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Part 55: Tyria's Binary Field, Part 3a

Aoto returned to the Binary Field, this time trying to think of some way to get a better conclusion than he had last time.

Video Record- “Tyria 3a”


He was back where he was at the start last time.

Last time, I managed to avoid the bug, but I died at the end...
That's not my type of ending. A happy ending is only possible if the main character survives!
Okay. This time, I'll get the good ending where I'm alive.
So, what should I do this time?

He decided to start out the same way he did last time, even though it didn’t seem to really help then.

Feinne on Qoga: Choice 1
Okay, so our first step here is to Visit Tyria. The thought process on this, I think, is that you’re concerned enough to go do something dumb and check up on her even though it won’t help out. You could also suppose doing something that dumb helps reinforce to Tyria that Aoto is out of it.

Yeah, let's go to Tyria's house!
I'll tell her everything. I think that's the best thing to do!

Going to Tyria’s place dressed as Aoto went about as well as last time.

Hey, Tyria, listen. There's something really important that we have to talk about.
(...But, what should I say?)
(The only thing I can tell her is that Kurogane is gonna commit suicide...)
(Besides, I don't think she'll believe me if I tell her that.)

Masakado. ...Oh, that's my name, right? What's up?
...Why are you wearing that weird costume?
Huh? Ah!
Well, I better go home for now.

And the Hyumas mocked him about the same as before.

Pocco: Masakado, where did you go off to so early?
Oh, you're...Pocco, right?
Pocco: Bff!? Hahahahahaha!
Pudding: Pocco, don't laugh so loud this early in the morning. The neighbors will complain...

Wh-what happened, Pudding?
Pudding: ...What's going on?
Mimi: M-Masakado, you...didn't go out in that costume...did you?
Costume? Well, you may think it's a costume, but I wore this as my normal clothes up until a while ago.
Pudding: I can't believe anyone would walk around in that costume.
Mimi: None of our neighbors have seen you, right? If they catch you, it'll spread all over town by the end of the day.
Pocco: Ngh...well, on top of that...this is hilarious! Aoto, you're such a hoot! ...You're killing me here!
Hey, you guys, stop it!
For me, this is a normal outfit! Don't you think it's a little rude to make fun of it?
Pudding: A normal outfit!? Do you seriously think you can pass that off as normal?
Yep. In reality...uh, somewhere other than this world, this was my personal attire.
Mimi: ...He started talking about his "I'm an alien" theory.
Pocco: Did he hit his head on something, or was he brainwashed by some cult?
You little punks!

This included sending the pictures of his ridiculous outfit to Tyria for posterity. That was such a good trick to leave him dressed like that, I’m embarrassed I never thought of it.

Pudding: I took a photo of your silly costume and sent it to Tyria.
I'm gonna let Tyria judge whether it's hip to wear that outfit, assuming that it is your regular attire.
That's a horrible thing to do!
Pudding: Oh, I already received her reply. Hmm, what did she say?
"Before you text me, go wash your face and make sure you're fully awake."

Mimi: Oh...Masakado, what are you gonna do now?
...I'm gonna go wash my face, ma'am.

He headed out to meet up with Tyria, still on the path he’d started on last time.

The conversation started off the same.

..Huh, me? Why?
I can't believe you're talking half asleep.
(*sigh* She really thinks I'm half asleep.)
(Well, I mean, why was I running around town this morning wearing heavy armor?)
(Am I really mentally tired...?)
Well, I can sometimes handle things while being half asleep, but I admit that today I may have crossed the line.
But I'm fine now. I'll protect you, Tyria. Don't worry.
Let me ask you this: what are you protecting me from?
From those Anti-AAA people. Uh, though, I already know when you're going to be attacked.
...What does that mean?
(Damn it, I shouldn't say stuff like that or she'll think I'm a weirdo. I gotta find a way out of this.)
Actually, I had a dream in which you were attacked.
A dream?
Yeah, a dream. I remember when you were supposed to be attacked. So don't be scared!

Masakado, are you really okay? Do you have a fever or something?
No, of course not. I'm totally fine!

A smarter person would have more quickly noticed the concern in these questions was not entirely for herself.

Don't be scared. you not trust me?
I try not to trust you too much.
Otherwise, when you are defeated, I won't be able to remain calm and defend myself.
Urgh, you could trust me a little...
I do trust you. I'm just trying not to trust you too much. That is all.
Don't be hurt by that. Fight!
It kind of makes me feel uncomfortable when the person I'm trying to protect is trying to cheer me up...
When you aren't in a good condition, you don't need to try so hard to protect me.
Even if your client isn't attacked very frequently, being a bodyguard is tiring enough as it is.
Well, I do get exhausted to some degree.
Then you should take a rest.

Since Jack and that other one are still hanging around like leeches for some reason I’ve been having them help me compile these, his exact words for Aoto’s choice in the prior attempt were ‘rookie mistake’.

Feinne on Qoga: Choice 2
Okay so on the face of it you’d think we should say that of course we’re not going to bag out on her, we’re her friend. The problem with that answer is that at that point we’ve defined our relationship instead of allowing Tyria to do so. We have literally told her that we’re friends and she agrees that we’re friends, and there is no way to end this in an alternative fashion where we’re still friends.

(...Last time, Tyria suceeded in becoming the Tower.)
(However, becoming the Tower means she has to renunciate her previous lifestyle.)
(Of course, she should've known that for a long time, but she still strives for her dream of becoming the Tower.)
(She looked happy when we went out.)
(But because I got shot at the end, she had that other expression on her face.)
(She can make her dream come true, but the outcome, like last time, is an absolutely no-no.)
My job is to protect Tyria.
(Anyway, I hafta pull myself together. I may've found out how to make her the Tower, but I can't put my guard down.)
(This is a serious mission. I really need to be cautious about every detail.)
I always did my job well. I have to complete this major task, just like before.
...Of course. When you're given a task, you have to perform it well.
But, when are you going to stop calling me Tyria? We're almost at the school.
...I know, Ria. We're keeping this just between us at school.

This time for the sake of narrative flow it actually included the section with Sake and Finelle.

And whose fault is that? I don't know if I can overlook this. I should tell Kurogane and let him punish you.
I'm gonna get yelled at anyway. Wait, he's gonna do even worse to me...
Do you expect me to keep this a secret? You know that I'm obligated to tell him about this, right?
C'mon! I'll treat you to a really nice restaurant the next time we go to the lab together.
Actually, I despise tattletales. Alright, we'll keep this just between us.
Thanks! You're the best.

This section went basically the same, it just left some of the explanations out.

I already told you, Zeta, we're not like that.
Don't call me Zeta! My name is Finelle!
But your middle name starts with a Z.
I know that, but I don't like it. It doesn't sound cute...
But it's such a cool name...
Filly, don't start the school day arguing with friends.
Oh, Sake's here with you?
Good morning, Masakado, Ria.
You're supposed to say good before you say morning.
Since we're all friends, I thought we could be more casual.
That's a great idea! And, it'll encourage us to have a lot more fun together.
It's rare that I agree with you, Zeta.
I said, don't call me that!
Mmmm... I hate this uncute nickname...

Even in the Binary Field, even after several runs, Aoto continued to spout the same cheesy line.

...Eh? Well, could I interpret that as you saying I look cute...?
I wouldn't say you could be Ms. Universe, but I still think your looks are above average.
Well, how about Sake's looks?
About the same level? At least, you guys are certainly better-looking than most girls.

Huh? What's wrong?
Womanizer. Pervert.
I am not...
That's right, he isn't. Cuz Masakado is all lovey dovey with Ria.
Yeah, they always come to school together, holding hands. It's enough to make a girl jealous...
I've told you a million times, we're not like that.
We're just childhood buddies, nothing more, nothing less.
(That's actually a lie, but...)

The best part about the ways Tyria messes with Aoto is that she’s doing it by being nice.

N-no, I'm not! My house is on the other side of school from his...
I'm kinda jealous, Ria. You practically live right next door to him.
That's not really something you should be jealous about...
That just means you're really popular... *whistle* Don Juan! Casanova! Pervert.
N-no, that's not what I meant! What I said was...
Oh, the chime is going to ring soon!
Filly, we have to go, or we'll be late!
...Oh yeah! Alright, see you guys later!
We're in the same class. Why are they in such a big hurry?
Masakado, it's not cool to play innocent. You should be able to tell from their attitudes.

I can't afford to think about that right now.
Is that because you're overwhelmed with your bodyguard job?
Don't say it like that. It was my decision to become your bodyguard.
I want to finish what I've started all by myself. But to do that, I don't have time for girls.
Will you be as celibate as a monk until I become the Tower?
I never thought about it like that...
Anyhow, we hafta go to the classroom. We're supposed to be students. We hafta get there before the chime goes off.

Aoto excused himself from class again, he had things to do.

(Up until now, it's been exactly the same as last time.)
(I talked to Sake and Finelle at the front gate. I have no idea what the teacher is saying...)
(At least that F-Student redemption printout wasn't that hard. I still remembered all the answers!)
(Alright...I'm gonna play hooky.)
Ria, I don't feel like I'm at my best yet. Sorry, but I'm gonna skip the afternoon classes.
...Aren't you going to get in trouble?
I'll be fine. But, please don't leave the classroom while I'm gone.
...Okay. Go, while the teacher's still looking away at the blackboard.
Alright, what should I do to kill time until class is over…?

Now that he knew that Yozuki should be at Tyria’s place about now, he was able to do something he couldn’t before.

Feinne on Qoga: The Tricky Part
Okay, here’s the really tricky part. In Seasons 1 or 2 if we went to Tyria’s Home right now we’d just get kicked out of the Binary Field by Mimi for being horrible perverts because we’d not experienced the scene that gave us any legitimate reason to come here. Now, though, we know Yozuki will be here searching her room for bugs and cleaning the place up. So our next step, the extra thing we have to do, is to warn Yozuki about the attack coming in the future.

He went to Yozuki to inform her of when his ‘sources’ were suggesting Tyria would be attacked.

Otto, what're you doing?
(She is here...just like the second time around.)
Otto, didn't you go to school? Did something happen to Tyria...?
She's fine. More importantly, there's something I have to tell you.
Anti-AAA people are after Tyria. They're planning to abduct her.
I know. That's why we assigned you to be her guardian.
That's not what I mean! They're going to kidnap her. I got an anonymous tip, but it's a trustworthy enough account.
...What are the specifics of their plot?
They'll attack Tyria the day before X-Day, when she becomes the tower.
The location?
I don't know, but I'll be sure to inform you as soon as I do.
No need. As long as I know the day, I'll ask the Lab's security department to stay on high alert.
No, don't!
Why not?
We can't rule out the possibility that they may have a spy among the staff.
I doubt that.
Listen. They don't know I'm aware of this plan.
Besides, two Hyumas will lead the assault.
If we know what's going to happen beforehand, we can sufficiently anticipate it, right?
If we make a big fuss, Tyria might get scared. We have to avoid that.

Yozuki agreed to Aoto’s plan, though she wanted to help a bit more than he’d originally intended.

Thanks for understanding.
Otto, I know you work hard and you're passionate about protecting Tyria. I can't refuse your requests about her.
Yet, you may want to stay alert, yourself. Especially if you're getting anonymous contacts.
Take this Hyuma with you.
Solar Moon: Howdy!
This is Yozuki's Hyuma, right?
She's yours until the assault. Please work together.
Solar Moon: It's nice to work with you for a spell, Masakado!
Yeah. I'm counting on you.
The Hyuma, Solar Moon, has been unlocked.

With that done, he once again sought the advice of the master of alternate dimensions, Tatsumina no Mikoto Kokona.

This is pretty much all repeats from here on out but you lose the narrative flow if I just skip over it.

Nam: Hey, you over there.
Who are you, young man?
Alright, it's the same linear storyline as last time.
Nam: ...Huh? What are you mumbling about?
I'll tell you the specifics later, so please call Kokona.
How did you know my name was Tatsumina no Mikoto Kokona!?
Of course I knew that. Although...I don't think you know me yet.
Nam: ...Fellow, what are you saying? You definitely carry an otherworldly air about you. You are quite peculiar.
Yeah, that's right. I'm from another world! And that's why I came here.
I heard there was a shaman who's familiar with other worlds at this shrine.
Who told you about that?
You guys. ...How should I explain this?
Oh, yeah! This should be the best way to show you.
Actually, I came from the future. Explain to me what that means!
...He's totally on drugs.
Well, that is the natural conclusion.

He could have both been from the future and been on drugs.

And monetary donations are credit card, right?
How do you know the secret custom passed down from generation to generation at this shrine?
...I see. So, Masakado, you have all the memories of the period of time leading up to when Tyria became the Tower.
Yep, so doesn’t that mean that I’m from the future?
Nam: I would reckon the statement, "I came from the future," isn't quite accurate.
Yet, now that you've proven to us that you know the secrets of our shrine, your story is worth listening to.
Then, what the heck happened to me? What brought me here?
Hmm...I don't know the reason...
But you're such a lucky man.
I'm lucky!? Why is that?
Nam: You know what's going to happen in the near future, for a while at least.
And if there's something that you don't want to happen, you can prevent it, all by yourself.
...Well, that is true.
Nam: See? You are a lucky man.
...What I wanted to know was, why did I come back to the past.
Nam: The door or hole to another world suddenly opened, you fell inside it by mistake, and ended up here in the past.
Knowing the reason why wouldn't put food on the table, so you should just rejoice in your opportunity.
She's right. What matters is now that you're in this situation, you know what you can do this time, don't you think?
...Well, I guess you're right.

Taking to heart that he shouldn’t do things the same way he did last time would come in handy eventually here.

Nam: If you live a normal life, there's no way to return to the past unless you've got a car with gull wings.
The same phenomenon, which goes against the laws of physics, may happen again...
Uh, in your mind, of course.
...So, you're telling me that if I only do the exact same things I did before, my brain will be restored?
Nam: Exactly. But things don't always happen as you expect them to. Keep that in mind.
...Well, I'll make the choices that I think are the best for each situation. I can't do things any other way.
Nam: That's probably the best attitude. No matter how complicated you think things are, human abilities are quite limited.
As we said before, this is a great opportunity, so you should be happy.
You can avoid bad events, escape the stuff you don't wanna do, and use that time for something else.
You could even win the lottery or bet on some horse races. Alright, it's time to make a donation! Lavish us!
(Is she saying this is an investment?)

His card was rejected again, just like the prior times.

Feinne on Qoga: Choice 3
I have no idea if this choice matters but the guides I’ve used all said to do it so you should do it.

It says, "Credit card expired."
Nam: That means, your condition hasn't been met yet.
Then you can't go to another world. Too bad, Masakado.
Well, I never said I wanted to go to another world.
Anyway, if I need your help again, I'll just come back.
Okie dokie. Buh bye!

Aoto headed downtown as he had every other time.

Lunch was of course still foremost on his mind.

Let’s grab some lunch and go back.
Alright, I got me some lunch!
Now I should…

When you know someone’s going to be hungry later you’d have to be even lower-down in the dirt than Aoto not to buy her something.

Feinne on Qoga: Choice 4
An obvious one, while we’re not going to clarify our relationship with Tyria we still need to do nice things for her.

Hmm, Tyria said something about dessert last time…
Maybe I should buy something for her.

And just like last time he returned to school with additional delicious cake.

This section then could proceed how it had last time.

...That was quite a while. Did you refresh your mind?
Uh...I don't know about that. Sorry for making you worry.
Have you had lunch?
No, not yet, but I bought something to eat.
Then, why don't we go out to the yard? It's such a nice day that I think it'll be really pleasant.
Sure, let's go.

They went outside to have lunch, and Aoto was called to the office.

Nothing in particular. Although...
Otto Masakado, report to the faculty office immediately. Again, Otto Masakado...
...That was a weird announcement to have during lunch. Maybe the teachers found out you played hooky.
I didn't know this school was so strict about ditching classes.
I don't know. I've never ditched a class before.
Neither have I...until today.
So, what are you going to do? You have to go to the faculty office, or they may spank you on the butt with a giant triangle.
Oh, I forgot this is in the past. That's worse than a punch in the face...but for now, I'd rather eat my lunch with Ria.
I think you should really go. If I go back to the classroom to finish lunch, it shouldn't be a problem, right?
It's nothing to worry about. Besides, you've been in the classroom all day. The fresh air is good for you.
I can't believe this is the same person who left me all alone until the afternoon...
I know I told you to skip the morning class, but I didn't think you would skip all of the morning classes.
That's why I'm trying to make it up to you now, ya know?
I thought the classroom would be safe, but now that I think about it, that was a little dangerous.

They talked about how terribly unsafe the thing Aoto knew was safe from experience had been.

...That's right. I'm sorry. From now on, I'll try to be with you as much as possible.
I hope so. It's very nerve-wracking to be without a reliable bodyguard.
Haha, thank you. That's sweet, even if it was only rhetoric.
I don't use such devices. For instance, I'll never call you a dreamboat or anything like that.
Please don't add any more unnecessary information...
But, do you really think I'm reliable?
At least it's all thanks to you that I can commute to school everyday.
You were acting weird this morning, but I'm glad you've settled back to normal.
Then, I won't fail to meet your expectations.
Great. I'm expecting a lot from you. ...Ah!
What is it?
...I forgot to bring a dessert. Can you do something about it?
I can’t actually take care of your stomach…

And then Aoto supplied delicious cake, surprising Tyria with his consideration.

Is that...a cake?
Yeah, I bought it when I got my lunch at the shop.
...You knew that I would want dessert?
You know, I'm actually a prophet.
I don't think you're in good shape yet. Do you want to skip the afternoon classes, too?
I'm just joking. Here, eat the cake.
(...She didn't believe me. Uhhh...this sucks...)

By the way idle hands actually do the devil’s work, back when I had nothing but time I wasn’t up to anything good.

...Alright, sorry.
Okay, everyone. See you tomorrow.
You've got a homework assignment? Too bad.
I think I should be thankful that my punishment was so lenient.
That's because you skipped class. Na na na na nah na you're a hooky boy.
Urgh, I can barely resist the urge to argue back.
Anyway, do you have any plans? If you don't, then...
Oh, yeah. We should go now.
Masakado, Ria, are you guys going home now?
We have some part-time jobs to do.
Idle hands do the devil's work. Sake, do you have a job?
...No, I don't.
Well, we're high school students. You don't have to work if you don't need to. We just work for money and fun.
Hey, what are you guys talking about? Let me join the conversation.
Idle hands do the devil's work. Finelle, do you have a job?
My family runs a meal set bistro, so I help out. But I don't get paid for it, though.
I feel sorry for you, Zeta.
Don’t call me Zeta!

I mean even if you hate a nickname that someone cared enough to give it to you should probably make you happy. I guess.

Hmm, I would say it's so-so.
You're a liar. I know you get paid pretty well.
Wow, so they do pay a lot...
It depends on which department you work for.
Oh, we have to go. See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow. Ciao.
Good luck with your part-time job!
Bye bye.
Alright, we've gotta go to the lab!
Don't stop for ice cream on the way.
I know.

That’ll be good for now. This is a long story, and there is still so much to go. This time most of the story was the same, but next time we’ll see how Aoto’s choices and the new things he’s learned began to lead him to a very different outcome.