah?
But convenience stores are the same as Sasha's...
That is a general store. It's totally different! Don't call it a convenience store!
(She doesn't have to get angry about it.)

Crafting Weapons:

As long as it's not a perverted question.
You crafted a weapon on at the weapon shop, right?
You saw it, didn't you?
I didn't know the Maiden was capable of crafting weapons.
Oh, are you complimenting me?
No, I'm just...
I was wondering why you don't do a thing at the bistro even though you craft weapons so well...
...How should I answer that?
No, you don't have to...! I was just curious.
I'm telling you now. I'm not clumsy, okay?
I couldn't cook just because I had never cooked before.
So, don't ever have a wrong idea that I can't cook!
I know you are not clumsy. You are an excellent weapon craftswoman at least.

You Should Change Weapons:

Cynthia's Weapon Shop; Grand Bell Knights use weapons from there, right?
...Should I make them change shops?
...Why so suddenly?
From what I've heard, she deals with weapons that explode when used in battle.
If the Knights are using those defective weapons, they can't perform at their best.
Ah, please don't worry about that.
She sells those experimental, explosive weapons only to me.
...I see. Well, good luck.
I know. Thank you.

Arguing Over What?:

At the Fancy Shop.
...Wh-what are you talking about?
I'm talking about the Fancy Shop. You were arguing with the clerk about something.
I don't recall anything of the sort. You must be mistaken.
...Maybe so...
But, if I remember correctly, you were yelling at her about Frogo Great or something...
It was Gergo Grade A! And I didn't yell at anybody!
...That's what you were arguing over?
No! I was just...
...Who cares? That's none of your business!
...That's fine now since I got to know why you were so angry.

Do You Like Fancy Shops?:

How could I? I am the Maiden! It's not somewhere I can go so often.
I see...
...What makes you think so?
...If I told you, you'd definitely get mad at me.
Why would I get upset over such a trivial matter? Tell me, or I'll discharge you.
...Okay, then. I'll tell you...
As soon as you went into the shop, your face became like that of a child.
How absurd! I, I, I didn't become like a child!
This is so ridiculous! Let's talk about something else.
I thought you said you wouldn't get mad...
There is a limit to my tolerance! You deserve my anger!
(I shouldn't have told her about that...)

Is the Cat Mansion Scary?:

I'm not sure. I've never been there before, actually.
...Are you, by any chance, scared of ghosts or those things?
No one is not scared of ghosts!
(I personally know someone who loves ghosts.)
Ah... it'll be fine. I'll protect you from them no matter what happens.
I won't lie to you. Please don't worry.
Okay, if you say so. I'm no longer frightened.

You Hate It So Much?:

I reject it! Why do I have to talk about that junk?
Do you hate it so much?
Of course!
How can anyone like that cheap Gergo knock-off?
First of all, it is such a defilement of the spirit of Gergo to make that obscene thing.
Yeah, you're right...
And that's why I made that bomb look like Geugo.
(I feel sorry for Geugo...)

A Great Person Is...:

Why do all important people want to sit on a gorgeously decorated chair?
...Ah, that throne in the Pope's hall?
Yeah, it didn't look too comfortable to sit on to me...
...I guess it is just a symbol of power.
Sitting on one of those chairs would dignify you more than sitting on a regular office chair, don't you think?
So that means, those important people don't have too much dignity per se?
That's a slippery slope. Maybe those chairs are merely their taste.
...That would be a pretty unique taste.
Why don't you sit on it when nobody's watching? Maybe you'll understand why they want to sit on gaudy chairs.

Too Many Stuffed Animals:

What's wrong with that!? I never bothered you, did I?
No, but...
Those, those animals are one of my hobbies...
So, they can never be too many.
Or, don't you like stuffed animals?
Isn't that a weird question to ask a boy?
No, I mean. I didn't say that was a bad hobby.
But, I just thought if you get more and more animals like that, you'll eventually be buried in them...
A room buried in stuffed animals... How nice!
(I'm sure she'll bury the whole room with toys...)

Frightening To Think about :

She was created simultaneously with Raki, right?
I was wondering, what if more of her contemporary battle type androids emerge at once...
Please stop that! That's worse than most horror stories.

A Little Sad:

What's the matter, Lady Cloche?
I couldn't shoulder the real Soope like a backpack even once.
...No, you couldn't.
The Soope backpack that I made probably doesn't feel much different from the real one, though.
But I still wanted to carry the real Soope...
...Yeah, I wish I could try that, as well.
Huh... I should have asked him. I was a little too shy.

Special Feature: The Faces of Cloche!



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