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Part 34: Archia's Attack

As they rushed down towards Clustania, they had a brief opportunity to talk about a few things. The ridiculous moves that had just been unleashed were fresh in Finnel’s mind.

Yeah, you think so, too!?
Yeah, hard-boiled blood! Seeing your zeal, Aoto, has really affected me.
I didn’t know you appreciated all the hard-boiled-blood stuff.
Well, not that I mind. Thank you, Finnel.
I’m just telling you the truth. It was really cool.
But…I just didn’t expect you to take your clothes off.
Well…my blood boiled so hard and hot…
You know, you felt it was really hard-boiled-blood, so of course I felt it even more.
I see what you mean.
Then, shouldn’t we give it a name that’s even harder-boiling-blood?
For example…how about Nova Gigante!?
Whoa!? The way that sounds makes my blood boil even hotter!
I think it really deserves this name. Let’s use it instead!

She was deeply disturbed by Doctor Gojo’s.

…Supermoves seem to make my body really hot.
I just couldn’t resist taking off some clothes.
Oh, just remembering that is making me feel hot again…
No, don’t take off your clothes here! I don’t wanna see you in your underwear again!
Oh yeah, that’s right. Then, can you let me hear your opinion about my Supermove?
The move was awesome from the start. I never expected such intense, rapid fire attacks after that shock!
Well, I thought it was a little bit too cowardly for a Supermove.
I don’t think there’s really any cowardice, or fairness for that matter, in Supermoves.
In most cases, a Supermove itself is kinda like foul play.
Yeah, you’re right. A Supermove is a cowardly move that can deal a huge amount of damage.
…If you put it that way, all of a sudden, Supermoves have a bad connotation.
Plus, you’re using a ranged weapon.
And you stun the target first so that it can’t escape.
It’s kind of too late to notice that at this point, but whoever I hit with this deserves to hate me.
Then, you have more reasons to beat the crap out of those enemies.
The name should reflect that.
What do you mean?
“If you complain, I’ll kill ya.”
So, for example…
Burst Inferno. That’s a perfect name!
…But that sounds tyrannical. I don’t think I’ll ever like it.

She was impressed by Cocona’s, though.

Boo! I’m not an android!
Sorry! I didn’t mean it like that.
But your superreyvateily moves…that way exceeded any humanoid physical limits.
That’s an overstatement. The speed actually wasn’t too bad.
But I almost saw trailing images of you because you were going so fast.
Huh? I think there are a bunch of people who can create trailing images.
I’m sure many people from my home world can do that.
…Are you serious?
They’re all strong. If they told me they couldn’t, I’d be surprised.
I’m still not used to it yet, so if I move that fast, my clothes get torn apart.
I think that’s only natural.
But people I know could do this as if they were just going out for a stroll.
It seems like I still need more training.
…It seems like the world is really large.
Anyway, the name of the move, I think the current name is a bit too modest.
Why don’t we call it something like Light Year Legend.

Yes by the way your father can create trailing images of himself. Anyway Saki was interested in how Tyria had saved her.

You and Finnel can live a long time thanks to Tyria, right?
What's wrong? You don't look very happy.
It's not that.
I just don't feel like anything has changed. I don't know how to rejoice.
Well, you hardly ever showed me you were in pain when you were going through those hardships.
That's right. I don't feel much pain.
So, likewise, I don't feel any improvement. So, I'm having difficulty reacting to this.
Well, you had no foreshadowing signs of it, so no one can blame you.
But she did something really amazing to heal us, right?
Oh yeah, you don't know what happened then.
As far as I saw it, it didn't look like she was doing anything particularly amazing.
Didn't Tyria do something special to fix Finnel and me?
Well, it looked similar
Well, I mean, uh, nevermind.
Please don't nevermind me! Explain or I'll be too curious to sleep tonight!
I...can't explain it. I only know what I saw. You should ask Tyria the next time you see her.

Aoto was still sort of skeptical about Tyria.

But she didn't look like a legendary Reyvateil Origin.
Are you talking about Tyria?
Yeah, she was more like...
...No, I can't think of a word to describe her. She's such a weirdo.
Well, she's a legendary Reyvateil. It's only natural that she's so different from all of us.
But I feel more like she's lacking something...
But we were saved by her.
We've been suffering for a long time, but she saved us so easily.
Well, it's a good that you can live a long life now!
So, maybe it's okay...that we still can't understand her.

It turned out they wouldn’t have to go looking for Archia’s forces, because soon enough they were rudely interrupted by them.

Video Record- “Raphael”


Richa, you have to let us through.
If you're truly my friend, put us before the military. Please leave Saki to us...!
...I'm sorry, but I can't do that. Things have suddenly changed.
...What things?
Please, Aoto. We need Saki right now!
...I've already given you my answer. I won't give Saki to anyone!
Is that so? Then...
We must interpret your reply as an official declaration of war against the Archian Army, and all of humanity!

Richa had backup, and with the Rinkernator still open their ability to use Song Magic was terribly compromised.

Is that a threat? You don't know when to give up...
There is no escape. Now that all Song Magic has been disabled, you have no chance of defeating us!
She's right. Stop your futile resistance.
You heard what she said. The tides have turned. We've captured the suspected Antibody Brain.
We were lenient because you saved Saki's life, but now that things are different, we can't show you any more mercy.
I order you to give Saki back to us.
...What's so special about an Antibody Brain?

Raphael explained what he was babbling about.

Saki is obligated to challenge Ar Ru and save the world from the Antibody menace.
Challenge...Ar Ru?
Antibodies have eroded and destroyed many human civilizations in the past.
Humanity had sealed this abominable threat away, but now, the nightmare has raised its ugly head again.
Namely...Clustania's attempts to harness the power of Antibodies in the name of human genocide.
Whoa, I've got to start watching the news!
No doubt. If we do not thwart their loathsome campaign, we shall walk the path of annihilation for humanity...
...And the world itself. Saki is our only light of hope; the one and only ultimate Anti-Antibody weapon!
...Anti-Antibody weapon?
...This is outrageous. Aoto, don't listen to these lunatics. That's completely absurd.
Reyvateils are weapons...? Raphael, you must see how inhumane and self-centered your ideas are!

I’ve heard so many wretched people like Raphael in my lifetime I just tune them out and add them to my list of people to blow up later.

Reyvateils are not human in the first place. They are "things" that humans created with their own hands.
It is only natural for them to serve humans.
Hey, Raphael...
...I understand the big picture. I understand the danger the world is facing right now and Saki's situation.
But I'll never understand your disgusting argument! I refuse to understand it!
Reyvateils are just things!? Well, sure, I don't like all Reyvateils, either!
I used to wish there wasn't a Clustania, so that the world would be much more peaceful...but now I know I was wrong!
Saki, Finnel, Cocona, Akane and all the other Reyvateils...they aren't objects! They are all valued friends!
So, I don't trust a word you say!
I agree with you. We don't need to get on Archia's ship.
I'm on Aoto's side, too. Reyvateils are much nicer than many people, if not most people.
Outrageous... This isn't simply a matter of you against us. Are you trying to exterminate humanity from this world!?
That's not what I'm saying!
It's the same thing! This is the answer that we've calculated from decades of research and the blood of our friends!
I don't care! I'll handle this myself! If it means saving Saki, I'll even save the whole damn world!

Unfortunately for Aoto, he wasn’t watching his back.

Watch out!

Sakia Lumei struck him hard from behind.

What did you do to him!? Why!?
We're approaching the decisive point at which our future will be determined. What can this puny boy do by himself?
Now...we have little time left. Chairman, let's return to the Archia Think Tank, while I'm still in control.
Certainly. Richa, set sail.
Yes, sir.
Are you sure this is what you want!? How can you serve a man who believes Reyvateils are nothing but weapons!?

…H-hold it…

Aoto might have been an idiot but at least he was a stubborn one. It was about to get him quite a lot of pain.

I won't let go of you...! I won't let you take Saki!
You are acting pathetic, Aoto! Let go!
You can't stay out forever. If I can hang on until you disappear, I win...
What are you doing!? Richa, do something about this man!

Y-yes, sir!
Sorry, but I can't allow that, Chairman Raphael!

This time they had a surprise in store that was welcome.

Butch!? You...!?
I'm glad I made it before it's too late! I'll take care of this!
Damnation... My time is running out...

Sakia Lumei vanished once more, at least sparing Aoto additional brutal kicks.

Aoto! What was Saki doing?
Saki, you're here, too?
Mute! Why...?
Stop runnin' around, will ya? I ain't here ta chase ya anymore. I'm sorry for scarin' ya all those times.
I destroyed the security system in the Slave District. Don't worry 'bout the kids.
Fo' sho'. Just run away real quick!
Thank you so much!
Mute...!? Is that really you...? I...I really...
Gyah! Wait a sec! Yer only s'posed to talk about stuff like that when we're alone!
...Uh, well, I was worried about y...
Shut it! I gotta kick the hell out of this son of a bitch first!
...W-well, I...

Raphael was quite annoyed at the distraction.

It just so happens I am, bancho! I'll knock ya out right here and now!
Such persistent spite...sappy sentiment...and vulgarity... You definitely take after Dr. Laude.
Ya just insulted my father!? You piece of scum! I'll never forgive you!
Hey, don't just stand there! Go already!
Oh, yeah! I appreciate it a lot!
Can I see you again soon, Mute?
Let's go!

They regrouped a bit below.

Video Record- “Worries”


Are you okay?
You got beat up pretty badly.
I'm so sorry.
Why are you apologizing? Sakia Lumei did this, not you.
Even though we succeeded in extending Saki's and Finnel's lives, our situation hasn't changed...
This is pathetic...
That's not true!
She's right! Extending our life was our dream for so long. You made that dream come true for us!
I feel the same as Filly. Aoto, you gave us brand new lives. You are our ultimate superhero!
Saki... Finnel...
We have to start over from scratch. Our objective now is to save Saki and the world...!
...Yeah, that's right!
But...we didn't really extend their lives, and now we're on the lam... It's the same as before.
What the hell was I doing...!?
Well, we need to move on. Now, not only do we need to save Saki and Finnel, but we need to save the world itself.
...Yeah, you're right!

They didn’t have any time to rest. Finnel was worried about Akane, who’d gone alone ahead of them.

Yeah, we have to rescue Akane.
Plus, we don't know if Mute and her soldiers can fend off the enemy.
Mute...? I hope she's okay. I don't want her to get hurt...
Well, she's not just another girl...
She'll probably be fine. She's a natural born warrior. Let's go!

It seemed her worries were justified as they returned to Clustania, for Akane hadn’t returned yet. One small stroke of luck was that with the Rinkernator inactive, Clustania’s Reyvateils had almost immediately awoken.

Clustania restored itself? Or...did the Archians stop hacking into it...?
Reyvateil: Finnel!
Reyvateil: Hey, you. I thought you were with General Akane.
Huh? She isn't back yet?
Reyvateil: We've been trying to locate her! Without our leader, the army is falling apart at the seams!
...No way...
Reyvateil: We've searched everywhere we can think of... We're going to check the Harvestasha Module!
...Aoto, can we go, too!? I'm worried about Aki!
I hope she's safe.

As for what happened when they returned there, well that will have to wait for another time I’m afraid.