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Part 61: General Akane's Day Off

While searching for a specialty item Aoto needed to improve his ridiculous drill thing they ran into Richa.

Video Record- “Richa’s Gift”


Richa, you look great.
Well, it's all thanks to you.
Oh, yeah? ...I'm glad, to hear that.
...Well, I would like to take you somewhere. Do you have a minute or two?
Go with her, Doctor! We'll just be relaxing at the Inn!
Yeah. You guys haven't gone out on a date in a long time.
A date...! Well, that wasn't quite a date, was it?
That's even more reason for you to go on a first real date.
He's right! Please go with her!
Don't worry about us. Go have fun.
...Alright, let's go.

They did not exactly go somewhere inherently romantic. Then again what Richa wanted to talk about wasn’t exactly what the Doctor expected anyway.

...Before answering your question, will you please pay attention to my story?
I haven't given you a proper apology yet. I wanted to tell you the whole truth in person.
...I used to belong to the Clustanian Army. One day, I was sent to spy on Archia with a group of agents.
Our objective was to steal the SH Server from Archia. Their security system was tighter than I thought.
My squad was annihilated. I found myself wandering in the Tower of Origin.
What I saw there was...another Harvestasha that was up and running.
You ended up in such a dangerous place. You're lucky to have survived.
They caught me, of course, and I was almost erased to keep their secret. That was when Raphael rescued me.
Because I was a "Z," a Reyvateil who could sing the Song for humanity's evolution...
He let me survive, under the condition that I would never reveal any of Archia's confidential information.
If I betrayed them, he would separate my soul from my body using the SH Server. I was I obeyed him. couldn't tell me the truth. You held it all to yourself...
...I'm sorry! I caused you all a lot of trouble for my own selfish reasons!
...That must have been really hard. I'm sorry. I wasn't aware of your fear, or your dilemma.
...Doctor, you still hate Archia?

It turns out when you kill someone’s only remaining family member for the sake of research that’s not easy to forgive. On the other hand, that made what Richa had to offer much more meaningful.

...You really loved your sister.
She was my only family member...
...Do you still want to see her?
If you could, would you like to talk to her in person?
...Richa, what are you saying?
Her Cosmosphere is still alive. If you use the Think Tank's facilities, you can go in there.
It doesn't mean that she's still alive or can ever revive...
And...if you do contact her, her cosmosphere will run out of remaining energy and she'll be lost for good.
...I know this won't make up for everything I've done to you...
But...I still want to do something for you! You're the only person in the world who has ever made me happy.
...Thank you, Richa. Let me see my sister.

Gojo entered the SH Server.

Aisha: ...Brother.
Aisha: Brother! I'm glad...I got to see you again...
...Sorry...I can't...think of anything to say. I must be the worst big brother. I've always wanted to see you...
Aisha: I missed you, too.
What were you doing? Did you get hurt?
Aisha: No, not at all.
My Cosmosphere was being used by the Archia Think Tank's researchers to evolve.
It's been a lot of trouble,'s almost over now.
...Oh, I'm glad to hear that...
Aisha: But, I missed you so much. I was pretty lonely.
...But we got to meet again. I'll come back here more often from now on. Then, you won't be lonely anymore, right?

His sister knew that wasn’t true, though.

Aisha: I worked hard up until now. I don't have much energy left. That's why you came to say goodbye to me, isn't it?
Ever since I lost you...I went through hell. It was painful...I almost went crazy. I could never endure that again.
Aisha: ...Don't worry, you're strong. You always protected me from everything.
Aisha: Please start a wonderful family with an amazing woman happy for the both of us. Please? Promise me, Brother!
Aisha: I'm getting drowsy...
Aisha...? Aisha!
Aisha: ...Brother, I love you...

And with that, she was gone.

*sob* *sob*
Doctor...!? I'm sorry! I shouldn't have done this!
...She was smiling. Without hating anyone...she was just smiling.
Thank you, Richa... *sob* Thank you...!
Doctor...did you get to talk to your sister?
...She told me to be happy. She told me to make a wonderful family with an amazing woman.
...Let's be happy together.

The Doctor returned to the rest of them later.

Oh! Doctor Casanova is back!
How was your first real date?
Where didja guys go?
Don't get so excited. You guys need to get your rest. Go to the hot spring or something and get a good night's sleep.
You obviously dodged our questions.
Oh, too bad. I was looking forward to hearing good news about them.
That calmness...I reckon it's a sign of progress.
You can even tell those kinds of things!?
...This is so silly.

On the way back to Harvestasha’s chamber, Finnel wanted to see if Akane was in.

Video Record- “Akane’s Day Off”


Finnel...and Aoto and Saki? Hello.
Sorry for dropping in on you. Are you off today?
Yes. I haven't taken a day off in a long time, so my comrades made me take a short leave.
That's good! I think you're working way too hard!
I don't think we differ very much when it comes to that.
So, what are you doing here? You got a rare opportunity to go out. Why don't you go some place and have fun?
Thank you, but there's nothing that I'm particularly interested in. On my days off, I usually stay here and relax.
Huh!? That's no good!
Yeah! Don't you want to go shopping with us?
That's a good idea! Let's go to the Promenade!
Oh, okay. Why not?
It's good to just go crazy sometimes. Like, waste a lot of money on luxuries and stuff.
...Very well. Shall we go then?

They headed out to the Promenade in Clustania.

Don't go too nuts. If you go broke and beg me for money, I'll give you a loan with 500% interest per day.
That's not gonna happen!
Oh, Filly! That store with the Dolphin is full of cute stuff!
Oh, hey look! Isn't that that Gergo thing that all the Archians are talking about!?
Oh! That must be it! There's no doubt!
I thought it was just a rumor, but I guess it's not! This is insane! It's super duper fugly-cute!
It's everything the rumors said. Come on Filly, let's go inside!

Akane was less excited by the whole thing, and remained outside with Aoto. This was a bad idea because she didn’t understand you shouldn’t ever talk with Aoto.

*sigh* They are girls, after all. They have a thing for cute stuff. ...Say, you don't look all that excited.
I'm not excited at all.
Oh. You don't seem to be interested in anything but work. Why don't you speak more casually? You're not in the army today.
But I can't do suddenly. This is my natural way of speaking.
*sigh* If you keep speaking like that, you'll never get a boyfriend in a million years.
...I-I don't think I will require someone to fill a role like that.
Hmph...yeah right. You're blushing. You are interested in men, aren't you?
...W-well...I can't deny in all certainty that it would be untrue if I said I'm not interested in men, to some degree...
You're super hesitant to admit it. Alright, I, Professeur Lesbras AuTour, shall give you a lesson on Romance.
A lesson on Romance?
Oui... Hum hum!
Mlle A'quane... Although you possess great talents, you are squandering them. How deplorable! How scandaleux!
...! I-I'm sorry, sir.
Very well, now... I shall teach you a technique magnifique to accentuate your charm!
...Yes, sir. Please.

If you want to know how romance works the first thing you should know is do the opposite of Aoto.

Therefore, confession is a significant factor that will determine your destine! This will be on the midterm.
Yes, sir. This...will be...on...the midterm...
Alright, now let's conduct a field study. We must research the best way for you to confess to your amour, together!
Yes, sir.
Magnifique. Now, repeat after me...
J-John...I always see you running around in your jockstrap... If you don't mind, would you like to go steady?
J-John...I always see you running around in your jockstrap... If you don't mind, would you like to go steady?
Oh hoh hoh hoh! You are teacher's pet...and quite a fast study. Very well, are you ready for the next step?
Yes, sir.
N-not that I like you or anything, but if you don't have a date yet, maybe we can go to prom together...
The key is not to sell yourself too short, but you really do want to go on a date with him. Okay, now you try.
N-not that I like you or anything, but if you don't have a date yet, maybe we can go to prom together...
Oh hoh hoh hoh! Great! This is truly extraordinaire!
Th-Thank you, sir. But...the personality completely changed from the first line.
Non non non non non non non non! Don't be so obsessive over trivial details. Just do as I say.
Now, for some comprehensive application, imagine you're standing before a guy you like. Speak...! Tes mots d'amour!
Yes, sir. I'll do my best!
Aki, look! This is the Gergo Plushie that's secretly popular in Archia! I chose it over that stupid penguin one!
It's really cute, isn't it?

Now I’m not one to spread rumors or anything but you hear things. As did Finnel, who came back just in time to hear Akane practicing.

Whaaat!? Aki!?
Huh! Akane likes Filly...?
Aki! I like you a lot, but...I don't think I'm willing to go beyond the line of mere friendship...
...I think I disturbed her.
...Yeah, we screwed this up.

And as he rightly deserved Aoto took the blame.

She's right! I was so surprised that I almost cried.
I'm sorry... I just told her, you know, that girls nowadays are supposed to be more expressive of their feelings...
Well, it's fine. I had fun.
Yes, sir. This is perhaps the first time I talked and laughed this much with my friends.
Well, if Aki says so, I'll forgive him. I didn't think you'd take everything he said seriously, anyway.
Yeah, we had so much fun today. Let's go out together again sometime.

After that I think you guys need to go to bed. We’ll pick this up tomorrow with some more of Aoto’s… amazing creations.