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Part 5

: Yes. I believe they are scattered in the far corners of the world, Majesty.
King: Very well, Arc. You shall have full use of my airship, the Silver Noah. And here, please take this with you, Poco.

Wow. Why not just give Arc the whole castle?
Also of note: this series is pretty low-key about slipping in religious references, but c'mon, guys. A person named Arc, whose ship is named Noah? That's rather blatant for this crew.

This is how Poco learns new spells, he gets new instruments through plot points. And at least one sidequest that I never finished. I'm going to try to get all of them on this run, but if it involves some bullshit like  fighting 1000 battles in the arena  you can forget about it.

: Ooh, that's nifty! What does it do?
King: It is a drum possessed of unique ability. You should find it useful in battle.
: Why, thank you, Majesty!
King: Retrieve the Five Power Stones and return here without delay. I shall await your report.
: We leave at once, Majesty.

But not really. I misuse my omnipotent gamer powers to force Arc to stay in Seirya a bit longer, because we have some stock inventory to refill.

After losing all my rocks in the last battle, I feel empty inside. The now circumcized monolith shows some mercy by allowing us to pick up three rocks every time we return to this area. I make sure to take my fill before heading for the airship.

Beautiful sunset. Sigh... I wonder what Tosh is doing?

: Wh...where are you? Speak up!
???: It is not necessary for me to speak louder. You hear what I say all too well, for I am the Spirit within your blade.

Oh, great. I guess Tosh has already been taking a few hits from that jug before offering it to his father's spirit.
Every good Drunken Master has a hallucination or two.

Or liver failure. Whichever comes first.

Sword Spirit: There is nothing but blind rage in your attacks.
: I kill those that are destroying our world. What's wrong with that?
Sword Spirit: And what is gained by such folly?
: Gmhh...
Sword Spirit: Follow the young man who fought beside you at Palencia Castle.
Sword Spirit: You'll find in him the destiny which is yours and mine. They are preparing to depart this land soon. Hurry!
: Hey, wait! I still have...
: ...hello?

Chopin: I am instructed to help you, so feel free to ask anything you wish to know.
Chopin: You may board now.

: It's the fugitive guard from the castle!
: I have no way to prove what I feel, but I must accompany you!
: I promise not to be moody, as was the case when last we met.
: Oh, yes indeed! Come aboard! I daresay our little adventure mightn't be the same without you.

Tosh sees an old person for the first time.

: Well...your manners could stand a bit of training. You could use a bit of personal hygiene as well...
: But, facts are facts. And, the fact is that this man is linked to your destiny, Arc. I can sense it.
: How can you be certain?
: Let's just say that when you've been around for over 3,000 years, the clue storehouse has a surplus.

You know what else gets a surplus? The hair storehouse. Seriously, the guy could get a job manufacturing it for Mattel.
: I sense that your spirits have been intertwined since MY journey began all those years ago.
: Um, you're creeping me out a little. How could you know that?
: I've been around. And so has the Ark. And so have you. Things are all coming together in quite a grand way.
: I shan't even pretend to understand...
: Perhaps it's best not to try...
"Tee-hee! Girls don't need to think about things!" Bitch, this is why you were used as the unwitting pawn of evil.
: If there are no objections, then, I'm ready to leave. By the way, I am known as Tosh.
: I knew that already...
: Why did I know that was coming?
: Because you're beginning to see a glimmer of my magnificence?
: Well, actually...
: Enough! Let's get moving...

This story must've been really easy to write, the party's actions are determined entirely by destiny. The only one who's joined the party simply because he feels like it is Poco; perhaps he represents the player, or just normal people in general, as he's also the only one affected by fear, hunger, weight gain, and a distrust of Gogen's clue storehouse.
He's not fat, damnit. He's stocky. Besides, it beats Twig-Girl by far for a figure.

Yay, we can move around freely now. We can even move back to the marshes and level up there if we're really having problems, but since we survived the boss fight OK it really shouldn't be necessary.

It's important for me to stress at this point that all dialogue has been unaltered. For the entire LP, mind you, not just this portion, but I think you'll see shortly why I need to state this now.

: You've been...waiting for me?
: You come here to see Guardian, don't you?
: Why, how do you know that?
: My business is know things. Many things.

Except English.

: Wow, wow, wow! You much big strong warrior, like tiger! Grab calmness! Chongara is friend!
: Anyway, come my shop and listen long time my story.
: Come on this way! Hurry, much fastness!

Arc is a total whore for destiny.
I want it to be known I didn't go with the easy joke here.

A little variety has been added to the map as Tosh polishes his magic talking sword and Gogen flies around like a loon.

Everyone is unusually interested in looking inside Chongara's pots.
Well, c'mon. Look at what's popping out of them. God only knows what he left inside.

: Sorry kept you waiting. So, what should I talk first?
: Perhaps you can start by telling us where to find the Guardian in this region.
: Oh. Before that, I tell about this place.
: This is first place people build a city after great calamity 3,000 years ago.
: That means this is place where our history began.
: That why so many ruins here, falling down now.
: Chongara is adventurer and always looking for the treasures. It is business, yes?
: We have no interest in your business affairs.
: Yes, yes. Rude is not good color on you. Perhaps you fix that, yes?
I love Chongara. He's just short of being a painful stereotype at all times, but ends up with some of the best lines in the game because of it.
: OK, I tell you about Guardian. Make your ears stick up and listen.

I'm half-expecting Chongara to go on a spiel on the four corner simultaneous days in a single rotation of earth and how Arc has been evil educated "Singularity" stupid. In giant text.

: They say Light Guardian still at place where people started their history.
: Yes, that would put it in this general area, but can you be more precise?
: Ungh, that not easy to do. Very hard for Chongara to think that hard.
: I'm starting to get the idea that currency may help you remember...
: Mmmm. Chongara likes this pretty flower. You keep her, eh? Heh, heh, heh, heh.


That was refreshing.

: Bigger treasures, you know, they have the bigger monsters who protect them.
: So, Chongara cannot get them alone.
: I can take you to ruins, and you can get treasure there for Chongara.
: Then, I tell you where is Light Guardian.
: I cannot believe you would try this!
: Oh no! Do not doubt. Chongara never tell a lie. It is bad karma, eh?
: So, I suppose the question is, "Do we trust this guy?"
: Well, I can vouch for the accuracy of what he did actually tell us. It's all quite true.
: I really want to believe what he says. And since he is our only lead, we have little choice.
: Besides, my father was once here, too. I think there is some connection.
: Your father...?
: What?
: No, it is nothing. Let Chongara tell you about ruins. Listen big, eh?
: You need to fetch Summon Pot. Rumor says it is on 5th level.
: Ruins go deeper than 5th level, but monsters are bad and danger is big.
: The deeper you go, the bigger the trouble, so stay out of deep level, eh?

It was worth screenshotting.

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