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Part 77: Finnel's Soulspace, Level 6

While I was messing around a while back I found something an, um, old friend had written to simulate a different chain of events on Metafalss. I figured I’d use it to see what could have been on Sol Cluster. I need to oversee the program, though, so I need a bit of help this time to tell the story.

Video Record- “Finnel 6”


So I guess this is a Dive that didn’t happen? Your mother didn’t really explain much, she said it’d be funnier if I didn’t know.

...! Oh, I remember now. I died. But, my body's still intact...and...I'm obviously alive...
Is this...the Underworld?
It looks like a Paradise, but...there's a dangerous-looking guy in the center. Wasn't he from Level 1?
Where's Finnel? And Soma...?
Hmmm hmm...
You're Soma's Familiar...Kabotatsu!
Master's in big trouble. Please come lend your assistance!
Okay, I'm coming!

I guess he would have followed the… pumpkin witch frog?

That sounds like the sort of thing he’d do.

Soma! You're wounded badly! What the hell is going on!?
Hehe. As you can see, the fusion was successful, but I ended up getting involved in the seed you'd sown.
There is no winner in this game. No matter what you do, all the paths lead here. It's a linear track to our demise.
We must suffer in a worse situation. That is what her Cosmosphere wants us to do.
That's crazy! Then, what are we fighting for!?
I don't know. I have no idea what the meaning of this whole absurdity could possibly be.
This much, though, I can say. My soul will be expelled from this vessel shortly.
My umbilical cord is about to snap. It's the lifeline that connects my will to my body. Without it, I'll be gone.
An umbilical cord...!? Then, we aren't dead yet...?
That's right. We are now caught between life and death.
Hehehe...I can't believe myself. What a fiasco. As soon as I start to care, I fall to this humiliation.
No...Finnel wouldn't do such a thing...
Hey, where is Finnel right now!? I have to teach her a lesson.

So I guess Finnel had multiple people inside her? Anyway the heavily armed chick in her underwear filled him in on the problem.

Wait! If both of you are kicked out of this world, then who'll stay in it afterwards!?
Don't tell me it's Yurisica...
That's not possible. I don't sense her around here.
She's wiser than she looks. When the tide's not her friend, she hides, biding her time, waiting for another chance.
Then who!?
Finnel's essense. You can call it the Sublime Will.
As I told you before, Aoto, you should be careful, as well. She unwittingly gets us caught in her traps.
I'm not sure what her essential self wants, but it's crystal clear that we're involved in her masochistic ego trip.
No sane person would ever expel herself from her body.
Aoto, this is my final official warning: Stay away from her, for your own safety.
If you ignore it, you and Finnel will be in much harsher situations. I have no doubt of that.
Go back right away. Never get close to her.

I guess real life Aoto listened to one of those warnings. Doing something that smart almost seems out of character for him. Also his reasoning is so… bizarre.

...Don't joke with me! I'll never give up. I will save her! I must save her to punish her or I won't feel right!
That troublesome rascal...
Oh, Kabotatsu. By the way, if Soma disappears, will you disappear, too?
That is correct.
Please, Aoto, save Soma, too.
Soma is a lot like Finnel. They are both clumsy and not so smart.
And they are pretty stubborn, so people misunderstand them, but she worries about Finnel more than anyone else.

When she was off-duty, she saved Finnel many times. She's never acted on a whim. She thoroughly considers the future.
Yeah...I remember that. It was Soma who first told me how to make sure Finnel survived.
Indeed, indeed.
Well, at that time, I didn't understand the meaning of her pose and she looked very intimidating, so I ignored her...
You idiot!
She's a so called kiredere, or Snapping Lovey-Type. She has a really short fuse, but always seeks a path to co-exist.
So, please...
Okay, okay! Fine. What am I supposed to do...? Anyway, I'll think about it.
I have to look for Finnel first. After that, I'll take care of Soma, so you should help me.

The huge eyeball pretty much screamed to be investigated.

There was surprisingly little there though for a giant scary eye.

She's said to be Finnel's Observer. Not even a second goes by that she isn't watching Finnel.
Ungh...that sounds so creepy. So, if she's always watching her, then she knows where she is right now, right?
That's cogent.
I'll go ask her then.

There was another person, who wouldn’t have been creepy except she was wearing a skeleton head for no obvious reason.

...Huh? Who are you?
I'm Aretia, the gardening manager of Paradiso.
Oh, really? Nice, to meet you. Oh, by the way, I have a quick question.
Do you know where Finnel went?
Finnel was talking to the Supervisor a minute ago. I don't know where she went after that.
What? Okay, then let's go ask this Supervisor guy.
Excuse me, but I think that's impossible.
Why is that?
The Supervisor is a resident of Paradiso. Since you're still alive, you can't communicate with her.
I see... W-wait! Does that mean that Finnel is dead!?
Theoretically, that would be the logical conclusion.
...What!? So, it's already too late...?
Yes, I regret to inform you that it is.
Dammit! Isn't there any way to take her back alive?
...I'm afraid that is not an option. There is a rule that we must not reconnect any umbilical cords.
But...there may be a way to communicate with the dead.
How can I do that!?
You must die.

That was obviously meant to scare him off.

I have an idea!
What is it!?
Have Soma kill you!
Are you crazy!? If I die, who'll bring me back to life?

He was at least right that dying without a plan was, well, suicide.

So they went and looked for some sort of assistance.

Reeks of mystery?
I'll shake this world up a bit. Maybe something will come out.
Hey, are you sure it's safe to do that?
Positive. Whee!

Oh, this is a Hyuma...
Hazardous factor detected!
Whoa, stop!

I’d say this lady looked like a crazy scientist but I assume all scientists are crazy at this point so that’s really not necessary.

*cough* Damn, Yurisica! You're so cruel.
Sorry, but you attacked first.
I didn't attack. I just poked the bush a little.
If you poke the bush, a serpent will come out. Just be prepared for the consequences.
I almost died. What're you doing here?
As you can see, the world's in a dire situation. I'm investigating where it's all heading.
It's normally impossible for people to actually die in a Cosmosphere.
So did Finnel really...die?
Yes and no. She's not physically or spiritually dead, but mentally, her life is forfeit.
Oh, she just changed her own settings or something to make her dead in here?
Sure, why not? But if it were that simple, I wouldn't be here investigating.
The question is, is there any indication of her so-called death? Is she asking to overwrite her Server.
Her Server? The Cosmosphere, right?
Basically, at this rate, she'll certainly die, particularly if she deletes her own spiritual components.
This involves both you and me.
Hey, don't scare me like that.
I'm not trying to. But, it's a fact. I don't know what to do about it.
If I could contact Finnel, maybe we could do something... But I can't.
If you were able to, what do you think you could do about it?
I can use a Hyuma I invented.
A Hyuma?
Yes, there she is.

I don’t even know what a Hyuma is or why you’d want one, I’m really going to have to ask her to explain what the deal with this weird Sol Cluster stuff is later.

You can create Hyumas!?
It's nothing. This Hyuma's function is very important. She can work as an adhesive, binding two souls together.
She can go to the gap in Finnel's Soulspace and put them back together.
She will then be visible to us again.
That's amazing!
It's only possible if we can locate the spiritual coordinates for her umbilical cord, so to speak.
Spiritual address...?
Oh yeah. It's not for sure, but I think there's someone who may know it.
Really? Then I'll entrust HWXv2ß into your care for a while. If you find it, please use this Hyuma.
Okay, thanks.
Message: The Hyuma, HWXv2ß, has been unlocked.

Stop. Hold on here for a minute. I am not buying that there is a rabbit and I’m going to go ask about it.


I am informed the rabbit is expected and that I should stop complaining. Very well.

Hey, Teppo!
You called, sir?
I want you to search for something. Isn't Finnel's Soulspace going berserk?
Hmmm, I'll scan it. Please wait.

Oh, I see... I have identified unauthorized access to the Tower from an unconnected space.
It was probably a request to reconstruct the Cosmosphere Map.
Does that mean Finnel's Soulspace is going to collapse?
That's right.
What do you know about umbilical cords? Finnel's has been severed and I can't find it.
Oh, umbilical cord? What a clever name for it. You're probably referring to her modified Visible Band.
What's that?
Don't you remember? This world was able to connect with Soma's. That was due to the tuning the Visible Band.
The frequency ranges of the worlds were distorted and damaged due to cracks. Fixing them will fix this, too.
I see. Kind of like switching Telemo channels?
I guess. To do this, you'd need information about the other world.

It looked like he was going to need to die.

In short, unless you can find the Dead Finnel, you won't be able to repair the fragmentations.
Okay. Basically, I need to find Finnel.
But how? Please don't say I have to die, too.
Actually, yes. That's the only way to find her.
Each world has its own rules. If you die here, you'll move to the Visible Band of the Dead.
Aoto, just ask Soma to kill you.
Ugh. I...really feel like that's the only way to solve this.
That's all I can tell you. If you need my help, just call me again.
Fine. Why don't I go? This is all for Finnel.

So he returned to his violent friend.

She was quite eager to help.

Are you still alive!?
Welcome back. As you can see, I'm still barely alive. Though my umbilical cord has withered thin...
Soma, I have a favor to ask you.
I'll be mad if it's a lame favor.
...Kill me!
Whoa, that's scary! which manner would you prefer to be slain? Cut? Dropped? ...Boiled?
Soma, you look pretty alive right now!
Well, I'll take regular cutting, please.
...Aoto, what happened to you? It doesn't seem like you're joking.

He explained that he wasn’t joking at all, he really did want her to kill him.

So, please.
Okay. But...I don't know how to control the power. Don't say stop when I'm already in motion...
Alright, I won't!
...I can see your determination.
Of course! I promised her that I'd save her, no matter what. I'd follow the depths of Hell.
...Hmhm. Finnel, you're such a happy girl. I sometimes wonder where you're going, embracing misery in your arms...
Alright, I'm coming now. Don't be nervous. I'm a professional murderer.
I can easily kill you without any pain.
...Okay, then I'll take one death, "without any pain."

Aoto, you're such a fool. I can see why Finnel fell in love with you.
...I...kinda like that part of you, too.

She made it quick and clean, as promised.

Thanks, Soma.

...! Where am I!?

Hey, Soma!? Kabotatsu?
...She's not here.
...No! I died, and that...visual something-ma-bob has changed.
The world hasn't changed at all...but I still don't see anyone around...
Hey, Teppo! Can you come out?
Hey, of course! I'm always following you.
Oh, you are? I feel pretty lonely when you're not around.
Well, I'm here now, but that's all the help you can get.
That's fine. Let's go look for Finnel.

They returned to the big eye thing.

Taking so long to actually run into the person whose mind you’re in is definitely a first for me.

...! Awww! Finnel!
...!? Aoto! What are you doing here!?
...That's not the right thing to say! I died to come see you here!
What!? Aoto, you died!?
Why are you so surprised, deadgirl? Let's just go back now. Reconnect the umbilical cord. Hey, Teppo!
Oh, yes! And, congratulations!
Now you can see the address, right? Use the address of that umbilical cord, please.
No! I can't revive anymore!
What are you saying? You can revive! Yurisica made this for you. It's glue that can reconnect your umbilical cord.
Huh? Yurisica...?
Yeah. Soma's worried about you, too. How many people are you trying to bring down with you?
...I'm sorry...but...I can't live anymore.
I have a promise to keep.
A promise...?
Yes, from the moment this world was created, I have upheld my part of the contract.

I guess Finnel was supposed to give up her body to someone else?

So...I'm sorry, Aoto...
Dummy! You're my servant!
Do you think a servant can transfer the ownership of her body to someone else without her master's permission!?
I'm sorry...
I want to be with you, too. I want to stay with you...
I promised you that I'll follow you anywhere...even to the depths of Hell. Wherever you go, I'll bring you back!
What's this contract business, huh? You're indentured to me! I'll void and nullify that piece of paper!
If you sign such a stupid contract with someone, do it with me, clarifying that you'll be my life-long servant!
Then...we'll be together forever.
Let's go home, then. Oh, hey! ...Some Hyuma person, what was your name!?
HWXv2ß: Are you talking about me?
Yeah, that's right. Ask Teppo what the address is and glue it on.
HWXv2ß: Certainly.
Aoto...thank you.
Why are you being so formal all of a sudden?

She was surprised he was helping her, not surprising since he’s a jerk.

Heh, how much trust did you have in me? And how did you die so suddenly? Did you commit suicide or something?
No, I didn't. The Supervisor told me to get ready because the time was near.
So, I got ready to move out of my body at any time...
You mean, the Supervisor is that huge eye?
Who the hell is this eye?

Anyway the skull girl from earlier showed up to rain on their parade.

Huh? You're Aretia... Oh, so you can come to this world?
Of course, are you kidding? Well anyway, what are you doing, stupidhead? Don't trample on the rule of my world.
...! ...Huh?
I was being lenient to you, and you took it this far. You gotta stop right away!
...I refuse. I'm taking Finnel back to the regular world with me.
Do you think our master will allow that? You'll be judged in a court of law. Breach of contract is a felony.
I don't give a shit! I'll rip up the contract in front of the stupid judge!
Fine. If that's your attitude, then...
HWXv2ß: Aoto, the restoration will be finished shortly.
I'm sorry! That's not happening!
...! Hyuma!? Hey!
I deleted her. Now Finnel will never revive.
...You son of a...
We're even now. First of all, do you think it's okay to breach a contract so easily?

She offered a means to settle all of this.

...Your master?
If you want to fight, show up to court. Then we can settle the final score.
Let me tell you one thing, though. If you lose, you'll be given a severe sentence. You better be ready for that.
I'll open the way to the courthouse for you.

Don't worry. How can I lose!?

And that was the Paradigm Shift. I have no idea what was accomplished.

Interesting... Bring it on, you son of a bitch.

They headed for the Stonehenge.

You know this is almost tense, I can see why it was a good thing he didn’t do this in real life.

Huh? No need to be sorry, Aoto. It's all because I signed that contract. I'm sorry I got you involved in this...
It's no big deal. You didn't do this just because you wanted to, right?
I...don't think so...
Then it's fine. It's not your fault. But, we should keep trying harder so we'll both be alive in the next level.
Yurisica and Soma are probably frantic, waiting for you.
...Of course!

Alright, that’s the story for today I think. I’m not sure what she’s got in store for you next, but she said it was really stupid.