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Part 35: Separation Anxiety

They rushed to Harvestasha’s Module to find Akane.

Video- “Ayatane”


Aki! Aki!
...Aki, where are you?
This is really strange. Clustania's Supreme Commander got lost in her own city.
The normally formidable Clustanian Army has lost its charismatic leader and now they are demoralized.
If somebody is pulling the strings from behind the scene, he or she is really clever...and wicked.
I'll take that as a compliment.

It wasn’t as empty as it had first seemed, though.

I have to pay you back for ruining my Archia Purification Project.
Thanks to your sabotage, those exasperating humans crawled their way up to the sacred land of Clustania.
At this point, you leave me no choice but to execute my last resort.
...And just what is that?
Ms. Finnel will play the role that was originally intended of the name of the Sublime Will.
What the hell are you talking about now!?
I am referring to the will of the Antibody Brain, Ar Ru.
Why do you keep bringing up these names, like you expect us to know what they are? Is Finnel the Antibody Brain?
B-but, Raphael said he had captured the Antibody Brain!
Hmhmhm...let me explain. When we obtained the Heart of Gaea, our project came to fruition.

It seemed Ayatane had taken the Heart of Gaea when he attacked earlier.

Exactly. Finnel, you're looking for Akane, right? Do you want to know where she is?
We sold her to Archia. They must be interrogating her by now...and who knows what other plans they have for her...
Why are you doing this to her!?
Everything that has transpired has been for your sake. Do you know why we allowed an Antibody to accompany her?
She serves as our bluff, or deterrent.
Correct. She's the dummy that diverts our enemy's attention away from you, the vessel of the Antibody Brain.
That's why you let her flaunt that Antibody in front of everyone's faces?
That' cruel!

That was the least of Ayatane’s cruelties.

Cocona, Akane, and even dear Aoto, the boy you like so much...
The more you struggle and cry, the more suffering you'll inflict on the people around you.
That can't be...!
Ayatane, you bastard! Finnel! Don't listen to anything he says...
Why am I...!? Nooo!
Nooo! This can't be true! Why do the people I like have to suffer!? It's all my fault...!
Rrha ki ra tie yor, ini en nha.

Finnel seemed to seize up, her body wracked with pain.

Finnel!? What's wrong!? me... From deep inside, she's coming back...
Finnel! Don't give up!
No! Stay back!
It is useless to resist. Reyvateils can't escape their destinies...
No... She's...coming! Uhhh...! ...This isn't right! I don't want to destroy the world! Nooo!

Finnel ran off, terrified.

Let's chase after her!
I can't let you escape!

While the other ran after Finnel, Cocona stayed behind. She had a score to settle with the twisted Teru.

...You've gone too far. I'll never forgive you...! I recall, you are a Reyvateil yourself.
Now that the Rinkernator's wide open, Reyvateils can't use Song Magic.
Are you sure about that...? Hahhh!

Unfortunately for Ayatane, he was dead wrong.

A vast flow of power from her home server, the Infel Pira deep within Metafalica, was relayed to her through Sasha’s satellite.

This is impossible...! Is she getting her symphonic power from somewhere else!? But how...!?
I'm only using about 30% of my full energy. But...30% might be just enough to beat you.

Meanwhile, they rushed after Finnel through the Executive District. But when they caught her, she had an impossible request.

Video Record- “Finnel’s Despair”


Wait. Where do you think you're going!?
...No, I can't wait anymore. She's coming. Aoto...please... I have a favor to ask you...
What is it?
Please...kill me.
Please...kill me now. Or else...I'll permanently lose control and...I'll be unstoppable.
Kill me now!
I can't do that! I can't kill you!
Hey! Finnel!
Let's chase after her, quick!
Of course!

Finnel ran off again towards the Slave District.

If memory serves, there’s an elevator leading to the underground path over that way.
An underground path!? Where are we going…?

They rushed off after her, and learned Mute had indeed released everyone back at the District.

What's going on here?
Mute told me that all of the Slave District residents were released!
Ayatane's sole aim was most likely to use Finnel...
Mute must've done it while his attention was focused on us.
This place seems alright. Next, let's look for Finnel!

They ran into a familiar face down there.

Oh, Rev. Gengai!
What's up? You all look so serious. Did something happen?
Reverend, have you seen Finnel?
Finnel? No... I've been swamped taking care of the people here...
Why not ask the people who are still in town? Maybe they've seen something.
Okay. Let's look for her while we try to gather some information.
Hey kid, what's going on...?
Seems like they've got a pretty big problem...

Unfortunately for them, someone was watching…

Still, they chased after Finnel.

Video- “The Vale of Tears”


If Cocona had been just a moment later, it all would have been over.

Finnel wasn’t happy to be saved, though.

...If I don't die, she will destroy the world...! I can't let that happen!
Do you know what it means to die!?
I don't care! If she comes out, I'll die anyway! If I can't escape my fate, at least let me go before I hurt anyone...
Stop talking like that!
I will never let you die! Even if you become that Antibody Brain or whatever, I won't let her destroy the world!
...Thank you, Aoto, that means a lot to me. But, this is the end...

And Finnel vanished, replaced once more by the strange woman from before.

This nostalgic feeling... The atmosphere...sound...light... This body...not bad...!
Are you the Antibody Brain...Ar Ru?
What is that? Is that this one's name?
Don't joke around! Give that body back to Finnel!
This body belongs to me. It is my first visit to the Vale of Tears in ages. I shan't relinquish this opportunity!

She ran off towards the Tower.

Video Record- “Separation Anxiety”


Before they could follow, though the whole place began to shake.

What the hell!?

The Archians had arrived.

What's going on!?
Aoto! Saki!
Raphael... Your timing couldn't have been any worse!
Damn, you're starting to piss me off!
Aoto, you've disobeyed my orders long enough. Take Saki!
Kyah! No! I won't go!
Aoto, you can't chase after Saki and Finnel at the same time!
Shit! What should I do!?
How about this? ...Let's split up into two groups!

Aoto decided to chase after Finnel, which made quite a lot of sense if she was the real Ar Ru.

I’ll come with you!
Alright. Leave Saki to me. Now, go!
I’m sorry! I’m counting on you, Doc!

As for what happened when they caught Finnel, that will have to wait for next time I’m afraid.