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Part 24: The Doctor's Girl

After their encounter with Soma they had no choice but to leave the Tower. They regrouped back at the Great Fang camp.

Video Record- “Back to Base”


Gengai, Luphan...
You're back?
Yeah. Are you guys done with whatever you were doing in the Tower?
Well, actually...
Saki... What happened to her?
...Yeah, tell us what happened.

They explained what had happened inside the Tower. I have to give Gengai credit for rolling with all this ridiculous stuff that had been happening.

Yeah! So...Reverend, please don't blame Finnel.
I wasn't gonna. I know what was going on. So, we have to take care of Soma, for Finnel's sake. Tatsumi...
...Yes, Master!
Even though you finally have an excuse to enter the Grand Prix, you can't afford to enjoy it too much...
I wasn't even thinking about that. I have a rival, Soma, to beat. I'll do my best, because I can't afford to lose...
In any case, you'll have to go back to town to prepare for the race.
Then, it'll be safer to have Saki wait here. The Archians must be looking all over for her.
Not necessarily. I heard they've been busy training for their battle against Clustania near the Garvelt Bridge.
Huh? Then, they're heading this way!?
Yes. In fact, we were about to retreat. But if you think about it, the town should be relatively unguarded.
...Then, it's definitely safer to take Saki with us into town.
But Archia decided to attack Clustania. That means they were supportive of us deactivating the Prome Wall.

It seemed Gengai’s efforts to secure Archia’s help had not been entirely successful.

...Oh yeah, Doctor, speaking of which, I wanted to ask you for a big favor! Can we talk about it when we get back?
Alright, let's get moving. I wanna get Saki to a safe place to rest, where she can sleep without a single worry.
That sounds nice. I have to prepare for the race, too. Let's go back to Archia.

They headed for the inn they’d stayed at earlier, where everyone split off to do their own things.

Video Record- “Aoto and Saki”


Okay, I'm going to Nya Nya Ya to fix up my V-Board.
Then why don't we go, too, Doctor!? We can talk it over as we walk!
Oh, sure.
What're you gonna do, Aoto?
I'll stay with Saki until she wakes up.
Okay. Then, I'm going.
Alright, see ya later.

Saki finally woke up, and luckily it seemed that Filament praying didn’t damage her memories.

Saki, are you awake?
Hrm...ah, Aoto? This place is...?
We're at an Inn.
...Why!? The last I remember, I was at the Garvelt Bridge, and you Clustania... don't remember, do you?
After that...
...I see. I'm worried about Finnel.
...I let Soma seize her body, knowing what was going on.
...But she definitely back, right!? I mean, everything has to be fine...
And, of course, we're gonna take care of your thing, too.

The other side of course was that she couldn’t remember what happened when Filament was active.

Don't you know about a place called the Rinkernator that Filament was talking about?
No... I don't really know it...
Okay...well according to Filament, if we go there, there's a way to save you.
...I can also live on...? Can I live much, much longer?
Of course! Since we can't trust Archia, I will save you.
I'll take you to the Rinkernator, no matter what!
...Thank you!
But before that, we have to find out where the Rinkernator is.
I'll look for it, too! Let's find out where it is together!
You bet.

Aoto stepped out so Saki could get some sleep.

Tatsumi was still waiting for his V-Board to be ready upstairs.

Video- “Tatsumi and Sasha”


Mr. Aoto! Welcome to my synthesis shop, Nya Nya Ya!
Hey, Sasha. How is the maintenance on his V-Board coming along?
It's almost done. Please wait inside until we're finished!
Oh, really? Thanks.
How is Saki?
Oh, she woke up earlier and went back to sleep again. She was worried about Finnel.
Of course she was. I was shocked, too.
You were?
Why are you so surprised? I don't personally hate Soma, but I can't forgive her for what she's done.
...Yeah, I understand...
Well, I was surprised by your idea. It's only V-Boarding, but what if she challenged you to a real duel?
Well, I was ready for whatever came up. I was going to accept her challenge to any competition.
You may be small, but you've got quite a lot of guts.
Hehehe. You really think so?

Aoto had come at a good time, though, as Sasha was just finishing up.

Thank you, Sasha.
...But I'm sorry. I wish I could've worked faster so that I could've given you a new type of V-Board...
No worries. This is an important race for me. I was going to use the board that I'm used to anyway.
Oh, really? I'm glad to hear that! It's almost done. I'll do my best!
I'm counting on you, Sasha.
So, are you going to get a new V-Board?
Yeah, she's making a fighting type for me.
A war between Great Fang and Clustania is becoming inevitable. I want to support Master as much as possible.
By the way, Aoto, why are you here at Nya Nya Ya? Did you want to get something?
Well, I came to see how you're doing.
You're competition is coming up soon. I came to make sure our athlete's not too nervous.

Tatsumi found something very funny about what Aoto was saying. Aoto didn’t understand because he was deeply out of the loop.

Wh-what's with that laugh?
Well, I was just thinking that you're an interesting man.
Huh? What's that supposed to mean?
Nevermind. Thanks, Aoto. Let's head back.
...You're a weirdo.

Anyway, the two of them went to look for Doctor Gojo and the Reverend. They found them arguing in the market.

Video Record- “Gengai’s Request”


Yes, it is. But...doesn't that seem a little strange?
Please! I'm begging you! You gotta say yes, Doctor!
Reverend, please stop asking me!
It's not like you'd lose anything by doing this. Just let me borrow your handsome face for a little while!
I don't care how many times you ask me, I said I can't do that! First of all, what if she takes it seriously...?'ll be like killing two birds with one stone, ya know? Gh-hahahaha! I know you can do it, Casanova d'Eternus!
Reverend, Doc?
...Aoto. Tatsumi.
Oh! Come on, you guys ask him, too!
What's with all the racket?
Reverend Gengai is giving me the most sinful and impossible request ever.
Request? Oh, I kind of remember him mentioning something about that.
What are you asking him to do, Master?

I have to agree that this request was quite cruel, as was the position they were putting him in.

Oh, I see. And you want the Doc to ask Richa herself.
Why are you so reluctant? She's head over heels for you.
That's exactly why I can't do it! I really don't feel comfortable using that against her!
Why are you so picky? A beautiful woman really likes you.
You know who I am, right, Doctor? I'm Great Fang's most stubborn man!
I didn't wanna resort to this, but when you first came to Eternus, who took care of you until you got on your feet?
*sigh* I knew I would end up saying yes.
Hmph...this is gonna be fun.
Doc, whatever you do, don't panic and tell her Saki's secret.
*sigh* Where did my life go wrong...?

So Doctor Gojo called up Richa and asked her out.

Video Record- “The Date”


Uh, hi Richa. You're early...
Of course I am... This is the first time you've ever asked me out on a date. I'm so happy...

...? Doctor? Is something wrong?
Oh, no, nothing! Haha. So, where do you want to go...? you want to go out shopping together or something?
Hmhmhm. Why, yes! I'll go anywhere with you!
Alright, she's in a good mood, Doc! Don't blow it!
Indeed! All of our futures are riding on this date.
...Is he gonna be alright? He looks pretty awkward...
Alright, c'mon, let's follow them!

They headed down to the market. I understand a certain someone who will remain nameless made several fortunes selling knock-off Gergos. And I’m pretty sure counterfeit toys are the most legal things she’s ever sold.

I heard someone smuggled the authentic ones in from somewhere else, and now everyone's selling the knockoffs.
Oh, I see... That sounds a bit strange, but it's very cute.
Its design concept is: Fugly-cute. It's become really popular in Ar Ciel. This cute creature is called Gergo.
Haha! Even its name sounds fugly-cute.
Doc! I want this Gergo!
Oh, sure, you can have it. *sigh* I can't seem to catch up with all the latest trends...
Thank you very much! I'll treasure it forever and ever!
Hahaha...I'm glad you like it.
Oh yes, Doctor! Can we go to the place where you used to run your clinic? I want to see it again!
He doesn't even appreciate Gergo's greatness!? Doc! You've just made my Boo List!
I'm gonna have to give him a talking to about the myriad charms of Gergo after his date!
Uh, Tats, why do you look so pissed?

Gergo is terrible by the way and if I see any of you with one I’m using it for target practice. Anyway they headed down to the Doctor’s old clinic.

...Though, I only came to visit a few times. You were always at the Think Tank.
...Oh yeah, I remember that.
But it's surprising that the building's remained almost exactly how it was. I thought you'd sold it to someone.
I'd never sell this place to anyone. This is where my most precious memories of Ai...
...Where my fondest memories took place.
I'm sorry... I shouldn't have asked about it...
N-no, it's alright. Uh, by the way, Richa...
Oh yeah! Doctor! Please examine me right here, for the first time in years!
...To be honest... W-whaaat!?
Ever since you left for Great Fang, I've been taking great care of my figure and skin...
...All so that I wouldn't be embarrassed the next time you examined me.
B-but Richa, there's nothing wrong with your body, is there?

The Doctor and Richa had an entirely appropriate conversation in which she said nothing at all that I needed to leave out in telling it to you.

W-well, sorry. Today I' I can examine you some other time...
Is that a promise!?
Sure, of course...! I'll examine you as a Reyvatologist. I'll perform a thorough and attentive examination...
Hmhm. I'm so excited! Alright, I have to go buy some cute panties to wear under the gown, just for you...
…Huh!? you like it hot? lingerie? Which would you prefer, Doctor?
W-well, I can't really say, given that neither one is relevant to your medical examination, you know...!?
Okay, so you like them both cute and sexy! I've learned something new about you! Hmhmhm.

Anyway, their date took them back to the market.

Y-Yeah. It sure is pretty...
...I'm so sad that today is almost over.
...Richa, I want to talk to you about something...!
...I see. You don't seem to be able to confess your eternal love for me.
Hmhmhm. You're so strange, Doctor. You're intelligent, dexterous, and versatile, but you're so bad at this...

That's what I like about you... I like you so heart aches when you're not around!
...I'm a woman, too, you know? When you treat me like a lover, like today...I can't help but develop expectations.

And that was where Richa surprised the Doctor quite a bit.

M-my...! What are you saying!?
I'm serious!
Richa... I...
...I can't do that. You're Archia's No. 2 executive...
...I knew it. I was aware that you found my position of power to be intimidating, but...
If you'll have me, I'll abandon Archia in an instant. I don't care if they label me as a heretic!

...I'm sorry, Richa!

He couldn’t take it any more, and owned up to Richa.

Oh, shit…

I'm truly sorry that I took advantage of your feelings for me. I'm sorry! You can pin all the blame on me!
...Actually, I knew that already.
Richa...what did you say?
I knew that from the get-go. Everything you did...I'm always watching you.
I can always tell when you're lying or when you're telling the truth. came today, knowing what our plan was...? Why...?
...Because it made me happy. We went out together, and you treated me like I was the only woman in the world...
When I proposed to you, if only for a few moments, you seriously considered it.

I had a lot of fun today. Even if the whole thing was fake, I got to have my dream come true. Thank you.

While Richa wasn’t angry at the Doctor, she certainly was at everyone else.

She knew about us, too...?
Doctor Hikari Gojo would never have thought to use this immoral tactic. So, what are your intentions?
I see. Your goal was to get your hands on my key to the Prome Wall.
I apologize for trying to deceive you... Despise me to your heart's content.
But we must get past the Prome Wall! Would you please kindly divulge information about the Prome Wall to us?
I beg you, too, Ms. Richa!
...Alright. You allowed me to live out my fantasy of going on a date with my dreamboat. It's only fair to share.
Ah-! Really!?
Thanks, lady! I really appreciate it!
To tell you the truth, Archia tried to break the wall many times in the past, but we've never been able to.
It's impossible to destroy the barrier from the outside.
...Then there's a chance to destroy it from the inside?

As Richa saw it, there were two ways to lower the Wall. Neither were ideal, but it turned out one was sort of convenient after a fashion.

I see... Then would you care to go over this olive branch idea with us first?
We can direct the Mainframe that administrates over Clustania to obey us.
But, because that Mainframe has its own AI, whose personality is extremely crooked. I don't think it would work too well.
Then, that's not feasible!
Well then, what would this hawk be aiming its talons at?
Deactivating the Rinkernator. That'll cut the symphonic power to almost everything, including the Prome Wall!
Did you just say the Rinkernator!?
Yeah, why? Do you know about it or something?
That's where I need to go! Where is it!?
Where...? Knowing where it is is the easy part, kid.
What do you mean?
The Rinkernator is at the top of the Tower. To get there, you'd have to cut through the heart of Clustania.
I don't think I'm licensed to do that... What about you, Doc?
On top of that, if you manage to get past Clustanian security, you won't be able to operate the Rinkernator.
Why not?

Richa laid out another problem with trying to use the Rinkernator, one that they’d probably have to deal with to save Saki and Finnel as well.

The current Supreme Commander.
But that's...
You have to keep in mind that we share the same fate. If we can't do one, we can't do the other, either.
If it was feasible, we would've done it a long time ago. You shouldn't shoot for the impossible.
...I won't give up. There must be a way!
Aoto...! Geesh! He's so...
Doc, we're going back, too. I'm not giving up. We still need a strategy meeting!
Ah, yes!

Gojo stayed behind to talk to Richa.

...Well, you should be sorry, Doctor. You're an enemy to all women. But I forgive you...
Those sweet words that you said to me...were they all just for expediency?
...The answer to the question you asked me earlier...
It's-it's not about you. I can't forgive what Archia did to me... It's not that I can't like you...
! …Doctor.

I’m going to have to stop there for tonight, this is making me queasy. I’ll tell you how the race turned out next time, I understand it was very exciting.