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Part 16: Arcana Extras

Arcana Extras

For the final part of this LP, we have to start from the title screen. Feels like forever since I've seen this. Anyway, the main cheat code for Arcana is the following:

Down, Select, Select, X, Y, Select, Select, L, R, Select, Select, Left, Right, Up followed by either A, B, X, Or Y to select which stage you want to start in.

For demonstration purposes we'll start in the last chapter. The formula for your level when you use this cheat code is 10 levels for every chapter already cleared. This suggests that I was a bit under-leveled for starting this chapter, and might have even been a bit behind when I beat it with Rooks at level 41.

For reference, these are the base stats that Rooks has at level 40. Compare those to my finishing stats, and you'll see how much of a difference all that honey made.

You also start out with a small supply of Gold, but that's not all...

You also get a stock of weapons and armor equivalent to the best gear you could have had at the end of the last chapter. This doesn't factor in the various chests we could have gotten in the last chapter, so things like the Golden Sword, Roccoco Armor, and various Demon equipment are nowhere to be found.

Due to equipment incompatibilities, poor Teefa just has a single gauntlet to her name. It's a good thing there's gear for her lurking just inside Bintel Castle.

Darwin doesn't do much better, but at least he has a weapon to use. We're still underprepared, but selling all the extra crap can allow you to buy a few decent pieces of equipment.

Just to check a couple of things, I went and re-inputted the code for Chapter 3, getting Rooks at level 20.

At this point we'd only had access to a bit of honey so the stat differences aren't so stark, but it definitely shows that Rooks is skewed toward Strength and Endurance.

Our equipment remains a mishmash, but it's enough to get a good start in the Ice Cave and move forward. There's a secondary cheat code (L+R+B) to access a sound studio, but it's a bit difficult to access on an emulator. Instead. we have this:

Music of Arcana

Courtesy of PFlats we have MP3s of all of the music of Arcana available for your listening pleasure. A lot of these are pretty obvious as to their placement, but other titles don't really give you any indication of where they're supposed to go. Rather than go back through the last 14 updates and try to figure out where each song goes, I'm presenting them in bulk. If you're really curious, enjoy figuring out what goes where. Otherwise, just enjoy the music:

Arcana 01 - Grass Flue
Arcana 02 - HAL Logo
Arcana 03 - Our Story's Name
Arcana 04 - Prologue to the Tale
Arcana 05 - A New Chapter
Arcana 06 - Rooks ~ the Card Master
Arcana 07 - Crowded Marketplace
Arcana 08 - Alchemist's Workshop
Arcana 09 - Weapon Shop
Arcana 10 - Magician's Tent
Arcana 11 - Resting
Arcana 12 - The Legend
Arcana 13 - Reinoll ~ Generous Hermit
Arcana 14 - Death of a Loved One
Arcana 15 - Crystal Sword
Arcana 16 - Got Item
Arcana 17 - Trusted Circle
Arcana 18 - Journey
Arcana 19 - Trickery
Arcana 20 - Conflict
Arcana 21 - Fanfare
Arcana 22 - Ariel ~ Soldier of Betrayal
Arcana 23 -Fanatical Warlock Galneon
Arcana 24 - Shrine for the Worship of Chaos
Arcana 25 - Draven's Valley Pass
Arcana 26 - Silent Forest of Doubt
Arcana 27 - Darwin ~ Treasure Hunter
Arcana 28 - Cavern of Ice
Arcana 29 - Decisive Battle
Arcana 30 - Dark Castle Bintel
Arcana 31 - The Goddess
Arcana 32 - Birth of A Hero
Arcana 33 - Second Armageddon
Arcana 34 - Two Beautiful Princesses
Arcana 35 - The Symphony of Elemen

And with that, we're done with Arcana! I'm glad to have gotten a chance to play this game, and even happier that so many people have enjoyed the LP.