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by Feinne

Part 3: The Impossible Choice

Despite all the troubles they’d encountered on the road, Aoto and his friends finally reached Eternus Shaft, the underground city.

This is Eternus Shaft.
What a dark…and bright…mysterious place.
So, I think I’ll head back now!
Why? I told you we’d take you home.
It’s alright, it’s safe here. I can go home by myself. Bye-bye!
What’s wrong with Filly?
I don’t know. Maybe she really has to go to the restroom or something?
Let’s go. We have to go to Dr. Gojo’s Clinic.
So, that competent doctor you were talking about is here somewhere?
Then, let’s go. So where’s the clinic?
Well…I don’t remember.
C’mon, man.
I think it was farther down there…in a place called Reverse Lamp.
I see. Let’s look for that place then.

While they were looking, Saki and Aoto talked about the city.

Aoto, have you ever been to Eternus before?
Uh, this is my first time going to Eternus.
But I didn’t know it was this close to where I live.
I agree. I thought it would take us days to get here.
But it didn’t even take us a whole day to walk.
If the airbus was running, we could’ve taken it to get here.

In the dark back alleys of Reverse Lamp they found the clinic.

Yes. Let’s go.

Unfortunately, the doctor wasn’t in.

Yea, we’re here to see the Reyvatologist, Dr. Hikari Gojo.
Nurse: Dr. Gojo is out seeing patients right now. Do you want to wait inside?
Oh really? Hmm...what do you wanna do?
There's nothing we can do if he's out. Let's come back later. Fortunately, we don't need to see him right away...
That's true. Alright, let's kill some time outside. Is that okay with you, Saki?
Yes. I want to look around town, as well!
Alright! Let’s head out!

They headed back to Waterforest Square, where a crowd was gathering. Something terrible was going on.

Video Record- “Doctor Gojo”


…Let’s go ask what’s going on.
Excuse me? What’s going on?
Man: Hmm...Clustanians.
Clustanians? What about them?
Man: The Clustanian Army is gathering at Ciela Port.
I heard that they're looking for a Reyvateil...
Oh, really? That’s news to us.
Man: I hope it's not going to be a big problem...
...Whew. That was scary. Does everyone in Great Fang know about Saki?
As far as I can tell from what they said, I don't think so. But it's not wise for Saki to go outside unguarded.

They decided to check out a local restaurant, and got a bit lucky.

These sorts of journeys seem to be just full of odd coincidences like the person who just left talking with the person you’re looking for. It’s pretty much like that nine times out of ten.

...So this is the Reyvatologist?
Oh, are they your friends? Nice to meet you, I'm Dr. Hikari Gojo. I'm a Reyvatologist.
Oh...nice to meet you.
Just skip the formalities for now. There's a patient I want you to see. She's a Reyvateil.
I was talking to Dr. Hikari Gojo, so...uh...
Ahh! You guys are…!
Clumsy idiot!
Y...! You said it again!
Oh, you live at the bistro? If I knew that, I woulda had you serve me a meal set or two for free!
Why would I wanna do that!?
Oh, you guys know Finnel, too?
Uh-huh. We sort of came across her on the way here. She's so clumsy...I couldn't believe it.
Ah! Hey! Don't tell him that! That's so unnecessary...!

Once again Finnel began to glow, and once again she seemed quite worried about it. Probably a good thing to be concerned about, normally people don’t do that.

What!? It’s glowing again…
Oh! S-sorry! I have a horrible tummy ache! See ya!

Finnel ran off, leaving them alone.

Excuse, is Filly an acquaintance of yours, as well?
Uh-huh. She works at the bistro as its mascot waitress.
Now, I finished my rounds for today. Why don't we go back to my clinic to take a look at you, Reyvateilic girl.
Oh…yes, please.
Alright. Let's go.

They headed back to Dr. Gojo’s clinic to talk about Saki’s problems.

When I first met her...her body transformed, as though she was a different person.
Not simply a multiple personality disorder, the body itself transforms!?
Yep. Her personality was different, too. She was more like a swordswoman at first.
And she doesn't remember anything about the incident. She seems to have lost most of her memories about it...
A bodily transformation and memory loss...
Anyway, I don't know what's going on with her. I know it's ridiculous, but I swear she was a swordswoman.
...I understand. In any case, I'll examine her thoroughly. I want her to stay at the clinic tonight, okay?
Does he live here, too?
Hey Tatsumi, how much do you have on you?
Nothing. I left most of my stuff back in Blue Canyon Hamlet.

Unfortunately for them, they were a bit short on money.

Well...uh...I think we have a problem here...
Oh, I see. If you don't have any money, I can't admit her overnight, but...
I understand your situation. So, if you help me out today, I won't charge you this time. How does that sound?
Really, Doc!?
Thank you very much!
So, what can we do to help you?
Right now, our apothecary is on a long vacation. If possible, I want you guys to make some simple medicine for me.
You want us to make medicine? Is that really safe?
It's a simple kind of medicine. As long as you're careful when following the recipe, you can do it. What do you say?
Oh, then sure.
Thanks. That'll help a lot. Then, can you make me a medicine called Spunky V?
There’s a recipe for it in this notebook. You can take it.

He handed them the recipe for an energy drink that also works pretty well as a medicine if you don’t mind the side effects.

These are the ingredients. I'll give you some extra, just in case you fail the first time.
Alright, I’ll leave it to you.
Roger that!
Aoto, I’m really sorry for making you go through all this trouble just for me…
What are you saying? With all we’ve been through, it’s all good.
Yeah, Saki. You've helped us a whole lot in battle. This is tit for tat and all that. Now, let's just get it over with.

They headed down to the inn. I don’t know why they trust people to do synthesis in places like that, I’ve seen what goes into those.

Feinne on Qoga: Synthesis
Synthesis works a lot like the prior games. We can synthesize at the Inn or a Camp. Synthesis combines items to create new ones based on recipes. Just like the first game, we can synthesize with any heroine in the party (though there are a few recipes that can only be done with one of them). The main difference mechanically is that each item we synthesize costs us Dive Points with the heroine we’re working with, though this isn’t generally an issue. More importantly, the scenes tend to include more of the party than they have in prior games, as we’re about to see.

I understand Aoto doesn’t care for the pointless restrictions recipes place on creativity either.

If you think of it like cooking, it could be pretty fun.
I don’t think that’ll work for him. Aoto only does “Manly Cooking.”
Hey, “Manly Cooking” is really tasty! …Sometimes.
Besides, this synthesis isn’t that much of a chore. I just need to follow my natural senses to make it.
If you were cooking, maybe, but synthesis isn’t so simple. You have to be careful about the ingredients.
Yeah. Plus, if it’s something we’ll use, it’d be fine, but it’s medicine that Doc needs for the clinic.
I guess you’re right. He’s going to be looking over Saki, too. Maybe we should take this more seriously.

Still, they managed to get it together without anything exploding or anyone being poisoned to death.

Alright, it’s done! Hopefully this will be enough.
Awesome, you’re like an alchemist now, Aoto!
Congratulations, Aoto!
Hey, piece of cake. Wasn’t hard at all.
Of course not. You can’t make anything complicated for your first synthesis.
But now that you know what synthesizing is like, you can create things whenever you need to.
Yeah…and it was fun, too!
So, what’s this thing called, anyhow?
It’s called Spunky V.
Alright! Spunky V is done!
Um, since this is Aoto’s debut work, why don’t we give it a cuter name?
Saki thinks Chintzy Powerfill is a better name.

And so they had completed the ‘Chintzy Powerfill’. Goddess that’s a terrible name.

Alright! Let’s take it to Doc!

Anyway they brought the inexplicably medicinal energy drink back to Doctor Gojo.

Um…so Saki…
Of course, I've finished the preparations for her exam and hospitalization.
Awesome! Thank you, Doc!
thank you very much!
Alright, Saki will stay here until tomorrow.
Okay, thank you, Doctor.
Then we’ll stay here tonight, too.
Uh, “we?”
We'll wait here until her exam is over. You told me to take her to a safe place, right? Then keep me company.
…Okay. I don’t have much to do anyway.
I'm sorry for the wait... Oh, yeah, I'll give you this as a token of my sincerest apologies.

I understand Doctor Gojo got lots of ‘gifts’ like this from women.

Tickets for that meal set bistro. Finnel gave them to me, but I hardly ever eat out. Please take them.
Oh, speaking of which, we haven't eaten anything today...
Sure. I’ll take ‘em. Thanks.

Before they could leave, though, things got much worse.


Luphan, an ally of Tatsumi’s mentor, had some very bad news indeed. I understand he had great fashion sense, though.

Tats, do you know him?

Luphan, what happened? You look like you're in a hurry.
Oh, yes! It's an emergency! Clustania's starting Cleansing...!
They're trying to annihilate the town? But why?
According to one account, it's our punishment for harboring Saki.
If Saki doesn't show up in Ciela Gate, they'll start Cleansing immediately...!
But we haven't found Saki yet. Dr. Gojo, you're a prestigious Reyvatologist...
I just thought...maybe Saki would be here...
There are other Reyvatologists out there.
Of course. The Great Fang Militia is looking for her at every Reyvatology Clinic.
The fate of an entire town depends on her. We must hunt her down, at any cost.
I know.

He also had some bad news for Tatsumi.

…Sorry, not interested.
Fallen Heaven Peak is the town our master, Rev. Gengai, governs!
...At this moment, Rev. Gengai is preparing for the worst case scenario.
Master is!? All by himself!?
Yes. He's been attacked by Soma and was severely wounded...
I don't have time to go back to Fallen Heaven Peak. Please support Rev. Gengai!
Well, I must go to the next clinic. If you'll excuse me...

Luphan left, unaware the object of his search was right in front of him. Still, his warnings about the brutal offensive Clustania was preparing hung heavily in the air.

Luphan is said to be the right hand of my master. But I don't like him for some reason.
…So, what’re you gonna do?
That's what I was gonna ask you. What are you going to do? Saki's on the lam...
I'm neutral here. She's a patient, so I'll follow your decision.

Doctor Gojo and Tatsumi left, allowing Saki and Aoto to talk. Still, they’d been left with an almost impossible choice.

…I’m sorry.
...The fate of Fallen Heaven Peak...all of the villagers...rests on my decision...

…I’m sorry…

…I can’t…make such a big decision…

In the end, though, there was only one choice Saki could make.

…! Saki!
I don't want all those people to die because of me, so...

Thank you for protecting me on this journey up till now.

And so, to save the town, they would hand Saki over to the enemy. They’d already made a terrible mistake, but I suppose good people wouldn’t be good people if they could understand how bad people work.

Aoto, are you okay?
…Where is Ogai?
Ogai? That' the border of the Tower...within the Archia Corporarchy.
...The Tower? She was a resident of the Tower, too? But if that's the case, I want to take her there.
Aoto, I don't know what the right choice is... Don't blame yourself.
Well, I'll go to see the mayor of Eternus Shaft and ask him to prepare an airship for Saki.
In the meantime, could you please take care of her? If anything happens, call me on the Telemo over there.

…Let’s go.
I can’t see them…

That I think is a good place to stop for today. Next time they’ll learn what sort of people they’re dealing with, unfortunately for them…