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Part 70: Elemia Island,

I guess we should keep going on this Binary Field story. What episode are we on now? Three?

Video Record- “Elemia Island 3”


Last time Aoto and Jack were dying in the ocean.

Message: Unfortunately, the ocean was all too willing to swallow the two reckless challengers.
Urgh, ga-hah! H-hey, Jack! Where are you!?
(No, it’s too dark, and the waves are too high. I can’t do anything!)
(We’re gonna drown! What should I do!?)
Oceanti: Noo! That’s why I told you guys not to try this. I said it was suicidal!
Huh? What are you doing here…?
Oceanti: Your buddy forced me to come with you guys!
(Oh yeah, now I remember.)
Oceanti: Hey, don’t worry, I’ll save you. Just hold on tight!
What are you saying…? Aren’t you a little too small to be a floatation device!?
Oceanti: It’s alright, quick! My hands are too small to hold you.
Oceanti: That other guy is sinking, so I have to hurry! If you want to survive, then hold onto me!

He didn’t really have any choice.

Are you sure this is gonna be alright?
Oceanti: Don’t underestimate me! Witness how strong a woman can be! Hey, are there even male and female Hyumas?
How am I supposed to know that!? Alright, I’m holding onto you. Now what?
Oceanti: Don’t let go of me. Are you ready!?
Huh!? Whoa! You’re going too fast!
(…I’m starting to get the weirdest déjà vu feeling.)

Anyway they made it safely back to shore.

*huff* …I thought I was going to die.
What!? …What if this Hyuma didn’t come to save you?
Hahaha. I didn’t expect the ocean to be that fierce…
Yo, little one, if not for you, I would’ve been shark food.
Oceanti: Hahaha, the ship left me behind…
I’m sorry.
Oceanti: That’s right, you better be sorry and take responsibility for this! You have to take care of me from now on!
Message: The Hyuma, Oceanti, has been unlocked!
Okay, we can’t hang around here forever. Let’s go to the Portal Shrine.
Portal Shrine? Why are we going there?
That’s where are friends are waitin’ Are you alright? You look pale, bro.
I-I’m fine. Let’s go.
…Sure. You gotta be alright.

When someone says “I-I’m fine” that means they’re not fine at all.

And Aoto was definitely not fine.

Huh? Yo, Aoto, you’re staggering. Are ya alright, bro?
Yeah, this is nothing…
…I don’t think so. Just rest awhile, Aoto.

And he passed out.

How is Aoto faring? He’s been asleep since yesterday.
???: He was swimming in the middle of the ocean for the whole night. I think this is normal.
(Oh…? I think I hear Suzie’s voice…)
???: But, I think it’s about time for him to wake. Oh, I know, why don’t I inject him with some nutrients?
Stick him in his bottom.
???: It’s going to hurt a little bit.
It will be effective for waking him up.
???: I don’t want him to jump up. I’m afraid the needle’ll snap.
…Very well. He is now bound with belts. He is no longer in peril of that happening.
???: But…
Just inject him in his bottom. Aoto himself desires it.
???: I see. If that’s what he really wants--- Then, help me take his pants off.
Certainly. …Oh my…that is quite an angelic sight.
???: Oh really? …Wow, despite his rugged looks, all I’ve gotta say is…cute.

Aoto woke up just in time really.

Oh, you’re awake?
H-hey, stop! Whoa! Why am I being bound down with belts!?
For your own safety, of course.
Give me back my pants! Don’t take them off without my consent, you crazy nymphos!
I only took ‘em off for medical purposes. Don’t think that everything I do is for saucy reasons.
As we repeatedly have to tell you, you only think this game is impute because of all the impure thoughts in your head.
Don’t act like I’m the pervert here!
Hey, you’re receiving medical treatment right now, so don’t yell.
Please give me back my pants… I’m bound…without pants! It’s so pathetic…I think I’m gonna cry…
You are not pathetic. Show some confidence. I like what I see.
So do I. Oh yeah, why don’t we let Tatsumina no Mikoto Kokona see this?
Filament may want to see this, as well.
Hey, I don’t even know some of the people you just mentioned. I don’t want to be on display like some object!
I mean, please just give me back my pants!
There’s nothing to be ashamed of.
Who wouldn’t be ashamed of being in this situation!?
Young boys nowadays are pretty modest…

This story was really running the risk of being inappropriate for children.

Eh…what! I still have my boxers on!?
Yeah, I only took off your pants. I never said I took off your underwear.
It seems that your noodle truly is full of filth. How pathetic…
Well, why don’t we forgive him? After all, we are about to take off his cute, angelic underwear.
I’m going to give you a shot. Don’t worry, we’re only gonna see your butt.
N-no, thanks! I’m alright! In fact, I’ve never felt better!
Make up your mind. Suzunomia, grab his ass for a sec.
Aoto, prepare your mind. Focus on Yurisica’s bosom to distract you from the pain.
…That actually sounds pretty nice.
Alright, are you ready? This is going to hurt very much.
Actually, please sto- Gwaaahhh!

Anyway, they put his clothes back on and everyone got together, including some more unfamiliar faces.

Yeah, but it still hurts.
Dude, grow a pair. Don’t make a fuss, just for getting a shot in the ass, ya know?
Well, now that he’s fine, let’s just leave it at “all is right.”
Anyway, can you explain why you’re here, Doc?
Well, first of all…where shall I begin?
Why don’t we talk about the island first?
Before everyone introduces themselves, it’s probably better to tell him about the island first.
…Very well. I shall begin by talking about this island.
Isn’t is just a desolate island?
That is just the outward appearance. Nevertheless, this is no ordinary island.
There is a very horrifying custom that is being perpetuated on this island.
A Cannibal Carnival?

Suzunomia began to tell the whole story to him.

A human sacrifice…to the island? What does that mean?
As she said, it’s ritualistic homicide, bro. They take her life to show respect to the island.
Otherwise, a disaster will befall the islanders. At least, that’s the legend.
No way… That’s just in the past, right? You can’t do that in modern times.
The tradition continues to this day.
What Jack said is true.
…Who are you?
My name is Filament. Aoto, please believe us. This is a true story.
…You guys must be kidding. Okay, I get it now. Where are the hidden cameras?

…Huh? You guys are joking, right?
Well, we didn’t think you would believe us so easily…
But what we are up against is no joke or folktale. It is a fact of life in our present time.
In fact, I lost my beloved to this absurd tradition.
…Who are you?
My name is Hikari Gojo. I lost her three sacrifices ago.
The time before last was my babe’s turn. And this is Filament. She was picked to be the sacrifice last time.
Oh…you told me they would offer their lives, but they don’t actually die?

It seemed that the previous sacrifice had gone wrong.

I happened to be there to rescue her. She had a terrible injury. If I wasn’t a doctor, she would’ve been finished.
Oh, so you really are a doctor. But, why are you here, Suzie?
I am here to witness the sacrifice. I would make certain that the maiden was safe and sound until the ritual.
Anyhow, I am against the idea of human sacrifices. I took advantage of my role, to thwart the entire ritual, but…

You still don’t believe us, do you? …Alright.
Aoto, look at this. I’ll give you a peek at what’s under the bandage.
Yeah, you’ve got bandages all over your body.
…This scar is from when I tried to kill myself to become the sacrifice.
This is no joke. I’m telling you the truth. This tradition still endures on this island.
Let’s say that it is true…what does all of this have to do with me?
I do not, and have never, lived on this island. I don’t understand why you guys are telling me this out of the blue.

Seriously Aoto is so dumb in this thing.

I did that because they told me Ar Ru was in danger…
…No way! So, the sacrificial maiden this time is…
Indeed, it is Ar Ru… Like all of us, she is also from this island.
So, you’re saying…she will be killed for the sake of this little island?
That’s not true, Aoto. What’s unique about our tradition is the maiden has to volunteer for it of her own free will.
If they force her to become the sacrifice and kill her, it will be meaningless.
No matter how many sacrifices are offered to the island, it will be futile unless a maiden wishes to be one.
That’s ridiculous! Who would choose to become a sacrifice?
I would…
My attachment to life was not greater than my wish for death.
It’s hard to believe, but that situation is not impossible…
But, you failed.
Yes, I failed to die. At that time, unbearable agony coursed through my entire body.
“I hate pain. I don’t want to die.” I cried. And that was when I was disqualified to be the sacrifice.
My desire for life dominated my noble will.

So very dumb.

If we’re lucky.
If we’re lucky!?
Ar Ru wishes to be the sacrifice from the bottom of her heart. But, if we’re lucky, she may fail to die, like me.
I don’t know if she’ll want to live on after that, though.
…Suzie, why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?
Why didn’t you tell me the truth before we came to this island?
Ar Ru told me not to.
Even if I had told you about it, what stranger to this island would believe our story?
She was probably afraid that you would have thought she was insane.
I wouldn’t have judged her like that. But, of course, anyone would have doubts about a story like that.
But not just Ar Ru, I would think everyone on this island must be crazy!
So, you don’t believe that the island would meet with severe disasters if they didn’t offer sacrifices?
Of course not. Are you kidding?
Then, please remember what happened 10 years ago.
Well, that would be…

Aoto was finally getting up to speed.

The island got involved in the war right after she failed to complete the ritual.
In all the history of the island, there was never a previous time that they didn’t offer a sacrifice.
So, to be honest, we don’t know whether the island would have gotten involved in the war if Filament had died.
But we can’t rule it out. It was too much of a coincidence.
But, because of the battles, most of the residents fled the island, right?
Certainly. Only a few remained on the island after that incident.
Most of us now live in the mainland.
Then, it’s ridiculous that Ar Ru, who also lives in the mainland, has to be the sacrifice.
Even if the island does meet with some huge disaster, why would that be any of her business?
The only reason you can say that is because you were born and raised on the mainland.
For us native islanders, this is our home. It’s full of our memories.
And that thought is common among all of the island residents. Ar Ru is no exception.
That is why she wishes to become the sacrifice. So that the tragedy of 10 years ago will never repeat itself.
And there are folks who respect her will and support her ritualistic suicide.
Why didn’t you put a stop to this!? You could’ve stopped her from coming to this island in the first place!
As I told you earlier, it is Ar Ru’s wish. She longs to become the sacrifice in the name of our island.
If your determination is not certain, you could not be able to come to such a decision. We could not easily stop her.
…You disappoint me. I didn’t know you were such a cold-blooded person.

I don’t know that it’s fair she got so mad, since it’s not like he knew what was going on.

Aoto, we have hung all of our hopes on you. We believe you are the only one who can stop her.
You can infuse her with an attachment to life so that she will discard her qualification to become the sacrifice.
When you said you would take her to Chimney Hill, you made this one proud.
That is the place Ar Ru fancies the most. She probably wanted to go there with you before she dies.
She wanted you to remember her for all eternity.
But…I didn’t know there was such a complicated story behind it.
She knew herself that you would be the only one who might be able to change her convictions.
If you were to alter her fate, I believe it may be a good thing.
That’s why I sent you to that place. Plus, Ar Ru should have sent SOS signals to you.
…Well, she said the guy is supposed to take the lead or something.
Tell us more about it.
Well, I thought she was going to confess her love for me…
I was kind of expecting it, but nothing like that happened.
She told me that right as I was feeling sad for myself, so I wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying.

But I didn’t think this was gonna happen.
You idiot! I was a fool to expect so much from you!

On the other hand that was entirely true.

No worries. It ain’t yer fault.
You didn’t know what was really going on. It really isn’t your fault.
Yeah, but you really are a wuss.
That’s right. She said she wanted the man to rake the lead, and you still didn’t do anything.
I was expecting the opposite to happen, and my expectations were completely futile. There’s nothing I could do.
Anyway, I’m gonna go look for Ar Ru and then I’ll convince her.
No, Aoto! Ar Ru will be in the protection of her supporters by now.
They’re really strong warriors. I doubt you’ll stand a chance against them.
Plus, they know what you mean to Ar Ru.
Why is that?
You’ll see soon enough. So, if you go look for her by yourself…
They’ll beat the crap outta you and take you hostage until after the ritual is over.
But I don’t think they know that you’ve come back to the island.
But, that’s only a matter of time. Aoto, you’re our trump card. We can’t let them take ya away!
Okay, then maybe we should bring her here.
Do we have any other allies?
Yeah, she’s a fine swordswoman.
We hafta introduce her to you properly. Wanna come with us?

I can’t believe he didn’t see the comic mishap coming here.

Then take her with you, as well. She’ll act as your messenger anytime you want.
Cielli, it’s your turn!
Sol Cielli: Yes, it’s finally Cielli’s turn to shine!
Ta da! Cielli has arrived!
What a noisy Hyuma…
Don’t say that! Cielli, please stay with this green Uncle Sam.
Who’s an uncle!?
Sol Cielli: Wow! We’re going out! Nice to meet ya, Uncle Sam!
…Do I look like Uncle Sam?
Alright, let’s go, Jack.
Answer me!

They had to pass through the ruined village.

Suzunomia was waiting there.

I said a little too much. I apologize. You did not know the situation.
It’s alright, I understand. I should’ve lived up to Ar Ru’s expectations when I had the chance.
But now that I know what’s going on, we’ll stop Ar Ru, no matter what.
Of course. Besides, under our current circumstances you are our only ray of hope.
The tides have turned. You will not be able to stop Ar Ru with mere rhetoric.
Don’t put too much pressure on me.
Where is Ar Ru anyway? Is she still at the beach hut?
Nay, she should be there no longer. She would have been moved elsewhere.
Then we hafta go search that place for clues.
Don’t fret, bro. I’ve done my homework on that.
I transferred that Hyuma to you when we first met, didn’t I? Didja give her to Ar Ru?
Yeah. She liked her a lot.
Alright, Aoto, hold onto this. Sayako, come on out.
Sayoko: Yes, Sayako-chan reporting in!
Another Hyuma? So, what can she do?
Sayako: I’m connected to my sister. We can sense each other’s whereabouts.
Basically, the Hyuma I gave ya, Yoko Beach, is the signal sender, and she is the signal receiver.
If Ar Ru is with Yoko, we can locate her with this Hyuma.

In theory this was a good plan.

Sayako: You’re supposed to call me Sayako-chan.
Alright, I expect a lot from you, Sayako-chan.
Sayako: Nice to meet ya. Alright, Aoto.
…N-nice to meet you, too, Sayako-chan.
Sayako: Alright. You may expect a lot from me.
Message: The Hyuma, Sayako, has been unlocked.
Where are you all going?
I just realized that I hadn’t introduced her to him yet. Wanna come with us?
Very well.
Uh, if possible, can we stop by the beach hut first?
What for? Don’t tell me you wanna see if Ar Ru is still there.
Well, just in case, you know? It won’t hurt to go.
I am afraid that would simply be a waste of time.
I agree with Suzunomia.
Look, I know where you’re coming from, but…
…Although it would be a waste of time, if you still wish to look, we may as well go there.
Ummm…now I’m not sure if it’s still a good idea to go to the beach hut…

You know Aoto, doing things he’s not sure are good ideas his whole life.

Of course she wasn’t there.

I told you so, did I not?
It seems like you’ve finally realized that it’s better to just believe me. So, why don’t we…
I’ll go check the room just in case.
Hold on a moment, Aoto! You must not do that!
Why not?
Th-that is because…it would be another waste of time.

What is with that look?
…You’re hiding something.
Yeah, I think so, too.
N-no! I am not!
Then, why are you trying to stop me?
We just cannot afford to waste any more time!
I’ll just run upstairs and open the door. It’ll only take a second.
Now I’m curious. Let’s go!
W-wait, you runts! Halt!

And that was when they learned the terrible, terrible truth.

What the hell’s with this bed!? It’s really soft and comfy!
What’s going on here, Suzie!? This is totally different from my room!
…It certainly does look a tad more extravagant than your room.
A tad my ass! The size, interior design, furniture, ambience…it’s a millionfold better than my room!
This is practically a hotel suite, isn’t it? Gwah! It’s even got a private bathroom!
We had to share a public shower!
…Life is unfair.
Today, you have learned a precious lesson. You should be thankful for that.
Well, duh…
Besides, I knew this would be your reaction. That was why I desired to prevent you from coming here.
If you had listened to my advice, you would not have learned such an inconvenient truth. Do you agree?
…Well, in a way…yeah.

Suzunomia put it in a way Aoto could understand. Or would buy.

No, I liked it… It was cozy and kind of comfy.
Aye, you surely took a liking to your room.
However, because you did not value your mentor’s advice, you have placed thyself in this uncomfortable distress.
Ignorance is bliss. Your curiosity is the very reason that you spoiled your precious memories.
Yeah…what you said may be right.
I am right. In other words, this is not my fault, but yours. You failed to listen to your mentor.
I know, I was wrong… Sorry, Suzie. From now on, I’ll listen to you more.
that is a good boy.
Is it just me, or did you just shift all the blame back on him?
Do not be absurd. Now, we shall depart.

They headed to the forest where Aoto had lost the crazy murderer woman.

He was thinking back on that wonderful experience.

Huh? What?
I just remembered the first day I came here. I was chased by a crazy ripper in an abandoned village and ended up here.
Oh, I remember you talking about such a thing.
Ah…that can’t be true. There aren’t any rippers on this island.
Gramps at the beach hut told me that, too, but I saw her with my own eyes. Plus, she even chased me around!
Such a scary street killer doesn’t even exist on the mainland.

What’s wrong, Jack?
W-well, ya know? You’re a man. You shouldn’t be scared of things like that!
Besides, you gotta be strong, or yer gonna strike out with Ar Ru’s heart.
I know that… Alright. I’ll never be scared of that female Freddy again!
You sound truly brave, Aoto! I am certain she will be happy to see you being so courageous…
Alright, let’s head out before he changes his mind again.
There’s a place with less trees a little farther down, and there’s a little hut in the middle of it.

I swear this stupid hut is a real place in Metafalss, how did it end up in here?

Yo, it’s me! You in there?
Yes. I shall open the door right now.
What’s wrong? Is something suspicious going on…?
What!? You’re that medieval, female Freddy!
What!? Y-you are Aoto! Why are you here!?
…He is utterly frightened.
It seems that way… Hey, calm down, man. She’s not a killer.
Her name’s Sakia Lumei. She’s one of us.
Wait a second. Why do you keep calling me a killer, ripper, and Freddy?
Well, what do you expect when you brandish a big sword in that outfit?
That outfit? I never mentioned that to you guys…
…Y-you guys were in on it!?
No, I just taught her how to act like a real star.
What did you teach me!? That was completely useless!
But, why did you two do something so strange?
It was just a little test. We wanted to see if Aoto would easily succumb to her temptation.
Sarapatra was at the beach hut, right? I knew she would hit on him.
Was Sarapatra trying to help her become the sacrifice, as well?
That’s right. Her goal was to completely enthrall you into being her slave.
By taking you away from Ar Ru, she tried to make Ar Ru shake off her attachment to you.

I don’t know that the logic of that is entirely sound but then again what else is in this?

I thought so as well, but the main point is, Ar Ru asked Sarapatra to do it.
It appears Ar Ru had a plan or tow of her own.
So, now you know that Ar Ru wanted to test your integrity.
Plus, I asked her to try hitting on you because her figure is the most similar to Sarapatra’s we have.
…She was hitting on me?
But it turned out to be a huge failure.
Stop! Just forget about it! I feel pathetic whenever I think back on it…
I know you didn’t fall for her trap and all, but Sarapatra did the same thing to you, right?
Y-yeah…that night, in the room.
How could you resist her? Most dudes would fall victim to such a beautiful babe.
Well, that was because I already have someone I really like.
If you had told Ar Ru your true feelings, this would not have happened.
I’m sorry! I’ve apologized to you a million times already!
So, no matter how many beautiful chicks we sent after you, it would all be futile, huh?

Aoto spoiled everything as he always does.

I-idiot! Do you think I would rejoice at such a cheap compliment?
No, I’m just weak against a girl’s shyness.
C-cut it out! If you continue, I’ll cut your head off!
Calm down, Sakia Lumei. If you cut him down now, we’ll never stop Ar Ru.
Kh…that is true, but…
So, you’re their friend, right? Does that mean you were born here, too?
I am a resident of this island. I never left this place.
Why not?
I must stop whoever chooses to become the sacrifice. As long as I live on this island, I can handle any trouble.
After Yurisica saved Filament’s life, she is the one who helped her escape the island.
I am not fond of this islands customs. I wish the disaster would destroy the island itself.
But this island is your homeland, right?
Unfortunately, I was born in this land. It is a tragic origin that I am ashamed of.
Who could be proud of such a cursed homeland that cannot maintain its existence without the spilling of blood?
No one could. That is why no one except for those who were born here know about this.
Well, Aoto, you are the lone exception.
Well, I don’t feel honored about that.

And that’s when the writers remembered that stories need conflict.

That voice!
Good afternoon, Aoto. So, you came back to the island.
Tch, you knew?
I didn’t think you would…I mean, they would let you get back so easily.
I knew there were those who want to stop the sacrifice, just as there are those, like me, who embrace our customs.
And, I knew they would never let Aoto, the only boy who could change Ar Ru’s mind, go home so easily.
Although, it was beyond my expectations to suspect Suzunomia would defect to their side.
She was charged with seeing to it that Ar Ru would choose to be the sacrifice for this decade. Weren’t you one of us?
Ar Ru has broken free from under my wing a long time ago. My duty has been fulfilled.
Now I have no further obligation to observe the sacrifice. Now that I am off-duty, there is no reason to obey your orders.
I never betrayed you, for we were never allies in the first place.
…Oh well. Anyhow, Ar Ru is now with us…
…By her own free will, of course. So, would you all please get the hell outta here and stop bothering us.
Screw that. We’re here to keep that from happening.
You want to thwart Ar Ru’s own plan? Are you going to forcibly kidnap her or something?

That’s really a better plan than what they were planning.

If her attachment to life grows greater than her death wish, this will all be prevented, right?
If that’s the case, then I’ll change the situation. I’ll change Ar Ru’s mind.
…Then, I can’t let you go. Until Ar Ru fulfills her will, I must confine you.
I doubt that’s even possible. If you want to take Aoto away, you must defeat us first.
I thought you would say that. …Sakiel!
Sakiel: Yes, ma’am. Let’s beat ‘em up and hold him hostage…until Ar Ru fulfills her own duty.
So, you don’t intend to kill me?
Of course not. I just don’t want you to prevent the sacrifice from happening.
You don’t want to kill us, either, right?
I see. …Now I’m relieved.
H-hey, Aoto!?
As long as I know my life isn’t in danger, I have nothing to fear. I’ll bear through it and capture you instead!
Sakiel: …Is he insane?
According to Ar Ru, he’s an ultra special super idiot.
Sakiel: I see…then, we should teach him a lesson or tow.
What is this half-pint Hyuma mumbling about? Everyone, let me handle them!
No, you can’t! Step back! You can’t defeat the two of them single-handedly!
Don’t underestimate me. They’re barely good enough to be considered a warm-up exercise…

Sakiel wasn’t exactly happy about Aoto’s insults.

Sakiel: You called a lady a “half-pint Hyuma?”
What the hell was that!? No way! Did that little Hyuma just…!?
I told you, step back!
Aoto, you are the one who is underestimating the enemy. They have no intent to kill us…
Yet, they will certainly try to inflict us with unbearable agony to torture us.
Don’t worry. I promise I won’t break any bones. But you better prepare yourselves for multiple traumatic injuries.
So, Sakiel, would you be a dear and fire off a few more cannons?
Sakiel: Of course! He’s gotta pay the price for calling me a half-pint!

Ooh, exciting. Anyway, that’s where this episode ends. How can this story get more exciting? No, seriously, how?

Message: Dr. Aoto awoke to find himself fighting a new virus with his self-proclaimed sister, Tyria and his new temp, Saki.
However, in the middle of her concert, which should be her real job, an incident occurred.

In response to your cheers, we’ll sing our brand new song!
Cheers: Cocona! Cocona!
I’m not Cocona! I’m Sakkyun!
Message: When the fans start chanting the wrong cheer, her anger reaches its boiling point.
And, for some unknown reason, the target of her anger…is Aoto.

Huh? I just put you in a gentle headlock. Are you really crying? I didn’t know you were so weak.
You smile so kindly, but you really are violent…grr!
Message: Aoto feared he was in great danger from the murderous strength of her arms…

Oh, my self proclaimed sister! But, why are you smiling so proudly!?
Message: In the face of his self-proclaimed sister’s appearance, Aoto felt that this must have been pre-scripted.
At this point in his life, he had been considering changing careers to become a private eye, instead of a doctor.
Next time on Space Doctor Aoto: Career Change!

That’s cuz it’s made from cutting edge technology. Huh? Why am I crying? I feel like I lost something really important.