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Part 67: The World Tour

Though they weren’t quite ready to go yet, they got their goodbyes out of the way next. They had no idea when or even if they’d be able to return from the core once they left.

Sasha, your satellite was super powerful! It's thanks to you, we brought so much Symphonic Power to Ar Ciel.
Hehehe. Not at all...
So you're gonna head to the planet's core without taking a break? You're all so busy!
It'll work out. I know, because everyone's trying so hard!
The Will of the Planet will definitely understand.
Faith creates fact. Or something like that...
Once the planet's back to normal, come to our world for fun. I'll teach you all about our cutting edge technology.
...We'll do our best to make that happen someday.

Still, if they were afraid they didn’t let anyone see it.

Not quite. We've come here to say hi to you, Rev. Gengai.
Thank you for your hospitality up till now!
Hey, you're not gonna die, are you? Don't act so formal. I'm not used to it.
But when Sasha and I first came here, without your help, we probably would've been dead by now.'re my savior. I always meant to thank you for that.
Oh, well, if it makes you feel any better, I'll accept your gratitude.
Reverend, are you staying in this town for a while?
Yes. I'm considering forming a new community with Akane's help, to foster a long, positive relationship.
With Aki's help? That'll be awesome!
We’ll build a new world where Reyvateils and humans can live together in peace. We'll set the first milestone.
A world where the two can live together...happily and peacefully...
...Doesn't it just sound fantastic...?
I hope our world can be such a place.
In order to achieve it, this planet needs to get well again.

Still, this mad plan was not without risks.

I've been designated head of the Archia Think Tank for a while.
Oh? In that case, we've no need to worry about it anymore. It'll be a difficult job, but you can do it.
I've got some news for you too, Gojo. I'm due to become Chairman of the Moebius Factory.
Whoa, awesome!
We both agreed the two should establish a technological symbiosis.
I've been thinkin' about my future. If you don't mind Saki, can I work at the preschool with you?
Oh? Mute, are you serious?
I thought it over for a while. I just... I still want to be with those kids. So, please!
Of course. I'm glad I'll have made a new friend at the preschool.
Thank to Richa and Saki, the future of us three is looking bright.
...D-Does that mean...
You're pregnant!?
Y-yo! Don't be so blunt! It's so embarrassin'!
Ouch! That smarts!
Doctor, I really hope you want a child soon, too.
Hey, Doc…
Well, naturally, it'll happen soon. I mean, sometime in the near future, or...

None of this is a thing you should have to put up with watching when you’re trying to save the world, at least Cocona got that.

Seems like we need to save this world and get you home safe... Daddy.
Aoto, you too...!
He's right.
Come back soon. You all must come back alive.
...Of course. I said I'd never leave you alone.
I'll be waitin' for y'all to come back, too! You better stay safe!
I wish you all the best of luck. May peace come to Ar Ciel!

Still, everyone they’d met was worried for them.

Kairi: Ms. Sakiii!
Totora: Hiya, Ms. Saki! Is it true that you're gonna be a hero of justice!?
Kairi: It's the talk of the town. Ms. Saki, Aoto, and your friends are heading straight into the planet to save us!
You all knew...?
Kairi: That's a very dangerous place, right? Everyone is saying so.
Rendeisha: Ms. Saki, please don't go!
Totora: Silly! She'll be back soon.
Kairi: Yeah,'s dangerous.
Totora: ...!
Okay, everyone! Did you forget what I said about smiling?
I'll be fine. Ms. Saki will come back because Ms. Saki is...Nyamo Mask!
Rendeisha: Do ya promise?
Yes, of course. When I come back, I'll finish reading that story to you.
So believe in me, and wait for me.
Totora: Okay. We'll be waiting. Don't break your promise!

Tyria was interested in teaching after seeing the school, though not for the same reasons as Saki and Mute.

Aoto, I’m considering becoming a teacher at Ogai Memorial Pre-school. What do you think?

You don’t think I’m qualified?
…That place gets plenty of sunlight.
Yep, it’s the best.
You’re not saying you wanna be a teacher there because it’s the best place to take a nap, are you?

I think teachers need to rest sometimes, too.
I think you’ll be sleeping all day long on sunny days.

She was also interested by Sasha’s piles of suspiciously high-tech ‘junk’.

That Nya Nya Ya shop is fun. It’s full of interesting goods.
What they deal in isn’t quite normal, is it?
I’m not talking about the items. I’m talking about the decorations and machinery all over the place.
I hear Sasha’s renting a space that used to be an iron foundry.
I think the stuff they left behind is still there.
…But I saw things that weren’t made of iron. Those were cutting edge, high tech articles.
Hahaha. I think that’s your imagination. Those things wouldn’t be in a general store.
…I think you’re probably right, but we must take precautions with that general store.

They headed to Clustania to talk with Akane next.

Aki, I'm glad you're here. I wasn't sure I'd get to see you, since you're so busy all the time.
It's my first day off in a while. It's good to see you, as well. I heard you are heading to the planet's core.
You knew?
I can do nothing to aid you, other than wish you luck in battle. It's not much, but I hope it's enough.
...Thanks, Aki, for everything.
What's this all of a sudden?
I'll do my best! I won't quit! Please don't worry, Aki!
Later, Akane. When we come back, I'll lecture you on romance again. Better review the homework I gave you!
I...look forward to it, sir.
Huh? Are you...jealous?
No. I think it's quite obvious that I am the one you love.
...Ugh...hey, now...

Oh the irony of being worried about that. Anyway next they headed back to Great Fang, they had a few more goodbyes there.

I have somewhere I gotta go. It's far away, so I don't know if I can keep this part-time job anymore.
Auntie Leu: ...Really? Too bad. You're this bistro's mascot girl.
Auntie Leu: No need. It's something you decided on your own, right? I will miss you, though.
Ah! Since you've worked so hard, let me give you a gift. It's just a trinket, but please take it.
...Auntie, is this...?
Auntie Leu: Come back together and we can all share a meal. I'll be waiting!
Okay. Thank you, Auntie...
Message: Obtained Yokkora Meal Ticket x 99!

Steeps wasn’t in when they first got to Blue Canyon Hamlet.

…What do you do first when you come into a boy’s room?
Search under his bed!
Finnel, you are awesome! You seem to know what to do.
Well…you’re looking for his “blue books,” right?
Right. Those books are usually hidden under the bed.
Well, I don’t have any.
You just denied your manliness!?
Well, when we searched for one before, we didn’t find any.
Maybe it’s under the mattress…
I said I don’t have one. First of all, bookstores in Blue Canyon Hamlet don’t carry those.
Even if I did have one, I wouldn’t hide it. I live here by myself.
…Yeah, that’s right.
…Whew, I’m relieved now.
I feel sorry for you. Blue books are very scarce in your neighborhood.
(…Of course. Who would want one?)

I don’t even know if Aoto knew what they were talking about exactly. Anyway, they conned him into waiting around for Steeps.

What're you talking about? You've caused more trouble for him than anyone else, right?
I know, but...fine. I'm going! Are you happy?
Steeps: Aoto...
Damn...I've been caught.
Steeps: ...Rev. Gengai told me. You're going, right?
Yeah. So...I may need to take a long vacation...again...
Steeps: Are you sure you're coming back?

Steeps: I can always use more manpower, you know? A fledgling like you is still better than nothing...
Steeps: Come back alive, Aoto.
I know. I'll be back, Steeps.

That conversation gave Tyria time to do something outside his house.

So, did you do anything to my house?
What do you mean?
You were doing something in front of the door.
Oh, I just added a new name plate on the door.
Oh, that’s it…?
What did you do!?
I said my dream is to become your young gal wife, so it’s booked.
…Am I not good enough?

How could that be? I’m glad.
Oh…okay. That’s wonderful.
(Of course the villagers have seen it. I can’t imagine what they’ll say the next time I visit.)

You’ve got a Goddess moving into your house, I don’t think they’re going to rag on you about that idiot. They still weren’t ready to go, next time we’ll have more preparation.