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Part 99: Jacqli One

Shop Talk: Jacqli One

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
I'm still collating shop talks and synthesis talks that go with Luca or Cloche so here's some of Jacqli's in the meantime. Don't worry, there's plenty enough content for this.

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.
>> Context Search: Spica
To Spica. Because you still have the negatives.

On reunions:

Oh welcome, Croix!
You came to see me again? I'm so happy.
Uh, no, it's not that...
Aww, how slightly sad. But in this situation, even if it's a lie, you shouldn't deny it.
Don't play with me.
...Hey, you.
Well, if you came, that means you have business here right?
So what would you like to do today?
Um, well, it's not that.
Hey! What are you thinking, ignoring me!?
*sigh * Looks like you're with some chattery girl there.
Who are you?
Who- Don't act dumb! It's me!
Who could this "me" be...?

...Jacqli. It's been a while. I didn't know who you were for a second.
...I know you knew from the beginning.
It's true. I'm not used to seeing you with clothes on.
S-stupid! Don't say that, it sounds so wrong!
Oh, so I'm stupid. How sad.
I'm so sad that I think I'll get that thing you made...
Stop it, I'm sorry! Spica... M-miss, Spica...
...Hmhmhm. I don't want you "Miss"-ing me.
You girls know each other?
Oh, you didn't know?
Well now that I think about it, it's been years since I first met you.
...Yes it has.
It all began in Firefly Alley. I found you walking around naked and...
I said! Stop talking about that!
...I'm curious, but I'm scared to ask.

Basic Powder:

Oh, how mean. You shouldn't underestimate medicine.
You can even have them instantly recover you from the brink of death.
...That is pretty amazing.
I think it's amazingly terrifying.
But, medicine is bitter. I'm sure a powerful one like that would be really bitter.
I see. Then I'll make sure to make it very bitter.
At least to a drinkable degree, please.

...It's bitter alright.
Yes, it is. But it's a good kind of bitter.
As expected from Jacqli. You made a tasty, bitter, drinkable medicine.
...I know you're making fun of me, aren't you.
Ooh, scary. Don't get mad at me. Here, drink this and calm down.
...Even though it's just green tea.
Don't call my creation "just" green tea!
Then try drinking it yourself. It's not that spectacular, is it?
B-be quiet! As long as it's good, it doesn't matter!

Black Pill:

Well, it suits your appearance, so there's no problem there.
I'm kneading medicine! Don't say such stupid things!
But why are you rolling them into balls?
It's easier to swallow if they're round, right?
I think about the person who has to drink it too.
It's only appropriate as someone who crafts.
...The idea is admirable.
Yes. Just the idea.
I can see where this is going now.
Only she doesn't realize it.

Oh, that's a nice round ball you have there.
But I thought you were thinking about the person who had to drink this.
I wonder if anyone can swallow a ball this big.
Sh-shut up!
Yes, so I messed up! I failed, alright!
Are you happy now!?
C-calm down.
Sure, no one can swallow this, but it still has the effects, right?
Then, to test it out... Croix, chow down.
...I have to test it?
Fine, just a little...
...H-how is it?
...I can only say, it is really bitter.
What about other effects, like it refreshes your mind, or something?
Uh, it's so bitter that I'm starting to feel numb in my mouth...
I see. So it dulls out your senses.
It's just a bitter ball!
But you did make it, so you have to give it a name.
I have to name this stupid failure?
So, what will it be?

...I see you don't care.

Basic Compound:

That's fine. We're using it on an enemy. Why would I want it to be nice?
I see you're into this. Then let me help you out here.
I beg you, remember your limits. I don't want to end up with an unbearable scene.
...What kind of scene would that be?
I don't know. Nor do I really care.
Maybe he wants us to make a poison so strong that it'll leave nothing.
Nice idea, Jacqli!
Please don't!

...You really made a dangerous thing.
Oh, you think so?
I'm not fully satisfied.
This won't kill the enemy.
Yeah, it is poison. I expected at least some sort of fatal effect.
Oh, so it's not that effective?
Hmm~, well... At least it has a wide area of effect.
I'm sure it'll be somewhat useful in battle.
Diffusive Poison, I guess I could call it.
...Well, better than not having it.
I'll have a stronger one ready for you next time, so be patient.
No, it's enough.

On a Mutual Acquaintance:

Ah, Jacqli. You're here again.
What a terrible greeting. I am a customer here, you know.
I have no smile to show a customer who can't smile either.
...It sounds like I'm always walking around with a smile then.
Cute boys are a different story. Rather, the ones with the upset look are cuter.
...I have an upset look?
...I see. That's how you became close with Lyner, too.
Too bad. Lyner was introduced to me by Misha.
And if I did anything to Lyner, Misha would be so mad.
Hey, who's Lyner?
A boy who came to my shop very often. What kind of boy, you ask? Well...
A guy who's lived by a girl who sucks at naming things, a girl who can become a kid or adult.
And a girl who gets lost easily.
W-what the hell?

Oh, how nostalgic.
I'm starting to remember the taste of those Funbuns he gave me as a parting gift.
Yeah, that impossibly huge load of Funbuns.
...I don't want to eat any for another two hundred years at least.
Fun? Bun? I don't get it at all.

On Spica:

How long have you guys known each other?
At least I've known her longer than anyone else in this world.
...That seems to have a profound implication.
It's just a fact.
...But you'd better be careful with her.
She may look nice, but she's actually a total fiend.
(...And you aren't?)

>> Context Search: Cooking

I'll have you know I'm an excellent cook.


Hey, don't get in my way! I'm trying to make a cake!
Then what's with this mound of seafood on the cutting board!?
The ingredients of course. Isn't it obvious?
Jacqli. Have you ever eaten a rollcake?
Never. But I know what it's like.
You don't, I know you don't! Don't bring over the rice!

Hmph, there. Done.
I name it, Seafood Tales. It's perfect.
...This is a cake?
A rollcake.
Of course it's not! You have no sense of cooking!
Wha-how rude! Then what do you think this is!?
This isn't a rollcake, it's a handroll sushi!
That's it!
I should've realized when you got seaweed and rice instead of sponge cake...
I made it roll like the recipe! It's fine!

Warm Soup:

I can make a lot this way. Let me toss in some more ingredients here...
Eep!? Th-the stew inside the cauldron is turning purple!?
I didn't use artificial coloring. Don't worry.
Isn't that more to worry about? Whoa, it's boiling with such a loud sound.
...Oh, I've seen this before in a storybook when I was young.
It's exactly like the witch brewing her potion.
You're so rude. You'll regret it if you keep saying stuff like that.

I-it's amazing! It really looks like it came out of a fairytale!
Hey! I know that's not a compliment!
I know it's not food, but it stirred my heart.
I should've called the kids and showed them from the beginning.
I am not a show. But at least it turned out to be warm soup.
It looks rather pitch black to me...
It's Jacqli Stew. It's my color, black.
I see you thought of that.
...So like, the ladle you used to stir that stew. It's melted, huh?
...Maybe it was too hot. I'll cool it down.
N-no, that's not it! This stew is highly acidic!
That's not really stew anymore then, is it.
Sh-shut up! Then I'll throw it at the enemy. Is that better!?
You shouldn't waste food like that!
Then I'll treat the enemy to a meal.
That's okay.
You mean, force it down their throats?

Fancy Pastalian:

Of course I do. You thought I didn't know?
Then why do you have a row of ice cream here?
Ice cream is loved by everyone, old and young, male and female.
Something everyone loves. If I use that, I can make the food even better.
But these are ice creams you can easily buy on a kid's allowance.
I'm going to change that into a fancy, expensive dish. Stop complaining.
Oh, I think the rice is done.
Stop it! Please, think it over!

...D-don't judge just by looks, okay?
Then don't make it look like it'll make us lose our appetite!
How rude! Maybe you'll get hooked on it once you take the first bite!
Then eat it yourself!
Skycat, you're acting different.
Oops... S-sorry sorry. How could I let myself...
I mean, you didn't have to make a freshly cooked rice into a sherbet too.
It's called the Ice Cream Bowl, I had to.
If the ice cream melted, it won't be ice cream.
It's your fault for combining two things that don't match.
...Oh, but this might actually be pretty good!
Hmph, of course. I would never make anything you couldn't eat.
You completely forget it's a recipe for fancy cooking didn't you.

No. 1 Full Course

Hey! Don't say that. I'm still making it!
The moment I saw you prep for fried chicken, I knew it was over.
Hmph. You're horrible for thinking appearance is everything.
Cooking is about taste.
Even fried chicken can win over a full course meal if it's cooked to perfection.
What she says is correct, but...
I see. So that's why you have those spices.
That's right. I'll mix these and create the best fried chicken ever.
I think appearance matters to an extent too.

Ow ow ow! My eyes! My eyes, they hurt!
My throat! The smell is burning my throat! Put it away in an airtight bag!
Er, kh...
...Phew, now you can relax.
I-I can't... My eyes still hurt.
I-it was a little harsh, but it's a full course, so it should be strong.
You don't need anything strong! You can't even eat that with the smell!
...The fried bits are red.
How spicy did you make it!? You know, cooking isn't a weapon!
This is called Hell Fry, so it's okay.
And how do you plan to get rid of them?
If you waste any more food, I'm never going to let you synthesize.
I'll make the enemy eat it. I won't waste it.
...That's fine.
So you don't complain as long as someone eats it.

Eattle Brand I:

There's no law against a restaurant making weapons. So I took the challenge.
Well, it's good to take a challenge in anything.
This conversation sounds emotionally moving, but it's so pointless.
Well that's not nice.
Then how about we make something you can use too, Croix?
Good idea.
I don't want to use this, so you can use it instead.
...Well, if it's useful.

Oh, that's not bad.
Wow, I didn't know we could make equipment like this out of food.
Am I supposed to be impressed?
Go on Croix, try it on.
Yeah. Stop moving around.
Ew!? This is dried fish!
A necktie of dried fish. Ah, Dried Fish Necktie!
Oh, I'm surprised you caught on.
Don't agree on such weird things...

After Meal Dessert:

I was thinking about a friend of mine.
You have a bunny friend?
I have a bunny-loving friend.
...That's quite a normal friend you have.
Well, I was surprised when I found out she liked them too.
What kind of friends are you?
We were enemies just before that.
You really do have strange friends.

Phew, done.
What do you mean, done!
Why is the roll part of it a rail!?
When you turn it on, the bunny moves toward the center along the rail.
When it reaches the center, boom.
I call it the Bunny Roll. Don't be fooled by its appearance.
It's a time bomb.
Stop wasting food!
You turn on the switch and watch the enemy eat it.
It's timed, so it'll blow up when it reached the stomach, right?
If you thought it out that far, there's no problem.
Yes there is...

On the Maid Café:

...What kind of question is that?
I mean, there are other restaurants too.
But you always choose to go to that restaurant where that girl is.
Crafting is done the same as the other restaurants.
Well yeah, I think so, too.
It's just that Luca used to work there, so it's easy to get good hook ups and service.
It's true that other restaurants can do crafting, but not like that place.
...Yeah, it's not like other places will give us weird and interesting things like they do.
...Hey, they come in handy after all, right?
The service is free, so it's a nice way to promote their business.
It also seems like they're trying to make us test the product...

>> Context Search: Weapons

I'm not one to be all judgmental but the girl who runs the weapon shop in Pastalia is kind of creepy.

CynCro Brand I:

I thought that too.
How rude!
You need both me and Coo's love to make this CynCro Brand! Don't complain!
Apparently, but I don't know.
Aww, you're so cute because you always blush.
You're blushing?
Does it look like it?
...Show offs.
You really think so...

It's complete.
Ooh, that's cool!
I named it the Ironshade Dancer. It has a high specular coefficient.
I see... Jacqli, you're pretty skilled at this.
Hmph, of course.
But this isn't a weapon I can equip.
That's not right! It's not CynCro Brand then!
Hey Jacqli! You have to make it so that fits the CynCro Brand name!
Uh, what? Are you scolding me for something?
Let it slide. Good work.

Mobility Weapon:

Even weapons need to have a decent appearance.
Yup yup, you're right. Cute ones and cool ones are the best.
I'd like it if you could stay away from the cute ones.
Don't worry. It should be more of a beautiful weapon than cute.
I'm excited about it too now. Go go, Jacqli!

Hehe, what do you think?
W-wow! It's a piece of art!
I told you so. That it'd be beautiful.
But I didn't expect it to be this amazing!
Well, this isn't the best I can do, so it's not as great being complimented.
Hrmm, a formidable girl... Coo, come and look at it more closely.
...Why is the Goddess statue riding the cannon?
It's a result of the pursuit of beauty.
Terpsichora. A Goddess and a cannon. This combination is so nice.
I see, so that's the name of the Goddess.
So I'll name this the Terpsichora Anti-Air Artillery.
Don't you feel the beauty as a weapon?
Yup yup, I absolutely agree!
...It's less bulky if it were just the cannon.
...W-well, yeah. ...You're right too.
Would it not work if the Goddess statue wasn't there?

It'll take up a lot of space, so if we can, can we take it off?
Ah, nope, can't do it.
It's made as one piece, so taking it off will break it completely.
Well, it's still useable. You can deal with it.
...I guess I went a little too overboard this time.
A little?

High Power Weapon:

It's simpler than a bad weapon, and deals a lot more damage on impact.
That's true. It's like hitting the opponent with a shooting iron ball.
Pretty gruesome if you think about it. But since it's strong, there's no problem.
I don't fully agree with the idea of nothing else matters if it's strong.
Well the most important part about a weapon is its strength.
Ooh, good one. I'm sure this'll turn out to be a good, strong weapon too.
The strong will to make the weapon strong, will for sure do its charm.
Of course. Just relax and leave this to me.
...Are you sure it'll be okay?

...I-it's done.
W-well, I see you've, done it...
Why is it a face? Or, why is there a cannon in its mouth?
Of... What should I be pointing out first?
Leave it alone. At least it's done!
But can you really name this?
I-I can do it! This is, um...
S-selfish Cannon! Right, Selfish Cannon!
Cannon? But this won't shoot out anything.
...Huh? But isn't it a cannon?
The shape is a cannon alright. But I think it blows itself up.
Then, is this a failed item?
You can use it as a bomb.
Y-yeah, that's right!
It's shaped like a cannon to confuse the opponent.
...No explanation on the face, huh?

CynCro Brand II:

Love? Where's the ingredient for that?
It's right here, here!
...You mean your chest?
You need more imagination. Coo, go on and tell her.
And what did you want me to say?
Something like, "Don't make our crystal of love in silence."
I can't say anything that would cause more confusion than there already is.
Oh gee... You're so shy. It's so much trouble.
And you're able to work your knightly duty?
Well uh, they don't make us say embarrassing things like that.
Argh, fine!
Then I'll give it all my burning love!
Ahh!? Wh-what's this!? Why is it suddenly burning!?
Ooh! My love is burning!
Just put it out! It's gonna cause a fire!

...It wasn't my fault.
I know.
But it's not like you used anything that would burn spontaneously.
Aww... It turned into a pile of scrap...
Yeah. I can only call it Scrap Metal.
Well, it happens. Why don't we try making it again.
You can't do that!
CynCro Brand does not accept failure!
Uh, but I mean.
This is fine! It's scrap metal, but there's a lot of love in here!
I bet that was the reason it became like this.
B-but this can't do...
Oh!? Don't underestimate the power of Scrap Metal!
What!? Th-the wall, a big hole!?

And it was burned in the fires of love.
So, give it to someone who might be able to use it.
But make sure to tell them to use it with care.
You're the one who banged it at the wall.