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Part 16: The Arco-Clustanian Accord

Aoto wanted to go one more place before they left Great Fang, though he wasn’t sure it was the best idea.

Whatever. I’m going back!

He had to return home.

Steeps: Say what?
…Hey, what’s up?
Man: Whoa, Aotoooo! Aoto’s back!
Shit. Maybe I shouldn’t have come back.
Steeps: Aoto…
Mayor: Aoto!
Steeps & Mayor: W…
We’re so sorrrrry!
Steeps: Oh, Aoto, I’m so glad you’re back alive! I’m just tickled pink!
Mayor: We were getting threatened by Clustania, but this whole village did such horrible things to you and your friends.
Please, forgive us.
Well, I caused a whole lot of trouble for you by defying Clustania in the first place.
Mayor: Well, not really. What you did was righteous and honest. Compared to you, we’re…
Steeps: We succumbed to our fear of Clustanians and sacrificed our integrity. We lost something very important.
Mayor: Aoto! This is a token of our apology. Please take it.

They’d gotten together a huge bundle of stuff for him.

Steeps: Don’t be so shy. Your travels are far from over, yeah? Make use of ‘em!
I feel… awkward.
Well, I guess we’ve reconciled. I suppose it’s fine. I can come back here any time!

Saki was glad that Aoto had made up with the people of his hometown.

I’m glad you were able to reconcile with the villagers.
Yeah. I’m relieved, too. It would’ve been sad if I lost my hometown like that.
But I didn’t think they would apologize to me so seriously.
I know… Plus, I was the one who actually caused this whole mess.
No. The Clustanians are to blame.
I can’t believe they not only abducted you, but deceived the people in the hamlet.
…Anyway, I should rejoice in the fact that I was able to go back to my hometown rather than be mad.

She noticed he seemed a bit tired while they were talking.

Aoto, your eyes look tired.
Huh? Yeah…I usually go to bed pretty early.
When I’m home, I usually just eat and go to bed.
Wow, you sound so healthy!
But I’ve been talking with you at night recently. Are you okay?
Hmm…well, actually, I’m a little sleepy, to be honest.
Then, maybe you should go back to your room.
Well, but it’s fun to talk with you, so it’s worth it.
I don’t think sleeping less than normal for that is bad at all.
…Is it really fun to talk with me?
I’ve been enjoying it. Am I coming here too often?
Not at all! I’m so happy you come to talk to me almost every night!
If you don’t mind, please keep on coming to talk to me every night.
Okay, I will.
But, if you fall asleep, I’ll let you use half of my bed.
Thanks, that’s so nice…
I mean, no! That’s not good! I definitely will go back to my room before I can’t keep my eyes open!

Aoto wanted to get something from his room, which gave Saki and Finnel an opportunity to toss the place looking for embarrassing things.

Filly, why are you putting your hand under the bed?
I’ve always wanted to search under a boy’s bed.
I know Aoto. He should be hiding one or two things down there.
What is he hiding?
You know…the kind of books that guys love so much.
Wh-whaaat!? Aoto would never read those kinds of books!
There is no man alive who wouldn’t.
If he didn’t, I’d be worried about him.
A-are you serious?
Of course. But, too bad. Nothing seems to be under here.
…If there were, the atmosphere in here would be really awkward.

Finnel was also happy that Aoto had made up with the villagers.

Aoto, you got to go back to Blue Canyon Hamlet. I’m happy for you.
Yeah, I’m glad, too…
I felt so sad when I thought I would never be able to go back again.
It’s lonely to have no place to go back to.
But I thought the people in Blue Canyon Hamlet were all nice.
They’re all like family. I’m proud of each and every one of them.
I can’t forgive the Clustanians for threatening them!
I’ll crush their entire nation!
Hey! That’s a villain’s line.
Haha. I’m just kidding.
…Well, I’m still angry at them, though.

With nothing else holding them in Great Fang, they returned to the port at Ciela Gate.

Alright, get on board. We’re setting off pretty soon.

And so they were on their way to Archia City, where the Archia Corporarchy ruled.

Video Record- “The Trip”


They were still so full of hope.

Saki and Aoto were standing on the deck, and Richa started a conversation with them.

Huh? Oh, sure.
You want to go to Ogai, right? Why? Are you going on a romantic getaway with your girlfriend?
N-no! We're not like that!'re both blushing... How adorable.
I said we're not like that...
Anyway, you're one of the top people at the Archia Think Tank, right? You must be doing really complicated research!
Oh yeah, of course. No other institute can compare to us. When Antibodies first emerged, our technology saved humanity.
Oh...I guess your generation isn't familiar with them, huh?
Antibodies are new life forms that suddenly appeared on this planet.
...The most dangerous, and most grisly of the Grim Reaper's pets. Our mother ecosystem, Ar Ciel, sicced them on us.
The Grim Reaper's pets? Ar Ciel sent them?
The Grim Reaper's just a figure of speech, of course. They came in groups and wiped out many towns in Great Fang.
Nowadays, their horrifying raids have mostly been quelled, but a few decades ago, people thought they'd kill us all.
That sounds...frightening.
But...why would our planet send such scary creatures after us?

It’s always stunning how little people know anymore.

As a result, the world was covered in the toxic Sea of Death below and the plasma of the Blast Line above.
But, humans failed to learn from the devastation they caused. Soon, the planet viewed humanity as an infection.
...Oh no.
It wasn't easy to defend ourselves from the Antibodies.
They were completely immune to the poison of the Sea of Death, and they drew their energy from the Blast Line.
But, the Archia Think Tank researched this new species and eventually engineered a method to defeat them.
Wow...I didn't know they did amazing research like that.
So, humans are safe now, right?
...Well, it's not that simple. There's a rumor that Clustania has started using Antibodies as bioweapons.
Clustania!? But I thought you said the Antibodies have been quelled...
That's why this is such a big problem. If Clustania can control those killers, there'll be a tremendous power gap.
You don’t say…

Aoto had a terrible feeling that he’d already seen that the rumor was true.

...So you're saying that the incident that happened at that time...
Kyah! Doctor! Where are you going!?
Oh, well, I was just going to the cafeteria or something...
I'll go with you!
But, I want to think about something by myself for a while.
Doctor! Nooo!
...Wait wait wait! Please, Doctor!
...I can't tell whether they're cool or goofy.
You're finally going back to Ogai. I hope you get to see the children soon.
Thank you…
Are you worried?
...No, I'm alright. ...Because you're here with me.
! ...Oh, yeah, of course!

They arrived in Archia without incident.

This is Archia...
It's more packed than I thought.
The Archia Corporarchy consists of an industrial district, above, and a residential district, below.
It's the only place in the entire Tower where humans can safely walk without fear of being captured by Clustania.
...Although, they have yet to recognize Archia as an independent country.
What? So...this isn't even an official state?
Correct. For instance, on their map, it's labeled as their territory, known as the Parie Executive District.
But, there is virtually no Clustanian influence over us.
I don't really understand everything, but I guess there are still some places where humans are dominant in the Tower.
Hmhmhm. As long as you know that much, you'll be fine. Okay, let me tell you some things to keep in mind...
First, don't step foot outside of town. Second, don't go to the upper part without permission.
There are important facilities that the Archia Think Tank controls up there, so we don't want any trouble.
If we get caught near the Archia Think Tank, we'll be in trouble...check.
Although, Doctor is always welcome anywhere he pleases. Would you like to come up there with me again?
...No thank you. I wouldn't go, even if you asked.

Everyone had something they wanted to do, so the party started to split up for the moment.

Sure, why not? Let's do that.
Awww, that's not fair... Then, please let Richa go with you two!
Well...actually, if possible, we wanted to go to Ogai right away.
Oh, yeah, sorry. I will take you there right now.
Richa, I ask that you please take them safely. I dread the thought that there may be Clustanians lurking there.
Yeah, you were attacked in Ogai once, right?
Please guard them as their escort. If you're with them, I won't be that worried, Richa.
Oh, of course, Doctor. If you ask me to do something, I'll always do my best!
Then, I'll take a look around town. I wanna check out the V-Board Racetrack, too.
How about you, Finnel?

...Finnel! What are you gonna do?
Huh? Oh...uh...I'll go with Tatsumi.
What were you thinking about?
I’m sorry…

Aoto could almost be a decent guy sometimes.

...Aoto...thank you.
Okay! Let's all meet at the Inn when we're done with our own stuff.
There's an Inn called Eulark. I'll book us some rooms there.
Roger. See you guys later!
Uh-huh. Be careful.
Alright, we should get going.
So? Where in Ogai would you two like to go?
We'd like to go to a pre-school. It's called Ogai Memorial Pre-school.
Do you remember its exact location?
Yes. But...I'm not sure how to get there from this town...
No worries, I know that school. ...And, of course, I know where it is. Shall we go?

But when they reached the school, they found it deserted…

Video Record- “Ogai”


...It looks like it's been closed for ages. There's no trace of anyone being here for a long time.
I'll be waiting outside. If someone comes, holler.
This is where you used to work...
Yes,'s empty now...
Maybe it was abandoned...
Then...what happened to the children?
I'd assume they went home. They should be safe.
...Everything has changed.
There were children, the Principal... We always used to play together... Everyone was always smiling...
So warm...bright. That's what this place was like... But...that's all gone now...
Let's go over there, Saki.
Let's look inside that building. Maybe someone's inside.
C'mon, let's go.

They never could have expected what was coming next.

The Clustanians had found them in Archia.

...You again? What a persistent idiot! I'm getting tired of you.
You caused me a lot of trouble in Ciela Gate...three times! I got demoted to Platoon Leader cuzza you!
To regain my dignity, I'll be taking Saki in today! ...After I beat the shit outta you, of course!
Hmph...looks like she's really serious this time. She might really try to kill me.
...Aoto! I will be more serious than usual today! Let's do our best!
Y-yeah....uh, you...

Feinne on Qoga: Flipshere
From now on we have access to Flipsphere, the fourth Purge. Flipsphere is a brutal Song Magic attack by the Reyvateil on the whole enemy party. Let’s take a look at a screen of one (it’s actually Sarapatra’s because I was using her Body in this fight with Mute).

So, as you can see the Harmograph has lines on it. These go with the music playing during the wind up animation, and pressing x on the lines makes the attack more powerful. Flipsphere is absolutely devastating and can easily top more than a million points even this early in the game.

Watch the fight with Saki as our Reyvateil thanks to wdarkk!

Mute was even more tenacious than usual, and hung in even after a terrible hit.

Video Record- “Prayer”


Aoto! Saki! Are you guys okay!?
Damn… Archian reinforcements!
Richa! Please escape with Saki!

Saki didn’t want to be protected again, though. Which led to her making a rather rash choice.

Say your prayers!? But, wait!
Please…protect Aoto!
You...little! How dare you!?
Clustanian Soldier: Captain! We can't afford to take any casualties from the soldiers we commandeered without permission...!
...Urgh! R-retreat!
Saki! Are you okay!?
I'm sorry...I was here to help, but... Anyway, let's take her to the Archia Think Tank!

As for what happened when they reached the Think Tank… That will have to wait for another day.