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Part 50: The Reyvaroid

They rushed to VR21, hoping to get there in time to make a difference.

I'm fine so far...
Okay, Chairman. We've obtained Tyria's Soulspace map, as requested.
A job well done.
Wh-what's that supposed to mean, Katene!?
Darlin' was threatened by Raphael!
You're a cowardly boo, Raphael!
Darlin'! Don't give it to him! If you do, this world will surely end!
Raphael, I heard about the Human Evolution Project's dark secret. I will stop your sick plan!
Hmhmhm, what nonsense. You don't know the lofty destination of our long, glorious path of learning...
It seems you are trying to realize the defunct Ancient Faction's Planet Regeneration Project. How obsolete.

Raphael decided to explain his crazed reasoning for this path.

The former Chairman Kurogane lost his position due to such a miscalculation, and he killed himself in the end.

Compared to him, our plan is practical. Humanity evolving! Acclimation! True harmony between man and nature!
For that noble goal, Reyvateils are indispensible. Humanity's spiritual structure has yet to be detailed.
Reyvateils, on the other hand, have been completely examined and the process has been proven.
Therefore, infusing humanity with the qualities of a Reyvateil is the only way to artificially expedite evolution!
You're a total psychopath!
...You're insane! For such a ridiculous purpose, my sister's life was used up and tossed away like a lab animal!
It seems I got a little too worked up and spoke a bit much. Richa, are you ready?

I don’t think any of them quite got that it didn’t really matter whether Richa wanted to go along with this or not.

Are you really fine with this?
Please leave me alone. You know it all now, right? Then, what else is there...?
It's hard for me to forgive the Archians for their past atrocities, but...I still want to trust you!
Doctor, will you protect me? Even if I died, would you revive me?
...What do you mean?
Wahhh... It's all my fault. If I wasn't here, Darlin'...
It's fine, Honey. It's not your fault. This couldn't be avoided.
Wahhh! I can't forgive that son of a bitch. I'll never forgive you, Raphael!
Kurogane made no mistakes. There wasn't a miscalculation or a suicide. How dare they insult him like that!
It seems there's no way we can back down now.
Yeah. Let's go to Archia. We will stop them!
Let's go!
Yeah, we can't just let them get away with this!
As soon as we clean up here, we'll find you guys. We won't let them go. Not after they used us...
Of course. We’ll see you guys later!

Tyria noted that properly cleaning up at VR21 would be quite a lot of work.

What tremendous garbage. I feel like VR21 or something like it was dumped in this dumpster.
Well, it sure does look like it.
In this era, VR21 should be an extremely rare piece of machinery that modern people can never attain.
I didn't know it was treated this way...
But if you take a close look at it, this garbage might be used for small components of VR21.
Plus, it seems like it's still in the process of restoration. I don't think they had time to clean up this place.

Ah, I see.
So you understand now?
Well, researchers aren't interested in anything but their own research.
Researchers in my time were like that, too.
Until they finish making or researching whatever they're working on, their surroundings are always messy...
No matter what era you're in, researchers always tend to be myopic.
...She's got a point.

They took a moment to give everyone a chance to rest, which was when Aoto had an unexpected visitor.

Video Record- “Suzunomia”


You...! Why...?
I wanted to show my gratitude to you. Besides, I would like you to hear my story.
Your story...?
Tis a tale about myself. Hearken as I tell you all the truth about me.
Oh, alright! Can I go bring them back, then?
Very well.

Aoto gathered the party to hear the tale of Suzunomia.

Songs...and feelings...
Indeed. And yet, I was sealed away into the darkness of oblivion by the Consensus of the planet 600 years ago.
At the time, the planet seemed to stop singing, which coincided with Moocheriel draining away symphonic power.
Her core shattered, the surface incinerated with infernos of omen, Planet Ar Ciel had lost her willpower to live.
Nevertheless, She still sang with what little living energy She had left.
However, the loss of symphonic power caused by Moocheriel wore Ar Ciel out. She couldn't hold on much longer.
Eventually, she ceased to sing all together.
After that, the surface died, covered by the Sea of Death, and people could no longer live in her bosom.
Then my existence, the one who was the Will to Sing, was discarded forever.
But now I've come back into existence. That was because there was a sliver of hope amongst Her wills.
Perhaps, we are capable of communicating with Ar Ciel and reviving Her...if we have your support, Tyria.
Yeah. That's what we all wish for, so I'll do my best.
I understand. I have returned to this world, so I have no more need to control this body.
As a token of my gratitude, I shall do anything you want.
Suzunomia, you are now our friend.
Friend...sounds like a long forsaken word to my ears.

And with that, Suzunomia vanished once more.

...You're back.
Yeah...huh? Did she appear again?
Yeah, but it's alright.
...Oh, I see. So, her name was Suzunomia...
...I'm glad, though. Now we've got another friend, right?
Thank you, everyone.

Tyria had been impressed by the move Cocona had used while they were fighting Ar Ru.

That was so fast.
Hehehe, I know right? It was kind of hard to stand still on the board at such high speeds.
The air pressure on your body is immense at that velocity. Are you really okay? wasn't that bad.
But the faster I go, of course, the more impact I'll take.
But...I could do even more damage in the frontline, so...that's just another breeze on my skin.
You're so tough. You're a full-metal super-type girl.
...That sounds like I have Mute's body.
I know you look normal under your clothes, so don't worry.
F-forget about that!
Anyway, for the name of the move, is there anything better than the current name?
Can I just say what my gut feeling tells me?
Sure. What is it?
What about Castoff Jewelry?

She was also still fuming about what Raphael had said at VR21.

There's something I need to clarify.
Is it something important?
Yes, it's extremely important. Please listen carefully.
Oh, I see. So, what is it?
That middle-aged man is a liar. His pants are gonna catch on fire.
Oh, are you talking about Raphael? I didn't know who you were talking about at first.
He is a middle-aged man.
He's got a full head of grey hair. He looks like an old man to me.
Well, I couldn't care less whether he's middle-aged or old...'re saying he's a liar?
We already know that. He's tricked me before.
So, you don't trust what he says at all?
Basically I doubt everything he says.

She refused to believe what he’d said, even though it was quite probably true. Aoto in turn did one of the nicer things he’d done.

Huh...oh, you mean that they messed up the Planet Regeneration Project?
...Yes. We did fail, so that was a fact. Therefore, it follows that even a liar can state the truth.
Of course. If I remember correctly, there was a miscalculation?
That was a lie.
Kurogane would never make such a stupid mistake.
Well, I've never met Kurogane before, so I can't say anything about him...
So, you're saying you believe that old man over me.
That's a slippery slope!
It's important! I need a conclusion.
Please tell me, do you believe me or that old man?
Alright, alright. I believe you.
Okay. I'm glad you chose me.
(...Kurogane must have really influenced her personality.)

Ar Ru also decided to pop in for a bit.

Do you want to talk with me, and not just with Tyria?
I don't mind, but you're normally hiding behind Tyria.
Yes, but you've also talked with Saki's and Finnel's other personae, right?
H-how did you know that!?
I didn't know. I just guessed.
It seems I was right. For my reward, how about you talk with me, too?
Don't presume your victorious privilege. Well, not that I mind...
Thank you. But I don't intend to come out very often.
If I do, Tyria may get mad at me.
...Anyway, are you really going to call me Arru?
Oh, you're talking about the silly nickname Tyria came up with?
I don't care either way. A nickname isn't such a bad idea.
Then, wouldn't you prefer something else?
It's practically the same as your real name. It's boring.
Okay. Then, what nickname are you going to give me?
How about...Kanga Ru?
...I'd prefer Ar Ru. I like my own name the best, actually.
I thought that was a good one...

It’s great the way he immediately disappoints after he does anything remotely cool. Anyway as they left Eternus things got really bad.

Oh shit!
What happened, Tyria?
...That is the HW Antenna. That was booted... That means the Master Frame also was...
The Master Frame is that thing that Katene's dad shut down, right?
Yes, it is. But I didn’t think they still had the technology to open that antenna. It's dangerous...
Dangerous...? What's happening!?
That antenna emits Symphonic H Waves, which enables conversations with Ar Ciel, but you must not open it while in the stand by state because...
it is too powerful to humans. It'll give them various adverse impacts--frankly speaking, their minds will break down.
How horrible... We must hurry!

They were surprised at who they found when they rushed to Archia.

That's only natural since the XP Shell has exposed itself from its umbrella.
Sir Aoto, everyone. Are you all well?
Aki! Why're you in Archia?
The Clustanian Army is aiding the town, in cooperation with the Great Fang Militia.
What!? Clustanians and Great Fangers are helping each other?
Yes. Rev. Gengai has taken command of the entire alliance.
What? Master's cooperating with the Clustanian Army and protecting Archia? Is the world ending or something!?
But it sounds amazing. Yesterday's enemy is today's ally... It's touching.
Yeah. I kinda feel hopeful all of a sudden...!
Where's Rev. Gengai now?
He is currently posted at the Archia Think Tank.
Prior to his arrival, two people known as "J&K" came to us and revealed the details of the Human Evolution Project.
Then, Rev. Gengai took them and the Great Fang Militia to the Archia Think Tank.
Oh, that does sound like him. He always acts before he thinks. Hopefully he isn't in any danger.
Okay, we're going to the Archia Think Tank, as well. Raphael must be there somewhere!
That's right! We should aid Rev. Gengai!
That would be of great service to us.
I wish I could lend my aid as well, but I must tend to the survivors here.
I cannot leave my position at this time.
It's okay, Aki.
Yeah, just take care of the townsfolk.
Certainly. I wish you all the best of luck.

They rushed to the Archia Think Tank. Antibodies were still infesting the place, but this time they had the being responsible on their side.

Video Record- “Ar Ru and Archia”


Feine on Qoga: Dungeon Video
This time I use Ar Ru, who is awesome and weird and creepy all at the same time. She’s also the strongest by far, pound for pound you need the lowest Burst % to kill any given enemy with her than with anyone else.

They caught up with Raphael on the way to the Tower of Origin.

Video Record- “Madness”


You sure are idiotic. There's nothing to gain from it, but you followed me all the way up here anyway...
...Abort the project!
Don't you understand? This is humanity's most historic step forward. I don't see why you would refuse to support it.
Because it's the most historic step backwards. You're turning humanity into a monstrosity! You're insane!
If you do that, their ego will collapse, and they'll lose what makes them human! Just like my sister!
...Sure, we made some irrevocable mistakes, but there's nothing to fear. That problem has been solved.

And so Raphael decided to show them how crazy he was.

The Reyvaroid entered…

...N-no way...
...That can't be!

Considering such a misbegotten creature a success requires amazing self-delusion.

Rev. Gengai!
No way! Why!?
He was such a charismatic figure, who led and organized Archia during the chaos while I was gone.
He's the most fit to dictate our newly born human society. So, I granted him the honor of becoming the first unit.
I can't believe this! ...Master! How terrible!
Can he really maintain his ego like that...?
Unfortunately, no. However, he's still capable of accurately following commands and controlling his entire body. Behold!
It's possible to speak with him in a synchronized manner like this. Isn't this technology superb!?
He's just a puppet, you son of a bitch!
You must be idiots... Don't you see? With this technology, we can ascend to godliness, without being clean!
Reyvaroid, go! Let them witness your true power!

They had no choice but to fight the Reyvaroid.

Video Record- “Reyvaroid”


Boss Battle: Reyvaroid + 3 x Antibodies
So, this battle is a bit like the fight we just did with Ar Ru except everything is weaker. The Antibodies aren’t as bad as the ones she brought with her, and Reyvaroid doesn’t hit as hard as she did. His attack patterns are a lot like the Doll Model Antibodies. The big one to watch out for is the crackling lightning thing he’ll do in front of him. You should easily be able to break the special move he uses and the additional Antibodies are not nearly so consequential as they were last time so if you got this far this should be pretty easy.

Fortunately it seemed the crude process that had created the Reyvaroid wasn’t able to withstand much rough force, and the Antibody bits grafted to Gengai dissipated.

Video Record- “The Darkest Day”


N-no way...! I can't believe you separated my Reyvaroid back into two beings...!
Katene, Mute!
That's far enough!
Aoto, crush Raphael's crystal! It's on the back of his neck! That's how he controls it!

Raphael’s weakness revealed, he fled deeper into the facility.

I'm fine. I'm under my own control now...
Gengai, stay here! We'll catch that son of a bitch!
Hmm...this is how it ends...
Huh...? What are you talking about?
...Nothing. Your top priority now is to stop that scumbag. I'll explain what I meant when you come back.
Aoto, the crystal that Raphael has allows him to remotely control Reyvateils.
What? Is that really possible?
Everyone at the Archia Think Tank has one of those. Even my father, Laude.
Destroy it, Aoto. If you do that, he'll just be another human without any special skills.
I'll take care of Rev. Gengai. Please hurry...!
Please take Rev. Gengai to my clinic in Archia.
You got it!
Alright, I'm counting on you two!

They ran off after Raphael. While Mute wanted to help Katene, there was something she needed to do even more.

...Alright, I understand. Go ahead. I wish you the best of luck.
To be honest, I don't want you to be in danger, but if defeating him is so important to you, then finish him.
...Thank you, darlin'!
...Please come back...safely.

And so they hurried to try and stop Raphael’s mad plan. That is a story for another day, though.