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by Feinne


They’d noticed some boxes lying around back where Luke’s airship was, so they went back after them.

Feinne on Qoga: The Ultimate Materials
This is a terrible dick move on their part, really. You have to walk all the way back here to get the recipes for Synchro Evo Sap and Yuteria Material, which you’ll need if you want to make every item in the game. It’s a LOT quicker to walk here from the Lymph Vessel than the start of the Bridge if that helps.

In the time it took them to return to Clustania, Akane had finished a brutal and intensive training regimen and was ready for a final showdown.

Video Record- “Aki 3”


I feel you're trying really hard, but you'll never beat me.
Why is that?
Because I'm the strongest person in the universe, of course!
Hmhmhmm. Your confidence is palpable, but you shouldn't get drunk on your ego, you will lose focus.
Say that after you beat me.
Very well. I shall defeat you and usurp your title as the universe's strongest.
However, this is my third challenge. I shouldn't be too much of a bother.
This is my final challenge. I am serious. Think of this as a real duel.
If you beat me... I swear I will become your slave!
Wh-What're you saying!?
Since I've lost twice, such stakes are necessary for me to focus! Will you accept my challenge, nemesis!?
Y-You've got a pretty murderous aura...
But of course, I will be your opponent once more!
Thank you. This will be a true duel, with dignity as its wager!

She’d improved substantially.

Bonus Boss: Akane and Kukuro
Okay. This is basically the same as last time, except that Akane has like a million hit points (literally) and both she and Kukuro hit like a bag of trains. You really need to drop Akane first so you don’t get hundred hand slapped to death with her sword but that’s definitely not the simplest way to do this. Kukuro is much more vulnerable to physical attacks like Ultra Supermoves than Akane but much less vulnerable to Song Magic attacks including Flipsphere. It will definitely take three Ultra Supermoves and a substantial Flipsphere to bring Akane down, she’s got ridiculous health.

Unfortunately, it still wasn’t enough.

Yay! I beat you three times in a row! The Clustanian Army General falls to the universe's strongest man, Aoto!
I cannot seem to defeat you, Sir Aoto.
This is my true power.
As promised, I am now your bonded slave. Please command me as you see fit.
Gwohoho. Such commendable fealty. I approve. From this day forth, you shall address me as Master.
...Y-Yes... m-m-m-m... m-master...
Haaaah! Clustania's general is bowing to me! This is kind of a turn-on!
Hey! Stupid Aoto, what do you think you're doing to Aki!?
This is only fair, Finnel. The world of swordsmen is severe. There is no tomorrow for those who lose.
Whaaaat!? Aki...
...Hehehe. I'm just kidding. That's enough, Akane.
I enjoyed that, though. I don't want to make you my slave.
You are certain?
Yeah. I mean, I already have a loyal servant. It's hard enough to take care of her!
...Hey! You talking about me!?
Who else, my loving servant?
Hmhmm. You two seem close, as always.
Sir Aoto, I truly enjoyed today's duel. I would like us to do it again when the chance arises.
The pleasure was all mine. Let's fight again after we've gotten much stronger!
Of course.
Message: Obtained item ?Mythic Soldier Armor?
Extra Special Image 3 added to your album.

Back at the inn, they started work on the Glasteria Plate.

*sigh* I feel like I’m being punished for doing something.
That’s why you have to work harder.
How’s that…?
She’s right. Otherwise, Sasha would be stuck having to do all this physically demanding work.
This is nothing! Uwahhh!
Wow, Aoto, you’re really strong.
I think he’s just being desperate.

It ended up successful, largely thanks to Sasha’s genius.

I’m finally done… My hands are really tired…
Thank you. You’ve polished it really well.
You won’t believe how hard it is to just keep polishing something for hours on end.
That’s simple to understand. Prolonged physical tasks are normally really tiring.
You knew that, yet you still didn’t help me at all?
…Anyway, it’s done! So stop complaining.
Right. It’s so sleek and shiny. I’m tempted to leave a bunch of fingerprints on it.
Don’t you dare. Please…
Anyway, the Glasteria Plate is finished.
Let me see… I don’t think we need to come up with a new name for this item… That’s kind of sad.
Why don’t we name it anyway? I think I’ll name it Firm RF Reflector.
Since it already has the name Glasteria Plate, why do you want to give it another name?

Sasha was finishing up on her end by the time they arrived.

Video Record- “Download”


Thank you for all your great work, Sasha.
Hey everyone, this is unbelievable! I tested the reflection ratio of this plate. It's 96%!
That's way better than I expected! This is like, way amazing!
That material that J&K gave us was awesome. Plus, your recipe was awesome, too.
Hehehe. The preparations are all done! It's time for you to sing now, Cocona!
Yeah. It's my turn.
This hymn triggers a shot of pure symphonic power by controlling the second Song Magic Server, Infel Pira.
If you download it, you can get an enormous amount of symphonic power from our fellow Metafalicans.
Fellow Metafalicans, huh? I wonder what they're doing... I wanna see Cro...

There’s really no way to explain what downloading a hymn crystal is like.

...Hehehe. Please help me, operator!
Yes, ma'am! Please relax.
cEzYA hymmnos.
#7812 --x tArm azit tn='HYMMELI'
es tn=>sol.infel-pira.mea
...Is this the power of downloading? The world of Cocona is spreading all over my body...deep inside my mind...!
Cocona! Are you okay? Doesn't it hurt?
No, not at all.
How was it? Did you like your first downloading experience?
...That strange. I felt like I got to know a deep, hidden part of myself...
I think I get why they say downloading's so striking in your heart.
Yes, we've got everything we need! I'll prepare to launch the new satellite!
The launch must be simultaneous with her Song, so I'll keep my shop open until then. Let me know if you need anything!
Sure thing. Okay, I'll leave the rest to you.

They returned to the Inn to prepare.

Well...last time she wasn't really Cocona. She was Tatsumi...
I tried to encourage her, but I almost got killed by her instead.
...Wh-what am I thinking about!?
*sigh* Calm down...
Anyway, if she succeeds, the Planet Regeneration Project will finally be ready for the final stages.
...Speaking of which, Tyria said...
If she can complete the Tower, and we launch the XP Shell, she'll have used up almost all of her Telomere.
She was trying to do it without telling anyone, but I know about it. ...What should I do?
...Tyria is very important to me, but if she doesn't do it, the planet...this world will come to an end.
She knows everything, and she's just trying to do what she's supposed to do. ...So, what can I do for her!?

Aoto knew Tyria wanted to save the world, and decided that had to be the first priority.

...No. She's already made up her mind. She's gonna do her duty. How can I stop her from fulfilling her destiny...?
If Tyria is striving to save the world with all the power she has...I'll use all my power to save it alongside her!
That's what it means to live with like her...
Besides, no one knows what's gonna happen after this. There might still be a way to save Tyria's life.
For now, I better just focus on what's in front of me! Alright! I better go give Cocona a boost.
Cocona... Cocona...? I'm coming in.
She's out...? Where would she go without telling us...?
I'll go check around town...

He found Cocona out in the town.

Hey, Cocona, what are you doing over there?
Aoto...what are YOU doing over here?
I came here to encourage you.
...Not this again.
I said I'm sorry! Besides...I didn't know you were a girl!
That's nothing you should make a big deal out of. It's not a body you should hide.
Are you saying that my body's so flat, it's not worth looking at!?
N-no, I didn't say that! You don't have to be so modest... Th-That was really beautiful...
Wh-what did you say!?
Grrr! Oww... What did you do that for!? I gave you a compliment!
You deserve it!
...Sheesh. ...At least it seems like you've got more spunk than usual.

...So, are you nervous?
...Yeah. If my Song doesn't carry my true feelings to the audience's heart, they won't give me symphonic power...
Plus, they're barely maintaining the stability of Metafalica. I'm not sure if they'll lend their hearts to my Song...

The thing about a Song like the one Cocona was preparing for is that it’s all about the purity of your intention.

Every time she sang a Song to receive the people's feelings, she shivered from fear, and shed tears of sorrow.
Now I think I know what she was going through...
I wish I could understand what you're going through, but I'll at least be the guy who listens to what you have to say.
All the others are here for you, too. You're the one who has to sing, but we'll do everything we can to help.
...Hey, why are you always like that? You're so optimistic... Don't you ever think about the risks, Mr. Positive?
If you're worried about failing from the start, how can you succeed? That's one thing I learned on this journey.
*sigh* That sounds so like you. But, that's also something I really like about you...
...Wh-what are you saying all of a sudden?
...Thank you, Aoto. Thanks to you, I feel really brave. Tomorrow's an important day. Why don't we go back now?
...Live without regrets.

Aoto returned to the Inn, where they had an unexpected visitor.

But she's gonna sing a very important Song tomorrow... She must be nervous. I hope I can still do more for her.
Yo, Aoto!
Reverend! Why are you-...? I thought you were still in the hospital.
Screw that! Tomorrow, my protege will stand on the biggest stage of her life. How could I just lie in a hospital? How's she?
Huh? How do you know about that?
Well, ya know, J&K stopped by earlier, talking about it. It's not something to blab about in front of an injured man...
But I'm glad. If there's anything I can do for my dearest protege, I'd like to do it.
...! Oh yeah...
Reverend! The Great Fang Militia's safeguarding Archia City, right? I have a favor to ask...for Cocona's sake!

Aoto laid out a plan for Gengai. He was worried about it all night, and ended up getting up early.

Yeah. I couldn't sleep last night. But hey, you make it sound like I oversleep everyday...
Haha, sorry, I let that slip. Anyway, I received a message from Sasha over the telemo.
According to her calculations, the transfer speed of feelings is highest at or around the top of the XP Shell.
Then, that's where I'll sing. Let's go.
Yo, Cocona! I came to cheer you up, Diva!
This is one heck of an important mission. Don't blow it, okay?
...Yes, sir.
Reverend, what about THAT thing...?
Oh yeah, of course. It's all good to go.
Great! Thanks.
...? What are you guys talking about?
It's just something on our side.
And who's side is that...?
Don't worry about any unnecessary crap. I'll be rooting for ya from town. Now, go sing the hell outta that Song!
...Yes, Master!

They hurried up to the area above the XP Shell.

Video Record- “United Hearts”


...Do you think it's gonna go well?
Of course!
...It's Sasha.
Hello, this is Dr. Hikari Gojo.
Everyone! I'm ready to launch the satellite!
We've just arrived at our destination, too.
Alright! She can start singing anytime now!
...That's what she said.
*inhale* *exhale* Alright! I'm gonna sing!
Good luck, Cocona!
I'll be praying for you!
Relax. You know you can do it.
I'm counting on you, Cocona.
Go impress us. You can do it, like you always do.

...I believe in you.

Back in Archia, the Reverend had enlisted Richa to help with his and Aoto’s plan.

*sigh* To be honest with you, young lady, I'm not very good at this sorta thing.
What are you saying? She is your student, right?
They say, the more unruly the child, the more adorable they are to the parents. Alrighty, why don't we join her on stage!?
Shall we begin?
Uh, testing, testing, one, two, three. It's pretty sunny today.
Hello, fellow Archians! The time has come! Our Tower is about to take a leap towards fulfilling its original purpose!
That purpose is, of course, regenerating the planet, clearing the Sea of Death, and restoring nature to the surface!
Now, it is taking its first glorious steps forward!
My dearest protege, Cocona, is about to provide the Tower with enough energy to power the Planet Regeneration Project!
Everyone...please send your pure feelings and Cocona, who's singing atop the Tower of Origin! them with your Song!
Give all of your power to her! You gotta back her up! Please!

This could only work if the people of Sol Cluster could be brought together.

Young Woman: I dunno...but it sounds interesting.
Child: Mama, is someone gonna sing?
Woman: Will the planet really revive after this?
Man: If Rev. Gengai says so, I believe it.
Man: Hey, why don't we help her?
Man: Yeah. I'm rootin' for ya, Cocona!
Cocona! Cocona! Cocona! Cocona!

Cocona was close to losing heart, just as Lady Cloche had been.

Video Record- “METHOD_HYMMELI”


Master...Aoto... goodness. I can't believe these folks. Thank you... I'm receiving your power...

She was buoyed by the people’s hopes, though, and began.

The satellite launched.

Cocona called for the power.

The power rained down upon the Kaira Drain Plate.

And the complete form of the Tower was born…

Cocona collapsed, exhausted by the exertion of the Song.

Cocona, are you alright!?
Yeah...I'm fine.
You did it, Cocona! Look! Everyone's celebrating.
They certainly felt your feelings!
Everyone...thank you very much.
Alright, the stage is finally set for Act Two. Let's head for the planet core now.
Are you guys really sure about this...? We might not make it back alive. This won't be a safe trip.
...Hmph, do you need to ask? How could we not go after this?
He's right! We won't let you go alone, Tyria!
This trip is definitely worth putting all of our lives on the line for.
...Thank you.

They returned to the inn for a moment, and realized there were still some things they had to do before they left.

Yo, Cocona! That was brilliant, my girl!
Master, thanks for rooting for me. I felt you guys give me the last bit of courage that I needed.
You've helped us a lot. Why don't we go meet with everyone before we set out?
That's a great idea! Is that okay, Tyria?
Sure. And after that, we'll go to the XP Shell.

Next time, I’ll tell you about some of their preparations.