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Part 91: Saki Cosmosphere 5

So I heard your mother told you a particularly... "interesting" story yesterday. She's you're mother, so I'm not entitled to judge what she deems appropriate for you kids. Anyway, I have more of Saki's story today. It's guaranteed to traumatize you less.

Video Record- "Saki 5"


I feel like something really inappropriate was erected. Is it just my imagination?

If he means the city, then I have to say that that stuff sells VERY well.
What in the world is this? I have no clue...

Aoto went to the city, but there was a problem.

Hmm, there's so many people... I can't even see the speaker...
Aoto, that's not because of the large crowd. There's a distortion in the Soulspace.
Oh, does that mean that someone new is coming?
Yes. As you might expect, I'll perform the usual manipulation of the Sphere Allocation Table.
Please stay out of Cosmosphere in the meantime. Otherwise it may affect your mind.
Yeah, I know the drill. Alright, I'm counting on you.
Roger that! I'm disconnecting the network now. Bye-bye!

Usual thing with technology: turn it off, then turn it on again.
Alright, is the reboot done yet?
Hello! The recovery of the Sphere Location Cable is complete.
The flow of the story should be totally different than last time. Please try it one more time.

And back to the city.
So, who's giving the speech?

...! A tidal wave that heralds doomsday? Well, it feels like the water level has been on the rise lately.
I think she's just threatening us. I don't think anything's gonna happen.
Hmph, absolutely. What an ominous speech. Thanks to that, I won't be able to enjoy dinner tonight...
But...what is that Ark she was talking about?
Huh? Don't you see that eyesore of a boat out on the water? That's the Ark.
She said a giant doomsday tsunami will hit the land and everything except for that boat will sink.
You just came to town, right? You don't need to worry about her. No one in town takes her seriously anymore.
That's right, she only says gloomy stuff. Besides, our "god" nowadays is Greater Robot!
What's that?
Look over there. See that giant robot? That'll protect us from the judgment of the grim Goddess.
...That robot over there...looks just like me...
If you continue this blasphemy, you will go to Hell.
Compared to the might of the Goddess, Greater Robot is as powerless as seaweed! Convert and repent!
Guru girl, we'd rather believe in Greater Robot than your depressing cult. Plus, the robot is full of dreams.
That's right, cult leader, get outta town! And stop trying to freak us out!
H-hey, she's gone...
Leave her be. Forget about it. You're a student, right? You better hurry, or you'll be late for school.
Huh? ...Am I a student?
Aren't you? You seem to be about the same age as I am. I'm going to school actually. Why don't we go together?
Y-yeah, okay.
School, huh? That sounds fun. But...I'm curious about her.
About Filament? She headed over to Greater Robot.
Ah! You...!
Alright, I'll introduce myself. I'm Ko-Kitty. You can consider me as Filament's Mind Guardian.
So, you're Filament's... Oh, pleased to meet you.
If you're interested, why don't you talk to my master? We won't treat you badly like Sakia did.
Sakia and Filament seem to be at odds with each other. I wonder if they hate each other...

And so Aoto followed her.

...The trend is ominous... This is an extremely dire situation...
She... Hey!
Oh, you're...
What're you doing here?
Nothing. I was checking out this robot.
You said "This trend is ominous," didn't you? What does that mean?
Look at this stupid robot. Bye.
H-hey, wait!
Am I really so useless...?

He seems that way sometimes.

Yes, there used to be schools like that in the first era, or so Shurelia tells me. I'm sure someday there will be more like them.

You're late. We can barely make it before roll call. Let's go to the classroom now.
There's a line from Aoto here: "Well, I kind of followed the plot of this story up till this point, but are you sure this is the right place?" that didn't appear when I played this.

What a treat! Aoton is here this morning! Is this some ominous sign? Will there be a typhoon tomorrow?
Aoton...what kind of stupid nickname is that!?
What? You don't like it? I came up with it yesterday. I kind of wracked my brain really hard...
Hey Aoto, isn't it kinda selfish of you to trample all over the favor Sakkyun did for you?
Sakkyun didn't get much sleep last night because of some boarding preparations, but she still made time to think it up.
...What are boarding preparations?
Plus, you ditched the name that Sakkyun gave you without a second thought. If her fans knew that, well...
W-wait a second! What's going on with...Saki in this world!?
Huh!? Are you crazy or something? Don't tell me you forgot that Sakkyun is the pilot of Greater Robot!
That problem about us being on the verge of doomsday that the nun was talking about...Sakkyun will settle it for us!
...Huh...oh yeah, that's right! Now I remember!
Are you sure? I don't know why Sakkyun likes such a jerk. You must've used some kind of wonder drug or something...
I-I never said I liked him, but... Aoto...
Akane: Alright, alright! Everyone, be seated!
Okay, everyone, good morning. Today, I'd like to introduce to you a new friend.
A new friend?
Probably a transfer student.
Akane: Okay, be quiet, class! Alright, come on in.
Howdy, everyone♪ My name is Finnel Z. Tokita.

Huh? What's wrong?
Starting today, I'll be taking classes with you for a while! I'm glad to meet you all!
What's wrong...? Aoto, don't you know who she is? She's Toki!
The superstar from the neighboring country. She has a ton of fans in this country, too. She's so hot right now!
*sigh* Toki, huh?
Akane: Alright, everyone, quiet please. You aren't little children anymore. Control yourselves!
I'm sure everyone knows Ms. Tokita, but don't get too excited. Just treat her as a regular classmate.
So...let's have you sit...
Ms. Akane! That seat over there seems to be available. Can I take that one?
Akane: Oh, next to Aoto? Sure, you may.
Hellow, Aotie... I can't stay here too long, but it's nice to see you.
Uh, yeah, same here!
Heh, lucky you. It's like having a rose in one hand and an iris in the other. Or two whole flower gardens in this case.
Akane: Alright. Let's start the class.
S-Saki...? Why are you pouting?
I'm not pouting!
...! Finnel!?
You're calling me by my real first name? Oh, no...that'll make me feel...nervous.
But...I don't mind. You can call me Finnel. So...can I call you Aoto?
Sure, I don't mind.
Hehehe! Yay! Be my friend, Aoto!
Excuse me, but I was talking to Aoto!
Oh, sorry.
...By the way, you're Sakkyun, the pilot of Greater Robot, right?
Huh!? How did you know that...?
Actually, I pilot a robot in my home country, in addition to being an idol, of course. I was asked to pilot Unit 02.
What!? Is that true!? Then we have the same job!
...Hmm, just as I heard, you're such an easy-going, ignorant girl.
Hey, Aoto! I'm new in town. Will you show me around?
Huh!? Me...?
No! Aoto's going shopping with me this afternoon!

What!? It's that time already?
Mimic Mike: Yes, ma'am. You've got a rehearsal for your upcoming show, dinner with the diplomats, a staff meeting, and so on...

Saki viewing FINNEL of all people as super-competent and privileged is a laugh and a half. But I'll let your mother tell you more about it. Of course, this could just be the archetype of the story at work: the "rival" girl is usually that way.
*sigh* Alright... I'll be reasy shortly. Please wait outside.
Mimic Mike: Certainly, ma'am. If you don't show up in 5 minutes, I'll be back to look for you.
*sigh* Shoot. I really wanted to go on a lovey dovey date with Aoto...
Too bad, but I have to get going. Bye-bye. See you tomorrow.
...Saki? What just happened?
...Huh? N-nothing! Don't you want to go shopping with me?
Uh, sure. Why not?
The Hyuma, Mimic Mike, has been unlocked!

So they went back into the city.
I'm sorry for dragging you around.
Well, I'm going to have to pilot the robot in order to investigate how to prevent the tsunami, right?
So...just thinking about having to fight a lot of enemies is making me nervous.
I see, so that's what it was. Alright, if it'll help relieve some stress, I'll keep you company.
Thank you! I'm so happy.
So, Aoto, don't mind...will you go to my room with me...? There...we...
Hey, that girl... Isn't she Sakkyun?
Oh! You're right! She is Sakkyun, without a doubt! I, who knows Sakkyun down to the bone, am confirming it!
Autograph! Please give me your autograph! Plus...if you don't mind...something else, too!
Whoa! What the hell is wrong with those guys!? It's scary how fast they're coming at us...!
They are so called chaser groupies! Aoto, I think we should run!
*huff* *huff*
Whew...we managed to escape. I can't believe that... They were sticking to our trail like super glue.
They're actually nice people. I can keep doing this job, despite its many hardships, thanks to my fans' support.
But just for today, I only wanted to be with you, so...
Why haven't you guys realized the truth?
Whoa! What are you doing in this place, Filament!?
Ah, you're the sister who preaches on the street. Good afternoon!
Saki, you don't have any more time to spend with humans. The tidal wave of divine judgment is almost upon us.
I know that! That's why Saki's training so hard to pilot Greater Robot!
...You don't understand. Greater robot can't save this world.
That's not true! Because Saki is...
I know what you want to say. Knowing that it was going to be really hard, you volunteered to operate Greater Robot.
That is why I came after you stop you from piloting it.
Ah! I found ya, Aoto!
Let's go see the beautiful scenary at night! The Bay Bridge! I wanna go see the Bay Bridge!
W-wait a sec! You said you were gonna be busy for the rest of the day...
You know, I had absolutely no freedom to do what I wanted. So, I got sick of it and snuck out!
Toki! Please don't take Aoto away from me!
Oh, why not? You've been talking with him this whole time, right? He seems kinda bored...
No, that's not true!
Hey, Aoto! Let's go to the Bay Bridge! The Baaayyy Briiidggge!
Wh-wait a sec! Don't pull me! Hey!

So they went to the bay bridge.

The Bay Bridge is famous for its beautiful view, especially at night.
I may seem cool, but I feel really lonely whenever I come here alone.
So, thank you...for keeping me company.
I actually wanna be Sakkyun's friend, since we go to the same school, and we're both pilots. But, I'm so stubborn.
...I see. I'm a little relieved to hear that. Please be a good friend to her.
Sure. But I know there'll be times when I'm gonna be mean to her again.
Because...Sakkyun seems to like you a lot.
...Yes. Don't you see it? Even I can't help being charmed by you.
When I first entered the classroom, I felt it, strong... It was like my entire body was struck by lightning.
Are you serious!?
Hey, Aoto, if I try real hard...can I be your girlfriend?
Well, that's...

Aoto remembered whose cosmosphere he was in.
...Sorry, Finnel, I can't do it.
I...I have Saki...
...Really? That's too bad. I should've come to this town a little earlier.
That way, you and Sakkyun wouldn't have gotten that far yet.
I'm really sorry. It's not fair to you.
I understand! I got a little too ahead of myself, I guess...
Thank you, Aoto...for being honest with me. But...that doesn't mean I've given up on you. I'll steal your heart...
Aoto! Toki!
It's an emergency!
Sakkyun!? Talk about bad timing...
I'm sorry. ...What's going on here!?
Nothing, everything's fine! So, what's so important?
Oh, yes! It's an emergency! The World Tree Alfage is burning!

Okay! You two, please head to the shelter! I'll do my best to put an end to this!
I'm sorry, Toki. I didn't mean to get jealous and bother you...
I actually do want to be friends with you. But, I didn't want you to take Aoto away from me...
No! That's not something you need to apologize for! I'm the one who needs to say I'm sorry.
Toki, if anything happens to me, please make sure Aoto's happy.
Wait, I'm going with you!
It's gonna be dangerous, right? I'll do anything I can to help you.
I-I'm going, too!
But, why...?
This isn't a job for you, Sakkyun!
I'm a pilot, too, after all. This is my chance to prove that I'm just as good as you are, if not better!
Walkie: Let's go people!
The Hyuma, Walkie, has been unlocked!

There's a new flame background for us.

So they arrived at the World Tree.

Look at that. Alfage, why...!?
Walkie: Sakkyun, let's hurry. Once it burns completely, Greater Robot will no longer move!
What does that mean?
Walkie: Greater Robot is powered by Name, and the source of Mana Energy is that tree, Alfage.
Name? Is that a remnant of placeholder text?
Walkie: So if it is lost, Greater Robot will no longer have its fuel source.
What's more, the nation's magic power will deplete and civilization will fall into decay.
...And...the Doomsday Tsunami...
Mimic Mike: Right. It will swallow this land and the world will be lost forever.
Mimic Mike! Why're you here!?
Mimic Mike: I've got some trivial chores to do. Finnel, we're going back to our country.
...Huh!? But I just got here today...
Mimic Mike: We've finished all of our jobs. It's dangerous to stay here any longer.
...! Mimic Mike, you...?
You didn't set Alfage on fire, did you!?
Mimic Mike: ...Ugh, you're too sharp, Finnel. That was my main purpose in coming here.
Mimic Mike: Hehehe. It was a military decree by the head of our state.
I was commanded to burn Alfage and incapacitate this country's defense systems.
If our nation's idol and pilot, Finnel, works with Saki, the country will focus on that and forget about its defense.
So I was just a decoy!?
...Why would you do that?
Mimic Mike: Well, it was our President's idea. I don't know why.
Once it burns down, it's impossible to restore it. Let's go, Finnel.
No. I won't.
I'll stay here and pilot Greater Robot with Sakkyun! I'll save this tree!
Mimic Mike: Stop this nonsense. You've still got a number of national tasks to perform.
I said no! I refuse. Go home by yourself!
I'm a bit shy and not very social, but I wanted to be everyone's friend. Even after I left.
I won't be able to be their friends because of this! I can't let it end this way!
Toki, let's go. Let's save this country together!
Sakkyun, yeah! Let's do it!
Mimic Mike: Hey, stop!
I'm your opponent. How dare you set Saki's world on fire!
Mimic Mike: Hmph. What can a commoner do?
Don't underestimate me. Suck on this, you arsonist!
Mimic Mike: Gaaah! What're you doing!?
Don't get all weak on me now. One more time!
Mimic Mike: ...! You'll pay for this!
Tch. She got away.

So they ran off to pilot the robot.
Whew. Sorry! I'm late!

I am Finnel Z. Tokita! I'm here as Sakkyun's support. I'm also an ace pilot.
Raphael: I was alerted about your reinforcement! We appreciate the help. We're much stronger with your aid.
Raphael: Of course. This robot's powered by the pilot's feelings. You're an excellent addition to our operations.
Huh? Does that mean...?
Raphael: It's experimental, but I want you two to co-pilot Greater Robot.
That way, it'll exert more than double its usual power.
Amazing! Toki, let's do it!
Raphael: Now, I'll return to the control room for the final preparations. You two, get ready to commence the operation!
Ugh, whew. I barely made it!
Where's Mimic Mike!?
I gave her a lecture and she escaped. She'll stay quiet for a while, so let's go before it's too late!
Aoto, I'll do my best for your sake, as well.
Alfage should be left to burn out. This world would be better off.
What're you saying? Are you behind the arson conspiracy!?
Um, no. I was a bystander. Anyway, Alfage is this world's cancer. We need to purge it.
That's a lie! Alfage is this world's last ray of hope. I will extinguish those flames!
Unfortunately, it seems we're unable to negotiate any further. Fine, I'll get ready to escape.
But let me say will regret that you stopped Alfage from burning.
Oh, and one more thing. Doing this "for his sake" is taboo, though I'm sure you know that.
Don't forget who you are. Bye.
Weirdo. Sakkyun, don't worry about what she said. Let's hurry!
Yes. Aoto, I'm going now!
Aoto, please root for me, too!
Oh, they're gone. Good luck to you both...
Well, after sending them off, I'm still worried.
It'll be dangerous, but I should go check on them.

So it was time for Greater Robot's pilots to swing into action. Just like in my Metafalssian Light Novels.
Oh no...this is way worse than before.
Here it comes! Greater Robot!
Hmm...this is gonna be hard to comment usual.

By the way that's an incredibly spacious cockpit, what with the desk in the center. I think it's designed for operation by more than just one pilot. But then again, this is Saki's mind, and she just doesn't have experience in military vehicle design.
A laser beam shot out of the robot?
The fire is going out... It's amazing! Hang in there, you two...!
Incredible...! That's the power of your Greater Robot!?
It's much more powerful than usual! It must be Toki's reinforcement!
...Alright, Sakkyun. Just a little to the left! Let's wrap this up!
...Toki! Alfage is about to fall! We have to sustain it...
Aoto!? What's he doing over there!?
What!? He'll be squished by the tree!
...Crap! I'm gonna be street pizza!
Damn! I can't escape this!
Sakkyun! We have to save Aoto!
Aoto! We're here to rescue you!
...Aoto! Please don't die!

If Finnel and Aoto kiss, this cost goes up a bit.
Nice catch!
...I'm glad he's safe!

Sorry, you two. I made you worry.
Don't be. You came all the way here because you were worried about us...
But, you should've thought it through a little more.
Yeah, I know. Sorry. was a miracle you survived, thanks to Sakkyun's love for you.
What!? That's not true! I just said, "...Aoto! Please don't die!"
Don't try to hide it. I know everything. To be honest, I lost this game.
Uh, Aoto! I...
Kyah! You finally confessed to him! Alright, I'll go now... I don't wanna be a third wheel. Good luck, Sakkyun!
H-hey, Finnel!
Thanks for everything! It was fun! I hope to see you two again!

And the ground rumbled.
It's stopped...
...You did it.
You sucked all the energy out of Alfage using your Greater Robot... You'll have to pay the price for that from now on...
...What price?
The script has a stray line here: "What does that mean!?"
...The waves of doomsday.
What!? I'll stop it with my Greater Robot...
I told you that was impossible. Anyhow, this world is doomed to sink beneath the dark waters.
I wanted you to realize the consequences before it was too late...but...I don't think that's possible, Saki...
It can't be helped. Our only choice is to share our consciousness. That way, we can understand the whole situation.
...Share our consciousness?
Precisely. I will be waiting for you at the Stonehenge. Come see me when you are ready.
Please don't worry about me! No matter what happens, I'll be alright, because...
Saki has Aoto by her side!
A Paradigm Shift...

So they went to the stonehenge.

So, what are you going to do, exactly?
I am sure you know, because we have experienced it before. We are fusing into one being.
I had hoped that Saki would realize the severity of the status quo, but from watching her, I can't stand idly by.
If I don't take the initiative, we will be annihilated into the dust of the universe.

What's funny is that... Oh shoot, I can't say that. Your mother would throw a fit about "spoilers". Anyway remember this conversation later.
So, we must become one. I will give you all the information I have. Are you ready?
Yes, I'm ready! Thank you for uniting with me!
...Thank you. Let's start the fusion. I shall omit the preparatory formalities and get straight to the point.
Was yea ra exec FLIP_COSMOSPHERE.

I feel the strangest urge to give things away. But I never give anything away!
The injuries I have will start to understand them, too.
en chs yor, en pitod yor!


What does that mean?
???: ...Cognize. Thou shalt know the agony of thy wounds...
...Does it hurt!?
???: The wounds that thy dearest children have given thou...I shall give them back to you...

No...this can't be true...!
...How do you feel?
This must be some kind of mistake!
H-hey, Saki!?
I...I won't believe such a thing...!
Filament, what did you tell her!?
A very painful truth. I wish I never had to tell anyone about it.
...She and I had very different roles to play. She wasn't supposed to know about this in the first place.
However, our reality will no longer allow that. The world is on the verge of a great crisis...
I'm sorry for telling you such a convoluted story. Thank you for helping us fuse into one being.
Thanks to you, the world may barely survive for now.
...I must go now. I'm sure I'll see you again soon.
You can now use Filament's Body!

After they got out, they had a conversation about what happened.
...So, Saki, do you feel any effect from the Paradigm Shifts?
Saki, what's wrong?
...So, this was because of the Paradigm Shifts...
What are you talking about? Did I do something wrong?
No, I'm fine. You worked so hard for my Paradigm Shifts.
So I'm fine, but...please don't talk about it today.
Wh-why don't we talk about something more fun?
(Did she remember something depressing?)

Alright, bedtime kiddies. Next time you come I'll show you something that might help you understand what's going on better, and maybe you can guess what Saki's remembering.

By the way, here's what seems to happen if you kiss.
...Of course you can.
Really? Does that mean that I'm kinda your type?
N-not really,'s not like I...
...Kiss me.
Wait! We aren't in a relationship yet!
It's kinda like getting paid in advance! Once I become your girlfriend, I'll pay it all back. ...Okay?
Uhh...just a little one, okay?
Aoto...I like you a lot.
Aoto! Toki! It's an emergen...
Aoto, what were you doing just now...?
Uh, nothing! We were just...!
Hehehe. I kissed Aoto!
Whaaat!? You did!?
What would be the point of lying? It tasted like a sour lemon...
...So, Saki, what's the emergency!?

There's also another set of dialog there, but I'm not sure how you'd trigger it.
No! We just met today! We're not supposed to kiss yet.
Then, after a few days...will you really kiss me?
Well, that depends... If the situation allows...It's not impossible.
Aoto! Toki!
It's an emergency!
Sakkyun!? Talk about bad timing...
I'm sorry. ...What's going on here!?
Nothing, everything's fine! So, what's so important?

There's also a difference when you do the robot tree catch, but that's mostly in the DP cost.