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Part 102: Tower Climbing Scene

No time for much of anything today, so how about the "Saki version" of that scene where Aoto talked with Tyria while climbing the tower?

Video Record- "Saki climbing the Tower"


Oh, wow...! Look, Aoto! The view is so pretty!
Huh? ...Oh, yeah.
This is amazing! The town looks so tiny from here. The sky's so close!
When we get to the top of the Tower, we might be able to reach out and touch the stars and moon with our hands!
...Pfff! Hahaha!
...? What are you laughing at?'ve got quite an imagination.
Hrr! It was a figure of speech! I don't really think we can touch the stars!
Haha! I know... I just couldn't help it because you looked so excited.
You're mean! You made fun of me again!
Alright, I'm sorry.
...So, Saki, I din't know Ar Ciel was this big...
I can't believe it only took us a moment to destroy such a big planet...
...Can we...really save such a big, beautiful world?
...Of course we can.
...Where are you getting all that confidence from?
Well...when I'm with you, I feel very relieved. I'm extremely happy.
And I'm one of Ar Ciel's Wills, so this is how She feels, too! I know we can save Ar Ciel!
...Thank you. If you say so, then I have nothing to fear.
Great! But to be honest with you...just as myself, and not as a Will of the Planet, I only want to be with you...
Hehehe... Let's do our best, okay?

Yeah that was kind of underwhelming. While we're here, how about a quick look at what it would have been like fighting Harvy using Sakia Lumei?