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Part 79: Finnel Scene Roundup

So, I understand this next thing is really stupid. I guess at one point they were rescuing someone from some evil guys’ lab and Finnel turned into that rude kimono lady from the Cosmosphere? Well this is what could have happened as they were chasing her.

Video Record- “Border Disease”


...That's not true!
Finnel, come back!
I told you, she will never come back. We made a deal.
...Damn it.
We've strived to live on until this day...
We've been through a lot of sadness and hardships, but we still persevered...
And this is how it all ends!? What did she do to deserve this!?
Why does she have to suffer so much!?

And then I guess he was so sad he got some crazy disease or something? Can that even happen?

Sir Aoto! What's going on!?
An abnormal evolution...
He's developed Border Disease!
Urgh...this is...Border...Disease...?

I guess Finnel pushed her way back to the surface at this point.

Hehehe...I gotcha.
Hey! ...You hafta be alright!
...That's it. You can do it. You can come back if you really want to...
Aoto! Aoto!
...D...Don't cry anymore... Urgh...grrr!
Aoto! I...I...!
Don't be silly... This is nothing. Heh heh heh.'re back... I was told you'd never... Gha! Gh!

Of course this still wasn’t going to turn out well.

I said I'm fine... I made up my mind to protect you. I can't die now...
Don't let her take over your body... There'll be no one for me to protect... I can't keep my promise if you're gone.
From now on...I'll be here with you. I'll never let you go through anything like that...!
Grrrr! Ghahhh!
Aoto! Please give me power! This last wish...for real!
I just want to save Aoto!

I guess Aoto woke up in the Inn shortly after that.

That was pretty crazy. You came to... Good!
You were sleeping.
...What happened to Finnel!?
She helped you. As soon as Finnel called out her last wish, Ar Ru came back and a light surrounded her body...
Ar Ru said she gave her power to Finnel to save you, because that was Finnel's last wish.
...This can't be! Damn it!
After that, Ar Ru left...probably for Moocheriel.
...Moocheriel. I've gotta go there.
That's ridiculous! You can't even move yet.
Yes, I can! I will save Finnel! It's my turn to help her!
Sir Aoto...
I thought you would say that. Alright, I'll go with you.
...Flying an airship will take more time. Let's take the train.
Akane... Thank you both...

I’m told what happened next was basically the same, I guess she turned back and then a crazy red hair girl popped out of her? That’s a thing certainly. Let’s see, I’ve got something else here. They were climbing the Tower at some point way after that and I guess they would have had a conversation up there.

This is so tiring...! ...Dammit! How much farther do we hafta go?
But lookit that, Aoto! This place is really cool! See! The sky is so close!
Huh? Oh, yeah. I didn't notice...I've been looking down the whole time.
It's amazing... From here...we can see every star.
Yeah, we're probably literally on the top of the world.
...Hey, Aoto. Can we do our Cartology reading again?
Sure. ...But what if our previous compatibility result, "Meant to be together," turns into "Archenemies?"
...Don't worry. To be honest, our previous result was the worst we could possibly get.
Huh? You said we were meant to be together forever...
...I lied. The actual result was that we had opposing stars. We defeat each other's energy.
But if I told you that, I thought you'd reject me.
I was afraid you'd leave me forever...
...You dummy. It's just a fortune telling result. Why would I hate you or leave you, just because of that?
...Don't underestimate me. I'm not that superstitious. I put more trust in my feelings...I like you.
So...keep smiling. When you smile, I feel like everything will work out well. Opposing stars!? Screw that!
...Aoto! I like you! ...So much!
That's good to know. Alright, why don't we get going now?

And I guess Finnel’s, um, special friend would have had something to say to Aoto if he and Finnel were actually in love?

What's up, Akane?
Sir Aoto, how do you do?
I'm fine. Today, I've come to see how you're doing.
You are a peculiar sort. You've come here with no particular purpose?
Well, that's how I roll...sometimes.
That reminds me, I have something to discuss with you.
What is it?
It has become clear that you and Finnel are in love, however...
Bffft! Wh-what did you just say!?
Is my conclusion a bit premature?
Well, um...maybe it's a half truth.
To love someone means to be the one closest to their side, so I believe I'll tell you a bit about Finnel.
I've protected her since childhood. But, should you inquire about my skill in protecting her, it was hardly flawless.
Therefore, if she is someone precious to you, I want you to understand something about her.
...Okay. Tell me.
Thank you. Then, please accompany me to the Executive District.

They went to the place in Clustania where they created the Reyvateils. I’m pretty sure this next part is important to what’s going on in her Cosmosphere, too.

That is the place where Finnel was born. She was born the very same day as me.
While being nurtured in the facility, a major incident occurred. To be brief, Antibodies assaulted it.
The reason is clear, now. Ayatane made an agreement with the Antibodies to provide a body for Ar Ru.
I heard there were six of my generation. All except Finnel and I were killed in that incident.
According to accounts, Finnel was the 5th body provided by him. Meaning, the first four failed to accommodate Ar Ru.
Finnel succeeded. She had the heart to accept Ar Ru's being.
If I were the fifth body, I would have been disposed of, without a doubt.
But I did not know all this until later, so I believed she was a lesser Reyvateil, as did many others.
This is why I felt compelled to protect her all the time.
Yet, as we have aged, we learned more and more about ourselves. When I became a general, I uncovered many things.
Recently, after Harvestasha's silence, Ayatane told me the shocking truth.
Surely you are aware she had been bullied by other Clustanian Reyvateils.
Yeah. I actually saw her getting bullied in the District the other day.
That was set up by Harvestasha and Ayatane.
To weaken Finnel's mental strength. That was the purpose behind the bullying.
Should it struggle and wane, her subliminal personae would show up and should she falter, supersede her.
That sounds horrible...
That is why Finnel has long been forced to remain unhappy...

Yeah, I have a feeling that whole fourth door thing is going to relate to this stuff.

She kept striving to find happiness. She never ceased smiling, reaching for something she could never attain.
That's too much to bear! That's such a...miserable life!

I should have noticed it much earlier.
I had no idea. Perhaps I am not qualified to be her guardian.
So, when I heard of you, I felt a bit relieved. I thought you held inside yourself the ability to protect her.

Sir Aoto, make Finnel find that happiness.
She's already experienced more than enough misery and unhappiness. More than any average person would in their life.
I know. I get it, Akane.
I'll give her enough happiness to make up for all the pain she's endured.
I'll never, ever let her be unhappy again.
Akane, thanks for confiding in me.
No thanks are necessary. I am the one who is obligated to give you my gratitude.
I appreciate you protecting Finnel.
And, thank you for loving her.

At least that all turned out okay in real life, I’d actually be sort of down right now after reading that. Anyway I guess the story of what happened behind the fourth door is almost ready, so we’ll have our answers then.