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Part 72: Elemia Island, Episode 5 Part 1

Well, we’re on the final episode of this now I suppose.

Video Record- “Elemia Island 5 Part 1”


Last time they had just been told that Jack and Sakia Lumei were in trouble, which they pretty much knew.

Dammit! That’s exactly what I predicted!
So, what happened? What do you mean, held hostage?
They discovered the transmitter on Yoko Beach, who was accompanying Ar Ru.
I met Ar Ru also, and she does not seem to be willing to change her mind.
No…then, there’s no way we can handle this situation?
I don’t know about that, but I do know that Ar Ru’s still alive. Isn’t it a little too early to give up on her?
…Yeah, Aoto’s right.
In any event, we do not seem to have much time left. Cielli, where are Jack and the others?
Sol Cielli: At the hotel ruins. Hurry or they’ll kill Uncle Jack!
She is right. Kokona, I apologize for the trouble, but will you tell them to go there when they return?
Sure. Please hurry. I’ll tell them to go there as soon as they come back.
Clusty, Folster, will you stay with us for a little longer?
Folster: We’re already involved in this. I shall accompany you until the very end.
Sol Clusty: We are not allowed to cause any casualties on this island.
Do you think that Hyuma called Sakiel is still there?
Did you forget that she said there were three Hyuma Angels?
Proceed with caution. If you make a single mistake, we may all be doomed.
…I know. Alright, let’s head out!

They rushed to the site of the battle.

It was that old hotel Aoto saw in the distance when they were going to Chimney Hill a few days back.

Needless to say, this is a resort hotel. Well, it used to be…
In any case, we must find Jack immediately.
!? Suzie, look over there!
Sakiel: Geez, you guys don’t know when to give up.
???: Humans are so impertinent.
Damn…! Don’t assume you’ve got the upper hand, just because you can use some weird tricks.
Jack, we can’t lose focus. Our physical strength is reaching its limit.
Oh, that’s good news to us. So, may I consider this battle a victory?
I am not so sure of that. You should know your physical limitations, as well.
Jack, Sakia!
How fortuitous. You two seem well.
Aoto!? Suzunomia!?
Are you guys okay!?
Just barely. Folster, Cielli, please back us up now!
Sol Cielli: Roger that, Captain! Folster, no matter how I look at it, that Hyuma is nothing but a villain!
Folster: That is obvious. I shall be your opponent today, villains!
…You surprise me. I never imagined that you could escape from there.
Hmph, didja think we would just sit and wait in that filthy prison until everything was over?

It seemed the tides of the battle had turned.

Wait, will you let me handle this?
You have a group of allies, yet you want to have a one-on-one duel?
Ever since I fell into Sarapatra’s trap. I have been furious.
You’re trying to vent your stress on me? Well, you’re welcome to try, but I’m afraid it’ll just multiply your stress.
I am not so certain of that. Come at me, villain!
Alright…I wont’ go easy on ya!
Hmph! Too slow!
No way!
Take this!
Whoa…my suit!
My apologies, but I do not want you to disturb us any further. Now you are powerless…
…You really are strong.
Oh, did you have misgivings regarding her swordsmanship?
Well, not that I think about it, I never actually saw her fight before.
Aoto! Suzunomia!
We’re late. Is everyone alright?
Great, you finally made it. Well, we’re all fine, so far.

And with the others arriving, Soma had no choice but to surrender.

Do you finally give up?
Yep, I surrender. We’re all worn out, and you have so many allies.
Oh, you changed your mind pretty quickly. I thought you were gonna make a final, suicidal charge or something.
I wouldn’t do that. No one would risk their life for such a trivial matter, except maybe Ar Ru…

Anyway, I’ll treat your injuries. Sakia Lumei, Jack, come over here.
Don’t worry ‘bout me. I ain’t got much injuries.
I can’t do that. Please show me your wounds.
Hey, can you see to Soma’s wounds, too?
She is our enemy. She may attack us again as soon as she recovers.
Ar Ru is willing to give her life in order to save all of the residents of this island.
Soma’s from this island, too, right? That means she’s one of the people Ar Ru wants to save. We can’t let her die.
…How lenient.
I’m only doing it for Ar Ru’s sake. Besides, you weren’t going to kill us in the first place, were you?
You just wanted to keep us from disturbing Ar Ru until she completes her ritual suicide.
…Of course. Didn’t I say that already? This island is a very important place to all of us.
Because of that, we must minimize the casualties. We shall not stain our sacred homeland with bloodshed…

That was kind of almost a cool thing, it’s like Aoto sometimes forgets to be totally useless.

…Alright, sure. I’ll treat your injuries.
Even though your extreme means shouldn’t be praised, your strong will to defend our island certainly should be.
I can’t ignore someone who shares the same feelings as Jack’s beloved.
…Well, yeah.

Sakiel, Tyriel, you guys can stop now. Our job is over.
Sakiel: Soma!?
Tyriel: What are you saying?
We lost to them. It’s pointless to keep fighting.
Tyriel: You’re the one who lost to them. We aren’t done yet.
Sakiel: Yeah, we still have the upper hand.
Folster: Don’t be stupid! You have not yet defeated me!
Tyriel: Tch, you better give up already!
Tyriel, it’s over! Plus, if you continue to fight, those Hyumas won’t be your only opponents.
Can you handle Sakia Lumei, Jack, and all the others double-handedly?
Sakiel: …Alright, if my master commands me to surrender, I must obey.
Thank you, Sakiel. Tyriel, you too.

Tyriel had other ideas.

Folster: Do you still want to fight?
Tyriel: …Well, you really outnumber us. Actually, I think I’ll just go back to my master and tell him what happened.
Folster: What!? Wait!
Sol Cielli: Folster, you mustn’t chase them any further! You’re pretty worn out, too.
Folster, are you okay?
Folster: …Her thunderbolt trick isn’t something that I can afford to take so many times in a row.
Yurisica, can you take a look at them, too?
Sure, but I have never treated a Hyuma before. I can’t guarantee their safety. Is that okay?
Sol Cielli: Hyumas are basically the same as humans, because our appearance is just like a human’s.
…You guys are sort of like fairies, right? Are you sure it’ll be alright?
Soma, if you surrender, then please tell us one thing… Where is Ar Ru at the present moment?
…She should be with Tyriel’s master. Ar Ru should be heading to the spot where she will become the sacrifice.
Where is Tyriel’s master?
…I don’t know. I was merely told to hold you all off until everything was over.
She probably didn’t tell me where the location is just in case I lost to you.
Oh yeah! If Ar Ru is going to be the sacrifice, then they must’ve prepared a really special place for the ritual.
If we can get there before they arrive…

As it happened, there was no set location for the ritual.

The maiden who will become the sacrifice usually chooses a place that is full of their memories.
Therefore, there is no one fixed location for it. I do now know where that place would be.
No way… But, Tyriel went back to her master, right?
Sakiel, don’t you have any idea where Tyriel went? If you do, then we can figure out where Ar Ru is.
Sakiel: I don’t know. We both belong to the same group of Hymas, but we can’t sense each other’s locations.
How much time do we have left?
20 minutes. We have no time to spare.
…We may only be able to search one spot.
If we split up and look for her in different places…
You must find her. It would be meaningless if you don’t find her.
If one of us found her and asked her to wait for you, do you believe she would wait? Of course not.
Then, what should we do?
Please calm down, Aoto. Losing your composure now won’t help.
I’m sorry. …My body is not intact, so…
Filament, do you have any ideas? You were about to become a sacrifice, too, right?
Ar Ru and I are different. Besides, I know next to nothing about Ar Ru, so I have no idea.
You don’t say…

There was only one person who could do this.

How am I supposed to know? I don’t know anything about this island…
You should know where Ar Ru’s favorite place on this entire island is.
…But, what if my guess is wrong?
Don’t worry. If you really are special to her, she should’ve given you a hint.
Please try to remember every single thing that she said.

Does that mean Ar Ru is unwilling to die?
It’s different than unwillingness. She probably just couldn’t make the final decision.
The last time I saw Ar Ru, she told me that she already made up her mind…
Then, she wouldn’t have given you a hint.
But even though that’s what she said, her mind is still struggling to maintain her conviction.
So, if you can create a situation where she can’t help but have second thoughts, her final answer will emerge.
…Can I really do that?
No one else can do it, except for you. Please go now.
A-alright. Folster, Cielli, can you go with me?
Folster: Yes, we still have some strength left…
Sol Cielli: No, Folster! We are both still groggy from the last battle.
Folster: But without me, he may not be able to handle himself against Tyriel…
Sol Cielli: You’re completely powerless now. You’ll only end up getting in his way.
We mustn’t hinder him in this desperate time.

They were in trouble, until they got some unexpected aid.

You don’t have to apologize. You’ve been a great help up until now. From here on, I gotta go by myself.
Lout! It is too dangerous to go by yourself. I shall give you company.
Although, the only thing I can do for you is be your human shield.

Sakiel, please go with Aoto.
Hey, what are you saying now?
If what Filament said is true, it would be a serious violation.
Until Ar Ru is 100% certain, we can’t rule out the possibility of Aoto’s wasteful demise. I can’t allow that.
So, Sakiel, please help Aoto stop Ar Ru for now.
Sakiel: You’re my master, so I don’t mind, but won’t Aoto oppose that?
Nope. If you’ll really help me, it would be really nice!
Sakiel: Okay then. I guess I’ll help you guys.
Message: The Hyuma, Sakiel, has been unlocked.
Now, think, Aoto. Where did she go?
The place where Ar Ru must be right now… The place that Ar Ru treasures the most in her memories…

Quite obvious really.

Chimney Hill was of course the right place to go.

Chimney Hill, of which her cherished memories were the most valuable.
Sakiel: …Look, there she is, over there.
Ar Ru!
Aoto…what are you doing here!?
Isn’t it obvious? You told me this is the most precious place for you.

Alright, Ar Ru, it’s over. You’re coming back with us.
Tyriel: That won’t happen. I won’t let you take Ar Ru away.
For the sake of the island, I have to ensure she goes through with the sacrifice.
Tyriel! So that means...your master is around here somewhere.
???: Tyriel’s master is me.
What’s up, dude…and Suzunomia?
You’re the gramps from the beach hut. You’re the mastermind!
I never expected you to ever come back. Plus, I thought you were imprisoned in our underground dungeon…
How could I just sit there and do nothing!? Now, let Ar Ru go!
Outlander, don’t meddle in our business. This is an old custom.
Plus, Ar Ru herself is willing to do this job. There’s no reason for us to let you take her with you.
Aoto, I already told you at the prison. I want to maintain this island in the most peaceful way possible.
If I don’t die, another war…or something even worse, might happen to this island.

Aoto said some things that weren’t totally stupid here.

…Is that true, Ar Ru?
He’s lying. I have no attachments.
Aoto, please don’t misunderstand me. If you keep doing that, everyone will think of you as an idiot.
Hahaha. You’re the one who doesn’t understand. I’m not an idiot…I’m an ULTRA SPECIAL SUPER IDIOT, right?
That’s what you told me, the cretin who misunderstood you, developed the wrong expectations, and failed you.

Ar Ru, please don’t die. I understand how much this island means to you…
But you’re no less important than that to me.
So, please! Stop doing this! Come back to the mainland with me, okay?

Ar Ru!
…It’s just about time. I’ll leave the rest to you.
As you wish, holy lamb. Die a sacred death for us.
Wait, Ar Ru!
Up there…is she going to jump off from such a height?
We won’t make the same mistake again. We’re so high, there’s no chance you’ll survive. I’m not worried at all.
I won’t let her die! Move!

Still, it seemed this wasn’t going to be so easy.

Tyriel: Sure, Master. I’ll blow this puny boy with one…
Sakiel: Did you think it would be that easy? Don’t forget, I’m on his side.
Tyriel: …Are you going to betray us?
Sakiel: …Soma told me that Ar Ru may still have a slight hesitation about ending her life.
I don’t care about this island. It’s none of my concern.
But, since my master, Soma, told me to help Aoto. I must obey her decree.
Tyriel: Hmph, it seems like it can’t be helped. Then, you can go to sleep for a while.
Sakiel: Hmph. Don’t steal my line, copycat.
Aoto, I’ll hold off Tyriel. Why don’t you go save Ar Ru?
I will, but before that, I have to take care of this old man.
You think you can handle me? How naïve. I’m pretty damn strong, ya know?
Sure. I can tell that with just a glance, muscle man. Alright, Suzie, please call everyone else over here.
Are you certain you can handle this man?
Not really, so you better make it quick. I have to chase Ar Ru after this.
Very well. I wish you the best of luck.

He was going to have to fight the old man.

!? Hmph, you’ve got a strong punch.
It didn’t work on him…?
It hurt a little bit…for a peewee boxer.
You knew you couldn’t beat me in a bull fight, didn’t you, kid?
Damn it! It’s not enough!
What’s up, kiddo? Trying to scratch my back? Do you really think you can knock me out like that?
Get out of my way!
Not gonna happen!
Gyah! *cough* …Shit.
Yo, you may not understand our custom, but this is something we’ve been doing for ages.
So, can you stop messing with us? This is a pretty serious deal for us.
Don’t make me laugh! You sacrifice the sanctity of human life for something so trivial, and you say it’s serious?
You’re obsessed with some stupid superstition, and kill people in the name of sacrifice. You guys are insane!
Outlander, stop right there! In order to maintain the island’s peace and order, we need to do this!
It’s a superstition! How do you know that war 10 years ago wasn’t just a coincidence!?

It seemed as though he did know it wasn’t, though.

How can you say that for sure!?
There is one…that decides who should be the sacrifice every decade!
Ever since we failed to offer the sacrifice, 20 years ago, It has been watching us closely…even now.
…Who the hell is It?
How am I supposed to know? Even though I’m a resident of this island, I have only seen It a few times…
But I know It is nearby…waiting impatiently to savor the next sacrifice.
Are you serious? I really think you’re insane.
Can’t you sense It? It’s watching us. Its eyes are as sharp as a lurking, hungry wolf.
I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Hehe, I caught you off guard. Now’s my chance to go stop Ar Ru.
…No, it’s too late! Look up there!
What…? Ar Ru!? You’ve ascended over there!?

It seemed it was too late to physically stop her.

Tyriel: …The game is over, Sakiel, why don’t we end this?
Sakiel: It’s not over yet!
Tyriel: This isn’t a game. I was just keeping you away from Aoto.
Ar Ru! Hey, Ar Ru! Can you hear me!? Answer me!
It’s no use! You’re too late!
…Things are becoming dire.
Suzie!? You’re back!?
…I brought everyone back with me, but…it seems that we were a little too late.
Is she gonna jump off from there!?
No way… If she jumps from that altitude, there’s no way she’ll survive.
Aoto, can’t ya just stop her!?
I’m trying! But, she’s not listening to me…
Don’t give up! Ar Ru is still over there. Her feet are still on the ground!
We still have a ray of hope. Now, all that matters are your words that tell her how precious she is to you.
Sakia Lumei…
Please, Aoto, stop Ar Ru. Don’t let anyone else die for this island.
That’s right! There’s no reason to give any more fine babes to this stupid island!
…I know.
I won’t let anyone take Ar Ru away. Especially, not this island!
I will take away all of her feelings for this island!
(That is, if she still has any feelings for me…)

Okay, you know what? I’m not even going to go on for now. How do you think he pulled this off?