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Part 66: Synthesis Roundup 4

They got right to work creating some new materials after finishing the Tower.

Boy, I never expected I'd have to do synthesis...
It's important.
To produce high level syntheses, rare ingredients are a must.
And those ingredients aren't sold anywhere. That's why sometimes, we have to create them on our own.
I see. I suppose that if they were sold in shops, they wouldn't be considered rare.
First of all, I don't think most people would want to go through such intensive recipes.
Even if you sold them, you'd have to sell them at high prices to make it worth all the effort involved.
That's why we have to create them by ourselves.

Yuteria is one of the rarest materials in the Towers.

It's finally finished...
Thank you for your hard work! You must be exhausted.
I am. It's just an ingredient, but it still wore me out...
But I'm sure it'll all be worth it.
If you create weapons and armor using this, other people's items will look like toys.
I think that's an overstatement.
Well, I think she wanted to let us know just how precious it is, so it was all worth it.
By the way, the given name for this is Yuteroid Reinforcer. Do you have any better ideas? does Yuteria Material sound?
Well, the name is just a decoration, so to speak. I don't really care.

They moved on to a strange liquid.

...Seems like you're making something really scary.
Really? So do you know what it is that we're making?
Aoto, don't you even know what you were trying to make?
I was just throwing in anything we might be able to use for synthesis.
...With you, Aoto, everything is a product of randomness.
Is this something even gonna be that great?
If you can complete it, it'll definitely come in handy for synthesis.
That sounds terrific! The suspense is killing me.
Alright, now I'll put a lot of expensive-looking glitter on it!
...Oh, no, here he goes again...
...Suddenly, I'm worried about the finished product.

it was incredibly valuable until Aoto ruined it.

Done! How is it? Looks perfect, yeah?
Um...not quite.
Really? What's the matter?
Well, the components are all fine. But all this glitter is almost criminally gaudy.
That's because of the excessive amount of glitter he used.
What do you mean? Was it too much? The glitter makes it look beautiful, so stop whining!
But glitter isn't something that we need for synthesis.
It sounds silly to even ask, but you didn't add the glitter just for appearances, did you?
Of course I added it for the appearance. Glitter's the best indicator of elegance and expense.
...Why do we ever listen to him...?
...The name of this item was supposed to be Enhancing Sap.
But maybe another name would fit it better...
Then let's call it Synchro Evo Sap! Isn't that an awesome name?
Do you just say the first words that pop into your head...?

They’d been in a lot of battles recently, and found themselves needing better healing items.

...It looks like you're making a very significant item...
Yeah, this can revive someone who was knocked out.
But just waking up from being knocked out isn't useful by itself, because you'll still be injured.
If I can sing healing Song Magic at the right time, then it should work out...
...But if you're creating attack Song Magic, you can't heal at the same time, right?
I'd have to execute the Song Magic when it's not fully mature, or abort it entirely.
Right, so I'm trying to fix that. See, I'm using all these notes. Just watch.
...Can you really create such a convenient item?
I don't know if he's really up to the challenge, but whatever he's making looks pretty at least.

They were able to create it with that weird glitter sap somehow.

Done! What do you think!? I'm really proud of it!
Wow! It's so pretty!
It really is... What did you make it out of?
I mixed some healing medicine and reviving items together and crystallized the mixture.
If you throw this at a knocked out ally, it'll shatter into powder in the air.
The powder will then fall onto the body of our unconscious friend, and they will wake up and be healed.
...Sounds a little overly-dramatic for its effect. But it might look fantastic anyway.
So the name should be something fancy, like, Angel Recoverael.
I'd prefer Angel's Awakening.

They’d worked out how to improve their weapons from battling Akane. Aoto started with his own, though he wasn’t totally happy with some aspects of the design.

Whew...that sure is a ton of attachments. Why are we using so many...?
Hey, didja forget that I'm helping here? Don't say discouraging stuff like that, it's so boo! Boo I say!
It appears to be very convoluted...
Either way, Aoto, there are so many little things to make this time, huh?
I didn't think we were going to be involved in this like that.
I tried to minimize the workload for us, though. I didn't want to make it too hard to carry around.
If this is minimized, sheesh... I hope all our effort was worth the back-breaking labor...
...That's assuming nothing goes wrong during production.
What, are you trying to jinx me or something? That's so boo of you!

I swear there must be an error in the records because I know Tyria didn’t suggest the name they say she did from something later.

It's done! Alright! It's just like I'd envisioned.
If you imagined this so precisely, I'm tempted to recommend a good psychiatrist...
I agree. I don't think any healthy mind could imagine something this twisted and complicated...
That looks really hard to use...
What are you saying? This is the greatest and best weapon in the world!
The center drill can penetrate iron plate! And these three blades can slice through steel like tofu!
The drill itself is powered by a high-rpm engine, enabling it to spin so fast a Goddess would be dizzy!
Plus, the beam that surrounds the weapon will incinerate the enemy with searing heat!
...Is it necessary to do all that at once?
Uh, don't worry, I totally minimized the deadliness of the weapon for the enemies' safety.
You're such a terrible liar. Just holding that paragon of deadliness makes your words hollow.
Oh, don't make such a big deal out of it. No one's going to die from it, right, Doc?
Aoto, I think you're overestimating our enemies.
No, I'm not. Our enemies are getting stronger and stronger, you just haven't been paying attention.
In any case, we have to give it a good name, suitable for the most badass weapon ever made.
...What about Lusitanian Despair?
That sounds too wishy-washy. What about Moocheriel Disaster?
...Do whatever you want. Lunatic...

I mean all of my records say it was called the ‘Clustanian Despair’. I don’t even know what a Lusitania is. Whatever. They were also working on exciting new medical tools.

It looks like you're going to end up making a lot of medical tools.
I'm just making the ultimate medical kit. It's gotta have all the necessities!
I think you've got too many if you really are limiting yourself to the necessities...
I don't believe they'll all fit in a bag that size.
Don't worry about that! I've got it all planned out in my head.
These tools aren't gonna end up spilling out all over.
That's good. If they did, they'd be too dirty to use.
Medical tools are delicate. That's only natural.
Aoto, I respect you more for thinking about it so much.

It ended up pretty ridiculous.

The Divine EMT Tool is done!
...I should've known better than to respect you for anything that has to do with thinking...
Don't try to discourage me already! What's wrong with this!?
See! Everything's in the bag and nothing's spilling out!
They may not be spilling out, per se, but...
Too many tools are sticking out.
They're not sticking out! They're "arranged so that they're all instantly ready to be used."
Ready or not, Aoto, I don't think it's wise to have all of the scalpels sticking out blade-first.
...If I were a patient, I would run away as soon as I saw anyone approaching with this Murderbag.
Well, if you have the energy to run, you don't need a doctor in the first place!
...They might use up all their energy running for their life and make themselves worse.
Well, it may look scary, but it has all the tools and equipment that a normal hospital would have.
Well, let's be happy that it's not actively killing anyone and hope for a better, safer future.
...Aoto, do you know what that name you gave it even means?
No, but it sounds cool. Don't you think it suits the best medical kit ever made?
I recommend changing it to DHW Vibrating Savior.

Aoto had the courage to wonder something that nobody ever had before.

This new V-Board I'm making will be faster than an airship.
...I don't think that's possible, and if it is, I'm not sure I want to ride it.
Oh, it's possible! I've been thinking about it for a long time, actually.
I think you're the only one who seriously thinks he can make a V-Board faster than an airship.
That just means other V-Board designers lack vision or drive!
Aoto, didn't it ever occur to you...?
...No, nothing. Nevermind.
The reason no one's tried to make a V-Board as fast as an airship is really simple...

Seriously, you’re supposed to stand on it idiot.

What's with these wings? What is this, Aoto?
The power of Grathnodes are forming the wings. You can use them as sabers, as well.
So the jet engine's not enough? You've gotta add laser wings to it, too...
I can tell you've gone way beyond that.
It looks cool, but even more importantly, its speed and power will be #1 in the industry!
You can tell I put my personal touch on everything! Hahahaha!
...Does he normally equip something that somebody else has to ride bare-handed with an engine?
I don't think he put that much thought into it.
The more I understand about Aoto's synthesizing philosophy, the less confident I am...
So, for the name, I want to call it ∞ Bravery.
Why don't we make the name a little more subdued?
What about Ram Jet Board, then?
Oh, that sounds cool!
Nooo! Let's name it ∞ Bravery!

He tried to make something for the girls.

Even if it's fortifying, girls wouldn't want to wear macho-looking stuff, right?
...Are you asking for my opinion?
Of course. You like frilly stuff, too, right?
Battle isn't a game. I don't even think about how I look in battle.
Yeah, that's true.
But girls can't wear anything too heavy. Why don't you make something light and sturdy?
I see... Alright, I know what to make.

I suppose he succeeded in his own special way.

Oh, you made a stole?
But it's really strong. This is no ordinary fabric.
It looks just like a normal fabric, but fine chains are interwoven with the threads.
It's a little heavier than normal, but that's alright, right?'s easy to move while wearing it. I like it.
Good for you, Aoto! So, have you given it a fancy name?
Uh-huh. Ultra Resist Stole.
You can tell what it's all about from just the name.
...I don't like that name. I like Protestole better.

He tried manly cooking again.

Tyria, have you eaten Yakiniku BBQ before?
Of course I have. And I like it.
...That's pretty amazing.
Maybe she thinks all BBQ meat is called Yakiniku...
What? That's no good! I can't forgive that you don't know real deal Yakiniku!
I, who they often secretly call Yakiniku Master Aoto, shall cook you the best Yakiniku BBQ ever!
...Who is "they?"
...It smells smoky.

This time he failed in a miserable and tragic fashion.

How is this possible!? I made a mistake while cooking Yakiniku!?
...This is awful.
Please don't say that. I understand more than anyone...
...It looks really unhealthy.
I understand that, too. Damn! I have no choice. We're going to have to throw this away...
Well, why don't we make our enemies eat it, then?
...Isn't that a little cruel and unusual? I think this is definitely poisonous.
No worries. Enemies are really tough, so I don't think it's going to be an issue.
Plus, it's better to use it than waste it. That way, Yakiniku Butcher Aoto won't be a food waster!
R-really? And you were referring to me, right?
Yeah! A mascot waitress I used to know said that, so it has to be true.
I think she's completely ignoring the feelings of the people who actually have to eat it.
Anyway, let's name it quick. about Inferno Steak?
Hades' Hellish BBQ...

I don’t know why Aoto thought making this next thing was a good idea.

...This is a unique scent.
Unique? ...Uh...yeah, but it's more, it's hard to describe it in words...
Hard to describe it in words? That's guy-speak for, "We're doing something really cagey," right?
W-well, I can't give any comments, but I can say we can expect a really good effect from this.
What kind of effect will it have?
Well, um, you see...
Uh, it'll be done when it's done. Look forward to it. It's not gonna take forever.
This musky smell is irritating my nerves...

I don’t think it quite worked how he wanted it to, which is good.

...What were you thinking, making this stuff?
D-don't be so harsh! I'm making something really useful!
I hope it's not just "useful" for pervs like you. If that's what it is, I'll confiscate it from you.
It's not what you think it is, honest. So, don't worry.
Then what kind of effect does this have?
Well, can't you tell from the smell?
...Tell what?
That's strange. It should be effective, even without being lit.
Maybe she doesn't have any kindling to catch fire, if you know what I mean.
But if you light it, it'll make it even stronger. That might do the trick.
I hope so... Anyway, it's done for now.
So, what is the name of this?
Mood Fragrance. That's the name of this stimulant.
That's a good name for a roofie, maybe. Mature rating, here we come...

D-don't look at me like that!
The name should be more indirect, like Pinky Healing. Otherwise, it'll seem even more inappropriate.

Tyria was confused as to how Aoto could even use a weapon as large and unwieldy as his new one.

Your weapon looks unwieldy.
Are you talking about my masterpiece, Moocheriel Disaster?
What else would I be talking about?
Well, listen, this weapon's deadly strong.
I know that, but still.
Then you gotta understand, there's a reason deadlier weapons are more unwieldy.
What if a bad guy got it? He'd definitely abuse it, right?
...First of all, the name of the weapon sounds like a devil's weapon.
That's not true. It's a cool name.
...Aoto, I think your tastes are beyond eccentric.

She was able to have a bit of fun with him, though.

I love steaks.
I think only a few people don't like steaks.
I think so, too.
That's why that steak is outrageous!
Oh, you mean the Inferno Steak? Yeah, it's not edible.
...Are you sure this really isn't edible?
Aoto, why don't you try it? Here. Open your mouth, my darling.
You really ate it...? You do love steaks, don't you?
(I can't tell her I was suckered by her "Open your mouth, my darling" trap. I'm so stupid.)

Oldest trick in the book. There was more stuff they did before they left, I’ll keep telling you about it as long as I’ve got more to tell.