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Part 98: Bonus Stuff (thanks wdarkk)

Here's the one Jacqli talk topic Feinne missed, as well as all the IPD/Fanclub conversations, because I had enough free time to get 100% IPD completion.


Jacqli Lv1: Statesman? Dictator?
: Speech Square must have the power to make people crazy.
: Really? I think it's quite normal.
: Did you know that there's a balcony for giving speeches that overlooks the audience? When you stand there, looking down at an audience, you feel as if you've become a leader. Don't you think?
: ...I guess I'd feel powerful, too.
: ...Right? I want to give a speech there. I want to experience being a political leader.
: ...You would be more of a dictator than a political leader.

Cloche's Bodyguards #1
: What are those things surrounding Cloche?
: Oh, Cloche's bodyguards? It's more like a fan club.
: Fan club? I see, she's no a maiden for no reason.
: Well, the fan club was formed pretty recently. But they trust Cloche and always have her back. They're actually good people.
: I see... ...She needs a fan club to save herself. She's got a long way to go.
: Well, it doesn't mean that she's weak...

Cloche's Bodyguards #1
: About that Cloche Clan...
: You mean, the bodyguards?
: It doesn't matter. Anyway, it's expanding so fast.


Cloche's Bodyguards
: Cloche's Guards are becoming crazy.
: Yeah. They are no longer a fan club, but real bodyguards.
: Well, they're actually becoming ones. But, it seems neither Lady Cloche, nor they themselves are aware of it.
: That's no good. But they seem to be having fun, so I guess it's okay.
: They occasionally help us, too.
: Yeah, they really are powerful. We have strong allies.


Cloche's Bodyguards #1
: You're getting more and more bodyguards all the time.
: Yeah, but I honestly didn't expect there would be so many.
: Well, seeing as how they're really your fan club, that's not bad. Besides, when we're in danger, they might help us.
: ...Yeah, I guess... Nonetheless, I'm kind of having a bad feeling about it...

Cloche's Bodyguards #2
: Seems like your bodyguards are becoming such a mess.
: Do you think so, too?
: I thought it was more like a platoon of 20 or so.
: I actually am glad that so many people are supporting me. But, I never expected what she said in a joking way would turn out to be this big of a fuss.
: That means you are so charismatic.
: The maiden should be charismatic anyway.

Cloche's Bodyguards #3
: Your bodyguards are getting unbelievably large-numbered.
: Yeah, it's way outnumbering my original imagination.
: That's not really a number for bodyguards... Well, they are really helpful anyway.
: So, isn't that all fine? They are protecting me, they are model bodyguards.
: ...Did you forget they are just a fan club?

Cloche's Bodyguard #4
This is for 100 IPDs in the fan club.
: Lady Cloche, you have way too many bodyguards to call it a fan club...
: Yeah, perhaps I should change their name to "Cloche's Legion" or something...
: ...That's not quite the point I was going to make... But as a matter of fact, I didn't think they would get any more than 100 members. I feel rather bad for those enemies who get attacked by more than 100 Reyvateils with their powerful magic.
: Oh, they'll shorten our battles. We should thank them for that. Besides, it is also a fact that there are such enemies we need their help with.
: ...True.
: So, it is perhaps high time we need to organize the second legion.
: That's enough, already.

Assuming I can get swap magic and/or PCSX2 to work, I plan to show off the absolutely ludicrous power of IPD-Complete Replekia.