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Part 14: Interlude

Aoto and his allies wanted to make sure they were prepared for anything before they headed to Archia with Richa. Too many surprises had caused them problems recently.

I think I'll invent a new Supermove. What kind of move do you think would be good?
What kind of question is that? Whatever you think is best is the best, Aoto.
I don't know what is best... That's why I'm asking you guys.
If you just give me a hint, it'll be a lot easier.
The weapon you're holding now can be both a sword and a drill, right?
It's kind of hard to name it if it's so versatile.
It's not always a good thing to have multiple uses.
For me, moves in which I roughly charge at an enemy are the easiest.
I can tell you're good at that.
Yeah. Charging in is every man's fantasy!
Then, what about a move where you pretend to charge with the drill but cut them with the sword instead?
I have a drill, but I'll end up using the sword? That doesn't sound very effective.
...Wait. Pretending I'm using a drill, wouldn't be a bad idea.
I think he's coming up with an idea. Let's let him concentrate for now.

I don’t know how he thought of something this nasty, honestly.

Alright, it's done! ...I think.
What kind of skill is it? Show me!
Hey, how can I show it to all of you here?
I'll show it to you the next time we're fighting an enemy. So wait until then.
You seem pretty confident. Can't you at least tell us what it's gonna look like?
Well, it's a move in which I charge at an enemy as usual.
So you're using the drill again?
Well, this time, I'll use the scissors instead.
When I switch my weapon to drill mode, the sword get divided into two segments, right?
So it's quite the opposite of that. I'll camouflage the scissors as a drill and then cut the enemy.
So the inner edges are really sharp?
Yeah. I didn't know how to use the raw materials at first, but I came up with this idea.
...Please make sure to avoid the situation where your body gets separated into two.
Keeping that in mind, we'll experiment with using this weapon in the next battle.
So, what are you gonna call it?
I'm thinking of calling it Cancel Bites.
If you don't think that's the best name for this move, let me know.

While he was busy figuring out ways to horribly slice things in half like a psycho killer, Tatsumi was reading another issue of V-Style they’d found in Moebius.

No offense, but I don't feel like your moves are very heavy.
What do you mean by heavy?
I mean, your attacks seem light.
I recommend that you get a move with a punchier impact, like a giant sledge hammer. What do you think?
A giant sledge hammer? Like your drill?
Right. Doesn't it look painful?
Yeah, you're thrusting a wildly spinning drill at an enemy. Of course it would be painful.
So, you should have a move like that, too, Tats.
So, you're saying that he should also have a drill?
Unfortunately, I can't use drills. want me to use a really powerful move, right?

When you’re going for sheer power simplicity is often the best bet.

You've already come up with a great idea?
Yeah. I'm gonna call it R-Moon for now.
But that name doesn't sound very heavy.
I know. It's pretty simple.
Can a Supermove be simple?
Well, I think charging in with a drill is pretty simple.
But as you said, it'll be a really heavy attack, like a giant hammer, so look forward to seeing it.
I'm curious about how it turns out. Please be sure to use it in the next battle.

Even Doctor Gojo was getting into the spirit of things.

Doc, you have medical tools like scalpels, right?
I sure do.
Of course he does because he's a medical doctor.
Oh...but whether I often use them is another story.
Why do you ask?
Well, I was just wondering why you don't use them.
Scalpels are much sharper than swords, so I'm sure you can use them to do a Supermove.
But they're so small, they'll snap if you use them roughly.
I see... Damn, I thought it was a good idea.
...I mean, it may be.
Aoto, could you please help me fix them?

And he was quite good at coming up with ways to use the tools of his trade as weapons.

That's perfect, Aoto! I'm sure I can use them as weapons now.
What kind of Supermove are you gonna do? Please show us quickly!
Uh, when Aoto mentioned scalpels, I came up with this idea.
I don't think regular scalpels can be used for battle, but I thought laser scalpels could.
Did you say laser?
Well, strictly speaking it's not a laser, but Grathnode energy.
That was harder than I thought. These scalpels were too short.
Thanks to Aoto, they extend at least as long as a sword.
Don't worry, they'll do their job.
I won't. By the way, it needs a new name.
The name should be something like a sword.
Hmmm...until I actually use it, I'll just call it Gojo Amputation.
If you come up with a better name, please bring it up later.

So much so that it was starting to bother him a bit.

You guys, I'm thinking of giving a name to this Supermove. Can you give me any advice?
Oh, Doc, you look enthusiastic!
Well, lately, I finally feel like I've gotten stronger.
I used to not have confidence in myself when it came to fighting, but I'm sure I'm being helpful now.
What are you talking about? You're the oldest among us.
You're reliable and even more, you're a great doctor. Of course you're more than just helpful!
Being with a reliable adult makes us feel safe.
That's right. Plus, that bazooka that you use is really powerful.
When we're away from enemies, I'm always glad that you're on our side.
Gojo Please don't give me too many compliments. I can't help but blush...

D-Doc, what's wrong...?
...I can't believe I never realized this until now...
What is it?
I always use that bazooka, but I never thought about making a new move that uses it.
...Yeah, you were always making moves based on your medical tools, not real weapons.
You said you didn't know what to use for your new Supermove.
What complacency! I was too drunk on my own ideas, and thinking outside the box...
But your Supermoves saved us several times already, Doc. Right!?
Yeah! So, you don't need to be so sad.

Aoto, would you please give me a hand?
Sure, but what are you doing?
Let's upgrade the bazooka and start from there.
Will this really turn out okay?

He decided to punish himself by making a move almost as dangerous for himself as the enemy, which is pretty silly really.

Doc, I don't think you need to do this much.
Well, yes, I do. This is punishment for using sacred medical instruments as instruments of death.
If I don't use this move, I no longer deserve to be a doctor.
What kind of move is that?
A Bazooka. As usual, it's just a bazooka.
But, it's shooting range is now as short as point blank range.
Point blank!?
That's so dangerous! You should always shoot enemies from a distance.
See, Doc? Even Tats is surprised. You really should reconsider.
Sorry, Aoto, but I don't intend to.
You fixed the bazooka in the first place. I won't waste your efforts.
...Aoto, you idiot.
I don't know what to say about that...
I'll give it the name Gojo Agony Infusion.
If you think this is still too lenient of a punishment, let me know.
Please don't use it.

While Aoto had a lot of talent, this did not translate into all areas of creating things.

So, should I consider a career as a fashion designer?
Not to be mean, but...don't give up your day job...
There's a quote that goes, "One's determination is what's most important." So, it's worth a shot.
But on the other hand, you need to have a great sense of cutting edge fashion trends.
Fashion trends, huh? ...So, what's pretty boss right now?
Aoto, I don't think you can be a designer without knowing what's hip.
Unless, of course you can be the fashion leader that generates the new trends.
Alright, fine! Starting now, I'll make a new trend with this Vogue missile!

If the trend ever turns to ugly, terrible clothes then Aoto is way ahead of the curve on that though.

...Is at all?
It looks like a piece of clothing, but...isn't it rather ordinary?
I think it's stylistically casual and all, but I don't think it's going to go anywhere.
...Hmm. I guess becoming a fashion designer is too hard for me.
Unless you're totally dissatisfied with your job, changing your career on a whim doesn't make much sense.
Still, though, for all your efforts, you made a new piece of clothing. That's impressive enough.
Go on and name your creation with pride.
Okay...then...Chemical Wear, how about that?
Chemical? It's not asbestos or anything, right? I know you've got a unique sense of combining things...
I think people might may be misled. I think we should change that name to Psychrombie or something.

And if people start wearing crude steel plates all over themselves? He’ll be huge.

Steel plates are really convenient. If I use a lot of them, it'll become a whole suit of armor.
Isn't this just a piece of clothing fortified with steel plates in the most cumbersome way?
But it's more flexible than plate mail, and lighter than chain mail, so what's the big deal?
But these plates are pretty heavy, too.
Maybe they are for you, Finnel, but for me, these are nothing.
I mean, if you put too many of them on a garment, it may cause it to tear apart.

Didn't you think about that?
...Maybe it's not the smartest idea to attach too many metal plates to a piece of fabric, huh?
*sigh* This is no longer armor nor clothes...

Unfortunately as it was he just made an ugly mess.

At last, it's done!
I've got a little beef with the appearance, but sure enough, it looks like armor. sure isn't attractive, though.
Don't be so harsh. I tried really hard on this.
Well, if I hadn't pointed out the armor thing, it would've been a complete failure.
...Well, fine, I'll give you that one. All the credit goes to you.
That's what you get when you make stuff on a whim... You're so random...
So, since Finnel is the MVP of this synthesis, what do you think is the best name for it?
Hmm...the name should be cool, at least. What about Steel Guard?
I think it should simply be Safety Uniform.
...Even the name's uncool.

They went out to practice their new moves a bit. Finnel was quite horrified by Aoto’s horrible scissoring attack.

I'm relieved to hear that.
Hey, were you that worried? I wouldn't fail.
I mean, I'm more relieved that it didn't cut your body in half.
If I saw that, I would be permanently traumatized.
You were worried about that!?
Well, I wasn't worried about you failing at all.
I knew you'd make something that worked.
...Oh, really? Yeah, of course! I'd never make a failure!
But I recommend that you change the name of it.
You're cutting enemies into two with those scissors. That's brutal, so the name should be nasty, too.
I'm a little reluctant to do that... Well, if there is a good one, tell me anyway.
Well...I thinking of Death Scissors. ...How about that?

She was a lot more impressed and less terrified by Gojo’s laser scalpels.

Did you think that as you saw me using my new move?
Yeah. You said it's a laser scalpel, but it looked more like a sword to me.
So...I was wondering if you were thinking about it.
...Well, I do think using swords is cool.
But I know I wasn't born with the right muscles for that, so I don't think I'll ever be able to.
But as far as your move goes, you seem to be able to.
So why don't we give your move a name that sounds like a sword!?
For example, Harmful Chi Sword.

Though she also would have been happier if he didn’t use the point blank bazooka attack.

Yeah...but that move is...
I know. Aoto told us about it.
I don't think you need to feel guilty about it.
It is blasphemy to use life-saving tools for battle. I'm such a profane quack!
Since I need to repent in order to stay in this realm, this is the least I can do.
But your regular weapon is a medical bag...
Uh, well, I...
Anyways, I was actually gonna say that I came up with a good name for it. Wanna know what it is?
Well, but this skill already has...
I...! I think I wanna call it ERT Shock.
I think that's the perfect name for it! Let's use that as its real name!

And true to his word, Tatsumi’s new move was pretty heavy. Whatever that means.

Really? It may look powerful, but it's really simple.
I don't think so. The damage was really devastating, too.
Well, you know, simple is best.
But I wasn't sure if you guys would regard such a simple move as a Supermove, so I'm glad.
Well, there's actually another thing I wanted to talk to you about.
Do you happen to be thinking of changing the name of it?
Oh, do you think that wasn't the best name?
Sort of. I don't think the name you originally gave it was quite the best.
So, what do you think is a good name for it, Finnel?
Well, I think Surf Burst would be a great name.
What do you think? I think it's perfect.
Hmm...what should I say...?

There were just two matters for Aoto to deal with before they could leave for Archia now. The first, though, will have to wait for next time.