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Part 10

Update 10

New floors, new enemies. Of course…

"Okay, I give. What the hell is a Rilus?"

"You've got me. I'm completely lost."

"I don't give a Fult. Take care of them and I'll patch you all up afterward."

Other new enemies include the "Reach" which might be a terrible transliteration of "Lich."

"Huh, wonder if I can get in? Without the whole royal tears… I think 'you're ugly and nobody likes you' is about all I had."

"Take care! It may be a trap!"

"Rooks, are you okay?"

"You're all fired up all of a sudden."

"I just have a feeling… beyond this door…"

"Oh, I'm going to enjoy this. Hand over the Crystal Sword and the Enchanted Jewel."

"It's too late. The preparations for the Reign of Evil have already begun."

"Aren't you still missing the Spirit Sword?"

"Teefa made all the arrangements? Who's the master and who's the apprentice here?"


"Teefa!? Where is she? Where's my sister?"

"I expect she's been helping to usher in the Reign of Evil."

"I know you're expecting me to be shocked that Teefa's your sister, but you two look like twins. Well, probably because you are."

"So you're using Teefa's tears are being used. She is from the Royal Family of Lexford."

"Yeah, turns out that's kind of important for the whole Reign of Evil."

"So, what will you do?"

"Axs, Salah… I need a moment. There's some things you need to take care of on your own."

"Just like your father. I think this'll work out better for you than it did for him."

"Rooks? Kick. His. Ass."

"Thanks guys."

"Now, let's start by pulling your fangs. Sylph, go ahead and boost our dodging ability."

"With pleasure. You're not the only one who owes this guy."

"Ha! Take… THIS!"

"You've had minions and apprentices to take the load off… I've had to do it all myself. Last time you paralyzed me, but this time.. this time it's just you and me. Efrite!"


"Sounds great, buddy. Just keep us both healthy."


"I'm sure he's crushed."

"Just not as crushed as he just was. Really, Ariel? Your apprentice put up a better fight."

"I don't have to. After the beating I just gave you, it's just a matter of time."

"Beware of Galneon…"

"His intention…"

"Ariel, that's enough."

"…ouch. Should probably have taken your own advice on that one."

"Wait, he's the Betrayer?"


"You have been used as a pawn, just like your father."

"Huh, so you're Galneon… not quite what I expected. You're kind of… greener..."

"Are you Zahan's son? Just like your father, you are a hindrance and an obstacle! This is the beginning of the end for you! I will throw you away like an old rag, the way I did with Ariel."

"Did you do the same thing to my father? You're just TRYING to give me a reason to kill your ass."

"But I crushed your parents with my own hands!"

"Yep, definitely gonna kill you. I was already planning to, but that's the icing on the cake."

"Can't talk, on my way to kill Galneon."


"Can't talk, busy killing."


"I don't blame you. Everyone's got a limit on how much stupidity they can handle at one time."

"Why are you here?"

"Did I stutter? To give you a hand defeating Galneon."

"Don't mind him, he's kind of in a bloodthirsty rage."

"Eh, that should probably be okay if we just want him to beat Galneon."

As previously, Darwin joins us three levels higher than Rooks. Just like everybody else he comes in with no equipment, and this time we're about 3/4 of the way through a long dungeon.

"Aww man, I got rid of all of your old crap… okay, I'm not leaving and making my way back up here. You get what we find."

"Tough, but fair. I'll just stay in the back."

"You know that won't make you any safer, right?"

"Oh trust me, I know."

The final third of the tower switches to a new decor. We'll see it again, which is a bit different from the other tile sets in the game.

"Ooh, swanky."

"Aww man, sorry about that Sylph. She's gonna be SO pissed."

"Yeah, this might not have been the best idea."

"Oh, be quiet and give me a moment to bring her back."

"Hahaha! Let me eat it again, and I'll blow you away!"

"I'll be good!"

Chaos Wind is Sylph's ultimate skill, and removes enemies from battle. It's effectively the same as Entomb.

"Rooks, stuffing your face full of honey doesn't count as being good."

"But there's so much of it…"

"Honestly, I don't know how you're not as big as a house."

"I have two stomachs. One for honey, and one for regular food."

"There you go, Darwin."

"A gold sword. That's…"

"Completely useless."

"Aww, but it's so SHINY!"

"Contrary to popular belief, shininess isn't the only thing that matters with a sword."

"Beats having nothing at all, if only barely."

A few minutes later...

"Humans sleeping? Fine, I will do all the work. SMASH!"

"Huh? What?"

"You awaken? Good. I left one for you."

"Not bad. A little bit more and you'll have a haiku."

Nearby we find this beauty, which summons an elemental spirit at random. The spirits summoned are slightly different from the ones you summon from cards, and are never given names. It's basically a one time attack that may or may not hit a weakness or a resistance.

This whole stretch is incredibly dangerous, especially if you're hard-headed like me and do things like don't bother to buy equipment for your temporary party members. Seeing that grim reaper icon is a real possibility… and yes, this is a game over.

"There you go, armor. You've got no room to complain."

"A shield would be nice, and… dammit, this is just about as useless as the golden sword."

"Hey, blame the person who stocked the chest not me."

"Okay, this is just getting ridiculous."

"What's the problem? The big guy takes up the same space as two or three other guys, and that's never a bad thing."

"…okay, I need a drink."

"Or this might do it."

Ruinous mission is a spell that… I never actually used. It basically destroys a spirit to kill all the enemies in a random encounter. Not a good trade.


"…Rooks, do you ever feel like you're meddling with forces beyond the control of any one man?"

"All the time, Darwin. All the time. Although..."

"Is it me, or is that a freaking dragon?"

"You're not seeing things. How did they even…?"

"This place must have huge windows is all I can figure."

"Ah dammit. Well, at least she's not behind me this time."


"Wait, you two know each other?"

Character Update

Forthcoming, since I ended up having to split this update. Next time: Teefa, Darwin, and the end of Chapter 4.