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Part 54: Tyria's Binary Field, Part 2b

Just like last time the stuff between that date and the day before Tyria became the Tower was extremely dull to watch and mercifully I managed to skip over it.

Video Record- “Tyria 2b”


The last morning, before the “ritual”…

He met up with Tyria at the beginning of the day, just the same as last time.

What's up, Masakado? You don't look too well today.
You usually talk more loudly.
Well, I was thinking, today might be our last day...
You'll become the Tower tomorrow, so today is our final day at school, right?
Of course. Once I become the tower, I can't go to school like a good little school girl.
Well, that's why I'm a little sad.
...Masakado is a lonely boy. So that was your secret...
Don't you feel sad, too? You won't be able to come to school or see friends anymore.
Yeah, but I'll realize my life-long dream of becoming the Tower. I wouldn't even call that a sacrifice.
...I know you really are such a sweet girl.
Oh, nothing.

Just like last time Sake and Finelle came up to them as they reached the school.

Oh, there you are! Morning, guys!
Hey, what's up? You guys look happy today.
Hehehe. We're gonna work part-time, too!
What about your family's bistro?
They won't pay me anyway.
The Kurogane Lab was hiring temporary workers, so we applied together.
The Kurogane Lab!?
Yes! It's the same place that you and Ria work.
I heard they're gonna have a hectic day tomorrow, since Tyria will be gone.
That's why they're hiring new people. We applied for those positions.
And they actually hired us both. It was really competitive, too! We're so lucky!
...What a coincidence.

S-So...Masakado, you're going to the lab today, right?
Can we go with you?
Well...I don't think we'll work at the same department.
Maybe not, but you're still going there, right? I'd like you to take us.
We're kind of nervous, because it's gonna be our first day working there.

This time he had an actual concern, though he couldn’t tell them what it was of course.

(If I go to the lab with them, I won't be able to protect Tyria. I have to reject them without causing a scene.)
(Either way...the enemy's strong enough to give Yozuki, who's way stronger than I am, a run for his money...)
(Even though I know they're gonna attack us, do I really stand a chance?)
(...Geez, why didn't I even think about that until just now!?)
...Did you hear that? You're going with them today.
Thank you. We'll meet you after class.
Alright. Let's go to the class first!
...Excuse me, but by any chance, was it really decided that I'm going to the lab with them today?
Yeah, because you didn't seem to be listening to us...
So I arranged it for you.
You shouldn't...
I'm sorry, but please do it.
I knew they've always wanted to be with you...
Are you trying to play cupid...?
I mean, is that a final present from you!?
That's right. I like the way that sounds...
(That's because you originally said it.)
Now, I want to go to the lab today, no matter what.
This'll be the last time I get to walk with you, so I wanted to talk about a lot of things with you on the way.

He made the same suggestion he made last time, but this time with a very different result.

...Hey, can we go somewhere together right now?
If we can't go to the lab togeher, will you go out with me somewhere for fun?
C'mon. This is your last day of school. You won't miss the boring classes, right? Let's play hooky and have fun.

...Can we?
But...this is my last day of school...
Then...just for the morning.

There's something I wanted to talk to you about, too. So, just for the morning, it should be fine.
Alright, let's get going!
I'd like to go somewhere quiet. Like, a teahouse or coffee shop.

They went into town together.

You know, I think the Binary Field just has stock locations that it populates into places to save memory, there were some awfully familiar places when I was watching this back.

...Is that so strange?
I'm glad, to be honest. I thought you only saw me as a bodyguard.
Not necessarily.
I think that because we've teamed up all this time, I find myself unable to develop any special feelings for you.
...I see.
(Did I not notice that she only saw me as a bodyguard, or did things change completely compared to the first time?)
That's why I came this far with you to talk about it.
What did you want to discuss?
...I will become the Tower tomorrow.
Yeah, it's been your dream.
Yes, but once I achieve it, what will you do?
I don't think anyone else needs a bodyguard.
I know. VIPs already have top-class ones.
I was only qualified because I could attend school as a student. I don't think that'll be of much use to me soon.
Will you transfer to another department?

He at least was being smart enough to get out while he was ahead, as it were.

Do you intend to quit?
You used to go to this school, but not everyone goes to the same one.
My job's not lucrative, and I'm not that strong. Maybe this is a good chance to leave this dangerous industry.
I'll be a normal student and have a normal life.
...That's your future?
It's a pretty lame story to tell you on your last day of school.
Not really. I'm glad that you've been thinking about your future.
Were you worried?
...To become the Tower is my dream, and you have always supported me.
It's only fair that I should be curious about what you'll do once I accomplish my goal.
I'm relieved to hear that you'll get out of such a dangerous lifestyle.
(I didn't know she worried about me so much...)
(...I'm glad, but tomorrow is the last day before she becomes the Tower.)
(I shouldn't be so happy that she's worried about me.)
(It's safe to think she told me about it because we're just closer than before.)
(...After class, I'll prioritize protecting Tyria for the rest of the day.)
Masakado, are you daydreaming again?
Huh? Umm...
Ria, I'll protect you until you become the Tower.

I expect a lot from you, Otto.

They got rather rudely interrupted here.

Sooweets: This is too sweet. The atmosphere between you two is just too sugary!
What a loud Hyuma.
Sooweets: How rude! You're both so sweet and cloying and sugary!
...Can you stop using the same words? People are going to get the wrong idea.
Sooweets: Fine. I'll reword it. You two are generally unwholesome!
The hell kind of rewording is that!?
Sooweets: You're students, right? If you're decent students, you should be in class!
But you're ditching... And on top of that, you're ditching just to go on a date!?
I came here to educate you minors. I'll teach you a lesson or two right now!
What a lame reason to come up to us...
Sooweets: That's none of your business! Tell me your names and what school you go to.
I don't know if I should.
(If the researchers find out about this, we'll be in trouble. What should I do?)

Once again the day was saved by Tyria being a million times smarter than Aoto.

Sooweets: On duty...?
We work at the Kurogane Lab. Tyria is becoming the Tower tomorrow, so we're out here buying stuff that she needs.
(Stuff she needs? We can't buy anything that she needs around here.)
Sooweets: Huhhh!? You two are Kurogane Lab personnel?
Y-yeah, that's right.
Sooweets: Then why didn't you say so earlier!? I would never try to educate lab folks. I'd refuse if someone asked me to.
Are you sure?
Sooweets: Tomorrow is like launch day for you. You're entitled to prepare for tomorrow by skipping school!
There are those who oppose the AAA, but I support it.
Really? Thanks for letting us go.
Sooweets: Don't mention it. But I hope the plan is a success. Say hello to Tyria for me.
...I will. Thank you.
Sooweets: I'm going now. There are more delinquents lurking around here.
If you get caught by someone else, let me know. I'll hide the evidence by abusing my authority.
Don't do that! Just a little help is fine.
The Hyuma, Sooweets, has been unlocked.
Sooweets: See you!
...Let's go back.
Sure. We shouldn't be late for the afternoon classes.

They returned to the school.

For a bit things went like last time.

Aoto, I'm heading home first.
Okay. It's sorta weird, since I used to walk you to the Lab every day.
In the end, I always feel refreshed.
I wish you'd sound more sad about leaving me.
Be careful.
I'll be fine. Yozuki will protect me. Ciao.
...I hope nothing happens.
I’m ready.
Oh, where's Sake?
Thanks for waiting. I'm ready, too.

Since he was the only one who knew about the coming attack, he was going to need to deal with it. Fortunately, he did have a plan.

Oh, my cell. Hang on.
Mimi: Hello. I'm calling like you asked.
Huh? Really!?
Mimi: What do you mean!?
Okay, Chairman. I'll be right there. Bye!
Mimi: H-hey, Masakado, what's going on?
(...I told Mimi to call me after classes had ended...)
What's up? You look like you're in a hurry.
Sake, Finelle, sorry! The Chairman discovered that I made a big mistake. I have to go explain myself to him now!
The Chairman!?
You made him mad? How?
...This mistake might ruin Tyria's dream of becoming the Tower!
That's pretty major!
Masakado, please go straight to the Lab. Don't worry about us.
Thanks. I'll make up for it next week.
Really? Yay!
I can't wait!
Okay, then I'll see you later!
The Hyuma, Mimi, has been unlocked.
I feel bad lying to them, even if it was a shortcut.
Well, I did say I'd make it up to them, so they weren't mad or anything.
I need to get to the Lab right away.

Aoto rushed towards the lab, hoping to make it in time to help Yozuki.

Fortunately, since he was hurrying he easily got ahead of them. Also clearly this Yozuki person was pretty strong, given who replaced them in the Field.

Now I have to predict where the attackers will be coming from.
Oh. There they are.
So you skipped class with Otto today?
Yes. It was pretty fun. I should have tried to do it more often.
I wouldn't recommend that, since you might get a bad reputation.
I know. But it's not like I can do it anymore anyway.
I should've taught her more ways to have fun.
...Are you lonely?
I don't know. Yozuki, will you miss me?
I think I'll miss not having to do any of my daily routines.
Like cleaning my room?
Examining it for microphones or other foreign objects.
While Masakado and I are at school, you have to do that every morning?
Thanks to that, I've always enjoyed a clean room. I'm very grateful.

Let's cease with the sentimental chatter. Tomorrow is a very decisive day for you.

And that’s about where they got attacked.

Who's there!?
???: Hmhmhm. Nice to meet you, Tyria.
You know who I am!?
...Tell me, who you are.
???: My codename is Spring Breeze. I am the one who will thwart Tyria's ambition of becoming the tower. Is that enough?
An Anti-AAA cell! Tyria, get behind me.
Spring Breeze: Are you sure? Your back is exposed to Summer Gale, my partner.
Summer Gale: Hmph. You're screwed, guardswoman.
Damn. I can't believe this!

Spring Breeze: Hand Tyria over to us...
And we may spare your life.
...Unfortunately, I'm her bodyguard. I'm trained not to give my client over to my enemy while I still draw breath.
Summer Gale: How will you handle this?
Yozuki, please. Don't do anything reckless.
I won't. I'm stronger than you realize.

Aoto began to realize why it had been such a problem.

(Calm down... Wait for an opening...)
Spring Breeze: Seems like you're gonna make this kidnapping difficult.
Summer Gale: Yeah. This woman seems pretty strong.
Give up on your stupid plan and flee. I won't give chase. I have no time to waste on you.
Summer Gale: If we can't abduct her, then we need to hurt her enough so she won't be able to sing tomorrow.
Spring Breeze: Just know that not everyone likes this idea. Sorry, but I'm going to bruise your beautiful skin.
I won't let you!
Summer Gale: We'll do it anyway. Take this...

Aoto burst from his hiding place to outflank the attacking Hyumas.

Summer Gale: What!?
Spring Breeze: Otto Masakado? You!?
Now! Tyaaah!
Spring Breeze: Grk!
You won't die from the dull side of my blade, but it'll break a few bones.
Spring Breeze: Urgh... Why...?
Hey Tyria! Are you hurt?
...I'm fine.
Good. I'm glad.
Summer Gale: Let me go! Let go of me, Otto Masakado!
No chance. You tried to hurt Tyria. I'll send you to the Lab's prison until everything's done tomorrow.
Summer Gale: Grrr... Why, you...
You should've been with those girls right now...

It seemed there was more to what was going on than Aoto realized.

Masakado, what're these Hyumas talking about?
Oh, they hate us a whole lot.
Otto, why are you here?
Because protecting Tyria is my duty, too.
Yozuki, I knew you'd be fine by yourself, but I was still worried.
I see. Your decision turned out to be the right one.
I wouldn't have been able to protect her properly all by myself.
I think you would've managed.
(She selflessly threw her own body in the way to defend Tyria, leaving her without a scratch. It's amazing.)
Anyway, let's take these Hyumas to the Lab.
Sure. Tyria, can you stand?
I...can. Let's go.

At the lab Tyria split off from the rest of them to head to the Sonic Room.

Summer Gale: Yeah, let us out right now!
Don't worry, we will. After she becomes the Tower.
Spring Breeze: Gah! I can't believe this. Why were you there!?
About that, I have a question. Yozuki, can I talk to these two for a minute?
...For an interrogation?
I just have a few questions.
...Fine. But, please don't take justice into your own hands. I will remain here, just in case.
Is that fine?
I don't mind. Now, then...
Spring Breeze: Wh-what're you doing, you perv!?
Summer Gale: You beast! Just die!
...Don't take this the wrong way. I'm not going to interrogate you two.
Summer Gale: Then what do you plan to do to us, you filthy mongrel!?
You'd call someone who's done nothing wrong a mongrel? Just tell me one thing...

He got right to the point.

Spring Breeze:
Summer Gale:
What do you mean? If I recall correctly, they are your classmates.
They're in on this conspiracy, right? When I showed up while you were attacking them, you panicked.
Spring Breeze:
Right. I thought they'd keep you away until it was over.
What'd you do to Sake? You promised to go home together, didn't you?
I made up a story about the Lab calling me in, since my first priority is to protect Tyria.
Spring Breeze: Tsk…
...Otto, I leave them to you. I'll tell the managers about those girls and arrest them.
Summer Gale: We won't forgive you if you hurt them!
You're the ones who tried to hurt Tyria. These are the consequences of your actions.
It's your own fault. Give up.
Summer Gale: Please don't! Stay away from those girls!

Aoto, for his part, wanted to let them go as well.

What? They aided these attackers.
I know, but they're still our friends.
I believe that they didn't intend to harm Tyria. So, please forget about their involvement.
Spring Breeze: Otto Masakado... Why...?

If you keep me from performing my duty, I won't tolerate your selfishness.
Fine. Let me put it differently. Leave them alone, for Tyria's sake.
They are her friends, too. If she learns that they betrayed her, how hurt do you think she'll be then?
Tomorrow's the ritual. What'll happen if she finds out? She might fail.

Then, what do you wish me to do? Leave them be?
If you let those Anti-AAA assailants live free, won't you regret it?
If it helps Tyria become the tower, I think it's better to let it go.
Besides, after tomorrow, there won't even be an Anti-AAA.
It all ends when Tyria becomes the Tower.
Then, afterwards...
They'll probably move on with their lives.

It probably was best for everyone.

But I can't stand the fact that Tyria will become the tower without knowing that her friends lied to her.
...Don't you believe that sometimes, ignorance is bliss?

I see. As you suggested, let us keep this between us.
Thanks, Yozuki.
No thanks are necessary. Excuse me.
Whew. She finally got it.
Spring Breeze: ...Did you just protect Sake and Finelle?
They're our friends.
Summer Gale: Hmm. If Tyria gets sad, she might not become the Tower. Is that the only reason behind your actions?
...You don't know anything about Tyria.
Even if you told her that Sake and Finelle are Anti-AAA agents, it wouldn't prevent her from becoming the Tower.
Summer Gale: How can you be so sure?
...What's important to her is Chairman Kurogane. Nothing more, nothing less.
Whatever happens to anyone else, though she may be sad or shocked, won't prevent her from becoming the Tower.
Summer Gale:
If you don't believe me, I'll bring Tyria here.
Tell her about Sake and Finelle. I know what'll happen, though I don't care to see it.
Summer Gale: Then you convinced your friend to leave them alone...for their own sakes?
It's up to you to choose what you want to believe. I'm leaving.
Spring Breeze:

The Vice Chairman was quite impressed by his work.

Oh, Vice Chairman...
I can't believe you fended off those Anti-AAA attacks...
It was only because I managed to surprise them. It's not worth praising me over.
But you protected Tyria. That alone is commendable.
Chairman Kurogane is delighted by the news. Otto, you've outdone yourself!
Hahaha. The Chairman...
(Then why would he kill himself...?)
Tyria, what's up? Don't you have to go to the Sonic Room?
It's all done. Tomorrow is the ritual. Kurogane told me to get a good night's rest.
Okay. Allow me to escort you home.
Thank you, Masakado.
See you both tomorrow.
Yes. Excuse us, sir.

They returned to Tyria’s home.

Aoto was more jumpy than Tyria was.

Masakado, aren't you being a little paranoid?
What're you talking about? You were just attacked. You've got to stay alert.
I'm not worried. I know you'll protect me, no matter what.
Please don't overestimate my abilities. We just got lucky before.
(I can't tell her that I could protect her because I knew that was going to happen.)
Thank you, really. I think I definitely can become the Tower tomorrow.
Oh yeah? I'm happy for you, Tyria.

This meant that this time, she didn’t just kick him out.

Tomorrow's the last day... I feel a little sad when I think about it.
Don't worry, you'll be fine without me. You have Hyumas at your house and both Sake and Finelle are here for you.
...Sake and Finelle, huh?
Don't you call her Zeta anymore?
She seemed so happy when you called her by her name. "Yay! Masakado said my name!"

Oh, by the way, there's something I want to ask you to do.
Can you let me come into the Sonic Room with you tomorrow?
Until the very moment you become the Tower, I'm still on duty.
So, I want to remain by your side, up until the very last moment. I promise I won't disturb you. Please!

I don't mind. Just promise that you'll keep your mouth shut during the ritual.
If you can do that, then I'll allow you to accompany me.
Really? Will the Chairman approve?

She continued to be better at getting Aoto’s plan together than he was.

Thank you. Now everything's settled.
Oh, I mean, I can complete my duty.
I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Try to go to bed early tonight.
You, too.

And so the final day came once more.

(I feel so good this morning.)
(Is it because Kurogane's suicide'll be prevented, and I'm more certain that Tyria is gonna become the Tower?)
(Or is it because Tyria didn't receive the phone call from Kurogane that she got the first time around?)

Everything was going the same way so far.

(It's the same as the previous cycle. The same hallway. And I'm running into the Sonic Room.)
(But something's different...)
Alright, come on in, Masakado.

Aoto had at least gotten into the Sonic Room ahead of Kurogane.

That's a good analogy. Watch your step. If you misstep you won't feel any pain, but you'll die in a flash.
I'm not that stupid. Anyway...
Do you have to look around so much? Is this room really that strange to you?
I was thinking that someone might be hiding somewhere.
There's nothing in here for people to hide behind.
Y-yeah, I guess not.
(Kurogane isn't here yet...)
I'll close the door.
Yes, please.
And one more thing... The lock. Is this it?
(Alright, now it won't open. We should be fine.)

Wh-what's wrong?
...I didn't get to eat fried bread for my last meal.
Fried bread!?
(I remember she said something like that last time.)

Once again Tyria was thwarted from having fried bread.


(I feel bad for her...)
It's time. I have to start singing.
Whew, finally...

Vice Chairman, can you hear me? Is Kurogane there?
No, I haven't seen him today.
...It's time. I'm sorry, but we have to start the process.
Good luck.
...Thank you.
Masakado, listen to my Song so that you can tell him about it later.
Uh, okay…

Tyria began singing just as she had the first time.

(That means the other event is starting soon also.)
Kurogane: What is this...!? Why won't it open!?
...You're wasting your time, Chairman.
Kurogane: That's Otto. Excuse me, but could you please open the door from the inside?

Kurogane: What's your problem, Otto!? Open it, now!
I'm sorry, but I can't do that, Chairman.
Kurogane: What!? That's an order! Open this door right now!
I said I can't. Chairman, you're gonna kill yourself, aren't you?
Kurogane: !? How did you know...?
I'm Tyria's bodyguard. I can't let anyone who intends to thwart her dream enter this room.
Even if it is the Chairman of this laboratory...
Kurogane: You son of a bitch!
(Hit it as hard as you want. The wall is thick, and Tyria will never hear it.)
(This is my second time around. I know what's going to happen.)
(I don't know why Kurogane wants to commit suicide. I don't even want to know.)
(I'll just stop anyone who gets in Tyria's way.)
...Tyria is becoming the Tower. Her dream is finally coming true.
Kurogane: Kgh...this can't be happening...
Kurogane, this is my victory.

Not the sort of thing you should say to a guy like that. Also even though she idolizes him clearly part of Tyria understands how terrible Kurogane was to portray him this way.

Kurogane: No...there's been a change of plan.
Kurogane: I'll entrust all of my hopes on your importance to Tyria.
Whattaya mean? Kurogane, what are you doing...?
Ahh... No...!
(The bullet went through the door to the Sonic Room? What kind of hellish gun does he have!? Shit!)
Kurogane: I hope she loved you as much as she loved me.
Urgh...this isn't good.
(...Tyria is looking at me.)
(What's with that look? She looks like she's panicking? That's so out of character...)
(At this rate, I'm gonna go down the same path as my first time around...)
(Well, I'm still at peace, though...)
(...Because...this proves she cares that much about me.)
(I don't know if I should be happy or sad about that...)

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, in the end his injury didn’t stop Tyria becoming the Tower.

(What was that flash? What happened to Tyria...?)
Mr. Otto! Are you okay?
Vice's Tyria?
She succeeded! It was magnificent! She became the Tower!
She finally became the Tower? Ugh...grr!
Don't move! I'm dispatching an emergency medical team for you.
...It worked? She was successful?
(I'm glad her dream came true.)
(I got shot and almost died, but that incident wasn't enough to thwart her transformation.)
(This is fine. My primary goal wasn't to become an important person to her.)
(I wanted to help her fulfill her ambitions.)
(And I accomplished that. I should celebrate. This was a great success, right?)
Oh, no...what's wrong? My sight is getting darker and darker...
Urgh...what now...?

It turned out his kindness earlier paid dividends.

Oh, you're...
Summer Gale: You are terribly injured! Pull yourself together!
What are you doing here? Run away.
Spring Breeze: We can't do that! We owe you a lot.
Don't worry about that...
Summer Gale: Shut up! I wish I didn't have to do this!
But...I can't let you die after you let Saki and Finnel survive.
Spring Breeze: Plus, you're an important person to them.
Summer Gale: Anyway, I'll carry you to the medical room! Hang in there!

Spring Breeze: Huh?

Aoto didn’t even know why he knew he needed to get to the Bulkhead that led to the Binary Field, he just knew he did.

Summer Gale: What are you gonna do over there!? You do know that you've got a huge hole in your stomach, right!?
I know, but...grh!
(...Why the bulkhead?)
(But, I know I need to go there... Someone told me to go there...)
Please...take me to the bulkhead...
Spring Breeze: ...Alright...Okay.
Summer Gale: But if we take a detour right now, Otto Masakado will...
Spring Breeze: ...It's only a matter of time, anyway. His injury is do know that, right?
Summer Gale:
Spring Breeze: Alright, let's go.
The Hyuma, Spring Breeze, has been unlocked. The Hyuma, Summer Gale, has been unlocked.

His former enemies carried him to his destination.

Summer Gale: Otto Masakado, are you alright? Are you still alive?
...Yeah, thanks.
I can handle the rest... You guys better run away.
Spring Breeze: ...Have we repaid you?
...Yeah, that's enough. Please go back to Saki and Finnel.
Summer Gale: ...Alright. Goodbye.
Spring Breeze: ...I wish you good luck.
Once I enter this...
(I have to return to the Binary Field!)
*huff* *huff* Grr...

Aoto was surrounded by light.

Aoto...Aoto, wake up.

Aoto once again found himself in the raw Binary Field.

Ah, my memory's been restored to how it was before I Dived.
How was it? Are you surprised? I can't believe you avoided the lockup bug.
...! Oh yeah, this time, we didn't get that static screen. Did I succeed somehow?
Incredible... This was programmed to follow my memory patterns. ...Why?
I don't know...because it was my second time around, and I knew what was gonna happen, I did whatever I wanted to do.
…I see.
...Aoto, to show you my appreciation for avoiding the critical bug, I'll tell you what the bug was.
...What!? Did you know about it!?
I just managed to remember what it was, but only because you avoided it.
That static because of the event file that I threatened the programmers into tossing out.
So, you discarded part of your memory?
I didn't want to keep the bad memories. So, I discarded them.
…I see.
(Yeah, the memories of that event must've been really hard to remember...)
But because you avoided that traumatic event, I was able to move on farther.

Something much more important had also been accomplished.

...!? Are you serious!?
...Uh-huh. Thank you, Aoto.
Whoa! A Hyuma!?
Excellent: Congratulations!
Although, I never thought you could change history in the Binary Field! That was amazing!
...Who the heck are you?
Excellent: Oh, I'm, uh...a so called bonus character.
I was unlocked because you managed to get to the alternate denouement. Pleased to meet you.
The Hyuma, Excellent, has been unlocked!
Excellent: That's it! See you later!
What a hectic person.
...Yeah. She ruined our sweet mood.
...Nothing. Anyway, I managed to remember my long lost Song.
Let's go back to the real world and resume the Planet Regeneration Project.
Alright, see you in reality. Ciao.

They returned to the real world and gave everyone the good news.

Yep. Tyria remembered the rest of the Song!
It’s all thanks to you.
Next we’ll reboot Harvestasha in Clustania.
As I said, that Clustanian module’s so messed up. She needs a complete system restore to function.
It’s tiring, but let’s go to Ku and fix her.

Tyria did want to talk to Aoto about the Dive they’d just done, though.

I can’t believe it was so easy to remember the rest of the lyrics.
I’m glad I let you Dive into me, Aoto.
I wouldn’t call it easy, though.
First of all, I died in your world…
I know, but thanks to that, I remembered the Song.
I can never thank you enough. Thank you, Aoto.
Hey, that’s too much…
…I feel like you’ll reach a different ending if you Dive into me again.
Will you?
Hmm…I dunno. I feel like I’ll fail again.
I really do believe that you’ll get to anther denouement.
I’m not saying you have to do it right now, but do it whenever you feel like it.

I don’t know if it was her confidence in him or his stubbornness that drove him to try again before they left for Ku. He did, though, and that was when everything really changed. It’s way past your bedtimes now, though, so that’ll have to wait for next time.