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Part 71: Elemia Island,

There are still more of these silly things, I’m not even sure what is going on. I mean I know Aoto is playing a character and all but taking this long to resolve the story?

Video Record- “Elemia Island 4”


When we left our story, they were being attacked by Soma and a Hyuma.

Aoto, lower your head!
That was close! Thanks, man. You saved my life, Sakia Lumei.
Don’t lose focus! The second shot is coming!
Sakiel: Once again!
Calm down! This is not something that can’t be evaded, as long as you focus on the enemy!
But, the way I figure it, the enemy is a badass trickster.
Sakiel: You called me a half-pint, and now you’re calling my thunderbolt a trick? You’re really pissing me off!
Uh-oh. You seem to have invoked Sakiel’s wrath. The price for that will be pretty high.
I didn’t think you were gonna give us a discount before that. Sakia Lumei, take Aoto and run away.
It would be against my maxim to run away from an enemy, but I have no choice…
Jack, are you going to handle them all by yourself?
Sakia Lumei would help a lot, but to be honest, it’s almost impossible to fight them while protecting you and Suzunomia.
I’ll hold them off for now. You two escape!
Worry not. Jack is a fine warrior. I shan’t say he can vanquish them easily, but I also doubt he will lose to them.
Heed us and retreat with me!

They needed to get moving to try and find Ar Ru.

…Okay. Jack, be careful!
No sweat, bro. Just get the hell outta here!
This way! Hurry!

They pulled back to the beach hut.

Suzunomia noted a serious problem with how she was dressed when they arrived.

Y-yeah. Are you okay, Suzie?
…It was difficult to run in these garments.
I shall take some off. You two, please hold on here.
Jack… Are you sure this is gonna be alright?
That should not be your concern. There are things that only you can handle.
You should concentrate on them, and let me worry about all the other tasks.
Okay…but, where did Ar Ru go?
Sayako: Hello! It seems like it’s time for me to help you all…
Sayako, have you detected Ar Ru’s location?
Sayako: I can only detect Yoko’s location. Do you still want me to detect it?
Please. We don’t have much time left.
Sayako: Alright! It’s time to search! Hmmm…
…You don’t look all that serious.
Even so, we have no other choice now. Let’s believe in her and wait for her results.

She returned about in time for Sayako’s result.

I’m having her find the location of Yoko Beach.
Wow, Suzie, are you going in that outfit?
What choice do I have? Because it is a kimono, only taking some of it off would not ameliorate the situation.
First of all, I don’t quite understand why you came to a tropical island in a kimono.
I agree with Sakia.

There was, as it turned out, a compelling reason.

…Suzie, that’s big news to us!
Sayako: Ahun!
Nyah!? Fool! Don’t make such a strange noise!
Sayako: I did it because I sensed a strong sensation…
So, have you located Yoko’s whereabouts!?
Sayako: W-wait a second. Let me change receiving modes. This isn’t right.
…Whew. Now it’s normal. I was scared for a second…
You’re the one who scared the crap out of us. So, where is she?
Sayako: Farther north of here. Oh…it feels like she’s in an underground space.
What? Don’t tell me there’s a big cave…
North…underground… It must be those ruins…
So it seems. That is the best place for her to hide.
Do you know where it is?
That was the old base where my military group was stationed. Of course, it’s no longer in use.
Yet, it was built like a giant labyrinth. You must not dare to try running through it. Understand?
Shall we go now? Aoto, is your mind prepared?
Of course. We’ll stop Ar Ru, no matter what.

They had to travel through the beach to reach the ruins in question.

Someone familiar was there.

Sol Clusty: Oh, you’re the stranger who tried to do something strange to an innocent girl.
Aoto, what did you do!?
You’re mistaken! I thought I explained that to you already…
Sol Clusty: I know that. You were scared of the murderous swordswoman, right?
But, there are no indiscriminate murderers on this island. Are you sure you encountered such a figure?
Y-yeah, but…it’s more like…
…Why are you looking at me?
N-no, nevermind.
Sol Clusty: Hello, Ms. Sakia Lumei. You have been with them.
Do you two know each other?
Sol Clusty: Of course. Oh, Ms. Sakia Lumei, please beware of the indiscriminate, murderous swordswoman.
Aoto says there is an extremely deadly swordswoman in a swimsuit who brandishes a sword and chases you around.
…I see. I shall be careful.
Sol Clusty: Very well. I shall continue patrolling this place. Everyone, please stay cautious.

Sakia Lumei was not amused.

Uh, if you kill me, you won’t be able to convince Ar Ru!
Aoto…that would be a villain’s line to raise a death flag.
Kh…I can’t forgive him, but he speaks the truth. Until Ar Ru is saved, I shall keep your head on your wicked body.
(…That so wasn’t my fault.)

They headed to the ruined military base.

It was still much as it had been since the war’s end.

This place used to be a military base. The opposing army attacked this area with pinpoint precision.
Although, thanks to that bit of mercy, the village has been left intact.
It would be useless to annihilate a village that doesn’t have any residents.
An intact hamlet without any residents…what could be any creepier?
I feel the same way.
So, where’s the entrance to the village?
It’s difficult to locate the entrance, buried in the debris, but it is nearby.
…Oh, that’s it? Well, it’s darker inside than I thought it would be.
It goes without saying, there is no power supply. Beware of your steps.
Sakako, it’s about your time to shine.
Sayako: Yes! It seems like Yoko is inside.
Alright, let’s go in!

The base was almost as much of a wreck inside.

You haven’t been to many military bases, have you?
Consider this as an anthropological field study. Imprint this view into your mind.
Now is not the time for academic research, is it!?
How forgetful of me. Pardon an old habit from a veteran teacher.
A so called occupational hazard? What a nuisance.
Nay, teaching is a joyous occupation. Sakia Lumei, why shan’t you try teaching pupils once or twice?
Once we thwart Ar Ru’s suicidal plan, you will no longer need to stay on this island.
Hmm…that is true. I have no need to stay on such a cursed island.
Very well, once this is all settled, I shall become a teacher, like you.
Well, you might need to draft a resume first. While you were here, you farmed crops for yourself, have you not?
Besides farming, I am capable of foraging, hunting and gathering. The ocean is full of nutrients.
…I surmise it will be a long journey for you to become a teacher.
I could teach how to catch fish.
There’s no such fishing class.
(But, if there was, it might be kind of fun.)
Sayako: Hey, folks, could you be quiet? I can’t concentrate on my search.
You cannot locate her without concentrating? How inconvenient.
Sayako: Don’t say it’s inconvenient. It’s the only skill I can show off.
So, what did you find out? Are we close?
Sayako: Yeah, it’s not like they are right nearby, but they’re closer to us than we thought. This way!
!? Wait, Sayako! Someone’s over there!

They encountered the enemy once again.

Oh!? Y-you guys! Why are you here?
It seems like our speculation was quite accurate.
Kh! I can’t believe they found us!
Anyhow, be still. I shan’t let you disturb us.
Hmph! I’m not gonna get caught so easily!
Hold on! You will not escape! Suzunomia, wait for me right here, and make sure Aoto stays with you!
Let us go farther.
Are you sure it’s gonna be okay? It’s like a giant labyrinth inside, right?
It is not a real labyrinth. Besides, this one has been to this place before, and we have Sayako.
Anyway, we seek to find Ar Ru now.
Alright, let’s go.
Sayako: Oh…I can feel we’re getting close.
You’ve been saying that for a while now.
Sayako: Hey, don’t blame me. It’s because the signals that Yoko is sending are too weak.
In any case, I am certain that she is nearby. There is no need to hurry.
Now think of what you have to say when you face Ar Ru.

What is the matter?

Aoto actually had thought about this for a while.

I don’t know why exactly, but for her and you, Suzie, this is a very important place, right?
But, you don’t seem that sad… I was just wondering why that is…
…I have similar thoughts to Sakia Lumei’s.
I am ashamed that we maintain our home by feeding on residents’ blood. We cannot talk about this to outlanders.
Yet, even those who are appalled by this tradition and left the island wish to maintain it, to reminisce on their home.
What would be more absurd than having to keep killing someone from this island in order for such corrupt reminiscing?
I wish this entire island would crumble into shards of rock in the ocean. Suzunomia truly hopes for that.

Unfortunately, they had walked right into a trap.

Who are you!?
???: Hi! I’ve been waiting for ya, Aoto and Suzunomia.
You…look like Sakiel, the Hyuma that Soma was taking around.
Fin’el: That’s correct. I’m Fin’el. I’m one of the Hyuma Angels.
Anyway, I’ll give her back to you.
Yoko Beach: Kyah!
Sayako: Y-Yoko!? Are you alright? Pull yourself together!
Yoko Beach: Urgh…I’m sorry. I tried to keep up with Ar Ru, but…
…What does that mean? Is Ar Ru somewhere else now?
!? No! This is a trap!
Sarapatra’s objective was to separate me from Sakia Lumei!
Fin’el: So, you finally realized that? Although…it’s too late now.
Anyways, my master told me to capture all of you.
I just don’t wanna be too rough. It’s so tedious, doing something when the outcome is already set.
Kh! Suzie, is there any way out of this!?
…It seems like it is prudent to give up on trying to resist.
To be honest, I wish I could let you run away while I hold this wench off, but…
Fin’el: That’s right. Aoto can’t find his way out of here by himself. You don’t remember where you came from, do you?
We must obey them now.
And wait for reinforcements to arrive. We have no other choice.
Fin’el: That’s right. By the way, there’s a very comfortable prison farther down from here.
If you don’t mind, let me escort you there. Sound good?

She led them down to the cells.

That is not true. Nevertheless, I had not expected to be captured this easily.
What is Sakia Lumei doing right now? She’s not chasing Sarapatra around, is she?
It has been quite a while since she began doing that. I don’t believe she would still be giving chase to her.
But if I am correct, then the only other possibility would be…
Someone ambushed her?
Fin’el: Oh, you’re smart enough to figure that out, are you? You surprise me.
Fin’el: Hi, you guys. How’s prison life treating you? Are either of you walking funny yet?
How would that be possible? Although, it is proving to not be quite as bad as I initially thought it would be.
Hey, did you do anything to Sakia Lumei?
Fin’el: No, I did not. But, I heard there are three Hyuma Angels, including me.
One of the other two may be playing with her right now.
Damn! Let me outta here!
Fin’el: That line is so cliché. Do you think that request is ever granted?
Kh…I feel like I was just insulted in a big way.
What do you mean, “like?” You were just insulted in a big way.
I was? That’s it! I’ll never forgive you! Grr!
Fin’el: It’s no use punching the door, you’ll only hurt your hand. Well, you can make as many ugly noises as you want.
I don’t mind the sound of desperate men struggling.
Damn you! I will break out of here! I swear!
Fin’el: *sigh*…All that energy is actually tiring to watch.

It seemed they did get one part right, though.

Did you just say Ar Ru!?
…Yes, you’re right.
Ar Ru! What are you doing here!?
I came to see what was going on… I was worried about you two, so…
We are uninjured, as you can see. You need not worry about us.
I see… I’m very relieved.
Ar Ru, are you really gonna sacrifice yourself for the sake of this small island?
Yes, I am. …Ms. Suzunomia, you violated the rules. We must never tell an outsider about our traditions.
There is no such rule that states we cannot tell outlanders about our traditions.
You all simply assumed that no one would entrust our shameful secret to anyone not from our island. How naïve.
Ar Ru, they told me everything. You don’t have to do this. Please stop!
…No, I can’t.
I must become the sacrifice. I mean, I want to be the sacrifice.
I want to maintain the order of this island for as long as I can.
So, I must accomplish this, no matter what.

I’ve never really gotten the whole idea of dying for something, really always been more one to cheat and win without such things.

The other natives might rejoice in your sacrifice, but you’ll still die. Don’t you understand that!?
You’ll never understand my patriotism, or how badly I want to restore safety and peace to this island…
How can I understand!? You’re flat out wrong! Your hometown is more valuable than your life!? Well, it’s not!
Most of the locals don’t even live here anymore. Why do you still want to protect this island at such a cost!?
To protect all the memories.
Not just my memories. Most of the residents left this island because of the war that occurred 10 years ago.
And yet, a myriad of our memories still remain here.
I want to keep them safe and sound forever, even at the cost of my own life.
Why do you need to keep them so badly!?
Sure, the others might appreciate it, but you’ll die in exchange for it!
Even if you give your life up for the island’s sake, you’ll only extend its life for 10 years.
The price of your entire life is only worth 10 years of peace for this island!? You’re getting gypped!
…Well, sure, 10 years is too short. It should be at least 100 years.
So then…
But, I can’t cop out.
But even if you do die now, someone else will have to sacrifice themselves in another 10 years.
If you sacrifice your life, someone else that you protected must die to keep this cursed spiral going!
That’s so meaningless!
Don’t worry. After me, there should not be any need for another sacrifice.
…What do you mean?

Ar Ru explained why she would be the final sacrifice.

10 years ago, everyone left the island. So, even if a girl was born that year, she would be 10 years old now.
She will be 20 by the time we need another sacrifice, so she will no longer be a girl.
Therefore, I shall be the final sacrifice for this island.
So you mean…this island is doomed to be devastated by a catastrophe in 10 years?
That’s right. Even if I defend this island, no one will come back to this island.
But, 10 years means a lot to me. Even if it is only 10 years, I want my island to live longer.
I want to defend my homeland. I will gladly give up my life to be the final sacrifice…for the island that I love.

So, it’s already been decided? You won’t ever reconsider?
No. I have made up my mind…

He finally stopped being an idiot and trying to convince her with logic, which he’d already been told wouldn’t work.

Please think it over again. I don’t want you to die.
I like you, Ar Ru. I was never able to tell you before, but I really do…

…Ar Ru?
I’m glad you think about me so much.
Now I have no regrets.
I’m satisfied with my life. Now I can gladly give my life for this island, without hesitation.

!? Wait! Ar Ru, let me ask you one question…
…What is it?
Your feelings about me…I confessed my true feelings for you…
So, what do you think about me? How do you really feel towards me?

Ar Ru!
No! …I’ve already decided to do this! If I say it, my determination may falter.
Ah! Ar Ru! Stop! Don’t do it!

You know, it’s not a surprise Sarapatra is a villain in these so much, she was a pretty terrible person in mythology.

You seem to have managed to escape from Sakia Lumei.
Uh-huh. I was a little scared, though our tactic worked great.
She must be struggling with that Hyuma as we speak.
So, Sakia was attacked by a Hyuma? Shit, what can we do now…?
How pathetic, Aoto. You should’ve let me comfort you when I came to your room that one night.
Even after Ar Ru died, I would’ve still kept protecting you.
So, you’re supposed to be Ar Ru’s substitute? Don’t make me laugh.
Sure, you’re hot, but you’re no Ar Ru.
How sweet, Aoto. You must care for Ar Ru a lot.
D-don’t tease me!
I’m not. I just realized…it’s no wonder why you didn’t fall for me, no matter how hard I tried to seduce you.
Unless…did you already know of our tactics back then?
If I did know, I wouldn’t have regretted my decision…not even for a second.
Oh, so you did have regrets? I see… Then, it wasn’t completely useless.
Anyway, it’s not too late. If you change your mind, my offer is still valid. What do you say?
I decline.
Oh, you’re clearer about that now than you were before. You hurt my feelings a little.
Oh well… In any event, Ar Ru will be gone from this world forever in just a few hours.

It seemed they didn’t have much time to waste. They were going to need a way out soon.

The reason Ar Ru came to see you is because she wanted to say goodbye.
We don’t have time… Even if Jack and Sakia Lumei are stuck, maybe Kokona can…
They do not know we are here. We must handle this by ourselves.
Hmhm. I’ll watch you handle this situation. How can you perform a dramatic twist from here?
Reinforcements… Who can come to our rescue right now…?
…Oh yeah! I can ask her!
Do you have a plan?
The odds are thing, but if what she told me really was true, then maybe…

The old stand and gloat routine is really satisfying but if you take it too long it’s always got negative consequences.

Help me, Clusty! We’re being held hostage!
Clusty… If I remember correctly, she is the Hyuma who maintains order on this island.
How can a Hyuma hear you yell for help…?
Sol Clusty: Just one moment…ma’am!
Sol Clusty: Sol Clusty has arrived!
Oh, she really did come to save us!
You really came, Clusty.
Sol Clusty: I told you I would come to rescue you anytime, anywhere.
Fin’el: Why did you come here? You’re not trying to thwart us, are you?
Sol Clusty: Of course I am! I have zero tolerance for any kind of abductions!
Fin’el: Oh, then…wanna rumble? If you’re a Hyuma, I shall not go easy on you.
Sol Clusty: You dare to attack a security guard? What a wicked criminal!
I’m glad I brought my friend, who’s in charge of violent crimes.
You have an ally!?
Folster: I don’t deserve to be called something as noble as an ally. My name is Folster. I’m nothing more than a humble samurai.
…You’re not a knight?

Don’t call samurai knights by the way, if that ever comes up.

…Hmmm, maybe this Hyuma is just another wannabe hero. Anyway, why is it so rude to call a samurai a knight?
I do not know. Perhaps it is because no other samurai in all of history has ever been called a knight…
Sol Clusty: Folster, we must save them first. That’s our top priority. Take her down as quickly as possible!
Folster: Understood. You shall become a stain on my dear blade, Eckskalibah!
Fin’el: Eckskalibah? That’s so fishy. I’ll get rid of you right now!
Folster: Kh…this is nothing!
Fin’el: You withstood it!?
Folster: You are off-guard!
Fin’el: Gyahhh!
Folster: And you, as well!
Folster: …Now, everything has been settled.
H-hey, are you alright? You took their attacks right to the face!
Folster: This humble soul is accustomed to battle. They say a samurai, even in hunger, uses a toothpick like a stuffed overlord.
That would be called bravado.
Sol Clusty: Hey, Folster! Even if they are murder suspects, you must not take justice into your own hands!
Folster: I used a fake blade. I did not cut them down. They are just passed out.
Now, it’s time to rescue them. Folks, please take a few steps back.
…They look cut to me.
Anyway, we must escape now! Let us return to the Portal Shrine and see if Jack has returned there.
Sol Clusty: I smell a murder case. Folster, we’re going with them!
Folster: Very well.
Message: The Hyuma, Fin’el, has been unlocked. The Hyuma, Folster, has been unlocked.

They rushed back to the shrine.

Kokona was there when they arrived.

Kokona, have Jack or Sakia returned yet?
N-no…but why? Weren’t they with you?
They have not returned yet… Then, they must still be…
W-wait a sec! If something happened, you gotta tell me from the beginning.
Uh, we were being held hostage until about a minute ago.
Sol Cielli: Whoa! It’s an emergency!
Cielli? Why are you in such a big hurry?
Sol Cielly: Kokona! Uncle and Sakia are in a crisis!

That’s it for now, we’ll start on the exciting climax of this tale next time.

Message: However, thanks to Aoto’s treatment, they managed to quell the crisis.
And yet, the treatment Aoto performed had a serious side effect.

Rendeisha: That’s so boring!
Totora: Please read us the rest of Lord Rah and Cro’s Duel in the Bathtub! Blank cards are lame…
This is an educational tool to stimulate your imaginations, so you’ll be able to envision pictures on the blank cards.
(Anyone who can do that must suffer from serious hallucinations or extreme eyesight abnormalities.)
Message: Under the influence of the side effect, Saki begins teaching a bizarre educational curriculum to the children.
In order to save Saki, she has returned!

I am the developer of Unit Z-1. This is the successor to Unit Z-1, Unit Z-2. Please take good care of it.
To serve Aoto, I mean my Master, I shall devote myself whole heartedly.
Oh…Unit Z-2…you’re such a helpful assistant. Let’s treat Saki together!
Message: Having put his full, gullible trust into the Z series, Aoto realizes his own naivete.

Please don’t worry. I’m just a robot. Viruses can’t do any harm to me. You don’t need to panic at all.
But I’m human! Hey, let go of me! This is really dangerous! The infection level is Red!
Message: Aoto’s miserable body is completely infected by the viruses. Consequently, he becomes a space monster.
However, in order to stop his rampage, a lone warrior appears!

Wait, Space Witch Girl! That’s my Master, who has been infected by viruses.
But, he is also a virus himself. Therefore, he is a target for termination.
I guess you’re right. Master, I mean, Virus! Give up already and be terminated!
Message: With no hope for rehabilitation, what will happen to Aoto!? The answer is simple: He’s screwed!
Final Episode! Space Doctor Aoto: Qoga!

Wait, I don’t need to imagine it. I can see your underwear beneath the towel.
Errr! That is incorrect. It looks like underwear, but actually…