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Part 94: Saki Cosmosphere 7A

Good evening, children! Only time for a short story bit tonight, but that's ok.

Video Record- "Saki Cosmosphere 7"


The first thing he noticed was that the doomsday of the last world had had even worse effects than he'd thought.

The book! It's closed!? I thought we went through the Paradigm Shift... Where's Saki!?
What!? The Ark's still there! What's going on...?

So he decided to check out the Ark first, I guess since it wasn't as totally wrecked as most of the other stuff.

It's unfortunate for us both to meet again.
What's going on!? Didn't the Ark leave?
As you can see, our departure was delayed. Consequently, we failed to escape from the catastrophe.
...Oh no...
There's still hope. Even though it's closed, the book still remains. It means Saki is still somewhere in this world.
And some of her divine nature remains.
What? I thought she abdicated her status as a Goddess in the previous world.
To quit or not to quit one's role as Goddess is not something she can decide on her own.
The Consensus wavers between Saki's two options. So long as she likes you as a human, she cannot function as a Goddess.
So, the options are to either change Saki's mind, recover her divine powers, or have someone replace her.
Replace Saki!?
At this point, all are plausible. If we continue to struggle with these choices, we will have to find a replacement.
Then, she will no longer be a Goddess and will gain the same soul as a human and...eventually...will perish.
...! Is this my fault!? I made Saki...
Don't blame yourself. It's the result of her becoming loyal to her real feelings.
Anyhow, I shall come up with a plan. You're too distracting to brainstorm around. Go elsewhere.

Next, he checked on the closed book.

???: *sob*
...That crying... Saki!? Saki!
...! Aoto!? How did you know I was here?
I just happened to walk by and hear your voice. I was really surprised.
I'm glad you're safe. Can you get out? I'll go get some help. Wait just a sec!
No, Aoto. I don't want to get out of here!
If I do, Filament will take me to a faraway place. I'd have so much to do as a Goddess...
It's only a matter of time. Filament said that if you don't become a Goddess again, you'll die.
Fine. I don't want to lose any of my memories of you.
I don't want to go away. I won't leave.
No! I don't want that. I don't want you to disappear, either! I couldn't take it!
Saki! Hey, Saki...!
Damn. Something's got to be done, or Saki will...

Aoto next went to the tree, since it was holding the book barely open.

Sakia? Oh, you survived that. I'm glad.
It seems like you saved my life. I am much obliged.
Sakia, this is really serious! The book was closed, and Saki is trapped inside.
Tell me! What is with this book!?
This book is a means of keeping Saki inside this Soulspace.
But why!? This is Saki's Cosmosphere, right?
...Now might be a good time for me to tell you the truth. You may find this to be quite sensational, so brace yourself.
The main persona of the Reyvateil named Saki is me, Sakia Lumei. Saki is merely one of the personae who arrived later.

Oh come on what do you mean that you guessed it from the hymn code?
When you were in Level 1, you couldn't talk to her, remember?
That was a mirage state that was caused by the differing locations of Saki's and my spiritual layers.
I converted the layers' addresses into my static address. That would be the book that you were talking about.
In other words, this book is the medium that connects her Cosmophere with mine. A cable for our Soulspaces, if you will.
I it all makes sense.
You might have thought you were Diving into Saki, but in reality, you kept Diving into me.
But the book is closed, which means that Saki wants to sever the link between her spiritual layer and this world.
Currently, the World Tree Alfage has been blocking it, but without it, they would have been separated long ago.
Hey, can I ask you another thing? You destroyed that beautiful world before the book closed, right? But, why...?
...It would've been really inconvenient if there had been so many things left over when the book closed.
But that's horrible! That world you destroyed was your own Cosmosphere! Why did you do that to your own world!?
The duty I was charged was to keep Saki within my body and to make her the primary soul.
What!? So, you were...
I was born to be in the shadow of Saki's soul. Thus, destroying my world and closing the book were part of my plan.
Then, you'll always be in the dark. You can never come out into light! That's a miserable life to live...
What are you saying? This was the destiny I was born with. Why should I feel miserable?

Yeah I think your mother probably would have gone into a berserker rage at that point.
More importantly, Saki will permanently separate from my world. If that happens, we'll have to start all over again.
I don't have time to start over. Saki really needs to come out.

On his way out, Aoto asked something.
Zwelivelle, are you there?
What do you want?
You're the real Mind Guardian of this world, right?
There is no real or fake. Other Mind Guardians are also "real" Mind Guardians of this world.
...Oh, I see.

There was nothing for it then but to check out the strange glowing egg at the base of Alfage.


Ulurua: Who're you?
...A Hyuma!? I'm Aoto. What is this?
Ulurua: I'm Ulurua, the Hyuma that is supervising this egg.
The one who was granted life upon receiving Alfage's power sleeps here.
There's a life form sleeping in here? Who...or it?
Ulurua: I can't answer that. It is one who will awaken by Alfage's decree and will bring peace to this world.
Sir Aoto! Do not approach this place! Get out of here, right now!
...What do you mean!?
This egg is the most important and most noble existence for us.
You must never harm or give any shock to this egg.
If you dare try, I will defend it at the cost of my own life.
Okay, you don't have to get all scary.
I appreciate your cooperation.
Whew... That was frightening. What's that egg all about...?
It will awaken by Alfage's decree, huh?
The Hyuma, Ulurua, has been unlocked!

Ulurua is a maximum-level +attack hyuma, which is rather useful.

Aoto tried to make Saki come out, but nothing he could think of would work.

Saki, Saki...!
Please say something.
Impossible. Her soul's already begun to fade away...
As neither a human nor goddess, she'll fade from this world...
Saki has closed her mind. Advance the main story. There may be a new improvement in her mind.

So he had to leave for the time being. Your mother has a whole lot to tell you before we can continue, since she's enforcing a fairly strict prohibition on me "spoiling" what will happen next for you.