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Part 86: Saki Cosmosphere 2

Good evening children! It's so nice to see you again! I've got another chapter of my book here for you.

...yes, I suppose I can pay you for being a focus group. A bucket's worth of Kitty Candy each when we're done, ok?

So Aoto ventured into Saki's mind again...

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There's a lot on top of it... Is that a candy village?
I mean, it's definitely Saki's world, but is this really normal...?

Once again, Aoto must be his own mind guardian. This is because Saki doesn't actually have a mind guardian.

Yeah. What's up with this candy dreamland...?
Huh...? Well, she told me I could draw anything I
I drew the candy world that I've always fantasized about!
I drew a house for you, too!
You can eat the floors and ceilings! Please have a taste of it at least once a day.
I don't know what'll give out first, my body or this house... Anyway, this village won't be around very long.
What!? That's not true! Everyone is enjoying their candy!
...Huh? Who do you mean by "everyone?"
This is awesome! It's so delicious!
Saki! This is the best village ever!
...Tatsumi? Is that really true to your character?
I suspect not.
Hmmm...yummy. I couldn't resist eating this whole house. Saki, you really can cook.
Doc, you're eating too fast! And more importantly, where does all that candy go when you eat it...?
Don't worry about that. See? They're all enjoying it.
This is all super suspicious...but at least Saki looks happy.
???: What! What's wrong with this village!?
It's super grotesque!
Who are you!?
Who are you!?

Who are you? I don't think it's normal for such a young girl to say candy's grotesque!
I'm not a chick! I'm Arche! Look at me, I'm a man!
I must say, Arche isn't really doing a good job of conveying that.
What!? You're a guy!? But you look so cute...
Are you trying to insult me!? Hmph, it doesn't matter. Sticks and stones... What's important is, quick...
You want to eat a candy house?
Yeah, I wanna eat the whole thing...
No! You empty-headed moron!
I-I'm sorry!
I'm here to quickly deliver a message to you from my master!
Your master...!?
That's right, what's it to you?
She will annex this entire world sooner or later. She's already taken over the Organito Hut!
What did you say!?
This little make-believe amusement park is your Cosmopshere? Don't make me laugh...
You don't stand a chance against us. Enjoy your candy while you still can! Adios, muchachos!
Wait a second! Who is your master!?
...He's gone. Is my village doomed?
...I won't let that happen! Okay Saki, let's go as quickly as possible...
We're gonna eat all the candy houses before they take them away, right!?
Of course! ...I mean, no! Why have you already given up on your own world!?
I'll protect this village. This book was created for you. I won't let anyone take it away.
Aoto... Thank you very much!
Okay, let's gather some info about our enemies. Let's sneak into the Organito Hut.

Arche is now on mind-guardian duty.

Huh? What's this Hyuma talking about!?
That's right. We're not here to fight a war, but to spy on the enemy.
Saki, that's still a part of war...
It's my favorite part, too!
Huh? Really!?
Geez, what a rowdy bunch...
Arche! I didn't realize you were back.
Of course. I wouldn't leave the front line unfortified.
By the way, this counts as invading our territory. Therefore, I am declaring war on you!
What're you saying? You came to our village, too!
I was there as a messenger, but you just said you were spying on us.
I...I'm sorry, Aoto. I can't help but feel clumsy.
Don't worry. I'll accept anyone's challenge!
First, you infringed on her world and said you'd annex it? I don't like that idea! What are you thinking!?
I'll say just this, this isn't only Saki's land. Would you please stop laying claim to everything around you?
Then, can we negotiate instead of fighting a war?
Sorry, no can do. My master will not negotiate.
Huh?! Really...?
She said you're far too childish to negotiate with.
Yeah, that's probably true.
Bastard! Don't talk down to Saki like that! Who's your master?

Huh? What was that? I must have spaced out. Could you please repeat that for me?
I said, ●$"#$!
That's not a euphemism kids. Master "●$"#$!" indeed.
I still can't... Huh? What's wrong?
Are you insulting me?! Forget it. Go home! If you don't, I'll commence my attack!
Archelesser: Here I come!
Let's fall back and have a strategy meeting in the village.

So they went back to the candy village to... stop looking so hungry! You already ate dinner.

I know... I'm really shocked, too.
Anyway, at this rate, it is only a matter of time before you're gonna get kicked out of this village...
Alright, Saki! In this world, you can create anything you want, just by imagining it, right?
Then, using your imagination, make us a lot of weapons. Like swords, spears...I mean, bombs or missiles would be better!
I can't...
This is a candy world. There's no such things as weapons here.
But you can create them, right?
There won't be any weapons in this world! Everyone here has to live peacefully.
But we don't have a choice! They're gonna attack us and destroy everything! Please make us some weapons!
Okay, then what about a Cream Cannon?
If we have a cannon that shoots whipped cream, they'll fall in love with it and won't invade our village!
That's not gonna happen. Please take this seriously.
I'm always serious!
*sigh* This is going nowhere... Damn, there's gotta be a way to solve this.

Oh! What is that!?
I'll become a Superhero of Justice! A Transforming Witch Girl!
It'll be fine! I have this book. It'll work, just like the candy houses!
Well, that's not what I was about to say...
Alright! Here goes!
Nya nyas Nyamo Nyamo nya nyas nyah! Superhero! Transform!
Honestly, I have so say I'm not fond of the whole "transforming magical girl" thing. Although it does sell well, so don't tell anyone.

Superhero...hah! Huh!?
Nyahhh! My clothes didn't appear!

I know, but it's time to stop playing around.
Saki, we've gotta get real weapons or we'll all be killed!
I said no! Nyamo Mask will deal with this problem! At the end, we'll all become friends!
If I make weapons, a lot of people will get hurt! I can't let that happen!
Forget it, please! Saki will become Nyamo Mask and bring peace to this world! Please watch me from there!
H-hey! Saki, wait a sec!
...Shit! I have to go after her!

On the way to the Organito Hut, he took a stop at the World Tree Alfage.

Animesia: I am a Hyuma. Name's Animesia. I've been waiting for you, Aoto.
Waiting for me?
Animesia: Correct. As for the question posed earlier, do you know the answer?
Um, well...

I think that should be "Because she's".
She's probably still young, mentally. Or maybe a bit inexperienced.
Animesia: I see. She has a similar opinion as some of the other personae.
Animesia: She is indeed young at heart. However, understand that her "youth" is but an intrinsic part of her mind.'s just how she is?
Animesia: That's right. If she weren't the way she is, history would be drastically different.
Perhaps you would never have even met her.
I won't force you, but try to accept her the way she is. Decide how close you wish to become with her later.
Umm, I kind of get it, but not really. Well, I do think Saki is fine just the way she is.
At this rate, though, she'll get invaded by the other personae. I need to curb their invasion, no matter what!
Animesia: Ah, very good. I shall offer you my assistance.
The Hyuma, Animesia, has been unlocked.

With Animesia, he had a chance against Arche.
This is the voiced section of the cosmosphere.

Didn't I tell you that's impossible? You're an adult, right? Stop acting like a child.
You're the childish one here! If you insist on war, Nyamo Mask will come and defeat you!
W-wait, Saki!
This is nonsense! Try to stop us if you can!
Okay! I'll stop you then! Please let me succeed this time...
Nya nyas Nyamo Nyamo nya nyas nyah! Superhero! Transform!

Girls, don't become transforming superheroines. Even if your mother says it's ok.

Guys, don't say "Shwing!". It's ok to think it, but don't SAY it.
Nyahhh! My clothes didn't appear, again!
That's so lame! Hey, Archelesser, get rid of them quickly!
Archelesser: Certainly, sir! Alright, I'll get this over with!

Archelesser: You're done for!
I won't let you hurt her!


Animesia! Why...?
Animesia: I told you, didn't I? I shall lend a hand.
Oh, yeah. Thanks! You saved me!
Damn insects interrupting me!
Archelesser: You're Animesia! If you stand in my way, I shall cut you down!
Animesia: You're welcome to try. Aoto, I shall deal with him. Go take care of Saki.
Oh, right.
Aoto! Are you okay?
Am I okay? Feel these nipples!
Uh, I'm not entirely sure what he meant by that. I assume Archelesser attacked him with a nipple twister. You shouldn't do something like that kids, unless your life depends on it.
I told you! If Animesia hadn't helped us, not only me, but you would have been finished!
...I'm sorry.
I know you can't fight, but there are times when we can't help it. We can't negotiate if we're dead.
Anyway, let's start over and reevaluate our strategy. Now...
No, I'm alright!
You're alright?
I was wrong! I wish everyone could be friends, smile, and hold each other's hands.
But it's more important to me that you're okay!
So...Saki will fight! In the name of Aoto!
...Saki, what are you doing?
I'll create a weapon...that can defend you from our enemies!

So long as evil exists, my heart will keep exploding. Oh, in the light of twilight, who will ignite my heart?
What the hell is this sick creature!?
He is Bombastic Man! He's a heroic weapon that beautifully explodes everyday for the sake of peace!
...Your weapon would do something like that.
Bombastic Man! I know you just arrived, but could you please do me a favor?
It shall be my pleasure. This evening, I shall perform a spectacle worthy of your smile.
And when I make my victorious return, I will propose to you. Until then, will you wait for me?
Alright, I shall get my ass in gear! I'll be back in a jiffy. Don't worry, Honey. See ya!
Who the hell is he!?
Hmhm...I'm a wandering hit man, sent here to extinguish the light of your lives, cretins.
Unfortunately, your luck's run out, since the last time we faced each other!
Archelesser: What are you saying? You're not making any sense...
So long!
Despite being totally overdramatic, he was actually good at blowing things up.
Archelesser: Urahhh!
He did it...
That was amazing!
And to were smiling as you made that frightening thing.
He was so cute and destructive! And I was able to protect you!
I know, but...can't you do anything about the lines he says before he explodes?

Arche! You survived the explosion!?
Of course! I humbly admit defeat, but I'll get you next time!
Prepare yourself to meet with a horrible defeat.
Whew...that guy's gonna be trouble. Who is his master anyway?
Well, I guess that's not really important. Let's go to the Stonehenge now.
Uh, you really shouldn't say stuff like that kids. Silly Aoto.
Hyuma, Archelesser, has been unlocked!

...I didn't really do anything.
But you did a lot. Since you scolded me so harshly, I was able to take a step forward!
It made me so happy when I realized how much you really think about me!
Oh, yeah?
So, Arche is still alive. He might attack us in the next level, too.
Yes, but now I will be fine...
Because you taught me what's important when it comes to protecting someone close to you.
Aoto, will you please come visit my next world?
Thank you so much. I'll be waiting for you!
I'll go on ahead. See you later!

Who's that mysterious shilouette behind Saki? Bum Bhum BUUUUM!
...what? You guessed already. Bah.

One thing that's odd about this cosmosphere is that although Bombastic Man hasn't technically existed up until now, we've been using him as Saki's default song magic since the very first update.

All of the "not enough DP" events are just getting Aoto blown up, so here's what happens if you pick the other option.
She thinks all lands should be at peace, or at least the ones that she doesn't see as weird. That's her mentality.
Animesia: Hmm, true.
Is she obsessed with some sort of deluded, false reality?
Animesia: Not particularly. It is the source of her being. It never alters its form, for it is equivalent to herself.
This is getting unnecessarily complex.
Animesia: If you cut off this source, she will no longer be herself. But the other personae are not aware of this.
This is why I am asking you. Can you defend her source, the point where the girl you know as Saki comes from?
Defend? What do I have to do, exactly...?
Animesia: It isn't complicated. Simply support her unconditionally. When she's about to give in, encourage her not to.
Oh, I see.
Animesia: Ah, very good. I shall offer you my assistance.

Saki Conversation: Cosmosphere Level 2
Aoto, you caused a Paradigm Shift.
Oh...yeah. Do you feel anything?
...Saki doesn't like fights.
I've been fighting by your side for a while, but I want to solve problems by talking them out.
But...I'm wrong, right?
You're not wrong. I admire that idea.
Everyone chooses to fight because it's much easier than talking and convincing others.
But you still think we should talk and reconcile things, right?
Yes...I don't think anyone wants to hurt others or get hurt by others.
But I realized just thinking that won't bear any good results.
Sometimes I have to resort to violence to defend things that are important to me.
...So if the enemy is deaf, you'll hit them with a sledgehammer?
Not for the sake of violence, but to protect someone.
For that, I will not hesitate to hurt villains.
...Do you think Saki is wrong?
If you're going to use your power to protect someone important to you, I don't think you're wrong.
Even if it results in hurting someone, it was meant to happen.
...So ultimately, it's a matter of whether you can justify yourself or not.
Saki understands that, but I'm still a little worried.
I've already made up my mind to protect you, Aoto, so I'll keep on fighting!
I see...then, I'll keep on fighting for the sake of protecting you, Saki.
Thank you! If we fight together against enemies we're utterly invincible!

Next Time: Unlocked Trophy: Saki Will Do It!