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Part 52: Harvy the Bitch

They rushed back to the clinic to check on the Reverend.

That adorable voice...!
Daaaarlin! Darlin'!
My gosh, I'm glad you're safe.
Honey! You were worried about me? Don't be silly. How could I leave my little lonely-heart behind?

I don’t even know what to say about what happened next really, I mean it just got weirder and less likely every second.

Tch. You two never cease to embarrass us.
How're you feeling, Master?
Hey, stay in bed...
Hmph. As if I were an invalid! The very idea makes me want to puke.
Mr. Gengai, what happened?
After we split up, J&K came to me.
They asked for help to thwart Archia's sordid research.
When they explained the true nature of the Human Evolution Project, my body wouldn't stop shivering.
I knew I had to help them stop it.
Then the three of you snuck into the Think Tank facility and happened to come across Raphael?
That's so reckless.
I remember accusing Raphael of the whole conspiracy, but anything beyond that is a big blank spot in my memory.
They must have removed that piece of your memory...
Maybe. When I came to, I had been saved by all of you. Thanks.
I'm glad you're back to your normal self. You're now the leader of a large, united army.

Gengai had something very important and unlikely to tell Aoto.

Remember, I had something to tell you? Since we met at Fallen Heaven Peak, I've struggled over whether to tell you or not.
But, I've seen too many appalling things in this whole ordeal.
For this long, gruesome battle, I am about to give an answer nobody has reached in all of recorded history.
An answer...?
The answer is... the co-existence of humans and Reyvateils you've been trying to uphold.
That may be the final glimmer of hope for this world. Therefore, it's important you know of this, too.
...Mr. Gengai, what do you know?
I know your... real parents.
They used to work at the Archia Think Tank, but more recently they'd become researchers at the Moebius Factory.
Aoto's parents were researchers at those two places?
Then, did you know my father?
One day, your parents visited me. Your father held you in his arms. They said they discovered something incredible.
They were on the run, and because of that, asked me to shelter you in a safe place.
And I was adopted into the Blue Canyon Hamlet.
Yes, I took you there. I don't think you remember this at all.

Anyway this was actually about to be important.

Aoto, do you still have your parents' keepsake? The necklace?
Of course. I'd never lose it.
I wasn't told the specifics, but inside that necklace is what they found so incredible.
Huh? Really!?

Yeah, that boot key for Harvestasha Vista? The one they’d been looking for? Aoto had the stupid thing the whole time.

The necklace... It's the same design as Katene's dad's. I thought it was odd...
It's Harvestasha's boot key! Mine was taken by Raphael!
What!? So this is one, too?
Oh, you had it.
Tyria, then...
The brave are blind to their feet. This is indeed the Vista Edition Sub Frame boot key. I did ask where you got it.
Magnificent! Now we can reboot Harvestasha in Clustania!
We did it, Darlin'!
Then, we've got to get to the District again.
Right! She's young, but she's a great military leader with a solid spine.
She's leading Archia's group. I'm sure most of that's settled down, so there'll be no problems pulling her out.
Oh, speaking of which... what happened to J&K after that? I'm concerned since they were with me until I blacked out.
They gave us directions, but after that we don't know what became of them. I hope they're okay.
They're like cockroaches. I'm sure they survived and escaped just fine.
I hope so...!

They withdrew to the inn the plan their next move, though it also served to create a bit of a distraction for them.

We have Aoto to thank for that.
It's really Mute you should thank. I didn't think Raphael had such a weak spot.
Don't compliment me too much, now! It's embarrassin'!
No need to be so shy. Well, it's one of your charms...
Awww, Darlin'.
Okay, enough.
You two seem so affectionate.
Papa's burden's been lifted from my shoulders. I feel much lighter.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t why she felt much lighter, which led to a small problem.

This isn't good!
Kyaaah! I'm turnin' back to normal! Soooo embarrassin'!
Why? It's like a million times cuter. Your revenge is dealt, so you can stay that way forever...
Waaah! Y-Y-You're my Honey!? Nuh-uh!
Oh, you didn't know?
She was a superwoman because of a Reyvateil Upgrade Hymn Dr. Laude invented.
But now you look like a normal couple.
I... I can't believe it. A scam! I was swindled!
Wh-What's wrong, Darlin'?

If you’ve been wondering if this all really happened, come on. Could I make this up?

Everyone: Whaaaaat!?
I thought I met a goddess sent to this world... and it was her false appearance meant to deceive humanity...!
I... I... How do I live from now on!?
Darlin'! Please wait, Darlin'!
...Sorry, is this a new form of comedy? I don't get it.
It is fine to leave them? Shouldn't we, uh, fix this?
It's fine. Just a small quarrel.
All is fair in love and war. It's the fault of nobody.
Anyway, we must get moving. Our aim is to reboot Harvestasha in Clustania.
Yeah, we've rested enough.
Are you sure it's okay to reboot her again? She was such a horrible person when we saw her last.
She will listen to me. We're old friends, after all.
If she's your childhood friend, I'm sure she'll help!
Hmm, I'm not sure about that. Still, we can try one more time.
I didn't think she was that horrible. We'll see.

Aoto was still in a bit of shock over the extremely unlikely revelation he’d been presented with.

I still can't believe my parents were researchers...
But thanks to your parents, you got the boot key. You must call it luck.
I know that, but I didn't think this necklace was such an important thing.
I'm glad you never lost it when you were a child.

...Have you almost lost it before?
Actually, yeah, like three times...
...What a bad child.
B-but I ended up finding it!

They decided maybe they should check up on Katene and Mute. They heard something about some strange people in Blue Canyon Hamlet, so they returned and looked around for them. This brought back some memories for Saki.

Saki, what’s wrong?
Well, I was just…I mean, every time I’m here, I can’t help remembering…
…Oh, the wedding ceremony?
What? Are you married?
N-no! We were just pretending!
Plus, I can barely remember anything about the wedding.
It’s a long story. To make it short, Saki was Sarapatra, pretending to get married to Aoto.
And in the middle of the ceremony, she turned back into Saki.
When I came to, Aoto was lying on top of me in the middle of a crowd…
…I knew Aoto liked it rough, but I didn’t know he would do that in the middle of his wedding.
That’s not something you normally say with a smile.
I feel like I’ve gotten into so much trouble with Aoto.
I see. Then Aoto might have been born with the destiny of an almost-romantic comedy hero.
That’s fitting! That’s exactly what Aoto is.
Tyria, you’re a genius! I’m surprised at your perfect naming sense!
…Would you guys mind talking about something like that when I’m not right here?

Katene and Mute were at the cliff outside Aoto’s house.

Katene and Mute. What're they up to over there...?
Let's check it out.
Darlin'...I didn't mean to deceive you,'s the same thing. I'm sorry.

Ain't I attractive enough, even if my body's this small? I guess I'm just...
...I'm sorry for freaking out.
You were so ideal when you were big and beefy.
So when you shriveled and shrank down so small, it was an intense shock for me.

But now that I've thought about it, I've realized how trivial size really is.
Because, big or small, you're still my Mute.
When I was a kid, you stood up for me and fought my bullies. After all these years, you're still the same.
Whether big or small, you always tried so hard to protect me. When I remembered that, I felt pretty stupid.
So, I should apologize, not you. I'm sorry, Honey. No matter what your size is, you're still my sweet honey.
Darlin'! You're my darlin', Darlin'! No matter what, always!

And then Aoto and company got caught rudely watching their private moment.

I told you, didn't I? Katene's always overly dramatic.
Ahh! Oh my, is that Gojo and the others!?
Crap, we've been spotted!
Eavesdropping, are we? How juvenile!
Sorry. It wasn't intentional.
Right. We were just passing by and saw you two.
Really, now?
Yep, it's true. But we're glad you got back together. Right!?
Honey, I'd love to see you become super buff at least once a day. Could you do that for me, please?
Sh-sure! No problem!
I sure do love you, Honey!
And I love you, Darlin'!
...I feel stupid for worrying about a couple who treats every day like their honeymoon.
...Let's go back.

Tyria actually sort of liked Blue Canyon Hamlet I understand.

Blue Canyon Hamlet is such a nice place.
Do you really think so?
Yes. I like the ambience of the village, and more than anything else, I love the bus terminal.
Do you like buses, Tyria?
No, I just like that place. There is a lot of sunlight, and the cherry blossoms are really nice.
I want to bask in the sun and take a nap there. That would be awesome…
Maybe I should settle down in Blue Canyon Hamlet.
…You better not, it’s dangerous. Plus, if you sleep there all day, the buses can’t run.

Aoto meanwhile had noticed an unfortunate pattern. Tyria was quite reassuring.

So, why is everyone fond of making a fuss in front of my house?
…Oh, Paper Scissors?
Now I remember, ever since I first saw Saki being attacked there, things have changed 180 degrees.
And now a couple’s lovey-dovey quarrel?
There should be a lot better places for that. Why do they have to do that in Paper Scissors?
That place may be cursed.
Don’t say that. It’s right in front of my house…!
It’s not in your house, so don’t worry too much about it.
I thought Blue Canyon Hamlet was a peaceful, idyllic country town.

Meanwhile Tyria had noticed one thing missing from the Hamlet.

This is so unimportant, but there’s something I’ve been thinking about.
If it’s unimportant, then why are you thinking about it?
Well, there’s something that’s very important to me. I can’t even sleep at night, thinking about it.
What is it? It sounds pretty important.
…Isn’t there a Dive Shop in Blue Canyon Hamlet?
…Oh, that’s what you’ve been thinking about?
I told you it’s unimportant at first. So, isn’t there?
No, there isn’t. First of all, I don’t think it’s really necessary.
I’m the only young person in the entire village, to say nothing about the Reyvateils.
…Is it in a fast process of depopulation?
It’s not that bad yet! Well, at this rate, it’s only a matter of time, though…
There’s no amusement facilities. The only charm of it are idylls.
Hip youngsters will definitely have nothing to do and will get bored if they visit the hamlet.
Where you settle down is where your soul belongs. You’ll get used to it.

That dealt with, they returned to Archia to find Akane.

Finnel, and everyone.
It seems like the town is finally starting to settle down again.
Certainly. That's because Clustania, Archia and Great Fang are addressing the issue together.
That's good. I'm glad.
So, how are you doing, my comrades?
Oh yeah, we actually wanna go back to where Harvestasha is. Can you open the door for us?
What do you want to do there this time?
We're going to reboot Harvestasha.
What? B-but, that is...
We found the boot key. Actually, it's been close at hand this whole time.
Where had it been?
It was hanging from Aoto's neck.
That's right.
*gasp* Hehe...
...She laughed...
Hmhm. My apologies, I couldn't help myself. Very well, it seems to me that my assistance is once more needed.
...Alright, I appreciate it, Akane.

They all headed up to Clustania.

Video Record- “Harvy the Bitch”


And with Akane’s help they returned to Harvestasha’s chamber.

exec ini harvestasha: SHD>>tyrievalis_x01.

If anything Harvestasha Vista was in an even worse mood than normal.

Long time no see, Harvestasha.
Oh, it really has been a long time, Ms. Defective. I can't believe you're still able to walk all by yourself.

Didja learn your lesson? Didja make another hologram? Miss your human form? I hope you didn't screw it up this time.

Huh? What happened? Who customized this piece of shit?
Don't ask me...
Oh, you are those annoying bugs. How dare you little oxygen-wasters cross me like this and sever my circuits.
Thanks to your mischief, my DH Sensors and controllers are disabled, and I can't do anything.
...I'll eliminate all of you vermin today! Be sorry you ever crossed me, maggots.
Rrha yant gagis exec shutdown harvestasha: SHD>>tyrievalis_x0
Wh-what are you doing!?

It was at least just as easy to shut her back down as to start her up now that they had the boot key.

…I can see.
Seriously. Somebody must have reprogrammed her skin program.
Now I have to reprogram it and alter its personality. The Planet Regeneration Program is like a castle in the sky.
You're going to alter her personality? Is that even possible?
Not from here. Harvestasha's maintenance terminal is in Ku.
Yeah... It's at the top of the Tower.
The top of the Tower!?
How can we get up there? We don't even have an airship or anything.
That's alright. We can't get there on a vehicle anyway.
We can't go above the Blast Line unless we climb the tower on foot.
On foot!? Are you seriously saying we have to walk all the way up the Tower!?
Why is it in such an extreme location...?

I have a theory that everyone involved in designing these Towers was a sociopath, I’m pretty sure I’m right.

And secondly, it's for security's sake. this Tower really okay?
Anyway, we don't seem to have any choice.
Yeah, let's go!
We can do it!
...I shall take my leave now.
Oh, Akane, are you going back to Archia?
Yes. There are still some issues I must resolve.
...Oh, I see. Thanks for helping us!
I wish you the best of luck.

With such a long trip ahead of them, they took a bit of a break. After all, their urgent issues had all been solved.

By the way, I hear the Inn in Clustania is very comfy.
I bet. It’s a hotel, not an inn.
So, Aoto, when you leave the hotel, how much free stuff do you take with you?
The toothbrush, shampoo, bath oil…
The hand towels?
Of course. I can reuse them again and again.
In addition to the hand towels, I also take the bath towel and pajamas!
Oh, you take the bath towel, too?
I asked the concierge once if it was okay to take the bath towel and bathrobe with me.
She sort of scoffed at me, but told me it was okay.
…I kind of understand why Clustanian Reyvateils hate humans so much…
But everyone does this, right?
I wouldn’t take the bath towels or bathrobes…

Aoto’s petty theft wasn’t the only thing they had to talk about though!

I think the security system is too stringent.
You don’t like Ku?
Of course not. It’s at the top of that huge labyrinth!
But you’re the administrator of the Tower, right?
Then, don’t you know a shortcut or something?

Don’t think I can do everything just because I’m the administrator.
You administrate the Tower! You must be practically able to do anything that involves the Tower.

Tyria wasn’t impressed by some of the things in the modern age.

I saw a Dive Machine in this period of time. It looked so simple.
Simple? What do you mean?
It seems the technological advancement of Dive Machines only focused on normal Dive activity.
I think VR21 is more advanced in that it was capable of many more things than just Diving.
Yeah, it can scan the deepest parts of your consciousness, right?
Right…and it’s not very commonly used.
But I still think it’s a very important function.

Especially the state of her old friend Harvestasha.

Harvy…poor her. Her personality became so shitty…
Are you pretending to cry?
Of course.
But Aoto, it’s courteous to be flummoxed at the sight of a maiden’s tears.
A maiden wouldn’t say “shitty.”
…I guess you’re right.
Because Harvy had become such an exasperating wench, my language got a little dirty.
Now I’m the same as Harvy…
Then, let’s go to Ku and overwrite her personality.
…What kind of personality should I change her current personality to?
Just restore her to her default personality!

While they had a terrible walk ahead of them soon, Saki was actually not too worried.

So, Saki, when we heard where Ku was, you didn’t seem surprised.
Both Finnel and I were astonished…
It may be a little high, but I wasn’t shocked or anything.
We’ve climbed so many dangerous places such as the Tower and Garvelt Bridge.
So, just a little higher distance to climb is nothing.
Maybe you’re right… Thinking like that, the top of this Tower shouldn’t be too bad.
We just need to walk a little longer distance than usual. So it’s not bad at all.
I never realized we were so tough…

That’s all for tonight. They ended up doing a bit more before they left for Ku, and when I manage to hack the Tower again I’ll have some exact details of how Aoto tried to avoid that bug in Tyria’s mind.