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Part 41: Tales of the Green Land

They returned to Raphael’s office in the Think Tank.

Video Record- “Raphael’s Plan”


Well, we didn't do it for you.
You needn't be so hostile. We share the same objective. Why don't we call a truce and form a coalition front line?
What do we need that for?
Our foes are formidable Antibodies. You are familiar with them, yes?
...Because Saki and Finnel were originally Antibodies themselves, we don't have any forces to replace them.

That sounds really selfish. Did you really think we would accept your offer?
What if I told you we were doing this for the sake of the world?
...Alright, we'll help you.
But I don't trust you, so we won't be your allies.
I'm only gonna fight because I want to see the battle between humans and Clustania through to the end...
Then I don't see a problem. All we need is your help.
So, how are you gonna fight the Antibodies?

Raphael, as it turned out, had developed a new plan when he saw who they had come in with.

Oh, excuse me for my late greeting. You are Tyria, correct?
Who are you to be asking who I am?
My name is Raphael. You are indeed the Reyvateil Origin. How beautiful...
Such a beautiful body could not be recreated... I guess the research of the Ancient Faction hasn't been in vain.
So, what do you want from me? Or, did you just want to say hi?
Of course there's something I'd like to ask of you. There's a hymn crystal that works exclusively for Reyvateil Origins.
It's maker is Mr. Kurogane. He was the first Chairman of the Kurogane Lab, the predecessor to the Think Tank.
Is that Cosmoflips?
You're absolutely right. This Hymn is to fuse the Will of the Planet with the Soulspace.
Ar Ciel's Planet Regeneration Project has long been defunct...
Because we were missing this crystal.
This was supposed to be installed in you.
The project itself has been thwarted, but now is the time to exert the remainder of the Cosmoflips' power!
You're basically saying, if you can trap Ar Ru in the Soulspace, as an individual being, she will eventually disappear?

Doctor Gojo was quite skeptical.

Kurogane was said to be a genius, and that he respected Tyria from the bottom of his heart.
Do you think such a worshiper of yours would ever create something that could be a threat to you?
...Alright, let's do it. I trust Chairman Kurogane.
Plus, this is necessary for the sake of the world, right?
Doctor, we, the Archia Think Tank, always strive to defend humanity.
You still seem to suspect us, so allow me to clarify this...we were not responsible for your sister's death.
Now, Tyria, please go to the other room and download the Hymn Crystal.
Please wait! ...Let me accompany her. If there's nothing to hide, then you shouldn't have a problem with that.
I'll go, too. I can't leave the observation of Tyria totally up to you all.
...Very well. Requests granted.
Doc, Cocona...
Aoto, go back to town. Saki and Finnel haven't recovered from the damage yet. I booked us a room at the Inn, okay?
Yeah, you should go. I'll need those two girls to help me some more.
What do you mean by that?

It was actually pretty obvious, I hate it when people ask stupid questions.

I want you to keep me company for a little while longer. Are you up for it?
Y-yes, of course! If Saki's power can help...
I'll go with you, too...!
Really? Thanks. Alright, entourage, shall we go?
We’re going, too.

They had all left, leaving Richa and Raphael briefly alone together. Do I really even have to say that the Doctor’s earlier fears were probably entirely justified?


Anyway, back at the Inn there were more pressing matters to deal with, like Finnel’s nameless persona trying to take her over again.

Video Record- “Taking Charge”


Well, as Doc and Tyria were saying, I think you need to get some rest while you still can.
Aoto, there's something wrong with Filly!
...What? Finnel...! You look...pale!
Are you alright, Filly!?
...I'm...fine... But if I put my guard down, she'll come to put me to sleep again...
...I'm sorry...please don't worry about me.
...Okay. But if you get worse, let me know right away.
Yes, please don't push yourself too hard.
...I'm sorry.

The download complete, Tyria and the others returned.

...Oh, you're back.
How was it? Did the download go well?
Yeah. Well, there weren't any setbacks.
But was this the best outcome? I still can't put any closure to this.
It's alright. Because...this Hymn was created by Kurogane 700 years ago.
You seem to have a lot of faith in that Kurogane guy.
...I'm curious... Why didn't Kurogane download the Hymn Crystal into you in the first place?
Yeah, why didn't he ever use it?
I don't know. I have no memories from before I became the Tower.
But as far as I can remember, I was supposed to download this Hymn.
The Chairman told us the plan was thwarted, but I haven't given up hope for the Planet Regeneration Project.
I think that would be the best possible outcome. If the Antibodies are a threat, we can't let them destroy the world.
...Yeah, that's true. We have to stop Ar Ru!
To do that, we must first trap Ar Ru, right?
Speaking of her, Ar Ru's in Moocheriel.

Cocona was at least keeping in mind what I’d sent her there for.

I don't agree with Harvestasha's plans. After getting it back, I don't even know what to do with it, but...
I can't leave it like that!
...Alright, let's go to Moocheriel.

Finnel was wondering who the hell Ayatane actually was. Aoto had a pretty good plan as far as wondering that, though.

By the way, what was that Ayatane guy's true purpose?
I don't know, but I never thought he would turn into a dragon.
Maybe he wasn't really human. Actually, he said he belongs to the Teru Tribe.
But now that he's dead, we have no way to uncover the truth about him.
Well, even if we did, there would be nothing for us to gain from it.
I'm a bit curious, too, but just forget about that bastard already.
...You're right. It's over now... I'll try to just forget about him.

Having not been around for the whole story between them, Tyria was also wondering what was going on.

Are you sure it was okay to defeat him?
I don't know who you're talking about...
That man who transformed into the dragon. He seemed like your friend.
Oh, Ayatane? He...helped us out a lot before we met you.
I thought he was such a reliable guy. I even respected him.
...Is that a typical twist of betrayal?
Well, sort of. I thought he was a nice guy...
I see. I think you're a little too gullible.
Hahaha. I can't believe you told me that.
Even if you want to trust someone, you still need to be cautious.
Only then will you be a really trustworthy person like me.
...Well, if I need to become an empty-headed fried bread girl, I would rather be the way I am.

She was also enjoying the amenities at Eulark Inn.

I like that Inn with the big bath.
Eulark? I like it, too!
The bath is so big, and the water is so hot. That's the way public baths should be.
It seems like we have something in common.
...But I heard an odd rumor.
An odd rumor?
I heard that many people heard a female voice from the male bath.
It stopped happening, but what was that?
Beats me, man.
(That was probably Cocona...)

Speaking of, Sasha had found something interesting she wanted to show Cocona.

Video Record- “Sasha and Cocona”


Oh, Ms. Cocona, when I was tidying up the storehouse the other day, I found something really nostalgic!
Really? What'd you find!?
Here! An unopened Gergo Toothbrush!
What!? Why was this in your storehouse!?
I actually had one shipped to my old store. But because it was so hectic, I forgot to tell you about it.
What is that hideous, bald character?
What!? You don't even see how cute the Gergo series is!? You are so boo!
Gergo! Gergo! The people in this world have a totally different sense of cuteness...
Their culture is completely different. I think it can't be helped.
I couldn't care less about that stupid thing. It's like a niche character for hardcore fans. Like that penguin guy...
Not at all. The Gergo series is super popular among girls in our hometown.
There are 32 sets of merchandise. Their total sales exceed 1,000,000 units.
What!? Is their sense of aesthetics broken or something? ...I'm more fascinated by your hometown, now!
What kind of place is it?

Cocona told Aoto about Metafalica.

Their names are Tsundere and Dorodere? I feel sorry for them...
No! Those are their character archetypes! Play more J-RPGs. Their real names are Lady Cloche and Luca.
We used to live on a small Tower, but after they created a vast, new continent with a Hymn, we all spread out.
They created a vast continent? What monstrous Hymn is that?
Hehehe. Doesn't it sound amazing? Reyvateils in my world are a little special.
Yeah, otherwise, they couldn't have created a whole continent.
And I am one of those special Reyvateils!
Oh, really? Then, can you create a continent for me? I've always dreamed of owning a house with a big yard...
Nope. In order to do that, we need like 100 or 1,000 Reyvateils, all singing together!
Damn! Well, I guess that's only natural. But, it's still amazing! So many people gathered together must be powerful!
Metafalica was our dream. That's why we were able to exert all of our energy for the sake of this sole purpose.
Before the continent was created, I lived in a two stons wide abode.
Two stons!? And it didn't fall!?

The story of my incredible triumph over amazing odds to help those guys create a new world inspired Aoto.

That's alright. Since we could do it, they can do it, too!
I agree!
Thanks. Alright, let's get down to business!
Yes, sir!

Mute was resting back at the Inn when they returned. She had a serious question.

Video Record- “Cocona and Mute”


...? Isn't that Mute? Hey, Mute!
I hear you're helping Archia's sentries. How is that coming along? Pretty tiring?
No, it's a cinch! Are you kiddin'? This is my hometown!
Oh, really? Well, at least you're full of energy!
So, what are you doing here?
Well, some little cat told me that yer usin' this Inn pretty often.
Seems like something is going on.
...Y-yo, Cocona!
Huh? Me!?
There's somethin' I wanna talk about with ya. Do ya mind?
Oh, sure...

It was a bit of a family matter.

Ya came from Metafalica, right? The other time we fought, ya mentioned it.
Did I say something about it? I don't remember.
Uh...about my Pops.
So, ya knew my Pops in person, right? What was he doin' over there? Did he really die?
I gotta know da truth! I don't care how little you can tell me! Please!
Okay, I'll tell you what I know.
...But, I won't lie to you, it's a pretty depressing story, okay?
Of course!

So Cocona told the story of that jerk Doctor Laude.

He tried to turn my friends, Luca and Lady Cloche, into a Heart of Gaea to bring back here.
...So that's what he was doin'?
So we fought really hard to thwart his plans because both Luca and Lady Cloche were important friends of mine.
And eventually, he tried to make another Heart of Gaea by using Luca and her mom.
And then...he was pounded by an android guardian of the Tower, and then, he...
...Oh, my...
I'm sorry, Mute. It's almost like we killed your father.
We were trying to create Metafalica. Laude was trying to stop us from doing that, so he was our enemy at the time.
I’m really sorry.
Ya don't need to apologize. Ya ain't done nothing wrong.
If anythin', my dad was causing all the trouble...
He was such a hot-head. I figured he wasn't very popular over there, either.
But me, he was the only family I had...
After hearing what happened, it's totally obvious he was the villain there, but...

Trying to feel sad for Laude here. Nope, still hilarious that he got punched off of Metafalss by Raki.

I'm sorry... I didn't mean ta cry all over you...
No, it's alright.
I feel better, though. I can accept what happened.
...Thank you very much.

A bit later Aoto rudely asked what they’d been talking about.

Whoa! What are you doing!?
It's girl talk! I can't believe how insensitive you are!
Huh? When did you become the hysterical cheerleader type?
You know, girls are very complicated. Their ways are unfathomable to us, Aoto.

Tyria was wondering about the Gergo toothbrush they’d seen earlier.

Again? You have a habit of saying random things.
I don't understand. We talked about Gergo at Nya Nya Ya, right?
Yeah, I kind of remember that.
...If I remember correctly, I saw the exact same thing 700 years ago.
Are you serious!?
Yes. That was...a puppet show or something.
But what I saw was more like a green frog.
The voice was really high. It's a legendary puppet superhero that traumatized many children.
There are such things as puppet superheroes? And it traumatized kids?
I guess impressive things do survive the centuries...
Did you just cobble together a forceful conclustion?

They also headed up to Clustania for a bit to stock up on supplies before descending to Moocheriel, which led to them finding themselves in Akane’s house.

What's up, Tyria?
This is a diary, right?
Ah, yeah. Aki must have wrote it.
This kind of thing shows her meticulous personality.

Stop! You can't just open her diary so nonchalantly.
But aren't you curious?
I know, but you still can't read someone else's diary without their consent.
Right. You shouldn't do that. It's private.
...Time changes everything, I guess.
Back in old days, when you accessed your own diary, you could read anyone's diary anytime you wanted.
Wasn't there any privacy!?
Well, more precisely, everyone wanted the attention.
What a strange time...
So, when I saw that the diary was left on the desk, I figured she wanted us to read it...
I doubt it. Plus, you're in a different time now, so you better not.
...But I'm really curious.

Tyria was surprised at how affluent an area Clustania was.

Compared to 700 years ago, it's become a physically richer world.
How can you say that after seeing all this?
Well, it's only limited to Clustania, but every household owns a Dive Machine, right?
Yeah, actually...
Do you know how high-maintenance a Dive Machine is?
It's such a complex machine. It requires a lot of maintenance.
Each household has one of those. Don't you think that's neat?
Well, actually, even slaves have them...
That would be inconceivable in my period of time.
To be honest, it's kind of too big. It'll take too much space in your house...

She didn’t really care for it, though.

So, if you were to live in this time, would you want to live in Clustania?
There are only Reyvateils in the entire country, right? That would be weird.
I lived with humans for a long time.
But you don't hate Reyvateils, do you?
I like diverse societies.
But if I had to choose between humans and Reyvateils...
I'd find a handsome husband and live with him in the Tower.
Then you've chosen humans.

They were ready to head to Moocheriel once again. Ar Ru was waiting…