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Part 15: Epilogue


The land that was blackened by conflict has now turned to green.

A feeling of hope has returned to the hearts of all. The passage of time has washed away the memories of that dark era.

"I'd like to say 'you're welcome,' but..."

The sun shines again on the land of Elemen.

"And once again, the guy who does all the work gets none of the credit."

"Excuse me, did the official Card Master of the dual-throne of Elemen have a complaint to voice?"

"Or was that the Headmaster of the Elemen School of Card Mastery speaking in his official capacity?"

"More work doesn't equate to credit!"

"The main reward for a job well done is another job. I guess you shoulda slacked off a bit if you didn't want this to happen."


"It never ends…"

"But there are certain compensations."

"Show him in?"

"Fine, but I'm taking a long lunch after this."

And with that we cut to the credits, a long series of names that won't mean much to most of us but do feature nice portraits of our main characters like Salah here.

Darwin's next… he's actually the support character who shows up in the most chapters, and he's pretty useful in all of them.

Ariel is another also-ran, and in some ways a bit of a puzzler. Was he ever really a match for Rooks? You have an initial encounter where you get your ass kicked, but you're paralyzed and alone. The next time you face him directly is much later, and at that time it's kind of a beat down. Still, he gets some credit as the primary antagonist before Galneon shows up.

For some reason the spirits start off with Marid, in a particularly picturesque pose...

And moves on to EFRITE, who seriously looks like the biggest badass among the elemental spirits. It's the horns, I think.

Sylph has her eyes covered in this image, and I'm sorry for that. Despite the way that wind is stereotypically the weakest element, she's actually pretty tough.

For some reason, we might have skipped Dao. As a late comer, it's hard to really miss him… instead, we get a picture of Rooks. The last Cardmaster, in some ways his story is kind of tragic. Hopefully Card magic isn't a bloodline thing, or else he's going to have to work overtime to get a training program off the ground.

And with that, we're done. Arcana was a fun game, and I'm glad I got a chance to play it for an LP.

Even before some of you asked, I had the stats for Rooks at the end of the game and after spending a ton of cash on Honey. This isn't anywhere near the top level in the game (I believe that's 60, but I'm not entirely sure) and it's already enough to tear the final boss a new one.

Just for comparison, the stats of all Rooks spirits. He's stronger, tougher, and has more HP than the Earth Spirit, smarter than anyone except Marid, and only gets beaten in alertness by Efrite and Marid. The spirits have been a lot more consistent than the humans we've dealt with, and that's for sure.

Final update upcoming: Cheats and Music