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They entered the Harvestasha Module.

Video Record- “The Dark Horizon”


The seed and the rot of Clustania was waiting.

...This little bitch is Harvestasha?
Finnel...!? I can't believe you! How many times have I told you that you have to Purify humans!?
We threatened her into bringing us here. It's not her fault.
Anyway, what? You don't want to see us unless we're Purified? Are you so scared of us?
...Scared? I think not. My Divinity doesn't wish to see the hideous souls of you lowly humans.
...You're incredibly boo. I can't give the Heart of Gaea to a snotty queen like you.
Hmph, the lowly creature has a little brain. Why would My Divinity need a human's permission to get what I want?
...You know what? You're the booest boo I've ever met!
Flattery will get you nowhere. You can't escape, anyway. Now, give me the Fourth Dimensional Core Square Ring!
...I want to ask you something first.

Cocona was smart enough to ask her the right questions, though I really wish I could have been there

But I also heard you want to use it to extend Finnel's life. Why is that? What do you really want it for?
You truly are brainless. They both are true because they are the exact same thing.
...Very well, chop chop! When this world is reborn, Finnel will be set free!
...! I will
Right! So...let's get going. You want to be emancipated from the bondage of souls, don't you?
Good girl... Now, possessor of the Heart of Gaea, it's your turn. Come to me.

It'll be alright. Just relax, Finnel.

Cocona called for the Heart of Gaea, which she’d been keeping inside herself.

(cEzYA hymmnos.)

#9990 -r- mAtyy trix tn=b'0x11000101101'
es tn=sol.infel-pira.mea

And so it appeared.

What the hell is that!?
It's the Heart of Gaea...!
You kept it inside your own body...!
No wonder I never sensed its location. The Fourth Dimensional Core Square Ring... It does exist... It's a miracle!
...Is this really it?
That's right, Finnel! This is what I wanted.
Alright, it's time for the fusion!
Rrha ki ra tie yor, ini en nha!
...Thank you, Cocona...for giving us the Heart of Gaea...
It's fine. If we need to, I can bring another one. But you only get one life.
...Hey Cocona, in your homeland, there's a really big Heart of Gaea, right? If...only I get well again...

Oh yeah, I don’t know if I really made this clear.

Harvestasha is filth who only opens her mouth to lie.


And she wasn’t the only one.

Hey, who are you!?
No way! You're...!
I appreciate your hard work, Tatsumi, I mean, Cocona. You've lived up to all my expectations...including dying here.
Sir Kureha! What's the meaning of this!?
...L-Luphan!? Why are you...?
My apologies, everyone. I am, in fact, a traitor.

I’m truly disgusted that such a man could be the last living Ayatane.

...Why? No! Pleeease!

Finnel was engulfed by light, just as she had been when other Personas had taken over previously.

She came! She finally came out for me!'s
Please don't disturb her, Aoto.
Luphan, you...!
Aoto, look at that!

And Finnel was replaced by a new Persona, one who’d never been seen before.

...A new persona?
I did it! This is so amazing!
What is going on!?
Lady Harvy, please take a look at this. She is the ancient Muse who lost her name.
...Finally...finally she has arrived! This is the superior persona... The persona who represents Songs...!
Now, thanks to the Core Square Ring, the ancient Muse has revived from her slumber within Finnel's soul.
The countdown to the realization of Reyvateilia has begun.
...Reyvateilia? What the hell are you talking about!?
We're talking about the end of this world. Where all of you unnecessary humans will be exterminated!
Thank you for helping us massacre humanity. It's time to say farewell to you morons.

It seemed that though she’d taken this other form, its personality was not entirely awake yet, leaving Finnel in control for the moment.

...Finnel? Is that you, Finnel!?
I'm really sorry, Aoto. You tried so hard to save my life...but it doesn't even seem to be my own...
What's that supposed to mean!?
Let me tell you. This child will be the Will of the Planet Ar Ciel.
The Will of the Planet...?
It's not death. It's a new life! She'll live as a brand new being in a brand new vessel to weave our future.
She'll lose all of her current memories, but those were never necessary in the first place.
It would only serve as poison if any memories of humans were to remain in her mind. You'll be a lot happier, Finnel.
...You must be out of your mind.

Harvestasha’s crazed rant wasn’t only bothering Aoto and his allies, though.

Oh, but it is. Now, she must go to Moocheriel to sing the Song. told me Finnel would have her life extended.
You never told me she would have a different personality! That completely conflicts with her wishes!
Aoto...everyone...thank you. If my life is doomed to burn out...I'd rather light the lives of my dear friends with it!
Finnel, hey!
Even if it was only a few more moments, you guys gave me life... Now it's my turn, Aoto...Cocona...Saki...Doctor...
It's my turn to give you my life.

Finnel returned to her original form, and began to sing…

The whole of Harvestasha’s module began to shake.

Aoto, run away while you still can...!
Don't be stupid! How can I do that!?
...S-something is invading the Mainframe...!?
Ayatane! General Akane! Stop that Song!

The General, however, was not going to sit by and allow her only friend to suffer any more.

General Akane, what do you intend to do?
Finnel will become someone else... That isn't what I asked for.
...Are you betraying us? Time is of the essence. Lady Harvy is on the verge of a breakdown. Betrayal is unforgivable.
Betrayal is unforgivable...? Look who's talking!
What are you doing!? Quickly, you dork! This isn't good! Kill the stupid system immediately!
Shut them down in order of superiority! Shut down the Colonel and Demon modules!
...It seems time doesn't allow us to chat. I must skip straight to serving you the main course!
Hmph, my stomach is too small and my tongue is too experienced for cheap appetizers. Kukuro!
That Antibody...! first mistake was entrusting you with the living weapon...

It seemed for the moment at least Akane and Aoto had the same basic goal.

Do not worry. Although we are enemies, she is still my dear friend. Do not doubt my feelings for her.
You have two options: Trust me and escape, or don't trust me and die right here...!
Aoto, we've got Saki, and Cocona's injured! I think we better trust her!
...Alright! You better not lose, General!
Who do you think I am?
...Finnel! The stars! Remember the stars!
Don't forget! You told me you'd show me the stars from Clustania! You better keep your promise!
Don't break your word! Come back to me, no matter what, okay!?
Go now!
General Akane! What are you doing!? You little clunker! I'll send you to the scrap heap!

As they rushed out, they had a surprise encounter.

Video Record- “Treachery”


Doctor! Aoto!
Shit! Richa and...Katene!?
Katene, are you alright!?
Hey, Gojo. Of course I'm fully fuctional. I kind of survived because of Richa.
Oh, really? Richa, I must thank you...

It turns out thanking Richa was premature.

We were interrupted the other day, but this time you definitely will hand Saki back over to us!
W-wait! Now's not the time for this!

Unfortunately, there was someone who thought this was exactly the time for that.

You're...Sakia Lumei! When did you take over her body!?
It's unbelievable... She's one of Saki's other personae?
I'll comply to your request. Take me, Lady Richaryosha.
...Kh! I won't let you go!
Step back, Sir Aoto!
Now, Lady Richaryosha. Take us...

Before anything could happen, though, the power went out. This was actually a very bad sign.

What's going on!?
...No way! This can't be...unless Harvestasha is completely shut down...

And with Harvestasha shut down, an opening in Clustania’s defenses had appeared.

Chairman. It seems like the Clustanians have stopped hacking. Our network and security are both free right now!
...Very good! We'll start countering the enemy! Now it's time for the virus program that you guys brought.
Huh...? But your soldiers are still in the enemy base, right? Richa and...
I don't care. It's not like she'll die from this. We can collect her catatonic body the next time we go to Clustania. scary... Roger that.

While I am proud of how effective my work is I do sort of feel bad for this, because it’s not pleasant. At all.

Finnel fell, and she was just the first.

Kukuro: Kyu kyuu kyuu.
...The Archians did this...?
The Archians are seriously trying to get their way now. Clustania is doomed.

With Finnel shut down, Soma was able to appear once more.

You've insulted me with your filthy lie. You never told me you would kill Finnel. Plus, you didn't need to injure Cocona.
...Beat it, you inferior persona.
I only speak to superior personae. Lower personae are not allowed to talk to me.
You'd better stop acting cocky. I'm Ar Ciel herself. It'll be easy to turn you into a little bug.
...Was I following Clustania's orders for such a lame goal?

The song which had been echoing through Clustania stopped, which was the first sign something was terribly wrong above them.

...Did something happen to Finnel?
No way! ...Why!?

Richa, of course, was also a Clustanian Reyvateil and so the virus stopped her as well.

Archian Soldier: Ms. Richaryosha!
...Wh-what's going on!?

Sakia Lumei timed out once more, and Saki returned.

It looks like Sakia Lumei ran out of time again.
Aoto, let's go check on Filly!
Katene and I will take care of Cocona! Please go with Saki!
Sure! Let's go, Saki!

As Aoto and Saki rushed to check on Finnel they nearly ran into Soma, who was carrying the limp form of Akane.

As you can see, they are both intact, although they won't be able to move for a while.
What happened?
It seems Archia hacked into Clustania's network and spread a virus all throughout the Reyvateils' Soulspaces.
Therefore, all Clustanian Reyvateils have stopped. Of course, Finnel has, too.
That's why I was able to get out.
...I see.
Anyway, this place is dangerous. Let's go to a safer place for now. Perhaps Akane's house...
Thank you.
...That's not necessary. Once we reach the house, I'll disappear. I'm leaving it to you...

And so they rushed back to the city proper through the darkened halls. They’d escaped Harvestasha, but at what cost…?