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Part 76: Synthesis Roundup 6

They had a stopover in Ciela Gate at one point in their travels.

Tyria, do you like Ciela Gate?
Why do you ask?
When we were walking down Clockwork Street, you were constantly looking around.
So, I thought it intrigued your curiosity or something.
Not really. I just thought it was a little lonesome.
Lonesome? Why?
It seemed lively, but there were few passersby.
I think that big street should be abound with hundreds of pedestrians.
I know what you mean…
I think it wasn't the busiest hour of the day.
Most of the people in that town work at the Moebius Factory during the daytime.
Plus, now isn't the time to walk around the streets, having fun.
I see. When this journey is over, I want to go back to Clockwork Street.

He just made a bucket of medicine. A straight bucket.

...Maybe we should stop him from finishing this one...
What's up, Doc?
I think there's something wrong with what Aoto's trying to make.
Huh? An energy drink that we can all get healed from? What about it?
...Why is it in a bucket?
I'll admit to wondering the same thing.
Well, so it can hold a lot of liquid, right?
...I don't dispute your statement, but you didn't have to choose a bucket.
But we're still in the middle of making it.
Why don't we wait and see how it turns out. We can decide if anything is wrong with it then.
After all, even something that starts good can end up terrible. So conversely...
I see...if your hypothesis is right, then by starting with something terrible...
...Something amazing can be created. Alright, let's do it! I'll handle it from here!
(Of course, what starts out terrible can end terrible as well, but I won't say that out loud...)

You know, you don’t even need to drink this stuff. I used to just dump it on people and they’d still be healed.

Alright! It’s done!
Done? What's done? How do you figure?
What do you mean? There it is, right there.
...All I see is a strange and foreign liquid inside a large bucket.
Right! It's enough for everyone to share. Just take a cup and dip it in for a drink.
What, like at a gym?
Yeah, like they share a bucket full of Gate-a-Raid.
But this isn't just some refreshing beverage, this is medicine. You have to be mindful of the doses...
Who cares? We're all friends here, it's not like we've got cooties. Heck, let's all use the same cup!
One party, one cup! A simultaneous toast to our camaraderie!
...This does not bode well for us...
Anyways, who cares? The All B-Good is finished!
What a horrible name, as always. It should be called Neo Lives B.

Don’t ask why energy drinks heal people.

...Aoto, what in the world are you making?
I'm making a kickass energy drink that we can all share.
After all, it's better if everyone can get healed together than one person at a time, don't you think?
Plus, what I'm making right now is mega powerful! One sip of it and you'll recover from any injury!
Our enemies do seem to be growing steadily more dangerous. That sounds like a great help to us.
I know you can heal us with Song Magic, but I'd rather you focused on attacking than healing.
After all, your Song Magic is more powerful than our physical attacks, but we can heal with medicine.
...I see what you mean. Alright, Aoto, good luck on your medicine!

They just do. I still wouldn’t make a whole barrel of them though.

Whew. It's perfect!
Th-this is... larger than I thought it would be.
I hate when it's lukewarm, so I tried to make a really cool container for it. So... um...
You made it, so you get to carry it.
Aww, come on, really? That doesn't seem fair, since I went through all the trouble of making it...
Aoto, I hate to say this, but I don't have it in me to carry this around.
I mean, I'm not the kind of guy who's had a lot of practice with physically demanding labor...
Aoto, you're the only one in the party strong enough to carry it. Can we count on you? Please?
Oh, really? Well, if you're counting on me so much, how could I refuse?
...He's so easy, sometimes.
Perhaps, but isn't it convenient?
By the way, what should we call this stuff? Since I'm carrying it, I'm thinking Spunky Monkey V!
...Looking at him, the name Blue Tea Commune comes to mind.
…!? How does this have anything to do with me?

Synthesis is well known for smelling terrible.

...It stinks...and it stings my nose.
It's seriously Grade-A stinky. How can we get rid of this stench?
Don't think that doctors always know about every kind of medicine. I've never seen such medicine before.
Of course you haven't, because we're just inventing it.
This stinks a little too much for us to use it comfortably.
Don't worry. I'll cover up the smell somehow...
We're supposed to swallow this stuff. It'll be torture if I can't make it edible.
I know good pills always taste awful, but this smells awful as well. It's too much to handle...

That doesn’t make actually using those things any better.

I'm telling you, forget about the smell. I promise I'll fix it.
I don't think it's too unbearable to swallow, but I don't think I would ever like it...
I'm in full agreement with her...
So, I used this herbal leaf to wrap it up. Hopefully this will offset the bad smell.
You know this smell is too heinous to be completely covered up by one little herb...
So, what effect does it have?
Put simply, it can increase the damage you deal to enemies.
It's like a steroid to boost your strength for a little while.
I's got nothing to do with me, then.
Are you disappointed?
Hardly. I'm relieved.
Hey, don't be so rude... But, well, I mean, I don't want to take it, either...
I can't imagine who would... So what's the name of it, so we can finally put it away?
Colossal Powder, I guess? How do you like it?
The only thing that truly fits it is Hell Smell Powder.

They started trying to make armor at one point.

Whew...robust armor is so time-consuming to create.
I understand why weapons cost so much. our work really up to the challenge?
It does look strong. It seems like a sword wouldn't even scratch it.
But this is way too heavy and scary. I don't think I can move that fast while wearing it.
I think we should remodel it. Even if the armor is strong, if we can't move quickly in it, we're doomed.
Alright...why don't we try grinding it down a bit, and removing some of the excess weight?

Don’t even know how you get to the end they did.

...At what point did this go so terribly, terribly awry?
It's not even armor anymore. It's
Don't be silly you guys. This is amazing.
If you pour it over your head, this oily goo hardens into a really solid armor that protects your body.
Look, no ordinary sword or club can break through it.
This liquid is really that powerful?
But if it's that hard, how can we move around in it?
Don't worry about that. It doesn't restrict your movement at all.
How can you even do that? Would you mind telling me how to make such an amazing substance?
Um...I can't tell you. It's, uh, it's a secret, forbidden recipe, passed down by... Um... Through...
...Or you just made it by accident and didn't take any notes, so you can never make it again?
...How could you tell?
There was an awkward pause before you opened your mouth.
A-anyway, it's done! So, I think the name of it should be Rock-Hard Oil!
You were originally trying to make armor, so it should be Fluid Armor.

I think some of these items just work by sheer will.

It's kind of late to bring this up now, but this boosts your speed, right? Is that good for your body?
What do you mean?
You start moving at extremely rapid speeds. How do your brain and nerves catch up with you?
You'll get so confused by the lag that you'll lose control of your thoughts and actions.
Aoto, you're wrong.
Agility is, after all, the speed of your nervous system.
Therefore, you'll be able to move your body accordingly. So there's no need to worry.
I see. I've used something similar to this before, but I never noticed it.
But what if your body can't follow what your nerves are telling it to do?
Don't worry. Human bodies are more solidly built than we tend to think.
Plus, it only lasts for a few minutes, so it won't affect the everyday workings of your body.
I see...I'm relieved to hear that. I'll make a good batch!

Or by stabbing someone.

How can I use this without fearing for my own safety!?
What are you talking about? I put so much time and effort into this! Don't be so mean!
You haven't even tried it yet, so don't be so quick to judge it!
Then, why don't you try it on yourself first, Aoto?

Um...I don't want to use it, either.
...Are you supposed to stab this into your body?
Yeah, this pointy tip will go into your body, and turn the whole thing.
Then the rest is obvious if you've ever seen a spring-powered doll move. You'll gain rapid agility!
I said human bodies are solidly built, but they're not that simply built.
But it seems like it does have the same effect, after all.
...The mysteries of the human body.
Maybe I should read a medical book. That was really educational. I'm curious about the human body now.
I think I'll call it the Screw Needle. Is that okay?
I think it should have a more truthful name, like Prodding Needle.

Whereas some are refreshingly prosaic.

Tyria, do you know what roller skates are?
I've never heard of them. What are they?
Aoto, you're not making some, are you?
Well, not exactly, but...
If you've never heard of roller skates before, you probably can't wear them.
It requires training to use them properly, unless of course you've got exceptional balance already.
Hmm... I'll have to think about how to fix that.
Huh? But I thought you said you weren't making roller skates.

I mean those are entirely normal.

...These are roller skates.
They may look the same, but these are much faster than regular roller skates.
...Then we'll have to be even more careful with them, especially if any children want to use them.
I don't think anyone will be using them besides us.
...These shoes have wheels on the soles. It's difficult to walk straight.
You aren't supposed to walk with them. You're supposed to skate.
They're faster than walking, once you get used to them, but it'll be hard just to stand until then.
Just wear them for a while and you'll get the hang of it.
Yes, I will.
Just remember to be careful. In the beginning, everyone falls.
...Am I doing it right?
Wow, you've got perfect balance already.
Is that unusual? So then, I start... So this is skating, huh?
...You're skating like a pro. Have you really never done this before? Ever?
Yes, never. It requires a token of effort to balance, but otherwise there's no hindrance to my walking.
...She's not falling. Everyone falls. At least, usually they do.
She's not your everyday girl. So, what do you think the name should be?
...I thought you said they were called Roller Skates?
No, I said it was an Accelerator, since they go faster than regular roller skates.
I would rather call it Sonic Charger.

They worked on some more stuff designed to improve their combat capabilities.

To get a tough, strong body, what do you think you need to do?
Go to Bow Tie Boot Camp and get some more muscle.
Undertake a W.H.S. surgery or go through the Z.H.P.
...What is that? Anyway, does that really make your body firm, like rock or steel?
Well, what Tyria said was right, in a way.
...You're not saying, "Let's bodymod Cocona," or anything, right?
No, we're not going to go that far.
I know what Aoto's thinking, because his ideas are always simple and boring.
Hey, that's not very complimentary, is it?
It's a good thing to be simple. It's much better than being too complicated.
Really? Hey, if you're gonna give me a compliment, give me a more obvious one.
...I don't believe either of those really qualified as compliments...

Still I wouldn’t suggest actually taking any of this garbage.

Alright, it's done! Now we can make our bodies as firm as iron.
...So what, we're doping now?
Don't use that terminology! That sounds illegal! This medicine just makes your body hard, like iron.
That actually sounds worse than quote unquote doping.
It's as I expected. Your ideas always are simple.
I appreciate your compliment, but could you stop describing me as simple?
...I told you, that's NEVER a compliment..
So what do you wish to call it?
I thought up the name Membrane Solidifier.
Doesn't that sound too academic? I was thinking Petrifying Drink sounds better.
...Reminds me of Medusa's head. Oh well, as long as its effects are obvious...

He started working on something terribly strange and complicated.

Aoto, why are you smearing that sticky substance on your jacket?
When this dries, it gets really hard.
I don't know what it's made of, but it gets harder than iron.
I know that's a great scientific discovery and all, but not knowing how it works is problematic.
I can help. I know what that substance is, what its components are, and everything about it.
Are you serious!? Then tell me what this is first.
It's going to be a very complicated story. Are you okay with that...?
Wait, that'll make my head hurt, so I better pass...
I'm a little interested. Can you continue?
Alright. Well, first of all, the components of this liquid...
Do that somewhere else! I hate hearing complicated discussions!

He made an armor that maybe it’s better he didn’t understand.

It’s finished!
My explanation is done, as well.
You guys were talking for a long time.
...Doc, why are you crying?
I'm just so moved... I had no idea this was such a miraculous liquid...
Did you guys talk about some sad story?
No, I told him a non-fiction story.
That story must never be retold. For the sake of divine-mortal relations, I'll take it to my grave.
Please do. If the truth spreads, it will cause untold havoc to sweep through humanity.
Now I'm curious. Can you tell me, too?
It’s going to be a very complicated story. Are you okay with that…?
Alright! The name is going to be Heavy Bio! That's it! No difficult crap!

Now, why don't you come up with a name or two, you guys?
...Hexavalent Membrane.
Urgh...that name is... *sob* I can't keep the tears back...
Damn it... If only it wasn't such a complicated story, I would love to listen to it.

They’d been finding a lot of armor that looked sort of like platinum, and Aoto decided to try his hand at creating some.

I'm thinking of making a luxurious suit of armor.
I think that's a tough goal to achieve.
As far as I can see, it's going to turn out to be a merely dignified looking suit of heavy armor.
Maybe for now.
But I'll make sure to create a really luxurious-looking one. So, no worries!
I'm a little worried that you're gonna ignore everything other than its luxuriousness.

Why would you wear platinum armor?

And so my worries are, once again, completely justified...
I wanted to make it look luxurious. How could I achieve that without doing something like this?
But that doesn't mean you have to make it so gilded.
This is actually not golden. To be more precise, this is made of platinum.
Oh, you knew that? You're so sharp, Tyria. You seem to know a lot.
But I don't think we can expect too much protection from it.
Right. Platinum can easily be penetrated by a sword or spear.
What makes you think I failed to make something that has both looks and function?
Of course I reinforced it. A sword can't even scratch it now.
You mean, this isn't pure platinum?
I don't like the way you phrased that, but that's right.
Well, since looking luxurious was your goal, I guess fake platinum works too, right?
As long as it functions as armor, it doesn't matter.
By the way, I thought up a name for it, Platinum Suit. How do you like it?
I like Faux Platinum Suit better. First of all, this isn't pure, so it's not Platinum.

And finally, he inflicted one last crime against fashion on the world.

Tyria, do you like frills?
I hate them, actually. I find them annoying.

Uh...were you going to make something with a lot of frills for her?
Yeah...and I just learned how to be excited about making things like this...
Then you should finish it. Don't give up.
First you discourage me, and now you want me to finish it?
I just gave you an honest answer. It's your fault for asking me the right question at the wrong time.
She's got you there.
Urgh...this humiliation, this anger...I'll vent them all on the frills!

I would never wear anything like this. Ever. No matter what Spica says.

What do you think!? I finished the Lethal Frills!
...It's full of frills and ribbons.
Don't say it's annoying. I take great pride in my work.
It's called Gothic Lolita.
What is that? I don't even know what you're talking about.
...How could you make this without knowing what Goth Loli is?
I just attached frills and ribbons to ordinary clothes. What's wrong with that?
You just decorated a regular dress with a random number of frills and ribbons?
Well, I made some modifications to it, of course. Otherwise, it'd be easily torn apart in battle, right?
Since a girl will be wearing this, if it gets torn, it'll cause a big problem.
So, Tyria, what do you want to call it?
I don't want to give a name to clothes that are full of frills.
Don't say that. Please? I worked so hard on this one.
...Then...what about Frill Frill Friller?

And that’s the end of the story. At least as far as what really happened. I’ve been working on an alternate scenario, I might get your father to help me tell it.