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Part 45: Tyria's Binary Field, Part 1b

Aoto returned to the Binary Field to try a different route.

Video Record- “Tyria 1 Part 2”


He found a really strange shrine.

I thought they were just fancy canine guardian deities, but looking closely, they look fierce and intimidating...
Nam: Hey, you over there.
Who are you, youngster.
Oh, another Hyuma. This Hyuma is in such an old shrine...
Nam: Silence! I told you to tell me your name!
Oh...I'm Otto Masakado. So, are you the shrine maiden Hyuma of this place?
Nam: I'm not a shrine maiden, I'm a navigator to another world.
Nam: I recognize the stench of another world all over you... Are alien creature from outer space?
What are you talking about!? I'm just a human. I don't even know what that "another world" thing is.
Nam: Are you sure? You carry a foreign air about you, though.
I don't know...
...Although, I don't know why, but there's something that's sort of bothering me.
Nam: Oh, do you recognize your own foreign qualities? Tell me what's on your mind.

It’s the same damn thing that’s on his mind all the time.

Nam: Did you just say drill?
No, sword...a sword, but a drill, sword...I mean, drill. I think I was wielding such a weapon in a fight...
Nam: What an uncanny story. But you may need to work on your narrative.
???: If you say that out in public, you'd be rounded up as a delirious freak and carted off to a mental institution.
Another Hyuma?

I think this is a good look for Cocona actually.

Are you a shrine maiden, then? A regular shrine maiden works at this shrine, too?
No, no. A lot of people think I'm just a Shinto maiden, but I'm Tatsumina no Mikoto Kokona, the abbot of this shrine.
...What? Tattoo me Nano...
Tatsumina no Mikoto Kokona.
That's the name of Tatsumina no Mikoto Kokona. Nice too meet you, Masakado.
I know some characters refer to themselves in the third person, but that's the longest one I've ever heard.
That's because it's Tatsumina no Mikoto Kokona's real name!
Anyway, I'm surprised that someone has such a strong otherworldly air about them.
Nam: You don't seem like a human who came out of there. What a mystery...
Came out of there? Whattaya mean? I have no idea what you guys are talking about.
This shrine is called the Portal Shrine.
Legend has it, there's a gate or whirlpool or dimensional crevice in the shrine that leads to another world.
That sounds as fishy as a cheap sushi restaurant. First of all, don't you even know where the portal is?
Nam: Don't be an idiot. The entrance to another world could never be opened so easily.
So yeah, not even Kokona has ever seen it.
It's just a legend that's passed down from generation to generation.
How can you believe such hogwash?
But you said that when I mentioned another world, you thought something was suspicious, right?

He did feel like something wasn’t quite right, which it wasn’t to be fair.

Hey, is that other world actually where I came from? Aren't I really an a-...
Calm down.
If you really believe that's the case, why don't you try going back to the other world?
Nam: Oh, that's a good idea!
Going back to the other world? How is that possible!?
Nam: Hmm...this is a prestigious, arcane shrine that has a gate or whatever that leads to another world.
If you don't have any other ideas, I think it's worth trying.
...I smell a big, ugly rat, but I guess this is how it goes. Please teach me what I gotta do.
Oh, that's simple. Make a monetary donation at the offering box.

I'm serious!
Nam: As clergywomen, we'd never lie to you in the name of our holiness. Now, try it.
...Alright, I don't mind offering you some change.

...Nothing seems to be happening.
You two lied to me!

It wasn’t exactly what you’d expect from an offering box.

...Why does this box have a card reader with a PIN pad on the side?
We're a credit card only shrine. You carry cash? What are you, some kind of dork?
Nam: Hmhmhm. Although this is a sanctuary for worship, we still need to stay hip.
Thus, in order to go to the other world, you have to use a credit card or points that can be exchanged for currency.
...There's nothing holy about this place of worship.
So, what do you say? Wanna try it?

He decided to give it a shot.

Are you sure I can go back to the other world if I do this?
As long as all the conditions are met. Anyway, I can't say for sure until you actually try it.
That's so sketchy... Anyway, I'll try swiping my credit card.
It says, "Credit card expired."
Nam: That means, your condition hasn't been met yet.
Then you can't go to another world. Too bad, Masakado.
Well, that's alright. At least I got to take a little break from all the strangeness.
I've been here for a while. I better get going now.
Okie dokie, if you wanna know about the other world, come back any time.
Nam: Yes, you're such a rare man who carries an otherworldly air about you.
Once you've met all the conditions, come back and tell me. I'll help open the gate, or whatever it is, for you.
You're just trying to check my credit card's validity, aren't you?
Nam: No, I'm supervising your situation.
Yeah, whatever. See you guys later.
The Hyuma, Nam, has been unlocked.

Aoto headed downtown.

He decided to grab some lunch before he returned to school.

Let’s grab some lunch and go back.
Alright, I got me some lunch!
Now, I should…
…Well, I don’t really have anything to do. Why don’t I just go home?

He finally headed back.

Tyria was still in the classroom, fortunately.

...That was quite a while. Did you refresh your mind?
Uh...I don't know about that. Sorry for making you worry.
Have you had lunch?
No, not yet, but I bought something to eat.
Then, why don't we go out to the yard? It's such a nice day that I think it'll be really pleasant.
Sure, let's go.

They headed outside to eat.

Nothing in particular. Although...
Otto Masakado, report to the faculty office immediately. Again, Otto Masakado...
...That was a weird announcement to have during lunch. Maybe the teachers found out you played hooky.
I didn't know this school was so strict about ditching classes.
I don't know. I've never ditched a class before.
Neither have I...until today.
So, what are you going to do? You have to go to the faculty office, or they may spank you on the butt with a giant triangle.
Oh, I forgot this is in the past. That's worse than a punch in the face...but for now, I'd rather eat my lunch with Ria.
I think you should really go. If I go back to the classroom to finish lunch, it shouldn't be a problem, right?
It's nothing to worry about. Besides, you've been in the classroom all day. The fresh air is good for you.
I can't believe this is the same person who left me all alone until the afternoon...
I know I told you to skip the morning class, but I didn't think you would skip all of the morning classes.
That's why I'm trying to make it up to you now, ya know?
I thought the classroom would be safe, but now that I think about it, that was a little dangerous.

It’s really not helpful to notice something was dangerous afterwards.

...That's right. I'm sorry. From now on, I'll try to be with you as much as possible.
I hope so. It's very nerve-wracking to be without a reliable bodyguard.
Haha, thank you. That's sweet, even if it was only rhetoric.
I don't use such devices. For instance, I'll never call you a dreamboat or anything like that.
Please don't add any more unnecessary information...
But, do you really think I'm reliable?
At least it's all thanks to you that I can commute to school everyday.
You were acting weird this morning, but I'm glad you've settled back to normal.
Then, I won't fail to meet your expectations.
Great. I'm expecting a lot from you. ...Ah!
What is it?
...I forgot to bring a dessert. Can you do something about it?
...I can't even take care of the needs of your stomach.

Bereft of a dessert to give Tyria, they returned to class. Aoto got of a bit light for skipping class all things considered.

...Alright, sorry.
Okay, everyone. See you tomorrow.
You've got a homework assignment? Too bad.
I think I should be thankful that my punishment was so lenient.
That's because you skipped class. Na na na na nah na you're a hooky boy.
Urgh, I can barely resist the urge to argue back.
Anyway, do you have any plans? If you don't, then...
Oh, yeah. We should go now.
Masakado, Ria, are you guys going home now?
We have some part-time jobs to do.
Idle hands do the devil's work. Sake, do you have a job?
...No, I don't.
Well, we're high school students. You don't have to work if you don't need to. We just work for money and fun.
Hey, what are you guys talking about? Let me join the conversation.
Idle hands do the devil's work. Finelle, do you have a job?
My family runs a meal set bistro, so I help out. But I don't get paid for it, though.
I feel sorry for you, Zeta.
Don’t call me Zeta!

Their cover story was that they worked part time at the lab.

Hmm, I would say it's so-so.
You're a liar. I know you get paid pretty well.
Wow, so they do pay a lot...
It depends on which department you work for.
Oh, we have to go. See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow. Ciao.
Good luck with your part-time job!
Bye bye.
Alright, we've gotta go to the lab!
Don't stop for ice cream on the way.
I know.

They headed down to the Kurogane Labs.

The two of them split up here, Tyria was eager to get started for the day hoping the Chairman would be there.

No, thank you. I must go to the Sonic Room.
But we're early. I don't think the staff is all here yet.
I don't mind. Besides...
I'm sure Kurogane's there, waiting for me.

I'm going now. Bye-bye.
...Chairman Kurogane.

I’m not saying it was weird how close they were but it was weird how close they were.

Even though she comes to the Lab every day, she only sees him maybe once every few months.
However, something links them together that makes up for their infrequent meetings.
Their conversations. When she enters the Sonic Room, Kurogane directs her from the Operation Room.
That is the extent of their relationship as far as Masakado can tell.
Tyria, however, trusts Kurogane implicitly.
I wonder why... She doesn't even see his face often enough to grow attached to him.

Fine. I'll just go to the Nap Room.
???: No, you have a far more important task right now.

That this guy should show up as part of the Kurogane Lab wasn’t a surprise.

Oh, Vice Chairman.
What's this important task? Do you need me to guard someone else?
It's more important than that. Otto, your work is done for today. Go home and rest.
Huh? What do you mean!?
Tyria just told us that since you seem tired, she wants you to take a break.
Tyria, you're screwing me.
That's the complete opposite of what she's doing, Otto.
She trusts you. That's why she wants you to always be in top form.
You wouldn't want her to get injured because you aren't well-rested, do you?
I guess not, will she get home?
Yozuki will escort her home. Are you still worried?
...So, am I no longer needed?
For today, no. But I will need you to come back here tomorrow.
So go home today and get a lot of rest.
...Yes, sir. I'll head home.
Thank you for understanding.

In spite of this the Vice-Chairman did have one little thing to ask of Aoto.

Sure, it never hurts to help.
Well, one of the staff members hasn't returned from lunch.
If you don't mind, will you look for her on your way home?
Her? It's a female staff member?
She's a Hyuma, to be precise. We need them to fine-tune Tyria's condition.
Of course, I won't force you. You're not in your best condition.
Actually, I shouldn't even be asking you at all...
Well, it's not difficult or anything.
She needs the Hyumas to prepare, right? It's only fair that I, Tyria's bodyguard, should look for her.
Thank you. Then, I'll have this girl accompany you.
Tuna: Hello! I'm a cutie named Tuna!
...Well, she's something.
She appeared suddenly when I was looking for a Hyuma that would be able to find my missing staff member.
Tuna: I'm good at finding people. Let's go look right now.
Okay. I'll have Tuna return here with the missing Hyuma.
Thanks, Otto.
The Hyuma, Tuna, has been unlocked.

Aoto decided to check the park near his house.

This turned out to be just the place.

Labo Labo: Ugh. What should I do from now on?
Labo Labo: Ah... Ahhh!
You're Otto Masakado!
You know me, so that means...
Tuna: Found ya! And gotcha!
Labo Labo: What!? Hey, let me go!
Tuna: Nope. You're such a slacker.
Tyria's waiting. Let's go home.
Labo Labo: Nooo! For her, I can't go home!
Huh? Wait, what do you mean?
Tuna: Well, in her case, shouldn't we all go to the Lab instead?
Because, I mean, what's her dream?
To...become the Tower.
Tuna: So, to help her do just that, isn't that the best place for her?
Maybe. Well, if you don't go back to the Lab, she won't be able to get all the arrangements in order, right?
Let's go, slacker queen. Just go to the Lab and work.

It seemed as though this was exactly the wrong thing to do, even if it was what really happened.

Tuna: If you really want to protect her, we should go back together. Bye-bye, Masakado!
Labo Labo: Ugh, lemme go!
*sigh* ...What a noisy bunch.
I guess I better go home, too.

The stage was set. But as for the conclusion, that will have to wait for next time I’m afraid.