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Part 101: Saki Cosmosphere 8B

I'm not sure what it was about the whole thing with EXEC_Z and the Reyvaroid that made Saki accept Sakia. But it did.

Video Record- "Saki Cosmosphere 8B"


Yes, Sakia. I'm ready now!
Thank you very much for your offer. I know this is actually your body...
Worry not. I was born to such an existence as to perpetuate Saki in this world.
It was supposed to have been done by overwriting your soul onto my own.
However, now I will be allowed to keep my soul. For that, I am eternally grateful.
Wait! I'm just a visitor! You can't disappear for my sake!
On top of that, were the Archians trying to be so cruel!? That's just inhumane. What color is their blood...?
It couldn't be helped. For the Archia Think Tank, that method would be the most expedient.
I didn't know you were so forgiving. It's like they were forcing you to commit suicide.
...Hmhm. That sounds funny, yet it's so true. But, that is all over now. Shall we fuse?
Yes! Please!
...By the way, I don't quite know how to perform a fusion. What shall we do?
I will support both of you. Please relax.
Was yea ra exec FLIP_COSMOSPHERE.

But...removing our clothing...makes me embarrassed...
It's going to be alright. I've already taken off so many clothes! Once you get used to it, you won't feel embarrassed.
Yeah, she's got a lot of experience with that.
*gasp* Aoto, you're still here? I thought I told you many times to please go somewhere else!
...I don't think she's quite gotten used to it.
Alright, let's move on.
en chs yor, en pitod yor!

...So, did we fuse?
Yes, your fusion was successful. Thank you for your cooperation!
Okay, your existence has been secured. I'm glad. It has relieved me of that concern.
Thank you! I'll do my best to make sure that we'll both be happy!
Yes. Shall we continue to create things together?
A Paradigm Shift...
I've finally reached Level 9. Oh my, how my heart grows weary, far from da old folks at home.
Aoto, next up is the final Level.
Oh, really?
Yes. There are 9 layers in a Cosmophere, and the final layer is usually the layer of completion.
Yes, completion. There, you'll recognize what the two of you have done in the other layers of the Cosmosphere.
I see. Kinda like a graduation ceremony.
That's a good analogy.
I see...graduation. I hope I don't cry...
You can now use Sakia Lumei's Body!

All standard, silly stuff. Has your mother told you about her cosmosphere? Great, you already know more or less about level 9s.

What're you saying? This is so sudden.
Because I feel like we've become intimately connected...
That's probably because I had a child with you!
Pffft! Your wording is a little suggestive. Can't you sugarcoat it just a little?
...A-are you upset with me?
Well, no. Actually, a baby with you...sounds kinda...nice.
I'm so happy! I want to make lots of babies with you!
Hey! I said not to be so direct... That's an embarrassing thing to talk about...
...Sorry! Are you upset with me now...?
No, forget about it. Let's go do the Paradigm Shift.
Thank you so very much, Aoto!
Quadruple Purge enabled! From now on, you can Purge her clothes four levels in a row.
But even in Purge Ready status, it will not always succeed. Use this skill wisely.

Sorry you had to wait for something so anticlimactic.

Anyway, let's talk about what they talked about afterwords.
Cosmosphere 8
Saki, why don't you stop caressing your own stomach as if you were patting your dear someone?
Huh!? Well, this is...?
Aoto, were any the Cosmosphere...with me...
Please say it milder. I know what you're going to say.
...Were you trying to lay a seed of a new life in my tummy?
Thank you. That's very mild and extremely to the point.
I'm sorry. I didn't know what else to say.
...So, were you?
I did make a baby with you.
So...the reason my tummy feels funny is...huhhh!?
No! Not that kind of a child! But it is our child...
It's the new Will of the Planet, so to speak. It's not what you're imagining.
She's a baby who will be born to fill your role.
As far as making's the same as singing a Song, or that's what I heard...

Uh, wasn't he there? Why'd he say "that's what I heard". Hmm, I'm not sure what to make of that part. Maybe he doesn't remember it too well.
R-really? I thought my heart was going to burst.
Well, heart is feeling pretty bad right now, too...
So, why do I feel funny in my tummy? Is that just my imagination?
I think that's because of the Paradigm Shift. It'll quiet down by tomorrow.
...I'm a little disappointed.
If it's our baby, I definitely want to raise her.
So, Saki, why don't you be more indirect?
Although, I don't know how you could make it any more indirect...

Neglectful parents. If this did happen, I'd worry that their child would grow up to make a world that was in constant need of saving, just for the attention. Although I'd imagine it'd take at least 610 tries to get right.

From that point Saki's various personas would say their more-or-less farewells to Aoto. For now we've just got Sarapatra's.
Coy Sarapatra
...I feel bad for Saki.
What do you mean?
Saki wants to be with you for as long as she can.
These conversations with you at night are especially precious to her.
And here I am, taking that away from her. I hope she won't be mad at me.
I don't think she will be. Sarapatra, you've helped us a lot.
I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you properly.
Oh, that's sweet. Do I still have a chance to get with you?
I don't know...
You're so mean...
I'm still a persona who shares a body with Saki. So, I'm practically identical to her.
So, I want you to treat me as affectionately as you treat her.
Well, I know, but it's not the same.
...Won't you?
Hmhm. I knew you'd say that. So, no offense taken.
You've been so deep into Saki's Cosmosphere.
Of course your feelings for her won't change so easily.
That's right.
...I thought I'd still have a chance to hit on you, but I guess I don't.
Huh? Did you say something?
Nothing. Please treat Saki right.

That's all for tonight children. If you're still awake, you can debate why Saki waited until then to fuse.