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Part 85: Cosmosphere 1 Conversations.

There's only time for a small treat right now children, but I've got a little companion piece to my previous story. Don't ask how I've obtained this recording, or you may never sleep again! Just kidding.

Saki, are you there?

First Dive

Huh? What's up?
Well, uh...
...How was your first Dive in me?
Huh? Oh, it was...pretty normal.
Really? Didn't you get bullied by me in my Cosmosphere?
Don't worry, nothing like that happened.
I'm glad... If the Saki in my Cosmosphere is mean to you, please scold me.
You can slap me really hard.
Well, I don't think I want to do that...
Anyway, basically, you're a nice person in general.
I'm sure you would understand without having to do that. You shouldn't worry.
I-I'm happy to hear that.
Well, I'm more worried about Finnel than Saki...
You never know what mean things she'll do in her Cosmosphere.
Aoto! Don't!
You mustn't talk about what happened in someone else's Cosmosphere!
What? I can't talk about it? Why not?
The Cosmosphere is the core of a Reyvateil's mind. It's the most sensitive part of her.
Wouldn't you get mad if someone blabbed about what they saw in the deepest parts of your mind?
Urgh...yeah, I would.
See? So what happens in the Cosmosphere is only between the Diver and the Reyvateil.
I see. It seems like Diving is way more serious than I thought.
So, what happens in my Cosmosphere is top secret between you and me.

Cosmosphere Level 1
Aoto, did you cause a Paradigm Shift to occur in my Cosmosphere?
Yeah. Do you have any weird feelings or something because of that?
No. It's quite the opposite!
Aoto, I feel a little closer to you than before.
Oh, yeah?
(I see, this is what happens when a girl opens up herself.)
But weren't you in danger?
In the Cosmosphere, there's a lot of danger. At least, that's what I hear.
Did you get hurt at all?
Did I get hurt...?
Maybe when you slapped me.
Oh, nevermind. Don't worry. I'm fine.
Oh, really? Then...can you Dive into me again?
Of course. As long as you don't reject me, I'll keep Diving into you.
Y-yes! I'm so excited to feel you come inside me!