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Part 75: Synthesis Roundup 5

The story’s over, you know. You kids should be satisfied and go to sleep. Seriously? Not tired yet? Fine. Let me tell you about more of Aoto’s ridiculous creations.

...Those are some very sharp swords.
No, they're not swords. Well, I suppose they're as sharp as swords...
It may not be a sword per se, but it's something one uses to attack enemies all the same.
But why are there so many of them? One person can't use them all at once.
Just watch, and let me finish it.

I hear some crazy guy back in the day made a robot that shoots these.

...Just watching it come together is giving me goose bumps for some reason.
Well, it looks like an electric fan.
That doesn't look like a normal electric fan to me.
If you turn it on, these blades start to turn.
Well, they're supposed to be fan blades, not regular blades.
...So, will these blades actually fly?
You bet. When it speeds up enough, they fly to enemies, spinning fast as hell. It's awesome.
You may be the only person in the world who would call such a horrifying phenomenon awesome.
So, what should we name it? Electric Fan?
That would be lame. So what about Twister Machine?
...That's a little misleading. What about Rolling Slicer?

He was trying to make some loaded dice for nefarious purposes.

Are these...dice?
Yeah, they're pretty well made, aren't they?

...I rolled this die 5 times, and 4 times it came up 1.
Aoto, you didn't put a little weight in it, did you? It's not a loaded die, is it?
Why would I make loaded dice? It's just a coincidence.
Besides, it's not that rare to get the same result four times out of five.
...It's pretty rare, actually. Mathematically, the odds of that are 5 in 7,776 times.
Don't complain until you've rolled it a few times.
Here, I'll roll them myself and prove it's just your imagination.

It’s a good thing Spica’s too busy with her other, um, endeavors to try and kidnap Aoto and force him to create weapons of mass destruction out of random things.

...Hmm, apparently the dice are angry.
Did you make them angry?
I didn't do anything... This is obviously just bad luck, right?
These are the dice you were making, right? What made them look like this?
You guys said these were loaded dice, so that pissed me off, and since then I've been rolling them constantly.
I rolled both of them together 10 times, and got a total of 18 1's.
I thought something was wrong with the dice, but it was too late...
What do you mean?
...They've become like this.
I was watching the whole thing, and this incident was totally out of the blue.
I don't yet understand exactly what happened.
...So what are you going to do with them?
I think they could make good weapons if you threw them at an enemy.
Then should we call this one complete?
...Are you sure that's what you wanted to achieve out of this synthesis?
Uh, sure! Absolutely! I'll name them, Cyclone Dice!
...I'd prefer a little more mysterious name.
For instance, something along the lines of...Endicepedia?

I mean I’d be obligated to help her conquer the world and that would be so much work.

What I'm making this time is a little bit different than usual.
First of all, don't you think pretty much everything we make with synthesis counts as different?
This is hardly the same, Doc. This is different-different, that other stuff was just normal-different.
...What's the difference between the differents? ...Nevermind, what're you making this time?
Long story short, this time I'm making a self-destruct button. Or, something like that.
You're making a self-destruct button?
Well, it's more like, you know, something like a self-destruct button, but not exactly.
It'll be more like something where we don't know what'll happen if it doesn't wind up exploding itself.
I don't know why you're making such weird stuff when you could be making a venom or a panacea.

Seriously he created a button that controls the weather. Thank Goddess he never found a recipe for one of those miniature Ar Tonelicos, or he’d have blown the world up. Or ended up with a pancake maker.

...I may have discovered something more dangerous than a self-destruct button.
I can't imagine anything more lethal than that.
This is...!?
Oh, Tyria, you've noticed.
This is an item to control the weather.
More precisely, it can temporarily summon storms. can really summon storms with this little button?
I know it's hard to believe, but it's true.
Aoto, you're finally able to make stuff on par with what real alchemists used to make.
Well, I've gone through a lot. Of course I've learned something along the way.
I didn't think anyone could make such a miraculous device so easily, but am I wrong this time?
It's right here in front of us. You have to admit it.
...Not that I want to admit it either.
Oh...I thought so.
I think I'll name it the Stormbringer Button.
If this is such a powerful item that it can control the weather, it deserves a better name than that.
I agree. I'd like to offer Air Boom Algorithm.

Aoto brand goods continued to be of the lowest quality.

*sigh* ...I wish we had more money.
It's not a good idea to think about making something good by spending more money in synthesis.
The intrinsic part of synthesis is about making something amazing using what you already have.
If you spend money on ingredients, then we'll go broke without even buying regular items.
What's important is your creativity and the compatibility of your ingredients, not their cost.
If ingredients can make a good combination, then you can innovate a revolutionizing item.
So, I think knowledge about the ingredients is more important than your budget.
Well, that's true, but...
Then, why don't you make something valuable out of cheap ingredients?
That's a great idea!
...That's a bad idea.

I mean this one was just an obvious money grab.

...I don't think you can make much money.
I'll be satisfied if I can make any money.
What are you saying!? I put so much effort into this creation!
Then, answer this: How much would you spend to buy an eco bag with an ugly design like this?
I wouldn't pay 1 leaf for this piece of crap.
See? I wouldn't buy this, either.
What is this painting? You're holding money in both hands?
It looks like a depiction of your desire for wealth.
Aoto, I didn't know you were so hungry for riches.
Please don't talk to me as if I were a gold digging aunt.
Can we call this Avaricious Bag?
Well, I'd rather name it something a little softer than that...
For example, Ego Bag.
...Do you think this is going to sell well?

His taste continued to be absolutely terrible.

That's quite a flamboyant material you're using.
Huh? Flamboyant? This is just a leopard print.
Aoto, most people would think that a leopard print is flamboyant.
Oh, really? I personally don't think so at all. depends greatly on what you use the leopard print for.
As long as you don't make something like a coat, then you'll be fine.
If you made a leopard coat, I seriously wouldn't be able to travel with you anymore.
People would think we're a touring troupe of illicit professionals.
Don't worry, I'll make something that's much cuter than a pimp coat.

I’m surprised he didn’t just go ahead and make a leopard coat anyway but what he did was still a crime, as expected.

Alright. I think it's done.
I still think it's kind of too<CR>busy-looking, but sure.
I think it's kind of cute.
It's a hat for young people, I suppose.
Yeah. I thought about the trend when I was making it.
Is flamboyant in vogue right now? Ar Ciel has changed quite a bit.
Is it really all that flamboyant? I personally don't think so at all.
That means you're young.
Don't treat me like a child.
I'm not. I'm just stating a fact.
So, what name are you going to give this?
I'm curious. I can't fall asleep until I hear it.
I came up with Puchi Devil Hat, because they call this an impish style hat.
Oh, so this is supposed to be in the impish style...
Impish...? I've never heard of it. Is that a sign of my old age?
Don't worry, you're still young.
Tyria, you don't sound very convincing...
Anyway, I think Pink Strump Hat is a good name for it.

I mean hell, he tries to make useful things sometimes.

I think this gas mask can be more effective if you make a whole suit of armor.
That might be a good idea. Then this could protect you from physical attacks, too.
I think that's a good idea, too.
That's a good idea for something Aoto came up with.
What do you mean, "for something Aoto came up with?"
Well, I kind of like the way regular gas masks look, so I don't want to change its shape, per se.
Yeah, that's right. If this becomes stronger without changing its appearance, that would be great.
Then, let's coat this gas mask with this substance.
I see. That seems relatively easy.

But he just has to make it ugly with all that sparkly stuff. It’s like he’s a ten year old girl. No offense.

How is it!? Really cool, huh!?
Super cool?
It's shiny and gaudy with all those accessories. I don't like it.
Aoto, just because you didn't change its appearance doesn't mean it's cool to add a bunch of stuff.
Gas masks are supposed to be more plain-looking, by and large.
I think you started the process with something other than that gas mask.
...Oh my goodness.
But here. It sure looks like it'll protect your head from attacks.
It seems to be really sturdy and useful, putting its unglamorous looks aside.
...Oh yeah! That's right!
What counts isn't its design, but its practicality, right!?
...That's a poor excuse.
Just come up with a name for it.
I'll call it Dandy Safety Mask.
Huh? I didn't know we had any dandies in our party...
I'll be one in the future. So, until then, I must protect my face.
Your face won't be all that dandy in the future.
It should be Elderly Safety Mask.
...I feel like my hopes for a bright future have been dashed...

He just didn’t think things through before he started them.

They're so colorful. What are you making out of those?
A Rainbow Crayon!
You've already named it, too? This is dangerously close to following the pattern of a Jacqlian Dinner...
Dinner...? Actually, I'm getting hungry...
Aoto, you're losing focus. You have to concentrate on your synthesis.
Oh yeah! Cocona, don't mention such expensive foods when I'm working!
But it's like a plain meal set from Finnel's bistro...
A plain meal set, huh? I love those things.
So, you're not going to concentrate?

Obviously mere mentions of my cooking can, sight unseen, cause people to lose concentration. Stop snickering, I hear that.

Alright! The Rainbow Crayon is done!
No, Crayonic Disaster.
What kind of name is that!? Can't I just name it the Rainbow Crayon?
This crayon looks rainbow-colored, but if you use it, you will see that its color is awful.
So I can't approve that name. It would be a scam.
Oh, you're right! It looks like all seven colors are mixed together.
Ungh...what is this...?
You're the creator, Aoto. Why are you so surprised?
I told you that you should've concentrated...
This is your fault, Cocona! You brought up dinner.
Just mentioning dinner shouldn't break your focus!
...What a childish quarrel...

He worked hard to inflict his bad taste on everyone else, too.

Doc, why don't you change your glasses?
To completely change your look. It wouldn't be a bad thing to do every once in a while.
A Four-Eyes has the ability to do that pretty easily.
Really...? But I don't know what type of glasses to wear.
If you wear glasses with lenses that are in a totally different shape, you'll look totally different.
What about star-shaped lenses?
Aoto, please don't force that on me.
They would look like party props. If you wore them every day, people would think you're a freak.
I see, so stars won't work...

I mean seriously, who would wear those things?

I made them crescents!
Well, I can see that you tried, but...

What is it, Tyria?
...You'll be a perverted doctor.
Tyria, don't be rude to the Doc.
You're the creator, Aoto.
Aoto, why did you make the shape of the glasses like this?
The crescent moon harbors many kinds of charms.
These glasses will protect you from a myriad of mishaps.
That's a surprisingly decent answer...
Let's call them Crescent Glasses!
I would call them Geezer Glasses.
Anyone who wears these will look like a pervert...

He did create at least one thing that could have made him rich, though.

I think I'll make something for Cocona. What do you think I should make?
Huh? Anything?
Yeah, just name it.
I'm the one making it, so shouldn't I get the final say?
Then, please make me a Gergo. I haven't hugged Gergo for a long time.
...Gergo? That sounds familiar...or maybe not...
Then, why don't I make that Gergo thing?

I mean all he’d need was a sweatshop to churn those out.

Alright, it's done now! Wanna check out your Gergo?
Wow, it's been too long!
She seems to love him very much.
Yes! I love this cute face!
He's so adorable... Tyria, what do you think?
Don't ask me such a hard question to answer.
It this something you can put on your arm?
Yeah, and he can carry small stuff inside of him. He's pretty convenient.
I don't think you can hug him, but he'll hug your arm. So please overlook the imperfections, okay?
That's totally fine. I even like him better that way!
So, what is going to be the name of this thing?
Holding Gergo.
...Let's change it to Gergo Fit.
I think that's a cute name, but it also sounds a little dangerous.

He did manage to make some cool things though.

I shall escort everyone who has gathered at this meeting to a world of pure fantasy.
Cocona, I believe Aoto has lost it.
He hasn't cracked, he's probably just obsessed with another impromptu idea.
Why you little...! I was acting like a cool host, you know!?
Aoto, you have to know who you are before you can talk about fantasies.
If someone like you talks about fantasies, people'll think you're talking about fanaticism.
Don't say that... Well, I should be used to it by now...

There are some applications for his ridiculous sparkle fetish.

The Shooting Star Jar is done! How does that sound? Fantastical, right?
This is incredible! I can't believe Aoto made something like this!
Well, the entirety of my gruesome synthesis experience hasn't gone to waste.
Why did you call them shooting stars? They look like regular stars to me.
Shake the container lightly. You'll see why.
...!? The stars are rising to the skies and falling...
Wow...maybe this could make a fancy decoration in someone's private bedroom.
I told you, didn't I? It really is a fancy and fantastical item, right?
...The stars are shooting.
Our planet will become one of those shooting stars after it burns out...
...You just destroyed the romantic mood...
Let's name this Stars of Legend.

He even reciprocated Tyria’s gift to him.

This is kinda nostalgic...
Are you making something that you've made before?
Oh, can't you tell from the parts?
I know what it is. It's a radio, right?
Oh, did you also make one as a kid?
All boys should have that experience. The joy that came from finishing it for the first time is still raw.
...Is a radio something fun to make?
Yeah, it's almost addicting!
Aoto's right.
...I don't understand men.

He could be almost human at times.

Alright, the Singing Radio is done!
It looks cute.
Yeah, I made it for Tyria.
You don't know much about current news and trends, do you?
So, I thought you could at least get to know about modern music using this thing.
But I think this is missing a dial.
She's right. You can't adjust the frequency without it.
The frequency is automatically adjusted.
It senses the owner's voice and chooses the right music for them.
How can you make such a miraculous thing?
Anyways, please take good care of it.
Okay, I'll find time for myself to use this as often as I can.
And, for the name, I'll call it Mind Receiver.

Saki tried to use that ugly bag, but wasn’t happy with it.

So, regarding this Ego Bag...
Oh, what did you think? You're okay with using it, right?
Y-yes, it's made of sturdy material, so I can carry heavy things inside of it.
Right? And it's kind of fancy, I think.
Huh? What is it?
Well, uh…
I don't know about that... It feels like people are always staring at it for some reason.
I don't know... I feel quite uncomfortable.
I see... Is it because of the art that's printed on it?
Y-yes! That's what I thought, too!
Maybe the message this piece of art sends is way too strong.
I think that's why people stare at it...with disturbed feelings.
I think they are really disturbed, or is that just me?

It’s because it’s horrible and you’re horrible Aoto.