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Part 103: Saki Cosmosphere 9

We're almost to the end now. It's gone so fast!

Video Record- "Saki Cosmosphere 9"


Aoto, get ahold of yourself.
Huh? Oh...Saki...
Good morning, Aoto.
Where am I...?'s a world you've seen before.
...Oh, that sounds nostalgic.
Yes, it does. Do you remember the world that existed here at the beginning?
Hmm...I feel like I remember but don't, at the same time...
As of today, I'll become a part of this world.
Today, I'll take a new step forward. And, I want you to take those same steps with me.

The world Sakia had destroyed had finished regenerating.

Oh...I remember. It was this kind of world...
When I first Dived into you, I saw a vast world, just like this.
Has the reconstruction finished?

Aoto went looking for Saki.

Hi, Saki. Has the world recovered?
It has returned to its original state, yes.
Back then, I was away from you, so I couldn't talk to you. But this time, that's not an issue.
Because you fused with Sakia?
Aoto, I think I'll go and see Sakia. Would you like to accompany me?
I believe I should greet her.
I see. I've actually barely spoken with her since the previous worlds were so hectic.
I see. Shall we?

Oh, Saki. What's the matter?
Nothing really. I just thought I'd greet you because we're neighbors now.
Oh. You don't need to be so formal.
I didn't know before, but this was your world, right?
So, the cutesy theme of this world comes from your tastes?
...I won't comment on that. By the way, I know this is random, but may I ask a favor of you?
Uh...? What is it?
I want you to look for two Hyumas. Their names are Andante and Allegretto.
W-wait! I don't have good experience with this pattern...
Fear not. I shall not destroy the world this time.
I'm about to reorganize this Organito.
Aoto, it's fine. Let's look for them together!

This is just too straightforward. Of course, Aoto went back to where he found a Hyuma last time.

This is a pretty archaic way to search.
Hey, you two. What happened?
Hello, Filament.
Oh, you live here, too?
That's the case, although I'll return to Ar Ciel shortly. So, until then, I'm here.
Oh really? I'll miss you...
You've got Aoto. Besides, it's not like I'm returning tomorrow.
Back on topic, then. Have you seen any Hyumas nearby?
Hyumas? Actually, I saw Hyumas playing around here before.
Really!? Aoto, we must look for them!
I can help.
Thanks, that'd be great. Okay, why don't we spread out and look around?
Whew... I've looked in most places, but I haven't seen anyone...
If I kick the tree, they won't fall on me like in Level 1, will they...?
Might as well give it a shot.
???: Hyaaah!

Oh, I didn't think Hyumas would really fall off the tree and hit me. Don't tell me, you're Modeco.
Andante: Modeco? No! I am Andante!
Andante: Why!?
Aoto, you found her! You're so amazing!
Good looking out, Aoto.
Okay, there's still one Hyuma left.
The Hyuma, Andante, has been unlocked!

By the way, my simulation predicted this might happen if Aoto wasn't sufficiently trusted.


??? Gwaaah!
Huh? No way...
You pipsqueak! What do you think you're doin', you nincompoop!?
Yikes, it's nostalgic and all, but... why're you here? That saying is really dated, too!
I won't forgive you! Get ready!
W-Wait! It was just a mistake. I said it was just a...

They noticed activity in the castle, and went there to check it out.

Yes, we are!
Well, I wouldn't quite say it's...
So Sarapatra, are you going back to Ar Ciel soon as well?
Indeed. Soon means several years, though.
...I see.
Hmm. Are you sad? I appreciate your concern, but you'll be fine. You have Aoto.
Yes, I do!
By the way, Sarapatra, have you seen a Hyuma nearby?
You're looking for the Hyuma? Of course I have, but I'm not sure where she is since this castle is ridiculously big.
In that case, let's separate and look for her.
But this is so freaking huge. If this is Sakia's taste, is she a cornball romantic like Saki!?
No, stop. I've got to... focus on looking for the Hyuma now.
...That little bum sticking out... Yeah, I found the Hyuma!

She hid her head, but she forgot about her butt. It's like a cartoon character's mistake.
Allegretto: Ugh! I can't get over this!
Well, why'd you hide in the first place?
Allegretto: Well, when someone is looking for me, it's common courtesy to hide from them!
There's no such courtesy!
Aoto, we finally found her! Now we caught both of the Hyumas Sakia asked us to.
Hmhmm. I'm happy for you both.
The Hyuma, Allegretto, has been unlocked!

At that point it was time to report back.

Oh, thank you.
Are you sure this will be alright?
There's no need to worry. This time, we'll just change the timbre of the Organito.
What is Organito anyway? We've come here every now and then for a long time, but I've never figured out what it was...
Organito is a group of sources that beat out rhythms to us personae who reside in this world.
It's not that complicated. You probably felt it when you failed to do things and were sad, depressed and shocked.
These complex emotions can interrupt Organito's melody and thus change the world.
If there is a distortion in your mind, the gear, or rhythm of Organito, slips and the melody turns into a cacophony. were doing maintenance on the melody?
Correct. When such an irregularity happens, I come here and put the gears back on the right track.
So, you came back because you needed to fix the gears again?
No, there is no cacophony right now. I just thought I would optimize this world.
...What do you mean by optimize?
This world is no longer exclusively mine. Thanks to you, Sir Aoto, we were able to immerse Saki into it.
If two personae co-reside in the same world, she would feel uncomfortable living to my melody alone.
That's not true!
You don't need to be so courteous. I want to change myself.
I no longer need to defend Saki as the Savior of the World.
I have neither a duty nor a destiny anymore...
Thus, I felt like changing this world accordingly, so that I can live with Saki in a happier manner.
I gotcha. And I agree with you.
Thank you! If there's anything I can do to help you, I'll be more than happy to do so!
I appreciate it. Then, please imagine and create a brand new world whilst the Hyumas are tuning the music box.
Your feelings will make the world a happier place.
Yes! Saki'll do her best!
Then...Andante, Allegretto.
Andante: Yes.

Please be so kind...
Andante: Certainly, Master. Alright, we'll start tuning!
Allegretto: Please, everyone, imagine the happiest future you can!

I gotta admit, they did make a rather pretty world.
...the resemblance to the theme park is entirely coincidental, I assure you. I mean, that theme park was designed years ago.

This is...!
It's so beautiful! This is the world Sakia and Saki will live in together.
Can I look around for a bit?
Sure, go ahead.
Things have changed quite a bit...
Yeah, Zwelivelle. But, you haven't changed at all.
I'll never change, even if my master changes herself.
That's just how you are.
I'm guarding feelings that Master's subconscious mind created. My origin lies in the depths of her mind.
That's a complicated story for another time.
Pretty sure we never get to hear Zwelivelle's origin story, which is unfortunate because she seems kind of cool.

Aoto went looking around.

I've never seen you so excited over something like that before.
I guess I never have been before. I don't normally get affected by these things so easily.
Since I've experienced so many shocking historical events, maybe the nerves that control my emotions have been damaged.
I can't imagine how tough it must be to shoulder the kind of destiny you were born with.
I may look miserable to others, but for me, this is normal. I don't feel any different.
But when I saw the appalling truth, I might have taken it out on Saki and the other creators from time to time.
Oh, so the Wills of the Planet do have human-like emotions...
Of course we do.
Well, after seeing Saki, I thought you guys might not have them.
She may be unique among us. She was born to lead the entire world to eternal happiness.
But now...she's not like that anymore. From now on, she has to live an ordinary, human life.
In other words, an influx of worldly emotions that she has never experienced before will attack her.
You must be the one who encourages her when she's suffering from these new experiences.
I know. Saki always encouraged me when I was in trouble. It's my turn to help her.
Thank you for always supporting Saki and me from behind the scenes, Filament.
...You're welcome. I wish you two well. I'll return to Ar Ciel in a few years.
But I'll be watching you guys. I may show up for you again on some special occasion. Be prepared for that.
Sure. I wish you well, too!

He also ran into Teppo there.

Huh? What?
Saki's cosmosphere doesn't end here.
...Huh? Didn't you just say it ends with Level 9?
Well, that statement's actually true. In fact, you can't go any farther than this.
...I don't quite get what you're saying.
To make a long story short, there are more worlds out there, but humans can only go up to Level 9.
Hmm... I didn't know Cosmospheres were so complex.
Well, that only applies to Saki. Other Reyvateils' Cosmospheres end at Level 9.

Yes, a Gamma. According to my database, Sublimated Ɣ-types...
Are Reyvateils that have more profound Cosmosphere worlds in their minds...
Which they need in order to access higher frequency H-Waves, and thus to maintain their holy benevolence.
That influences the depth of her Cosmosphere...and that's why it goes further than Level 9.
Zzz... Zzz...
...He's sleeping!?

So yeah Aoto is dumb. Anyway he also ran into Sarapatra nearby.

Well, it's more like...some of my feelings were used to make it.
That's a huge contribution. This is such a fabulous world.
...Thank you.
In any case, I'm so glad you and are so happy. That was my main concern.
Speaking of which, you are the Will that represents love, right?
Yes, I am. When Saki fell in love with you, I was really worried.
Saki was also one of the Wills of the Planet. It was taboo for her to love a specific person.
Because of that, us Wills of the Planet hardly ever contacted living beings. Except for special occasions, like this.
But you have always been our ally, unlike the other Wills.
I don't think Saki would've been able to revive me when I died in her Cosmosphere without your help.
I'm very thankful for that.
I did what I was slated to do. As you know, I am the Will who represents love.
Even if it was born between another Will and a man, I couldn't make an exception.
I'm just longing for love to sublimate and enhance the energy of the world as a whole. That is my ultimate duty.
...I see. So the duty of the Will who represents love is to fill the world with the energy of this emotion...
Smart guess. That's exactly what it is.
Aoto...I know this is getting old, but please make Saki happy.
She'll be the happiest in all Ar Ciel. I hope you'll be happy, too, Sarapatra.
Yes. If your relationship with Saki is ever in trouble, please don't hesitate to ask me for advice.
I'll teach you the ABCs of relationships, cherry brother♪
No thanks. I think I'll handle it myself.
Hmhmhm. I'm glad I got to see your cute side again. Alright, please stay by Saki's side.

Then he checked out the castle.

Haha. You get lost in a world you designed by yourself? That sounds so like you!
No! The castle was here before this world was created.
Then this castle is part of Sakia's feeling?
Yes, I think the aurora, the grass field under the skies full of stars, the shiny stuffed rabbit, and a lot of other things are also Sakia's creations because I didn't make them.
Hahaha. She is so... Speaking of which, where'd she go?
She stepped out a few minutes ago. She looked like she was in serious trouble.
She was in trouble? Why don't we look for her in the town?
Of course!

Despite saying the town, they found her by the World Tree.

Ah! Hey, Sakia!
...! Sir Aoto, Saki...
Are you okay? Are you in trouble?
If there's ever a problem, let us know. I don't mind helping you.
Thank you...
So, what's wrong?
Well, uh...
C'mon, tell us. You're so frustrating.
I just don't know what to do.
I was born to live the life of a shadow. Shadows should never come out into the light, until its humble life ends...
So, I've never worn any clothes other than armor, and I don't have any other goals or principles to live by.
...I felt lost.
Bffft! Bwahahahahaha! Is that what this is!?
What's so funny!? For me, this is a life or death situation!
You don't always need a goal or a duty or...anything like that.
Especially, since you were working yourself too hard. You're entitled to live a purposeless life for a while.
But...I just can't do that. I feel nervous if I don't have something meaningful to do.
That's your problem. It's called an occupational disease.
Oh! Then, there's one thing I need you to do for me!
Please become Saki's big sister!
Oh yeah, that's a good idea! Why don't you!?
Uh...what I need to do to become your big sister?
*sigh* You're using your brain too much!
I just thought it would be nice if I had a big sister.
Then, we could play together, talk about a lot of things, and sleep together...
It'll be really fun.
B-but, in the real world, we can't exist together at the same time.
That's alright. Just knowing that I have a big sister will empower me.
Plus, when I want to see you, I'll ask Aoto to Dive!
And I'll tell the Saki of the real world that she's got a big sister.
Sir Aoto, Saki...I-I don't know if I can meet your expectations, but I shall do my best to be your older sister.
Alright! Then it's a deal!
Yes! Thank you very much, Big Sis Sakia.
Since that's decided, you should stopwearing all that armor. I don't think Saki wants such a beefy big sis.
Well...I want her to wear normal clothes and run around in a grass field and read books with me.
I see. Since I've accomplished my duty, I can wear normal garments.
Then, can we go shopping? Sis, what kind of clothes do you like?
...Well, maybe...I want to wear such clothes as those that fly off with the wind.
What? Clothes that fly off with the wind...? But then you'll be naked...
...Well, that's normal. Why are you being so shy?
I-I've never worn a skirt before! What if they don't go well with me!? Wouldn't that be shameful!?
...Owww...before worrying about skirts, I think you should do something about your habitual violence.
Okay, then, Big Sis and I will go shopping! After that, why don't we go to a grassy field?
Then, Aoto, please meet us on the grassy field!
Whew...this has been fun.
Things have been changed a lot.
Yo, Zwelivelle. Are you sad because you lost one of your own kind?
Don't be absurd! I just thought that since my master has been that way, I had to be a more reliable Guardian.
Although, I'm not surprised by this because I knew she was the type of woman who made up Miracle Sakkyun.
What!? So, Sakia made up that stupidly cutesy nickname?
Nay. I'm not talking about Saki's nickname. Master made such a story a long time ago.
That incident might have influenced Saki's creativity.
Hahaha...that's hilarious.

Aoto followed Zwelivelle to the castle to talk or something.

The other day?
How dare you forget! I shall have to slay you for your insolence!
W-wait! I seriously have no idea what you're talking about!
Hmph... Consider this my final act of mercy. I shall only tell you once more.
You must call my master Lady Big Sister Sakia Lumei!
...What? You told me that way back in Level 1.
Such a triviality such as Level is not the issue! Now, say it!
Hmm...actually, I think I'll pass.
What...!? You're breaking your word!?
I never promised to do that. I just said I'll think about it.
Besides, she's more of a Little Sister than a Big Sister. Calling her Lady doesn't really suit her.
...Hmm. I can't utterly refute your reasoning. How frustrating...
Anyway, forget about it. I'm not the type of person who would ever call someone by such a silly name.
Since you tried to force me to call you Lady Big Sister, does that mean Sakia wants me to call her that?
Uh, I think there was a pronoun flub somewhere.
Hmph...I won't deny that. You've been awfully thoughtful lately...
Maybe Sakia longed to be a school idol, who was worshiped and adored by all of her juniors?
You're blushing.
That's just your imagination!

And then he couldn't wait for the girls to get back, so he went to the town.
Alright... Where are they anyway?
Oh, hey! How was it? Did you guys buy some clothes?
Yes! Sis!
Huh? Big Sis!
I'm here.
Please stop hiding. Why don't you come out?

...This is how I turned out... look good!
Oh yeah! You look cute!
Fool! Don't say such embarrassing things!
I'm glad you like it. Actually, Sis picked those out by herself!
Oh, I didn't know you were quite the fashionista.
You do like girlie stuff, after all, you closet romantic. You really did write the Miracle Sakkyun story...
I said you were mistaken!
Hehehe...I heard from your Mind Guardian that when you were a child, you came up with a story called Miracle Sakkyun.
That turncoat!
Well, your name is Sakia, so you could use the same nickname...
I said...
Then, we can both be Miracle Sakkyun together!
I like that. I've got a new member of the Miracle Sakkyuns! I hope we'll make a nice team!
Very well...
Now you can't escape. Don't forget to invite me to all of your shows! I definitely don't wanna miss it!
...I'm so...embarrassed...I think I'm going to die.
Hmhmhm, this is so much fun. I wonder if this is what it's like to have a family...
What are you talking about now?
I don't know what families are like, because I never had one.
I don't know, either. I lived alone for most of my past.
I don't know, either... seems like a family is something warm that brings you peace and relaxation, just like this.
I agree.
I think you're right, too. I think when you have a true family, you can feel it from the bottom of your heart.
Aoto, Sister Sakia, thank you very much for being a part of my family!
Please stay in my family forever and ever.
Aoto...thank you very much for making me this happy!
And...thank you for keeping me company in my Cosmosphere until the very end!
Don't mention it. It was my pleasure. I haven't really done anything that's worth thanking me for.
Hehehe, but I still want to thank you! the real world and the Cosmosphere, Saki is always being helped by Aoto.
Well, it's mutual. You've helped me out a lot, too.
We've been through so much sad stuff together. When I developed Border Disease, you were there to help me.
So, we're helping each other.
Hmhmhm. Yeah, I suppose so.
We're in a great situation. When one of us is in a crisis, the other's out there to help them out.
Doesn't it feel like we're living together?
It does!
I'm so happy that I met you, that I get to be with you.
Our happiness together is just beginning!
Of course! We've just started. We'll always be happy together from now on. Always, and forever...

That's not QUITE it though. There's a bit more.
Video Record- "Saki Cosmosphere Epilogue"


Yo, Zwelivelle What's up? Are you sad that your master's become such a girlie girl?
You idiot! I'm not some wuss!
That nonsense aside, I'm here to deliver a letter that was written for you and Saki.
A letter...?
...For us?
Here, just read it.

Let me read it!
Wow! Aoto! You have to read this! It's from Yea!
Are you serious!? What does it say!?
It's in the form of feelings, so I'll interpret it into the human language!
Yes! Please do!
Papa, Mama, I hope this letter finds you well, and you two are supporting each other with the utmost love.
Yeah, of course!
But Papa, please don't make Mama push herself too hard, and please listen to her stories without interrupting her.
Sorry, Yea, but I don't do the first one and it's impossible to do the second one.
Mama, please don't kill papa by telling him too many eleccentric stories.
Hrm! My stories are not eleccentric at all!
Heh heh heh...Saki's eleccentricity was even obvious to Yea as a newborn!
This will probably be the only letter that you'll receive from me. Our connection will decline and eventually be lost.
Once my situation settles, and the planet becomes stable, I'd like to visit Papa and Mama.
Lastly, here's a present for you two from me. Please treasure her as your real daughter.
...A present for us? Her...?

Yeeel: From now on, I'll be helping you out! It is my honor to work with you two.
Oh, it's a Hyuma!
Yea is a good child! She probably takes after Papa.
That part must've come from Mama.
...Well, anyway! I'm glad Yea seems to be happy.
Until the day we meet again, we have to do our homework!
The Hyuma, Yeeel, has been unlocked.

And that's about all we could get out of the cosmosphere simulation.

Trophy for 100% Saki Cosmosphere completion, which I do NOT have the Finnel/Tyria ones.
Next time might just be the last bit, with Saki's version of... well, you'll see.