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They were heading up to reboot Harvestasha when they noticed Akane was standing around near the Executive District’s entrance.

Video Record- “Aki 1”


A lot's going on, but I don't have time to be depressed.
I'm glad you're as energetic as ever. I, on the other hand, have been commanding the army. I feel a bit out of shape.
Yeah, you're used to fighting on the front lines.
Of course. Without first-hand experience, you cannot become a great strategist.
I see, but you should get some exercise, too. You'll get more and more out of shape and eventually will gain weight.
Be careful and always make time to exercise!
...Point taken. Then, I have a request to make of you. Will you spar with me?
Huh? Me?
Yes. I will compensate you for your time.
Sir Aoto, I feel you will make a more than adequate sparring partner for me.
Oh, you're sounding a bit cocky there. You should know, I won't be defeated so easily.
I need an opponent with such strength. I take it you accept my proposal?
Yeah! I won't go easy on you!
You shouldn't.

It was a good thing they’d not picked a fight with her earlier, because Akane was easily one of the strongest Reyvateils in all of Ar Ciel.

Bonus Boss: Akane and Kukuro
Here is our first showdown with Akane and Kukuro, the bonus bosses for Qoga. Kukuro is basically just a really, really strong version of the Doll Model Antibodies we’ve been fighting for most of the phase. Akane is the real threat. Her normal sword swings come out quickly but aren’t that damaging. Her Song Magic hits a large area in front of her and causes multiple status effects as well, which can be really bad if two people get paralyzed together. She’s got a cast ability, Blade Gate, that does decent damage to anyone (even your Reyvateil). The real threat, though, is her last attack. She unleashes a torrent of blows will absolutely no question kill from full health anyone in a relatively large area in front of her. If the whole party is attacking her from the front you are risking defeat straight up. This time around their health isn’t that high, Ultra Supermoves should be good enough to finish things.

They were able to triumph, though.

I told you, didn't I? Better train harder! Mwahahaha!
Thank you very much, sir!
...? Y-you're welcome...
I will keep training harder from now on. Please cross swords with me again once I have become stronger.
Sure. The champ will accept your challenge anytime!
Message: You obtained ?Medical God Tool?!
Extra Special Image 1 has been added to your album.

Tyria liked Aoto’s best move, up to a certain point.

You can just call it SM for short. Didn’t that move just scream SM!?
Yes, it made me feel something…burning inside myself.
Plus, I liked seeing your back when you were fearlessly charging towards the enemy.
Uh…it flatters me when a girl says she likes to see my back…
But as soon as you took off your clothes, I got turned off.
…That was an unnecessary piece of information.
But that was your best move by far.
I’m looking forward to seeing it again during the next battle.
If you like it so much, how could I not show it to you again?
You don’t need to show me your underwear, though.
I’ll try not to, but don’t expect too much.
Also, I’ve come up with a good name for it.
I think the name of it should be Big Bang!

Without any further interruptions, they rebooted Harvestasha Vista.



exec ini harvestasha: SHD>>tyrievalis_x01.
Good morning, Harvestasha. How do you feel?
...Did I go to sleep again...?
Yeah. For quite a long time.
Then, let's confirm it. Today is Year 3,353, Segment C7, Day 22. It that correct?
It seems like we need to adjust her clock. It's Year 3,775 right now.
Did I really sleep that long!?
I brought good news for you, my dear sloth. It's finally time to revive the planet.
Really!? But what about the Song...!?
I just remembered the memory I had lost for 700 years.
Today's a big day! We can finally fulfill our destiny.
Exactly. We couldn't accomplish it back then because of that odious incident...
Thank you, Aoto... It's all thanks to you.
It's a little early to start thanking me. Do it once we've completed our mission.

The stage was set for everything to begin.

It looks so nostalgic.
Hey, Kurogane... Are you watching me right now? I'll succeed your will.
It's been 700 years already, but I feel the same way I did back then.

And so Tyria began to sing.

The Rebirth Protocol resonated through Sol Cluster.

And with the Protocol installed, the two Harvestashas could finally link up.

Linkage connection confirmed.
Exchanging protocols...
Exchanging protocols...
Connection completed successfully. We are Harvestasha, who belongs to the Planet Regeneration Project, AAA.
All programs of the Planet Regeneration Project have been installed.
My duty now is to head to the core of the planet with the XP Shell...
Translate and control the Shell, administer the 4-D Core Square Ring and manage HF Dive Control.
My role is administration of the Tower, controlling Symphonic Power for the XP Shell launch, and aiming the rail gun.

And though it was not complete, at least the programs of the Tower were ready to go.

W-wait a second! XP Shell!? You said we're heading to the core of the planet...?
That's right. We're going to shoot the XP Shell bullet at the planet's core to plant the 4-D Core Square Ring there...
It'll be embedded into the center of the planet as the new core of Ar Ciel.
That's the gist of the Planet Renegeration Project?
Yes. If I were to make a simile to describe it, it's like a surgery to implant an artificial heart.
...I never knew it was such a major operation.
So...I have another favor to ask you guys. I want you to go to the core of Ar Ciel with me.
That means, we're gonna sink down into the central part of the planet?
But, if the task is merely to place the Heart of Gaea at the core, won't Harvestasha's auto-pilot be sufficient?
If it was just to place it. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as that.
In the case of organ transplants, if you administer the wrong chemicals, the immune system will destroy the organ.
So, when you want to transplant spiritual bodies, how would you put the immune system to sleep?

They would have no choice but to go into the heart of the world itself and convince Ar Ciel to accept the Heart of Gaea.

Correct. Even if we hurl the 4-D Core Square Ring into the core, it would be rejected instantly and simply melt away.
In order to have the Will of the Planet accept it, we have to converse with her and persuade her into doing so.
To make things worse, the planet has decided to exterminate humanity. Do you think it'll accept something they made?
...Then it's impossible.
That's why I'll communicate with Ar Ciel through my Song. The reason I want you to come is to defend me in the meantime.
Oh, I gotcha. So that's how it works...
You don't need to answer right away. This is a matter of life or death.
You guys have done enough for me already. I'm very thankful for that. And thank you again, just in case.

It was pretty silly of her to even ask if they’d come along.

Now that we've come this far, how could we let you go into Hell's hysterical volcano by yourself? I'll go with you.
Saki will go, too! I can't wait at home while Tyria puts her life on the line!
Me, neither! Because I'm also a Reyvateil!
Then, I gotta go, too!
Of course I'll go, as well. It's a Reyvatologist's duty to watch out for the health of a Reyvateil.
...Thank you, everyone. After 700 years, I made some wonderful friends... I'm grateful, from the bottom of my heart.

However, there was still a small issue to deal with.

That is...of course, the problem that has been present for 700 years.
What is it?
The absolute symphonic power has dried up.
This Tower's symphonic power ran out 700 years ago, and it stopped all activity completely before embodying everything.
The symphonic power circulating in the Tower isn't sufficient to cover all the energy needed to launch the XP Shell.
Damn...that's one hell of a problem...
...Hey, what if we brought in some symphonic power from outside the Tower? For example, from another Tower...
That's right! You're from another Tower!
If you bring in power from the outside and let the Kaira Drain Plate absorb it, we may be able to collect enough energy.
So, I just have to channel the extra power through the Kaira Drain Plate, and then we can get this plan to work?
...Maybe Sasha can handle this.
I'm still not 100% sure, because I don't know how much more energy we need, but anyway, let's go to Nya Nya Ya.

That will have to wait for another day, though, as they got diverted a bit at Sasha’s place.