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Part 90: Saki Romantic Scene 1 and Cosmosphere 4 Bonus

Hello kids! Nice to see you again. I've only got you for the afternoon, so here's a little something extra. If Aoto had paid more attention to Saki than he did to Finnel, he might have been able to see something very "unique".

Video Record- "Saki Romantic Scene 1"
I know you've seen this part, but just for context.
Okay, I'm going to Nya Nya Ya to fix up my V-Board.
Then why don't we go, too, Doctor!? We can talk it over as we walk!
Oh, sure.
What're you gonna do, Aoto?
I'll stay with Saki until she wakes up.
Okay. Then, I'm going.
Alright, see ya later.

Saki, are you awake?
Hrm...ah, Aoto? This place is...?
We're at an Inn.
...Why!? The last I remember, I was at the Garvelt Bridge, and you Clustania... don't remember, do you?
After that...
...I see. I'm worried about Finnel.
...I let Soma seize her body, knowing what was going on.
...But she definitely back, right!? I mean, everything has to be fine...
There's a line here that's in the script but not in the recording for some reason: "Yeah, we're gonna make sure that happens." I'm assuming it's supposed to be said by Aoto.
And, of course, we're gonna take care of your thing, too.
Don't you know about a place called the Rinkernator that Filament was talking about?
No... I don't really know it...
Okay...well according to Filament, if we go there, there's a way to save you.
...I can also live on...? Can I live much, much longer?
Of course! Since we can't trust Archia, I will save you.
I'll take you to the Rinkernator, no matter what!
...Thank you!
But before that, we have to find out where the Rinkernator is.
I'll look for it, too! Let's find out where it is together!
You bet.

And here's where it gets different. She's feeling a little closer to him.
Oh, Aoto! For cheering me up, how about I read you one of my stories?
A story?
Yes! It's a story I tell using slide picture cards!
...You make the stories, too?
Once I get to see the children again, I'll read these stories to them... So, please give me some feedback!
Oh, sure, this sounds fun. Read it to me.
Yes! This is my latest work! The Story of the Hero and Overlord begins now!

You get the trophy "Saki Romantic Scene 1" here.
What happened!? I haven't even started yet...
Sorry, but you don't even need to start the story! That picture is horrifying! Kids'll cry just from seeing it!
What!? How rude! No one will cry!

I gotta side with Saki here. As her publisher on this continent, I find children like these. I certainly know you guys wouldn't be scared at all.
Kh...Kh...b-b-but this is... No! It's impossible! Bff...!
Hey! The pictures are fine the way they are! What's important is the story! I'm really confident about this one!
...Alright, I'll let your horrifying drawings slide for now...
Alright! Let me start over! Now... The Story of the Hero and Overlord! Raise curtain!

"Once upon a time, there was very, very powerful Overlord."
"The Overlord was such a tyrant, that the villagers were completely oppressed from the evil tyranny."

"One day, a Hero from a faraway land heard rumors about the Overlord while on a heroic journey."
"The Hero headed to the Overlord's castle in order to save the poor villagers!"

Oh! This is starting to sound like a fairy tale.

That overlord reminds me of someone.
"And then! The Hero moved into the castle, where he and the Overlord lived together, happily ever after. FIN!"
How was it? I really like that story! I think it's really well written!
...How!? It totally lacks content! How did the Hero and Overlord end up falling in love with each other!?
When the Hero met the Overlord, he realized the Overlord wasn't a bad person! So, they fell in love!
Are you trying to advance some same-sex marriage agenda? This isn't a soapbox! I mean, the Overlord's a dude, right?
That's not true! That's just your prejudice! The Overlord is a girl!

Yeah, this is certainly seeming similar to your mother's story. I have no idea how she could have known about it at the time, except for one possibility. But I don't know anything about that. I must admit I'm not qualified to figure out how or if that would work.

How am I supposed to tell whether this is a man or a woman from this picture!? Overlords are normally male!
Umm...then, "...Where the Hero and Demon Queen lived together, happily ever after." ...How's that?
Maybe I made a stand on the wrong point...
But, but, the children all liked all of my stories.
Are you serious!? Those poor kids... Their sense of narrative has been totally paralyzed.
Hey! That's not true!
Well, it sure is a really UNIQUE slide picture story, I'll give you that. It's punchy.
Hmhm. Thank you...
I want to be remembered. Through these stories, I want to imprint my existence on the minds of the children forever...
...I'm frightened.
...When I almost lost my memory at the Archia Think Tank, what if I forgot about you for the rest of my life...?
It really scares me...
...I don't want to forget. You don't know how happy it makes me, just being next to you! I never want to forget you!
...Saki...don't think about that now. Please just rest.
...Okay. Thank you, Aoto.
Saki's completely fallen asleep. Alright, let's go see them.

Oh, you're still here? I guess I'll show you something that actually did happen, where he talked to her about cosmosphere 4.
Aoto, you're so amazing! I feel I have a wider perspective!
Calm down first. I get enough ultra plot twists in your Cosmosphere.
I don't know what you mean, but I understand!
No, you don't. So, what happened?
Feelings! What's really important are feelings!
I thought it was frightening to show my feelings to someone else.
But I was wrong! No one can change unless they show their feelings to someone.
It's important to do that if you want to become happy!
H-hey, Saki. Calm down.
I'm sorry, Aoto. I just can't hold myself back tonight.
But, I'll be showing my feelings a lot more than before. Please support me!
Heh heh heh. Please calm down.
(...I hope she calms down once she gets some sleep.)