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Part 84: Saki Cosmosphere 1

Hello children! My how you've grown!

...yes, I am aware we last saw each other two weeks ago. However, you have still grown some in that time. Trust me, I can see it.

But anyway, I have a treat for you! A new book I haven't even published yet!

...yes, I am using you as a focus group. *Sigh* Why can't you be more like your father? He's always so fun to talk to. Where did you even learn what a "focus group" is anyway? In any case, it's related to the stories your mother mentioned she's telling you, so I suppose this is the perfect time. It concerns that silly scamp Aoto and his distressed damsel Saki.

...yes, the other distressed damsel. This is the first time anyone other than Aoto, the person I paid for the logs, and myself have seen this.

The first thing Aoto met in the cosmosphere wasn't even really in the cosmosphere. It was actually right outside the cosmosphere!

...yes, I suppose that needs rephrasing.

Watch the Cosmosphere!

Who're you!? Are you the one Doc mentioned? What was it...?
Allow me to introduce myself.
I am the Cosmosphere Analyzer Trans-Encoder & Program Optimizer.
Normally, I would prefer to be called Teppo, please.
Okay, I guess.
First, I will explain my primary functions.
Integrity auditing, defragmentation and restoration through code conversion are my main tasks.
Those aside, I can analyze wave levels and detect specific wave frequencies... and other tasks.
Okay. I think I get it. Nice to meet you.
Um, you clearly do not understand! It seems a thorough lecture on wave mechanics is in order...
N-No, thanks. I get it, really. More importantly, what's happening in Saki's Cosmosphere right now?
Well, several issues have come up. First, waves exist in layers, so...
Please make it simple so I can understand.
Ah-haha. Sure. Hmm...
There... are multiple Cosmospheres in a person's soul. With me so far?
Are those what the Doc called "cracks?"
It can be put that way, sure. Bottom line is one Cosmosphere is divided into several worlds.
These other worlds are problematic. Her energy consumption rate is large and her memories, fragmented.
...Sounds intense, but I don't get it!
To be brief, she gets tired easily.
Oh, that's simple enough. Isn't that pretty dangerous, though?
Correct! That is why I was installed to save her.
I see. I hope your amazing functions and whatnot can save Saki.
For that, I need your support and cooperation. Thank you in advance.
S-Sure. Thanks for doing this.

And after that, it was on to the cosmosphere proper!

Cosmospheres change depending on their owners... This is totaly different from Finnel's...

Huh? Who are you...?
I'm Zwelivelle, an occupant of this world. My job is to guard my master's mind.
Oh, so you're the Mind Guardian. And you look so prince-like... That's so like Saki.
I'm not of the unfair sex! Plus! Don't call our master by a shortened name!
Uh, I think that means Zwelivelle is a girl. Or something. I'm gonna make a note to edit that once I figure out which he or she means.
Shortened...!? Isn't Saki her real name?
I don't know why you refuse to call my master by title, but I suppose you aren't that mentally close to her yet.
If you do anything suspicious, I'll immediately expel you from this world. Keep that in mind.
What a square, man...
Well, maybe the reason Saki is so easy going is because she has these cement heads in her mind...
So, where's Saki?

That should be fairly obvious. There's only one house you can get to.

Saki! There you are.
Lu lu lu lu...
H-hey, Saki...? Saki!?
Can't you hear me...!?
???: Not a chance. That maiden cannot sense your presence.
Y-you're...the swordswoman I met in Blue Canyon!
You are...Sir Aoto, is it? Allow me to introduce myself to you. Name is Sakia Lumei. Please call me Sakia.
Hello, Sakia.
So, Sir Aoto, do you wish to converse with her?
Y-yeah, I sure do.
Then, would you please do me a favor? Once you succeed, you shall be able to do so.
Really!? Then what do you want me to do?
I would like you to look for a Hyuma. Her name's Modeco. She is the key you need to converse with that maiden.
Once you catch her, deliver her to the Stonehenge. I shall head there first to finish the preparations.

Unhook this and take this off...

...Is she...?
...Just go! You perverted little beast!
What, don't look at me like that. If your mother thinks Finnel's cosmosphere is age-appropriate for you, then this is absolutely fine.

Huh? Didn't you do something to deserveit?
In any case, your master is Sakia, isn't she?
Indeed, she is. But first of all, don't call her by her first name without her title!
Then, what should I call her?
Call her Lady Big Sister Sakia Lumei.
...I can't do that.
Then I shall slay you!
J-just kidding! Stop, alright!? I'll call her that when I feel like it.
Hmph, I heard that. Don't forget what you said.

Of course, sometimes Aoto's a naughty boy.

Great, no one's here...

Just a little... Just a little...

Uh-oh. I think I gained a little weight. If I don't exercise and get rid of it, Aoto might not like me...
Since he's been trying so hard for my sake, I should do the same.'re so adorable...
Sorry, that was stupid.

After that, Aoto actually did what he was supposed to.

Well, when I was little, I'd kick trees and catch the falling bugs. I don't think you can get Hyumas that way...
...But I'll give it a shot anyway, I guess.


I didn't actually think a Hyuma would fall out! You're not a bug, are you?
Modeco: No, I'm not! I'm a Hyuma. My name's Modeco.
Modeco...? Wait, you're Modeco!?
Modeco: Y-yeah! Why!?
Please come with me! I need your help.
Modeco: Huh? Sure... What do you want me to do, exactly?
I'm not sure, but I was told to bring you to my acquaintance. Come with me, please.
Modeco: Yes, sir!
The Hyuma, Modeco, has been unlocked.
Okay. I've got to take her to the Stonehenge, right?

You all know what a stonehenge is like, right?

Yeah, I found her. Here.
Modeco: Good afternoon! I'm Modeco. I heard you were looking for me?
...Yes, that's right. I appreciate you coming all this way for me.
Is she really the key to talking to Saki?
She surely is.
Modeco: So, what am I supposed to do here?
...Hey, what's wrong?
Oh, nothing.
I mean, it is no big deal. I just wanted her to perform a Song in front of me.
Children, I want you to know that you should never, ever believe someone who says "oh, nothing" or "it's nothing".
Huh!? A Song.
Modeco: What!? I really get to sing!?
Yes, please. And not just one. Sing as many Songs as you wish.
Modeco: Gladly, ma'am! Ah...I can't remember how long it's been since I last sang in public...
Hey, are you serious? What are you up to, letting her sing a buncha Songs...?
Hey, is everything really gonna be okay?
Yes, it will be all right. More importantly, prepare yourself for an impact.
Modeco: Alright, then. I'll start singing!
Needless to say, Modeco's song was mind-shatteringly bad.
Modeco: Thinking about you, gives me courage to sacrifice my life!
Gyahhh! What the hell kinda Song is this!
Keep it down! The impact wave is coming!
Modeco: Please---die holding me--in your arms--
I mean mind-shattering in the literal sense.


What was that noise!?
...Whew, the first phase has been successfully completed.
...What did you do?
As you wished, I enabled you to speak with her.
I did all that I could... Now, it's up to Saki...
Hey, Sakia! What did you do to Saki's Soulspace!?

...! Saki! Is she alright!?
I need to go to the Organito Hut...!

That's what a shattered mind looks like.
...This is horrible. What the hell happened to Saki's Cosmosphere!?
Hey, Zwelivelle! Come on out!
Damn! He ran off with them! I have to go back to Saki.

One noteworthy thing here is that without a mind guardian, Aoto becomes the default to ask if you have the needed DP.
Saki! Are you alright!?

Ah, Aoto...
You're a pervert!


Uh...what happened to me?
I'm really sorry! I hit you...
Oh, okay... Wait, you recognized me?
Huh? What do you mean? I saw you come to my place.
But, it's not nice to walk in while I'm changing.
No. No it's not. Don't do that.
That's alright. I don't mind at all. I was only startled because you came in so suddenly...
I-I mean, nevermind! Why did you come in here in such a big hurry?
Oh, there was a big quake, and I was worried about you.
What? A quake? I didn't feel anything.
...Really? But there was a lot of damage. Look outside. Everything is in ruins.

...Sakia, one of your other personae, did all this.
I had no idea what she was gonna do, and I ended up helping her...
So...I'm sorry...
I-I'll fix your world so it's just like how it was! And then I'll catch Sakia and interrogate her!'s fine! This is nothing. I don't mind. So please don't worry about it!
If you look so disappointed, I'll feel unhappy...
This world was crushed, but if we work together, we'll find a way to fix it!
As long as you're here with me, I'm relieved.
*sigh* I'm so pathetic. She ended up trying to encourage me...
Alright! Let's move on. We will find a way to restore your world!

Honestly to me it looks like the same tree.
The World Tree Alfage is the guardian deity of this world. Thanks to him, this world is hardly mortal.
Yes! A lot of living energy springs forth out of this place everyday.
I this is the source of your living energy...

Those hyuma things are pretty odd. Your mother had some theories about why they're in Finnel's and Saki's heads rather than more traditional forms of song magic, but I think it's because Sol Cluster's systems were produced differently than Sol Ciel's. Sol Marta's systems were also produced by the Sol Ciel people so of course they'd be similar, and... Oh sorry, I'm getting so off track.
Huh? Who are you?
Buckle: Oops, my apologies. I'm a Hyuma named Buckle.
Hello, Buckle!
So, what are you doing here, Buckle?
Buckle: Well, because the world is so devastated, I was going to rebuild it.
Rebuild the world!?
So, this world will be exactly the way it was?
Buckle: Not exactly. I'm going to build the frame of it around a book. That will be the basic foundation of this world.
Did you say a book?
Buckle: Yes, sir. A book. A blank book.
Then a lot of people, including Saki, will draw their feelings onto it.
Wow! That's really interesting! Thank you so much! We'll gladly do that!
I'm counting on you to do that, too!
Buckle: Yes, of course!
Now, I'll use some of Alfage's energy to construct the basic frame of this world.
But it may take some time, so please relax in the meantime.
Once the construction is complete, please draw a wonderful world.
Buckle: Was yea ra waath ar ciel!
I don't know hymnos as well as your mother, or even your father, but I'm pretty sure she said "let's revive this world".
...She disappeared...?

The Hyuma, Buckle, has been unlocked.

Paradigm shifts are, of course, how one advances a cosmosphere. Even one as abnormal as Saki's.

I didn't really do anything... I should apologize for messing up your world.
So, what's this Paradigm Shift thing?
I heard it's an event where the mind's owner opens her heart to the Diver. This is my first time, so I'm not sure.
But if it means I've opened up to you, then I'm glad!
Oh yeah, sure. But seriously, I really messed up your world...
Aoto, we promised that we wouldn't mention it anymore.
...Right. Aren't you scared of doing the Paradigm Shift, Saki?
Should I be...? Is it scary?
I mean, someone's gonna see deeper into your thoughts and feelings. Some people wanna keep that stuff hidden, right?
Not me. I want to be able to show you everything!
Ah, but, not my naked body!
Nuh, I-I never even mentioned that. I didn't even think about it. Seriously! I didn't! I promise!
Hmm...really? But, I mean, I'm not saying I can't EVER show that to you...
You know, maybe I really should up the age rating on this. Oh well, your mother shouldn't mind!
Hehe. I'll go on ahead. I look forward to seeing you in the next level!
Let's create a lot of fun worlds together, okay?

That's all for now, you kids need to sleep now! Bedtime! You guys just HATED that sleep aid I prepared last time, so let's all go to sleep quick!

Special alternate-event area!

If you run out of DP back where Aoto is a peeping tom, this happens:
You voyeuristic bastard.
N-n-no! It's not like I wanted to see her naked. I just forgot something... Over here...
You perverted beast!
Hmph. You're a sicko. Never step within this sacred world again.
Even if she's not aware of it, this isn't something I should be doing...

If you run out of DP when trying to find Modeco, Mute shows up instead:
???: Gyaaah!
Ya little pipsqueak! How dare ya disturb my beauty nap!
I ain't gonna forgive ya! Say yer prayers, maggot!
W-wait! This is all wrong! It was a mistake!