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Part 2

Update 2

"Hey, looks like we missed one!"

"…don't you feel bad about the fact that this money belongs to the temple?"

"First off, it doesn't belong to them anymore. Second, if they were doing their job then we wouldn't be here so it's kind of their own fault."

Spirits pick up additional abilities as Rooks levels up. Lightning hits all enemy targets for damage that varies based on their element. Air is strong against Earth, weak against Fire, and does average damage to Air and Water.

"Is it me, or have these guys gotten a little bit stronger now that we're upstairs?"

"I don't think it's you. Also, they have a dinosaur infestation."

"That's what happens when you leave… crumbs? Plants? What the hell attracts dinosaurs?"

"Maybe jellies? Do dinosaurs eat jelly?"

"I think that you're looking too far into this. If they're summoned spirits and monsters, they're not part of a natural order."

While wandering around gaining levels we continue to pick up spells. Teefa gets Attribute spells, which are elemental attacks. Attribute is a strange name to use, though, and I'm not quite sure what it's supposed to mean.

"You're probably right about no natural order. A lizard man, a jelly, and a hound walking into a bar sounds like the beginning of a bad joke."

"You would be the expert on those."


"A teleportation ring to get out of here once we're done. Hopefully it'll carry two of us."

Nearby there's also another Sleeping Bag, Silver Flask, Herbs, and various amounts of GP. Basically every little alcove in this section has a chest of some description inside of it.

"Whoa! Where did this guy come from?"

"I think it's the inner guardian of the temple… we must be getting close."

"If you know that much about this thing, how are we supposed to beat it?"

"Nope. Things like that are why we have Card Masters."

"Fine! Sylph, grant us the power of wind!"

"Okay…that was honestly more than I expected."

"Your master came to me for a reason. Now, an impairment on its attacking ability… and we just pound it into oblivion."

"Truly, I feel like I'm witnessing one of the great tactical minds of the age."

"That's strange, there's nothing here that could sting you."

"I'm imagining things… we've been in here for a long time."

"Wait, you recognize us? Who are you?"

"Are you with Galneon?"

"Uh… wait, aren't you?"


"Lightning magic? When the hell did you learn that?!"

"Wait a minute! For people controlling evil spirits, they went down awfully easily...what is it about this sword?"

"I came here to win this sword."

"Oh, fuck me."

"You'v been here the whole time, haven't you? What do you mean?"

"I know how to control Rimsala, the Evil Empress!"

"Uh... Rimsala who?"

"Unless someone comes forth to defeat them, the conflict will never end. We want to create a peaceful land where people of all countries can live together in peace."

"With you so far…"

"We'll have to sway our people toward that end, so we're going to need this sword to control Rimsala."

"And just like that, you took a left turn into Crazy Town."

"Oh, you knew about that? Well, that saves me some awkward explanations. So, Rooks, can we count on your help?"

"Let me answer your question with a question. Was there some part about the phrase 'left turn into Crazy Town' that was confusing to you?"

"You would let down a childhood friend…?! It's because you're a Card Master..."

"No, it's because you're a lunatic! And… uh… yeah, also because I'm a Card Master."


"That would be the poison taking effect from when I stabbed you before we stepped in here."

"You… bitch… GLAD I didn't… buy you armor…"

"Now, now, save your strength. Wouldn't do to get your heart rate up now would it?"

"And that takes care of the last thing keeping us from beating you senseless."

"I'm going to enjoy this."


"It's dangerous!"

"An obstacle has entered the picture… we'll meet again… if you live."

"I wish… you'd just… needed help moving…"

Character Updates

And with that we fade to black and reach the end of Chapter 1. These stat summaries are from the beginning of Chapter 2, so there's a little preview of our next party member included. Next time: Rooks is, unsurprisingly, not dead.