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Part 36: A Rescue and a Loss

Aoto and Cocona rushed into the Tower after Ar Ru.

Video Record- “Kukuro’s Message”


It seemed they didn’t really need to run, because she’d stopped to listen to the Song echoing within it.

...Do you know this Song?
I was...slain by this Song before...
...I'll never forget it... It drained all of my energy... It was inhaled by Moocheriel...!
I must go to regain Moocheriel!
Wait! What's that supposed to mean? Is that why you attacked the humans!?
Attacked the humans...? I have never done such a thing.
This isn't right! You're the one who is spreading the Antibodies, aren't you!?
...Antibodies? What are those...?
You don't even know what the Antibodies are?

Before they could continue their conversation, Kukuro appeared.

That's...Akane's familiar!
Kukuro: Kyu kyu! Kyu kyu kyu! Kyu kyu kyu kyuuu!
...I think it's talking to her.
Who are you...?

It’s really awkward to be on the wrong end of conversations with things only certain people can understand. I always amuse myself by making up things for the weird things to be saying.

What...? Why? I have finally obtained this vessel. This body belongs to me.
Kukuro: Akane was captured by Think Tank agents! Finnel! If you are in there, please help me! waiting for Finnel!
Aki...was captured?
Kukuro: Finnel...!
I have to go... Aki is...waiting for me.
You can't come forward without my permission!
...Please...I beg you. This is my last request. Help me... I want to save Akane!
...Last request? Very well, then. We shall do this.
I will lend my hand to save Akane. I shall temporarily resign this body to you, as well.
But after you successfully save her, this body will belong to me.
...That's fine. I accept your conditions, so please...
Sure. Do not forget the promise you just made...

Ar Ru vanished, replaced once more by Finnel.

Finnel! Are you really okay!?
Y-yeah...I'm fine.
...Damn, you really had me worried. But, I'm glad you're back.
But, why did everything settle back to normal so suddenly? Is it because of Akane's familiar?
Kukuro: Kyu?
Oh yeah! I have to save Akane!
What're you talking about...?
Kukuro came to me, asking for help! Akane might be executed at the Archia Think Tank.
It's all my fault... I'm the one who needs to be captured...
But, it's almost impossible to get past Archia's guard. What if you get caught!?
But, I can't abandon her...I hafta go!
Alright, I'm going, too!

They returned to Archia. For once Aoto was the one uncomfortable with how poor the plan was.

I doubt we can use the pre-school route anymore…
We don’t have time. Let’s just barge in through the front gate.
…Whoa, are you for real!?

The gate was heavily guarded.

Video Record- “Unleashed Power”


*sigh* See? We can't get through that security. Look at those guards. There are too many of them.
No problem. We'll just ask for her help...
Whoa, hey, stop!
What was that flash!?
Let’s rock!

It’s probably for the best that Aoto and Cocona weren’t really looking at what Finnel and Kukuro did, it was probably quite unpleasant.

She did mention getting someone's help. She probably meant Ar Ru.
She's too reckless... We have to chase after her!

The Think Tank was already on red alert when they entered, not that it mattered much.

...We should hurry!
We've got no choice but to believe in Finnel's abilities and try to keep up.

They smashed through Archia’s defenses and eventually found the room where they were keeping Akane.

Video Record- “The Antibody Brain”


Kukuro: Kyuuu! Kyu kyu!
She's not waking up...
Was yea ra Cranidare yor...
...Finnel! I doing...?
Kukuro: Kyu... Kyu...
...! Kukuro...
Finnel...? What are you doing here...?
...I'm glad you're awake, Aki...
...You're unbelievable. Your course of action is completely absurd...
Anyway, I'm glad you're safe.
Sir Aoto...Cocona... I apologize for causing trouble for you both.
Don't worry about it. We better focus on getting out of here! Let's go!

However, there wasn’t going to be a happy ending to this little reunion.

Hey, Finnel. Now's not the time to daydream.
Aoto, I'm sorry. I have to say goodbye now... Thank you for everything you've done for me.
...Huh? What are you talking about?
What is it now!? Why are you crying all of a sudden!?
...I...I'm sorry. I have to keep my promise with Ar Ru...
What promise was that...!?
Ar Ru tmporarily lent me some save Aki.
But when everything is over, I have to surrender my body to her.
What did you say!? Finnel! That was a stupid promise!
I...was hoping Archia would terminate me...

Things only got worse with time, too.

Raphael...! seems like we took too long. are unbelievable. Not only are you going to take Saki but you're taking the Antibody Brain from me also?
No! The Antibody Brain isn't Akane! It's me!
What do you mean by that?
Please capture me now. Otherwise....ahhh!
What happened!?
Come quick...! Or...she will come out!
Finnel! You have to be alright!

She wasn’t. Ar Ru once again took her body.

What...!? Is she also a γ Sublimator...?
...I must Moocheriel!

She vanished in a flash of light.

I can't let you do that! Capture them!
Kukuro, defend us!
Kukuro: Kyuuu!

Kukuro easily smashed aside the Archian soldiers, leaving them free to escape.

This is our chance! Let's go!
Damn you all!! Tell the entire army that the Antibody Brain is heading for Moocheriel! We're chasing after it!
We'll set sail shortly! Bring Saki here!
Archian Soldier: Yes, sir!

They caught up with Ar Ru at the entrance to the Think Tank.

Video Record- “Losses”


…That’s not true!
What a persistent man. Harken, I said…I am not Finnel!

I think perhaps if Aoto had been closer to Finnel this would have gone a bit differently. As it was, Ar Ru dropped him like a sack of songstones.


It was a while before Aoto awoke again.

That was pretty crazy.
Yes! You’re awake now.
I… Where’s Finnel!?
Sometimes I wonder what he’s really made of. She left somewhere.
She said she was going to Moocheriel. Let’s go after them.
But how…?
It’s alright. We can take the train. Let’s hurry.

They rushed to Moocheriel. But as for what happened in that strange and terrible place, that will have to wait for next time I’m afraid…