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Part 99: Saki Cosmosphere 7B

Hello again children! Sorry I haven't had a chance to continue my story.

Video Record- "Saki Cosmosphere 7B"


So the whole story about being Goddesses was about the relationships between the Wills of the Planet and humans...

Aoto checked out the egg where the Arphage program had been sleeping.

There's nothing left. It's a waste of time to be here.

Sakia was bereft of purpose now.
Sakia!? What happened?
There was once a life form to be awakened by Alfage's decree, but now that life form is gone.
So it awakened? Is it related to Ar Ru!?
The main body of Alfage, which neutralizes Ar Ru, is Ulurua's egg, itself.
The life form which overturned Ar Ru's world was sealed inside the shell.
Once it was put in the same place as Ar Ru's true body, we could pacify Ar Ru's evil intentions.
Oh. That's what Alfage was all about...

Aoto tried persuading Saki to come out, but she wasn't going to.

Saki, please come out for me. I want to see you.
...No, I can't. If I come out, I'll be taken away to Ar Ciel...
Then I won't be able to see you ever again.
Saki remembers... I was one of the Modifiers...Creators of the Planet Ar Ciel.
Saki, please come out for me. I want to see you.
...No, I can't. If I come out, I'll be taken away to Ar Ciel...
Then I won't be able to see you ever again.
As you know, Saki is one of the Modifiers, Creators of Ar Ciel.
My role is to imagine and create an ideal cycle of a peaceful world and build the structure for it.
So, when I became like this, I felt guilty. It was all because I didn't do my job right.
And as I learned that they were trying to restore the world with Alfage, I came down into this body to help them.

Honestly I think an ideal and peaceful world would be way too boring.
...Yeah, that's right.
The Alfage Project has been completed. Saki no longer has a reason to be here.
So, Saki has to go back to Ar Ciel now. But...
I don't want to go away from you. That's why I don't want to come out of here!
The Will of the Planet, huh...?
I understand how you feel...and maybe I did something I was never supposed to do in the first place...
You look troubled. Would you like to get a cup of tea at my master's place? If you relax, you may get a good idea...
Ko-Kitty...thanks, but I'm not in the mood for...wait.
Is Filament still in the Ark?
Yes, she is. What about it?
Why don't I go talk with her...?

So Aoto went to Filament to hatch a plan.

I have a favor to ask of you. I humored you along your other scenario, remember? Now it's your turn to humor me.
It depends on what it is you're asking, but I'll try. So, what do you want me to do?
Saki is inside the book. I asked her to come out, but she won't listen. Do you know why she doesn't want to come out?
...Maybe...she's afraid of being deported to Ar Ciel?
You're pretty sharp. That's right. But if she stays there, she'll eventually run out of energy and die alone, right?
Then our only choice is to lure her out.
I've written up a scenario to persuade her into coming out, but I need your help.
But once she comes out, she may be taken away almost instantly. Are you sure you're okay with that?
Yeah, that's fine. It's still a lot better than if she disappeared forever without being able to see her again.
Alright, I'll help you.
Thank you! Will you please tell the other personae about it, too?
...Okay, now, all the preparations are done.
Saki...I'm sorry.

None of the actors in this drama felt good about their role.

Saki! Are you there?
Saki! Be happy! I made a deal with Filament! You won't have to be taken back to Ar Ciel!
They were moved by your strong willpower. They're trying to persuade the Consensus. So, please come out!
...Please, Filament.
...Uh-huh, yeah, that's true. Neither we, nor the Consensus will take you back to Ar Ciel.
The power of your love has won us over! Congratulations, Saki!
...Are you serious? Can I really believe you?
What is there to doubt? That's not like the Saki I know. I came here just to see you.

Always be careful when people won't answer a "yes or no" question with yes or no.
I want to see you. Please show me your cheerful face. I miss you. Without you, nothing feels quite right...
Okay, I'll be there in a second.
...Aoto, I'm sorry for bothering you so much until now. ...Thank you.
I gotcha!
Did you really fall for it!? Of course this was just a plan to lure you out.
You're so stupid, as usual. You fell into such an obvious booby trap.
What? ...But you told me Filament...
I'm sorry. He threatened to burn the Ark if we didn't help him. If he did that, we wouldn't be able to go back.
Saki, I'm sorry...
...No way. Aoto, this is a joke, right? Why would you do this...?
You're so annoying! You finished your job, right? Then pack your stuff and go home. You're only causing trouble here.
A Creator of the Planet shouldn't sob here like a little baby. We have to live in this world too, ya know?
Just go home and mind your own business! You're horrible. I hate irresponsible, lazy idiots!
...Aoto, I'll do my job, so please don't...
I'm sorry. To be honest, I'm getting tired of you.

Aoto had a pretty good idea of how to make himself look bad to a woman.
At first I thought you were kinda cute. You had got big boobs and stuff, so I wanted to make you mine, but...
I don't think so anymore. I'm sick of you. Go home.
...Aoto! You're joking, right!?
Saki... This is humankind. I told you they lie, betray, and hurt others easily.
I'm sorry, but this is human nature to a tee.
Aoto, please say this is all a joke!
You're getting on my last nerve! I ain't lying! I hate you because you're so stubborn.
Filament, that's fine. Just take her home. I'm busy, and I don't have the time.
Alright, Saki, let's go.
No, I won't!
Saki! Where are you going!?
...! Let's chase her!

She didn't really run that far.

You better know your limits!
I like you very much.
But...I only cause trouble for you. ...I'm really sorry.
I'm such a helpless girl who bothers you all the time... But I'll try harder from now on! So...
Saki! You have to wake up! Aoto doesn't like you at all in the first place. You're just wasting your time!
In that case, it's alright with me. Saki still likes Aoto. little...

Honestly, Saki's ultra-selfless nobility is kind of terrifying.
Aoto, you always protected me. You listened to my stories and encouraged me all the time.
Even if those weren't your true feelings I felt, I'll still treasure them.
So...I'll try harder. I'll even become a wonderful Saki that you'll never call annoying!
Don't joke around!
Don't make me laugh! Stop being so pure of heart!
You've completely ruined my plan!
Hate me! Hate my guts! Be disappointed in me and return to Ar Ciel!
I hate you... Don't you know how it makes me feel to have to say that to you?
...I do. That's why I want to stay with you, always. Because you're such a kind person...
Shut up! Go home! Go home! Go home!
You've got so many things to finish at home! You can't afford to spend time with a human!
Please...I beg you. ...Please go home. Don't let this planet go extinct for the sake of a worthless man like me.
...Aoto, you're such a sweet liar.
That's why I can't stop liking you. You always volunteer to become the villain to protect your friends.
But I won't let you be the villain anymore. I'm not helpless anymore. I can tell you my true feelings.
To Saki, Aoto is way more important than this world. So...I want to stay by your side.
...No! You can't do that!
It's not your fault. Saki's a bad girl who's loyal to her selfishness. She neglects her job for the planet.
...What kind of absurd reasoning is that!?
The mission failed.
...It seems so. However, I don't mind this outcome.
Saki...this will truly be your final decision to make.
If you choose Aoto over the planet, you will no longer be a Will of Ar Ciel. If so, you may disappear forever...
Are you sure that's okay?
...Yes. I've always been ready to face the consequences.
When I found out I might vanish, I was scared, but to lie to myself about my feelings for Aoto is even scarier.
Because, if I told myself a lie, I would regret that mistake forever.
So...I'll gladly turn into foam like the Little Mermaid. I'll live up to what my true feelings demand of me.
Saki... I'm really sorry...
I told you I would protect you without thinking about the consequences...
I ended up forcing you to go through with this... I'm such a... I'm such a...!
...Aoto? Why do you look so sad? I'm extremely happy because you did that.
Throughout the trillions of years of my entire life, I'm spending the happiest moment with you right now.
Because...Aoto, you've taught me what it means to love someone. It's such an amazing feeling...
So, please don't cry anymore. I'm...really happy...

And that's when the Consensus found Saki.

Aoto, thank you...for loving me so much.
Saki loves you, much...
Saki! Don't go! Please stay...!

Damn it! stupid idiot!
You just said all that cool stuff and then you disappeared from me like a real angel or something...
What am I suppposed to do...?
What am I suppsoed to do with my feelings for you!?
Saki...I want to see you...
Don't leave me alone...
Saki...I miss you...

It is indeed possible to pass out in a cosmosphere. So be careful not to.

...So, you finally realized.
...! I...
Where's Saki...? What happened to her...?
I need to talk with you about that.
...What happened?
Saki disappeared. However, there is still a chance that she can come back.
The reason she disappeared was because she no longer has a vessel to linger in. In other words, she lost her body.
Therefore, if she becomes able to use my body, she can stay in this world.
But that means, you'll disppear.
Don't worry. I won't vanish.
I taught her a method called Fusion, and she agreed to try it.
This is probably our final ray of hope. We have no time. If you want to try this out, please support us.
We can't expect the best results right now. I shall head to the Stonehenge. If you agree, please meet me there.
Please think carefully. I will be there, too.
Fusion, huh...?

...Anyway, I have no choice.

So he went to the stonehenge for the seventh time.
Thanks for coming, Sir Aoto.
Hey, once Saki fuses with you, can she come back?
Most likely, but there are two problems.
One is, you must look for Saki again. In Level 1 Cosmosphere, she happened find her by luck, and so we were able to fix the worlds. That was a sheer fluke.
The other is, we simply combined the two world last time, but this time, we'll be connecting souls.
In order for that, we must accept each other as we are. The question here is, whether she'll accept me...
The first one seems tough, but I don't think you need to worry about the second problem.
...Do you think so?
She's not the type of girl who hates people. Even if she says no, that's probably only a matter of her preparation. It should be temporary.
I see.
You've been living with you in the same body forever, and you don't even know that?
Much obligated, Sir Aoto. You must have been always paying attention to her feeling.
Of course. Let's go.

Of course, even though the whole "Will of the Planet" thing made the cosmosphere more real, there still wasn't 100% correspondence between the real world and the events of the cosmosphere.

Of course I am! You idiot.
Huh!? What did I do?
You have no idea what I've been though in your Cosmosphere!
I-I'm sorry!
Does that happen to be the reason why I don't see any difference after the Paradigm Shift?
...I won't tell you. I'm really angry right now.
It seems like I've done something bad to make you hate me.
So, you don't want to Dive in me anymore?
How can that be? Of course I'm not going to quit Diving into you over such a silly thing!
First of all, it's probably wrong to blame you in the real world for what happened in your Cosmosphere.
I have no idea what's going on...
Of course you don't. I'm sorry!
No! Please don't be sorry! Even though it was the Saki in the Cosmosphere, she's still Saki.
So, if you don't mind, can you let me Dive into you again?
I must save the Saki in your Cosmosphere!
You don't even need to ask. I'll let you Dive into me anytime.
Plus, you said you wanted to save me. I can't reject that.
So, please Dive into me and save me in my Cosmosphere.
...I wish the other Saki felt the same way.
The Saki in the real world likes it when you say things like that.
So, the other Saki must be feeling the same way.

Join us next time when I discuss how the road ended for this relationship in real life, and how it would have continued if he'd been interested. Oh, and a discussion of the evils of teen pregnancy.