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Part 88: Saki Cosmosphere 3 Bonus

Now despite what I've said about it being totally insane, there is a good reason to let Saki keep stripping: it causes the rest of the cosmosphere to make more sense. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until I'd done the video and was looking at the script dump, so I don't have a video of the "more sense" version. I did have a video I was getting ready to inflict on you but it ends right when the "more sense" would start because I'm dumb. Anyway, have this summary of the differences.

...It seems a lot more sensible to just let Saki finish it.
She'll learn through experience that a price must be paid for the consequences of her actions.
If that is your decision, fine. Watch the show until the very end.
I don't care what means you employ. We're running out of time.

Th-thank you all for waiting.
Okay...I-I'm going to strip!

This extra dp cost is the reason I didn't go any further, I had very little DP left.

Yes, that's a Trophy.
Whoohoo! C'mon!
Keep it coming! Whoohoo!!
Hey, move your hands! They're blocking the goods!
I-I can't do that! I'm sorry! Please forgive me!
What is she doing...!? Is she really our princess? I don't want to think about it.
I wanted Saki to see the reality of what she's doing, but this is worse than I expected...
...How'd it go? Did it go the way you thought it would?
I can't stand this anymore...
Did you finally realize that you can't solve anything this way?

Hello, Princess Saki. Well done! That was an impressive performance.
Yes! I did my best, so please set them free!
I could do that, but...
...But what?
They all say that they kind of want to stay.
...What!? Why!?
They don't want to return to a country that is ruled by a shameless harlot, like you.
Wait a sec! Who's a harlot!? You forced her to do that!
They don't care whose idea it was...
Let's see if that's still the case after you tell them the truth...
No. Why would I have to do that? It will only give me a disadvantage.
All of your men are enthralled by my charm. We've got all the manpower. It'll be easy to conquer your puny country.
Your people's morale has tumbled to the ground. I don't think anybody would fight for you.
You coward!
Yes, I am a coward! The world is such a cruel place. Betrayal, extortion, conspiracy...they happen every day.
No, that's not true! Because, Saki...
You were about to say, "Saki didn't create this world!" Right? But as you can see, that's our reality.
How are you feeling? Is it all clear to you? Saki...this is our reality. From now on, you must embrace the truth...

Also, here's what happens if you run out of DP at the strip.
N-no. I can't strip!
What the hell!?
Are you abandoning your country!? What a selfish princess!
...What horrible subjects.
???: Too bad. If you can't continue till the end, it doesn't count.
...! You're the Queen of Adult Kingdom!
Hmhm. You breached our contract. I'm sorry, but I'll have to take all the guys back.
P-please! I did my best!
Whether you did your best or not, if you didn't accomplish your goal, you're better off not even trying.
Alright? Bye, sweetie.
And thus, Sweets Kingdom became a colony of Adult Kingdom. The end. What a happy ending!
That was a happy ending!?
Who do you think you are? First of all, the reason all this happened is because you lack love.
Go take a Romance 101 class at a community college and then come back, moron.