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Part 82: Finnel's Soulspace, Level 9

Is it alright that we’re doing this? Isn’t this all kind of private and personal? It’s not like it really happened, just pretend the people are ones you’ve never met named Baoto and Binnel.

Video Record- “Finnel 9”


Anyway the Soulspace was dark and seemingly empty when he returned.

Hey, Momoko...?
...Damn. Did she really vanish?

He went to the cage where he’d last seen Finnel.

She wasn’t doing well. While she had shifted and stopped the immediate destruction of her self, she was fading fast.

...! Finnel...!
Finnel! Hey, are you okay!? You've gotta be alright!

...Finnel, I will find a way to save you!

He was amazed at how empty the world was.

...! Yeah, where's Yurisica!? Where's Soma...?
Where's Suzunomia...? Are they gone!?
They didn't disappear, did they!?

He saw a light still where they’d met Suzunomia last level.

Luckily, she at least was still around.

Suzunomia! You're safe!
How's Finnel?
...Not so good. How about Yurisica and Soma?
I am afraid they are not faring so well, either.
They fused with Finnel, right? So, their strength from the previous level has been consumed, like Finnel herself.
In other words, the reason this level barely exists is because of their strong spirits.
...Shit. It's all my fault... I...
Don't blame yourself. You did everything you could.

Aoto, would you please render your strength unto Finnel?
As I said previously, the reason she fell into this state is due to this level.
Therefore, I want to infuse the remainder of my spirit with her.
Can you really do that!?
I did mention that through fusion, Yurisica's and Soma's spirits were lost.
So now I can fuse with her. That way, my life energy will flow into her and her life will be extended once more.
But if you do that...
Do not underestimate me. My physique may be lacking, but my spirit is far more potent than the other personae.

Suzunomia could understand the pain of the limbo Finnel was stuck in.

Yeah, so I heard.
Unfortunately, though my life is infinite, I cannot continue to give her energy for all of eternity.
Moocheriel was draining her life away at an even greater rate.
It is none too pleasant of an experience to waver between life and death. We must relieve her suffering, and soon.
Of course. Thank you.

They returned to Finnel, hoping they were in time.

She was still there, at least.

She'll fuse with you. Can you do it!?
We must hurry. We are consuming her spiritual energy, even while we are doing this.
For the ritual, we both must stand face to face. Aoto, come support her body.
Sure... Finnel, shall we go? Gh!

Sorry, Finnel... This time I can't go somewhere else. When you guys take your clothes off, I'll be right next to you.
You can slap me in the face or whatever later.
Now, let us start the ritual.
Was yea ra exec FLIP_COSMOSPHERE.
Now it's your turn...
...Finnel, hang in there!
en chs yor, en pitod yor!

...This is..too close.

Finnel once more heard the voice she’d heard twice before.

???: Please get well soon...

???: Please be nice to our ally.
Make good friends with her.

Wait was that…? Yes.

So after she finished talking to the planet, she began to stir once more.

Finnel! Pull yourself together...
Whew! You came to...
You fused with her. She gave you her spirit.
Sorry! There wasn't any way around it this time!
I'm a man! I'll keep my word. Slap me in the face or whatever you want to do to me...
Thank you, Aoto...
During the fusion ritual, you propped up my body so that I wouldn't fall down. Thank you... You made me happy.
I felt a lot of warmth from you...
I didn't know you were so warm...until I felt you against my bare skin.
Please...stay with me... I don't think...I can live alone anymore...
Of course. I'll never let you be alone again!
Thank you...
So, don't get so hysterical because you're lonely anymore.
You don't need to draw attention to yourself like that. No one'll ever abandon you anyway.
Well, even if someone does, I'll never abandon you.

Suzunomia had something she wanted to say to Finnel.

...Thank you so much, Suzunomia. You gave me your power, right?
First of all, it was something I was supposed to do earlier. It was my fault that you were abused for so long.
It was the least I could do to atone for myself.
I shall stay in you a little while longer. I hope we become good friends.
Of course. I feel the same way.

Finnel’s world may have returned, but it was still a dark ruin. Suzunomia had an idea of how they could fix it, though.

Because your light of life was about to fade away.
As your spirit recovers, it shall regain its brightness.
...I see. I'm so glad.
Now, may I ask you to sing a Song with me?
To commemorate our new bond, can we create a new world? A paradise, that is more verdant than any celestial garden.
Oh! That's a good idea!
Can we really do that...?
Of course. I am the persona who creates the living energy of Ar Ciel through Songs, remember?
It is easy for me to generate a new world in your Cosmophere.
I...want to create a new world!
I want to create a world where I can live with Aoto, Suzunomia, Yurisica, and Soma, all together!
Uh, where did Yurisica and Soma go?
They should have revived by now. If you have decided to sing the Song with me, there is one thing you must prepare.
There must be a Hyuma who converts feelings into energy somewhere in this world. We must find him or her.
Okay! Let's do that now!
Message: You can now use Suzunomia’s Body!

Feinne on Qoga: Suzunomia
Suzunomia’s Body is pretty awesome, her Song Magic is a wedge shape and she’s got only bonuses to stats. Her Purge EX is sort of difficult but is really cool at least. You’ll get to see her in action against the final boss next time.

First they went to the darkened streets of Clustania.

Yurisica was waiting there for them.

Yurisica, same to you! So you've revived!
...I'm sorry!
You don't need to apologize for that. First of all, it happened because we're all intruding in your Soulspace.
Hey, Yurisica, I think we'll rejuvenate this world. Do you wanna join us?
It would be my pleasure.

Then they headed for that weird acid waterfall.

That was where Soma had ended up.

Soma, you're safe!
What happened...?
You fused with Finnel, correct? Thus, your energy was consumed in the previous level.

I...I...I'm so sorry! It's all my fault!
I was actually bothering you a lot, so I should be the one to apologize.
Anyway, I'm glad you're better. I was sort of worried, since you're a clumsy oaf.
...Hehehe. Thanks.
Soma, we're thinking of recreating this world using the Song.
Sounds interesting. I'll join you.

That left them just needing a thing to turn feelings into energy.

They went to look up on that bit tower Aoto had visited last time. They definitely didn’t expect what was there, though.

What choice did we have? We had no clues. Besides, I feel like the Hyuma is here.
...Oh, really?
???: Oh, you have pretty sharp insight.
There she is!
Aoto, you're awesome! How did you know!?
Well, I don't know... I just had a hunch.
???: Hmhmhm...don't you know me? Once I changed appearances, you forgot all about me.
...Huh? Are any chance... Momoko!?
Momoko: Bingo! You finally noticed!
What!? Momoko!?
But...why are you a Hyuma?
Momoko: You know, in the previous layer, the Defense System was lost, so I couldn't exist there anymore...
But if I became a Hyuma, it's a different story. So, I thought I'd try being a Hyuma or something.
You just thought you'd try it out!? Can you become a Hyuma so suddenly?
So it seems. When my power was infused into Finnel, a little miracle occurred.
When her spirit was on the brink of fading away, all of her feelings vanished.
However, the feelings that Finnel believed to be important were able to revive with us.
Momoko: In short, she still wants me to keep bullying her.

She might have changed jobs but she was still a jerk.

Momoko: Really. Because...I happen to be the Hyuma that you guys were looking for. If that's so...then who am I?
You're the Hyuma who converts feelings into Songs!
Momoko: Good answer! So, please favor me, my friends.
That's a huge promotion!
Message: The Hyuma, Momoko, has been unlocked.

Everything was in place for them to begin.

We can finally start singing!
Uh, yes. The time has come.
I'm excited to see what kind of world will be created from this.
Me, too.

Creating a new world, huh? Yeah, brings back some memories doesn’t it?

They went to the center of Finnel’s world.

That is right. This is the center of her Cosmosphere.
I didn't know that.
Because this is the center, there was a Supervisor who occupied the center space of Finnel's mind.
Either way, the sky looks beautiful with all those stars. This might be the only place where we can see them.
I hope the new world you guys are making will let us see the stars from anywhere.
That is good. Do not be so modest. If you want to see the stars, scatter them across the sky of our new world.
That would be amazing! I wanna make that happen!
She looks so happy. I'm glad...
Now, we must preapare for the genesis of our new world.

For the first time in a long time, Finnel was able to ease the burden on her shoulders.

Hey, Aoto! What kind of world should we make!? If you were me, what would you do?
It's your world, so why don't you decide that by yourself?
Uh...but I want you to be a part of it.
That way, whatever you create will be in my mind forever. Isn't that wonderful?
...Okay, sure. I'll inscribe the fact that you're my indefinite, indentured servant into your mind.
Huh!? What was that!?
You said you'll keep me in your mind, right? Then why don't you keep me the way I am?
Finnel, place Master Aoto in the middle of your world! Don't forget!
Stupid Aoto! I'm not gonna do that!
Hmph, how boring...
Done with your lover's quarrel? Then let us sing.
It's not a lover's quarrel! Nevermind, let's just sing!
Certainly. Soma, Yurisica, infuse your feelings along with us. Oh, and of course, you, too, Aoto.
Starting today, I'll be lingering in your home again. It's common courtesy to give the owner a gift when you move in.
Of course, I'll do the same.
Very well. Now, let us begin to sing...the Harbinger of the New World.

They sang the Song, and created a whole new world.

...Wow! I can't believe it.
Neither can I...
But this isn't only my world... It's our world, that we all created together... So, I'll treasure it forever!
Yeah, we all should. I wouldn't want such a beautiful world to be contaminated or destroyed, either.
So, from now on, I'll always be with you to watch over this world. We won't let anyone trample over this garden.
...Thank you. I'm so happy...
Don't cry... Don't you think you're crying a little too much over this?
No! I'm trying to hold the tears back, but I'm so happy right now, I can't help it...
...Oh, well then, I guess it can't be helped.
...Hehehe. ...Yep, it can't.

You know, I think your smile right the cutest I've ever seen it.
...Really? Though, all of my smiles are gifts that you've given to me.
Thank you, Aoto...for helping me find my true smile.

That’s not quite it though, is it? No, we still have to see all of the contributions from the participants.

Yurisica’s was first.

You like it? This is a little gift from me.
Yurisica! It's amazing. I can't believe you built such a palace in my world!
I'm glad you like it. I figured you needed furniture and equipment arranged in a certain manner.
Wow, Yurisica. You're awesome. What kinds of arrangements did you do?
For example, there's only one bed.

For example, huh? Don't make such a raunchy joke!
You two will be forced to sleep together. You're both tsundere, right? I thought this would help you out.
You...predicted too much.
Hmhmhmm. Count on me, friends.

There was something else there.

Momoko made a contribution to this world as well.

What the hell…? That came out of nowhere.
Momoko: Today’s Topic: Weak Spots.
Huh!? What do you mean?
Momoko: Finnel has weak spots all over her body. Her most sensitive spot… Prepare to be surprised… Is…
…You’re not gonna believe this, but…
Momoko: The region from her neck to lower back! If you caress that part of her back, it’ll come into full effect.
…What exactly is this effect you’re talking about?
Momoko: Are you really this dense!? I explicitly told you hear greatest weakness!
She’s a total M. Get it?
…Even though your body and role have changed, your personality is exactly the same…
Momoko: People can’t change that easily.
Besides, now that I can’t bully Finnel anymore, I’ve been even more frustrated.
…She’s hopeless.

So, Soma gave her a new waterfall.

Yes, kids. That is all. A new waterfall.

It's quite a spectacle.
Do you like it? It's a gift from me. I call it the Golden Shower.
The what? So, this was all you...?
You don't like it? You wouldn't prefer an acid waterfall, would you?
The water's quite warm and relaxing, surprisingly.
It seems so nice. I want to swim in the Golden Shower! Aoto, let's do it!

Seriously! I know, I know.

I told you it was nice. Everyone loves my Golden Shower creation.
I don't understand why it has to be golden, but sure. This isn't too bad!
But, I've been wondering...Soma, don't you ever sweat?
Why do you ask?
Well, your clothes are always wet. You should change...I mean, it's hard to focus on your face when talking to you.
...Why is that?
Um, how should I put this...?
Aoto's super perverted. He just gets too horny around you, so he just might pounce. Be careful!
Dummy! I'd never do that!
Don't worry. If that happens, I'll cut him down without hesitation.

...I kind of see why you can keep your guard down.

So they went back to where the Supervisor used to be.

It’s funny because he asked for this, yet seemed like he was much more bothered by its presence than she was.

...Um, first of all, what the hell is this supposed to be?
I didn't do it! You made this without my consent!
I wouldn't make anything called Master Aoto!
Ughhh, this is awful. Why is this stupid Master Aoto thing in the center of my world!?
But, y'know, it's public knowledge that I am your noble master.
So, call me Master from now on!
Ugh! M...M...
Y-you're way...too...
Too...too cute...
That was close... I almost crossed into a world from which I can never return.
Wh-what happened, Master...?
If you don't mind that it's me, I will do anything for you, Master. Please tell me how to please you.

He was even easier to mess with than you are.

You dummy! I...I said stop!
Hehehe. Okay, if you insist, I'll show you a little mercy.
But you gotta visit me here sometimes, since this Master Aoto thing is here...
Master Aoto without the master is...a little sad.
...Sure, why not? I'll visit on occasion.
I'm so happy right now. I can't believe it.
What're you saying? Things are only going to get better.
Right. Of course! We'll always

This opened up a new option for them.

Suzunomia was waiting for them at a chapel.

Um, yeah, so?
Hmph. I wished to give you both a gift.
Oh yeah? That's nice. I'm super pumped. What is it?
A special Hyuma. It only appears when it needs to celebrate your love.
Is that so?
Therefore, I will now perform your wedding ceremony.
Do not be alarmed. You have already pledged your eternal, undying love to each other.
Yeah, but still...
Um, yeah. You're making me a little nervous.

She tried to make it easier on them.

Then the Hyuma will most certainly appear.

We have no choice, huh? Another Hyuma will make battles a lot easier, so... Let's just do as she says!
Of course! Y'know, I don't like talking about this kind of stuff, but if it's for a Hyuma, we gotta do it...
...They are truly hopeless...
Okay, then I'll start.
...Yeah, bring it on!

...I really like you... you, too...

That was still pathetic.

There she is! A Hyuma!
Engage: Oh, goodness. Fine, I'll introduce myself. I'm the cupid Hyuma, Engage.
I normally only appear at official weddings, but I couldn't help but interrupt because it was so sad.
I'm supposed to say I love this girl, but it's just not possible so suddenly.
I know, I can't seem to say it under pressure, either!
Engage: Okay, okay. Stop. I appeared, so it's fine, right?
Hmm. A job well done.
Engage: Okay, bye!
Ugh. I suppose this counts as a success since the Hyuma did appear.
I thought it would make a nice memory for the young couple, but those were the weakest admissions of love ever.
Don't act so disappointed. We tried really hard.
Yeah, we really did!
At least you both seem happy, and that is all that truly matters.
Message: The Hyuma, Engage, has been unlocked!

So is that it? I’ve got some other things, I simulated some real conversations between them. I think this went with the last level’s completion.

Hey, Aoto, the results of the last Paradigm Shift have been amazing!
Of course it should be effective, I mean, refreshing.
Yeah, I feel like I've been reborn!
All the burdens that were on my shoulders are gone now!
Hahaha, really...?
(Well, after she yelled and rampaged that much, it's only natural.)
Plus, I don't know why, but I feel confident.
I've never been this confident before.
That's the way you should be.
Probably, what you're feeling is all for real. That's how you are.
Plus, I'll be always with you, Finnel.
So...don't fear anything anymore. You don't have to play it cool when you're in pain, either.
When you want to cry, I'll lend you my chest.
Okay...I'll never hide my emotions inside...
If you stay with me, I can cry to my heart's content without hesitation.
B-but, I won't cry right now!
I don't want to waste this time by crying you a river.

This one then goes with what we just saw if I’m right.

*sigh* You really did see the depths of my mind.
Yeah, I saw it.
You did... Hehehe...
Why do you look so happy about that?
Well, of course I'm happy.
I'm glad you Dove into me.
Thanks to you, I can start my new life.
Besides, I can cry anytime I want. I have someone I love.
But...when I want to know?
Yeah, of course!
...Aoto, from today on, I'm no longer the Finnel I used to be. I'm a brand new Finnel.
Will you please still protect me as before?
I mean, will you treasure me even more than before?
Do you even have to ask? I'll protect you like the most precious treasure in my life.
Aoto...I like you very much.

That was actually like a human thing to say. I know it’s scary. And there’s more.

Aoto, you have your own home to go back to.
Yeah, although it's tiny.
That's not true. It's such a wonderful home.
Is it?
Yeah, it's wonderful that you have a home.
...I see. You don't have one yet.
I was virtually a prisoner in Clustania, and at the bistro, it was more like a job than a home.
I want to live in my own home.
...If I reconstruct my house, maybe it'll be big enough to accommodate one more person.
Well, if you like my house so much, I wouldn't mind if you moved in...
Adding one more room wouldn't be that hard at all. I'm an artisan, after all.
Really? Are you sure? You're not just saying that?
Well, I don't know if I can make it happen right away, but, yeah, eventually...
So...let's finish this whole mess right away.
Yeah! I'm kind of nervous about it, but I'm excited at the same time.

She really liked that jar of shooting stars he made, too. Wait, he made a jar of shooting stars? Yeah.

Finnel, did you really like that jar with the shooting stars?
I love it! It's my treasure now!
I watch the shooting stars every night before going to bed.
I didn't think you'd like it that much.
I didn't think I'd like it so much, either.

I guess in this version of events she would have made him a pair of sandals so they could go to the beach after the world was regenerated.

You better hold onto the beach sandals that I gave you.
Of course. I can't go to the beach with you without them.
Well, there's no rule against going to the beach without beach sandals...
Don't pick on me. They're like my power booster.
Every time I see them, I feel like I must go to the beach with you.
So, until then, I can't die. I say that to myself every day, and I feel stronger.
I feel a lot more determined and focused all day long.
Aoto, I never knew you wanted to go to the beach that badly.
Of course! I'm really looking forward to it.
Well, sometimes I can't resist wearing them. They might be worn out by the time we go.
Then, I'll make a new pair for you.
Oh, really? Thanks.
Don't worry about. I'm glad you're so excited about it.
Plus, you can't wait to wear them until we get to go to the beach...
You're so cute...
D-dummy! Don't tease me!
You always tease me. I haven't gotten even with you yet.
But I want to go to the beach with you. I can hardly wait...

It’s almost over now. Next time we’ll tell you how it all would have ended.