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Part 69: Elemia Island,

Let’s see, where were we? Right, the second episode of that Binary Field story Ar Ru had conned Aoto into trying with her.

Video Record- “Elemia Island 2”


We pick up where we left off, with Aoto dramatically claiming to be from another world.

I’m an outlander!
I’m from another world!
It’s the only explanation that makes sense! I knew the secret of this shrine.
R-really? Maybe you read an article about this shrine in a magazine or something…
When we used to get a lot of visitors, I think some journalists came by to interview me.
Well, I just feel like I’ve been to this shrine before…
In other words, I came from somewhere else.
…Hey, is he really okay?
I think he got a little too excited and snapped.
I’m certain that by nightfall, he’ll remember his embarrassing remarks and then all the shame will come pouring in.
Please believe me!
Well, there’s no evidence to refute him…
But there isn’t any evidence to support him either, is there?
I know, but there is still a slight possibility.
Well, just in case you get to go to another world in the future, I’ll introduce you to her.
Fal! It’s time to come out!

She called out the game’s version of Nam from Tyria’s world.

Oh, she’s cute…
She’s Fal, a Hyuma who helps me out at the shrine.
Sol Fal: I’m the eldest of the three Sol sisters. Pleased to meet you all.
Oh, Hyumas have sisters?
Sol Fal: So, M’lady, what is my duty today?
I think he may be related to another world.
So, when he makes a monetary donation, I want you here to witness if he really gets to go back to another world.
Sol Fal: Certainly, M’lady. …In any case, would you please tell me your name?
My name is Aoto. Nice to meet you, Fal.
Sol Fal: I shall see you go to another world with my own eyes, Sir Aoto.
Message: The Hyuma, Sol Fal, has been unlocked.
Whenever you’re ready, let me know.
(Well, I don’t know what that “another world” thing is, so I don’t know how to prepare for going there…)
Well, it’s been a while. I’m sure Suzie is starting to get worried. We better go back.
I think I’ll stay a little longer.
Well, now that I’m here, I want to see more of it. Plus, I want to talk to her a bit longer, too.
Of course. You’re more than welcome here.
Alright. I’ll go back by myself then. Don’t stay too late.

Aoto had to go back through the abandoned village to reach his destination.

He wasn’t happy about that, and it turned out for good reason.

Coming through here is so creepy by myself. I should’ve come with Ar Ru.
???: S-say, young fellow over there!
Huh? …Whoa!
Fear me not, for I am just…
A young pretty woman in a swimsuit.
(A swimsuit? That looks more like bikini-style armor to me…)
(She’s carrying a sword, too. Who is she?)
S-so…what do you want from me?

If Tyria was responsible for this story I have so much respect for her abilities.

Ah…did I make a mistake?
(I don’t know what exactly’s going on here, but is she trying to hit on me?)
(No way! Who would go out on a date with a scary broad wandering around in this spooky place with a sword…)
(Actually, she’s pretty cute!)
If you aren’t fond of tea, how about some sweets? The tea house serves some mean red bean rice cakes.
(I don’t think red bean rice cakes go well with a tropical climate, but what man could turn down such a beauty!?)
I just can’t turn down a request from a beauty. But only under one condition… You hafta do something for me in return.
Very well, if it’s something that I can do.
Could you please take off your bikini armor?
…Wh-what did you say!?
I’m not saying I want you to get naked. I just want you to wear a regular bikini.
You want me to wear a bikini?
It’s not much different from what you’re wearing now. Oh, I’d like it to be a pink one.
Well, since she’s so sophisticated, black might be a better color. Alright, what color should I ask her to wear?
P-pink…or black…b-bikini…?
Alright, let’s go change. You do have those kinds of swimsuits, right?

She was not amused by his suggestion at all.

Huh? What?
I treated you with respect, and you took advantage of my kindness! I shall slay you for your lasciviousness!
Whoa! Someone, help!
You won’t escape, coward!
Dyah! Sh-she’s seriously gonna kill me!
Lout! Stay still! If you truly are a man, give yourself up to be slain!
I don’t understand why you’re so mad! How could I just give myself up!?
What!? After embarrassing me so, you still try to escape your punishment!? I shall never forgive you!
Whoa! I have to do something!
Oh yeah, maybe I can hide in that bush! Alright, lemme try that!

He rushed into the forest.

And our hero hid behind a bush like a coward.

Wait, chicken!
Shit! Alright, inside the thicket!
Kh…where did that stupid satyr go?
(Who is she calling a stupid satyr!? I can’t believe some chick who randomly kills dudes would call me that!)
…There you are!
…Damnation, I let him get away.
(She really does intend to kill me. She has absolutely no hesitation about it!)
…Shall I go farther down?
…Alright, she’s gone. Let’s go back to the abandoned village for now.

He returned, hoping he wasn’t followed. He still got a surprise though.

Hey…!? Wh-what happened!?
Oh…Ar Ru…
A-are you okay? You’re trembling…
Ah! Ar Ru!

A tip for all men: do not do this.

Urgh…I’m so stupid! I should never have gone off on my own…
I don’t understand what you mean… Hyah!? D-don’t bury your face in my chest! Stop it!
This island is so strange! Something really weird is going on!

It certainly was.

???: Hey, you two over there! What are you doing in the middle of the abandoned village!?
Whew! …Just a Hyuma. Don’t startle me like that!
If you’ve calmed down, then let go of me! I have my limits, jerk!
S-sorry! I really am…
So, who are you?
Sol Clusty: I’m Sol Clusty, the middle child of the Sol Sisters. I’m in charge of security on this island.
Such a bold move must be consensual. You also have to watch the time and place. You don’t want to commit a felony now.
If you’re a security guard, why didn’t you show up earlier!?
I was nearly chopped to pieces by a bikini armor-wearing hag wielding a sword! I had to run for my life!
Wh-what was that? Is there even such a person?
Sol Clusty: I can’t believe there’s such a dangerous attacker in my jurisdiction.
You really are a security guard, right? Then please bust that Jill the Ripper.
Sol Clusty: Sure! Thank you for your report!
Also, if something happens, please call out my name.
I’ll come to your rescue, no matter where you are on this island.
Message: The Hyuma, Sol Clusty, has been unlocked.
…I didn’t know you were in so much danger.
Yeah…I was so scared…
Let’s go back before it gets dark. Okay. You’ll be alright, so don’t cry anymore. I’ll be right here with you.
I-I’m not crying!

At least people seemed to pretty much believe Aoto that he had in fact been attacked.

Damn straight, Suzie. What’s a monster like that doing on this island?
I dunno. I live on this island, but I’ve never seen such a soul.
Wait…I guess it is possible.
Criminal fugitives may have fled to this island and are now hiding somewhere nearby.
I mean, there are only a few locals here. Is there any better place for wanted men to hide? Hahahahaha!
…How can you be laughing when there are criminals on the lam on this island?
But I still think you should feel lucky. You managed to make it back without getting hurt.
I just can’t feel that way about it. I’m pretty sure it’ll go down as a traumatic experience.
I feel sorry for you. You came to this tropical island to have fun, right?
Don’t be so whiny. Let bygones be bygones.
I know, but you could be a little kinder to me…
Do you want to bury your face in a bosom? It seems like it cannot be helped. Very well, I shall offer mine…
Are you serious!?
…Of course I am merely jesting.
You sem pretty energetic. You look fine now.

The old man nicely summed things up.

…Yeah, we sure are.
Anyway, you must be exhausted. Aoto, you should seek the comfort of sleep now.
Alright… I hope tomorrow will be a bit more peaceful…

Aoto’s day did not get less exciting just because he’d returned to his room.

No…I can’t get that hag’s image out of my mind when I close my eyes.
She’d be really pretty if she wasn’t a killer. What a waste…
Aoto, are you still awake?
Sarapatra? Yeah, I’m still awake.
I’m sorry for barging in on you this late at night.
N-no, don’t worry about it. But…your outfit…is amazing.
Oh, this? These are just my normal pajamas.
(That’s far from normal, but it’s best not to tell her or else she might change clothes. That would be a HUGE waste…)
S-so…what’s up?
I wanted to tell you about something. Can you move over a little? I can’t sleep like this.
Bffft!? Wh-what the hell are you talking about!? You’re gonna sleep in my bed?
You’re not asking a woman to sleep on the floor, are you?

Aoto had a fair question for a woman just barging into his room.

I thought I should stay by your side tonight.
You must’ve been really scared, so as a sexy girl, I will comfort you.
W-wait a second! I-I personally wouldn’t mind, of course, but…
Then, there shouldn’t be a problem.
There’s a ton of problems! This isn’t proper!
What if someone catches us? They’ll definitely get the wrong idea!
…Despite your looks, you’re pretty shy. Not that I mind a shy boy…
Anyway, this is a tropical island resort. People are supposed to be liberal here.
So, we can push the envelope a little.
No! You’re absolutely wrong!
But somehow…your argument sounds completely valid…
That’s because your instincts are telling you it’s the right thing to do.
So, what do you say? Do you want to push the limits and let me enrapture you a little?

When I loaded this up and found a branch here, I couldn’t make heads or tails of which choice was which.

Feinne on Qoga: DLC choices
Getting these wrong is of course always a bad ending game over to the story. This is one of the more bullshit ones because while it’s easy to guess that you’re supposed to reject her, how the hell do you know which of these that is?

…Well, I don’t think I can do that.
Oh? Are you saying…that I’m not your type?
Whether you’re my type or not, a woman as beautiful as you can get any guy she wants.
To be honest, I’m really tempted.
But…there’s already someone I really like, so I won’t be able to focus on you, and that would be rude of me.
Unrequited love, huh? How cute! I like you even more now.
Don’t say I’m cute! It’s embarrassing!
Hmhm, I’m sorry. But I’m a little surprised. I never figured you had such a person in mind.
Does she happen to be one of those two girls?
…Well, sort of.
(Although…it’s more like…I’m being controlled by her than actually having a crush on her…)
Alright, I understand. How sad…
yeah…It’s sad that I have to waste such a wonderful opportunity to be with a beautiful woman…
Thank you. I’m flattered. Okay, well, goodnight.

Ahhh! Stupid me! I’m such a chicken! I totally blew it!
…I’m going to sleep. Hopefully, I’ll just forget everything that happened by the time I wake up.

He was awakened early in the morning.

Are you still sleeping?
Oh, Ar Ru? No, I’m awake.
Good morning. You look sleepy… Are you okay?
Yeah. So, what’s up? Is it time for breakfast?
Not yet. I wanted to ask you about your plans for today.
I have no idea. Either staring at swimsuits or going to see something new…
But it’s kind of dangerous to walk alone by myself. I mean, what if I run into that killer biotch?
I thought you would say that. So, why don’t you go out with me today?
There’s somewhere that I really want to go.
As long as we’re together, we’ll be safe. Sure, I’ll go with you, anywhere you want to go.
Alright. Then, can we head out right after breakfast?
Sure. I’m looking forward to it!
Me, too.
So, where does she want to go?
Aoto, are you awake?
Huh? Yeah.

The comic mishaps continued.

No. She just came by to ask what I was planning to do today.
She asked me if I wanted to go out with her today.
Did you accept?
Yeah. I didn’t have any plans, anyway. Oh, yeah! Suzie, do you want to come with us?
You idiot! Don’t trample all over her affections like that! You’re going on a date!
It’s not a date…is it?
It doesn’t matter. Anyway, a girl asked you out.
Aoto, step up and be a man when the time calls for it.
…Well, if something like that ever happens, I certainly will be a man.
Although, I get the feeling it’ll just end up being another sightseeing expedition.
…Goddess only knows.
Just enjoy your time with her.
Sorry. Okay, can we go now?
Yeah. So, where do you want to go?
Chimney Hill. It was mostly annihilated during the war, but it still has a lot of interesting architecture.

They headed up towards the strange ruins at Chimney Hill.

Aoto was concerned, but it seemed Ar Ru knew where they were going.

Yes, I’m sure we’re on the right path.
Really? Don’t tell me we got lost and will never find our way back home…
I’m not you, Aoto. How is that even possible?
What’s that supposed to mean? …Huh!? Ar Ru, there’s a huge building over that way!
That used to be a hotel. They went out of business 10 years ago, and it’s been abandoned ever since.
What a waste. It’s such a magnificent looking hotel.
It was a casualty of the war… It couldn’t be helped. But it sure was a beautiful hotel.
What? Have you been here before?
Well, you would know if I lied to you.
Yes. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have told you, “There’s somewhere that I really want to go.”
I guess…
We’re almost there. Get ready for a surprise!

The base of the ruin at Chimney Hill was covered in strange patterns.

This is the observatory.
I’m talking about the bust on this statue thing…especially from below. I bet it would keep me dry in the rain.
…Aoto, you really have a thing for large breasts, don’t you?
N-not necessarily…but I can’t deny that I like them.

H-hey, it’s not like I think they’re the only thing girls are good for! But, you know…as a guy…
???: Yoohoo! Welcome friends! Thank you for coming on down to Chimney Hill!
???: Awww…what’s wrong with you guys? You have no energy. Alright, let’s try this again! Hello!
Hello… Uh, who are you anyway?
Sis Cici: I’m Sister Cici, the tour guide of Chimney Hill!
Just call me Sis Cici.
Do you think you could stop talking like the host of a little kids’ show?
Sis Cici: To be a successful tour guide, you have to understand children.
It’s the best way to educate people who don’t know about this place.
Now, you have to listen to me while I tell you all about it!

There are few things as terrible as a bored tour guide.

That means that you grew up watching those shows. I think all your old feelings are rushing back to you.
But you don’t need to explain. I know about this place already.
How’s that?
I read the Lonesome Planet Travel Guide.
Sis Cici: Oh, that’s a bummer…
Sis Cici really wanted to show you two around this place as we play games and sing songs.
Please save that for the kids. We’re too old for that.
Okay, Aoto, let’s go.
Sure. Alright, Sis Cici, we’re going now.
Sis Cici: Don’t run on the stairs. Promise Sis Cici that you won’t!
Stop with that kids’ show talk!
Message: The Hyuma, Sis Cici, has been unlocked.
*huff* *huff* How much farther do we have to go? They should’ve put an elevator in this building…
Don’t wimp out now. Look, we’re almost at the wide area.
…Whew. We finally made it up.

They stopped at a scenic overlook.

They used to let you go up there, but not anymore. It was totally ruined during the war.
Well, that’s sort of good and bad at the same time…
So, why did you want to come here with me anyway? This is just tiring…
Stop complaining and just look.
This is amazing… You can see the entire island from here.
…Yes, you can. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to see the whole island from here, but I guess it’s high enough.
Yeah, it was such a hassle to get up here, but it was worth it.
So…do you like it?
Yeah. I love it! I’m glad I came here with you!
I’m glad I brought you up here, too.
But are you sure you wanted to bring me here with you? You could’ve had this magnificent view all to yourself.
That would’ve been meaningless, because I…
I really wanted to see this with you, Aoto…

Aoto was kind of surprised, because he was playing an even dumber idiot than normal in this.

Yeah…I wanted to see this with you.

(She doesn’t seem like the usual Ar Ru. She’s such a shy girl. She would never be able to say things like that…)
(…Be a man!)
What’s wrong?
Uh…nothing. I coulda sworn I heard Suzie’s voice just now…
It must be your imagination. You and I are the only people here.
First of all, who else would come all the way up here?
You’re right…we are alone…
(We’re here together, and no one else is around. Is that…the situation? Are we going into that kind of territory?)
(…That means I know what to expect, right? Crap…my heart is racing already!)
…Hey Aoto, can we stay here together for a little while longer? I want to enjoy the scenery some more.
Sure. We came all the way up here, so I want to stay here longer, too.
Message: …30 minutes later.

Indeed, he was playing the very dumbest idiot possible.

Huh? Do you want to stay longer?
Well, we were ONLY watching the view…
Was there something else you wanted to do? Bungee jumping, perhaps?
So…you really only wanted to see the view?
Yeah, why?

Well, as someone once told me, men are indeed stupid creatures. What was I expecting to get from this…?
That’s not necessarily true. Although, I do think that you are stupid.
Is this really how this is gonna end? Don’t tell me that you’re shy all of a sudden. I’m fed up with these plots.
You know, in this kinda situation…
I mean, aren’t you supposed to let out your affectionate feelings and confess your love to me while blushing?
I take it back! You’re not stupid! You’re a complete moron!
No! As a man, I didn’t say anything wrong!
As a man? …You…were seriously expecting that?

But, I must’ve imagined all of the clues. I’m so stupid…

Indeed he was so damn stupid he didn’t listen to what she was saying next.

At least, that’s what I think. I was actually…expecting it, too…a little.
*sigh* I didn’t know it was all in my… I can’t believe myself…
…D-did you hear what I just said?
Y-yeah. You fantasize about those kinds of situations, too, right?

Now I get it! Y-you’re not a complete moron! You’re an ultra special super idiot!
Do I really deserve all that!?
I was being lenient!
Goddess! I mustered up the courage to tell you such a sweet thing and you wasted it!
What are you talking about? I’m the one who’s embarrassed.
You’re so dense when it comes to this stuff!
…Please don’t pick on me anymore or I’m going to start crying.
Geez, my face is burning…
…Well, I guess that’s just how you are.
I don’t know what you mean by that, but I know it wasn’t a compliment.
We’ll see. But anyway, today was fun.
…What were you really trying to get out of this?
How many times do I have to tell you? I just wanted to see this view with you.
Why don’t we go back? Suzie is probably worried about us.

He could have gotten a good ending like right there if he weren’t an idiot. We loaded this one up and bam, two episodes and out. Just saying.

They got unusual news when they returned.

Oh, you guys are back! I’ve been waiting for ya!
What’s up, gramps? You look pale.
Your teacher’s long gone. She went back to the mainland.
Suzie left? By herself?
Yeah. She told me there was some kind of emergency at your school. She was in a really big hurry.
Really? What’s going on?
It seems pretty urgent.
She told me to tell you to go back as soon as possible.
Sure. C’mon, Ar Ru, let’s get ready.
Mister, when does the next ship set sail?
At twilight. Why?
Really? …Then, I’ll go back tomorrow morning.
But Suzie told us to go back right away.
I don’t feel too well today. I think it’s because I walked too much…
If I get on a boat now, I’ll be sick the whole way. Aoto, you should go by yourself.
Then, I’m going back tomorrow, too. You’ll need someone to take care of you, right?

Aoto continued to be stupidly easy to convince of things.

Don’t be silly. I can’t leave you alone if you’re not feeling well.
Aoto, Suzie was in a hurry. That means something really urgent must be going on.
I’ll be fine if I get a good rest tonight. So, Aoto, please go back and help her.
…Are you sure you’re gonna be okay?
Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this little angel.
And I’ll see to it that she gets back to your school tomorrow.
I’ll be alright. Wait for me on the mainland.
…Okay. But you have to come back tomorrow morning.
…Alright, this is all my baggage.
(I can’t believe Suzie left so suddenly without leaving us a note or anything. What the hell has happened?)
(If it’s a big emergency, I don’t know if I can even help.)
Well, there’s no use thinking about it now.

Aoto’s motto, that.

Anyway, he prepared to leave the island like an idiot.

Don’t treat me like a child. You said you hated it when you were treated as a child, too.
I know, but…
…No, it’s nothing.
It’s getting dark. You’ll be spending the night on the boat tonight.
I guess so. Well, I’ll take it easy on the ship.
Okay. …See you on the mainland.
Yeah, see you soon.

He got on the boat and that’s where our story might have ended.

We’re so far from the island, I can’t even see it anymore…
…Should I have forced Ar Ru to come with me?

Well, it’s too late now. She’ll be back tomorrow anyway.
Alright, let’s get some sleep. I’m only worrying because I’m still awake.
Yo, bro.
Huh? Oh, you’re…
I’ve been looking for ya, man. This is such a huge ship. I’m Jack. Nice to meet ya.
Yeah, we didn’t introduce ourselves properly last time. Are you going to the mainland, too?
No, I was just lookin’ for you. It seems like you’ve been handling things pretty well.
What do you mean by that?
I’ll explain later. Come on, Aoto. Let’s head back to the island now.
Huh? What are you talking about? Well, first of all, how do you know my name?
Your master, Suzunomia, told me all about you.
She didn’t actually go back to the mainland. She’s still on the island.
…What? I don’t believe it.
Just do as I say and go back to the island with me. There’s no time to argue.
Something really horrible is going on there.
You’re the only one who can save Ar Ru from this mess, ya know?
Ar Ru? Hey, what do you mean!?
I can’t tell ya any more.
If you really want to save Ar Ru, just go back to the island with me. Then, I’ll tell ya the whole thing.

This was an obvious choice at least.

…Alright, let’s go.
You sure!?
Normally, I wouldn’t believe such nonsense, but I just can’t believe that she would leave us without a note.
Even if what you told me is a lie, at least going back to the island will allow me to watch after Ar Ru.
Then I can get back on this ship tomorrow morning.
Alright, then it’s decided. I’ll go first…
…Hey! What do you think you’re doing!? Don’t stick your head out the window! It’s dangerous.
How else are we supposed to swim back to the island then?
Swim!? Gimme a break! Can’t we just steal a rubber dingy or something?
If we use a boat, the islanders’ll catch us. C’mon, boy, we gotta hurry…
Oceanti: H-hey, you two! What do you think you’re doing!?
Shit! A Hyuma from the crew!
Oceanti: Don’t commit suicide off of my ship! You’ll give us a bad image! Don’t sabotage our business!
Damn, they caught us. We don’t have a choice! Yer comin’ with us!
Oceanti: Gyahhh! I’m being kidnapped!
What are you doing!? We’re gonna be criminals!
Look who’s talkin’! Who suggested we steal a boat, huh!? Whatever you do, just don’t drown!
Damn, it’s too late now! Okay, let’s go!

They dove into the rough waters.

(Plus, it’s so dark, I can’t see anything! Can we really swim back to the island?)
…No, I can’t afford to start whining now.
I have to get back to the island! Wait for me until then, Ar Ru!

And that’s where we end for today.

Next Episode Preview!

Aoto investigates the unidentified virus and discovers that it doesn’t infect children.
Which leads him to conduct a further investigation…

Please don’t get the wrong idea. I just need to do some very important research.
No! Aki! A pervert is attacking me! I’m really scared!
Message: He realizes that she’ll get the wrong idea if he approaches her by himself, so he decides to ask Saki for help, but…

…I’m an adult.
N-no way! She’s so flat…
…Do you want me to sock you right in the nose?
Stop fighting!
Message: Because of Saki’s ignorance, they’ve been unable to continue their research.

Huh? But this is a bathroom. Are you really gonna cure me in here?
Okay, everyone! Please open the windows!
What kind of mass peep show is this!? Stop! You’re gonna traumatize her!
Message: How will Aoto handle this uncontrollable situation!?
Next time on Space Doctor Aoto: Commotion!

…Who are you?