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Part 60

Chapter the Fifty Ninth: Let's Have Us An Adventure, Shall We?

"Say, Vollinger... since you seem to be so fond of traveling around the rest of the world, you wouldn't object to visiting the lands North of the Grey Mountains, would you?" I stared at him with a knowing smile.

I could hear Virgil sigh, knowing already that it was going to take place. Sebastian simply leaned up against a nearby rock and stared out at the horizon, petting Terry lightly. Vollinger had a rather amused look on his face, "Do I have any reason to object? What are your reasons for visiting all the way up there?"

"Well," I tried to explain. I didn't relish the idea of going to Thanatos any more than the legion of sea captains that avoided it like the plague. "There is that ruby the halfling in Stillwater mentioned a long while ago. The next altar on my list is also over there somewhere..." I'd only thought of the altar because I heard a rumor about it from the bartender in Ashbury the first time I went to go looking for Captain Teach. I wonder where Teach is anchored currently...? If at all.

Vollinger shrugged, "I don't have any problems with that, though I suspect that is precisely why you asked me and not Virgil." I grinned and squeezed Virgil's hand. He only sighed again. "It is quite a bit out of our way, but we shouldn't be rushing off to Thanatos at any rate. If nothing else, a lengthy and unprepared journey through the wilds ought to give us some idea of what Thanatos will be like when we get there."

"It's settled then!" I started walking off towards the north, since it seemed like the nearby land bridge would be the fastest route to go. "We've got an altar to visit!"

Sebastian laughed hoarsely and Terry let out a hearty woof. Vollinger followed along willingly, albeit slowly in his new suit of armor, and Virgil finally gave in, "All right... I suppose dragging this hammer around a while longer will only make me stronger."

"That's the spirit! I can always count on you, Virgil." He only sighed yet again.

As tended to happen during long trips through the Glimmering Forest, I lost all track of time on the way to the altar. It was truly a long, long ways away, much farther than any other single leg of my journey. Vollinger was right about one thing, it seemed like a trial run of what we might expect to encounter on Thanatos. Eventually we did manage to find it, although not before long exhausting our supplies.

I placed a Mnura coin onto it as an offering and prayed for just a few moments, feeling the blessing wash over me warmly. I breathed in deeply as I stood up, feeling satisfied and triumphant for having successfully accomplished what I'd set out to. There weren't a whole lot of gods left to visit and I had yet to be cursed... I knew I had to be on the right track.

"Now all that's left is to make our way back, with a quick stop by the Ruby Glade that Gildor marked on my map. That ought to be good news, eh?" I looked over in Virgil's direction and he nodded with a weak smile on his face. He'd run out of his fatigue potions long before the rest of us had run out of our supplies, but dragging that hammer around everywhere certainly wasn't helping.

I saw the stones that Gildor had mentioned as soon as we approached the glade, and a feeling of intense dread came over me. The Great Ruby of K'alru is Found. Heed this warning ere you move around. He who walks without a sound shall pass the death beneath the ground. It was exactly as Gildor had said. I looked further into the glade, spying the intensely beautiful and massive ruby in the center.

Although the somewhat recent corpse and the somewhat less recent piles of bones were off-putting, I still desperately wanted that ruby. I knew what would happen, yet still it was as though it had some sort of power over me. I stepped forward, slowly at first... one step at a time. My pace quickened... I wanted that ruby so incredibly badly.

"Samantha, no! Stop!" Virgil shouted at me, running in my direction and trying to keep up. I ran as fast as I could, if only I could make it to that ruby before the creatures appeared, perhaps I could outrun them... they seemed so bound to the stones and the glade itself that I knew I could make my getaway.

"Stay back, Virgil, I'll just grab the ruby and we can go!" I ran right past the warning stones and suddenly heard an awful sound. It sounded like ground cracking, like a piece of clothing ripping apart at the seams. I felt a sudden warmth all around me and saw a bright shimmering light coming at me in every direction. I flinched as though that light might strike me and as soon as I opened my eyes I was completely surrounded.

Son of a bitch! I will NOT die here, not for this damned ruby. My axe was off of my belt before the first demon could even growl. I swung at it with an upward arc, cutting through half of its torso, blood issuing forth from its midsection. It squealed horrendously like some kind of hell-spawned pig and I moved on to the next target.

My strength waning rapidly, it took me two full strikes to bring the next demon down. I put such force behind my blows that I was tiring out quickly, and still I was entirely surrounded by demons. There were so many of them that as soon as one fell another one would take its place. Virgil started to finally catch up with me, as did the others, but the demons finally got their bearings and attacked me.

The first attack I met with greater force, chopping off the very arm that the beast had tried to use to attack me. I deftly dodged out of the way of several more attacks, my recent experiences having taught me quite a bit about fighting while surrounded. The demons lashed out at me again and again, but very rarely did they actually catch me and even then it was just barely.

I ignored the shallow claw wounds they inflicted on me, felling demon after demon with my axe. I refused to depend on the help I knew was coming, striking out time after time and destroying more demons than I ever thought possible. At last I heard a gunshot and saw a pocket of gore explode outward from the last demon. I could tell that Vollinger had missed, but for him that still meant hitting his mark.

I saw Virgil behind the beast, swinging away at it furiously. I joined him, taking advantage of the distraction he provided, and I laid the demon low with one final strike.

At last, the ruby was mine. Somehow the strange feeling that had come over me was gone and I felt very empty placing the ruby into my purse. I felt significantly better knowing that it would tempt nobody ever again, and that the demons that had killed so many were finally gone. I'd failed when it came to sneaking past, or resisting the foul curse, but I'd succeeded marvelously at cleansing the glade of the foul presence that infested it.

I looked Virgil in the eyes, noting his exasperated, worried glance. "I'm... sorry."

He sighed, and smiled gently, placing a hand upon my shoulder. "No, don't worry about it... I suppose it all ended well. You're not one to die that easily... those demons never stood a chance!"

Sebastian laughed bitterly, "You're not kidding, the real demon here is the one what just put the ruby in her damned purse. I never want to get on your bad side, Samantha."

I chuckled, happy that nobody was overly upset at the whole thing. "Thanks for the vote of confidence, I suppose. You don't have anything to worry about, Sebastian, for as good as I seem to have gotten at killing I really rather dislike it."

We chatted idly on the way back around the Grey Mountains, not daring to try crossing them on foot and with no gear. Instead we wound around to Hardin's pass and passed through there to Stillwater. I knocked on Gildor's door and he opened it, quite surprised to see me. I wordlessly pulled the ruby out of my purse and held it out to him.

His eyes practically glazed over as he stared at it, clearly lost in his obsession. "Here you go. I actually found it quite simple to retrieve..." ...insofar as I can't sneak worth a damn.

He held it in his hands, his mouth wide open. "Oh! It is everything I recall it to be! You are truly a brave soul." He stared at it intensely for several moments, forgetting I was even there. I cleared my throat and he suddenly remembered my existence. "Oh, yes. Forgive my distraction. You are truly a great adventurer! Here... here is the 1500 coin I promised. Thank you. Thank you, Samantha Colburn. May the gods bless you on your journey."

I took the large sack of coins from him, pawing through it idly to make sure it wasn't some kind of trick. "Thank you, Gildor. I bid you farewell." Gildor set the ruby down on a nearby table and started rummaging around in his chest, presumably looking for a place to put it or perhaps a decorative container of some kind.

I stared at it, knowing that I should have left already. I no longer felt the intense desire for the ruby that I did when I first ran after it, but there was still something not right about the way I felt. I almost felt guilty for leaving it with Gildor, as though it would somehow do him more harm than good. It certainly didn't seem proper for him to be obsessing over it quite so extremely.

I quick snatched the ruby from the table, stuffing it in my purse and making a dash for the exit. I ran as fast as my legs would take me, only stopping after I was a good distance out from Stillwater and I was sure that Gildor couldn't have followed. Sebastian was the first to catch up to me as he was the only one not lugging around heavy plate. He actually started laughing when I finally stopped, "Damn, woman, I never expected you to do THAT! By the gods I haven't had a fright like that since I 'accidentally' stepped on a gnome's foot in front of his half ogre bodyguard!"

Virgil finally caught up and he was exasperated, "What's gotten into you? Have you gone completely crazy?"

I took one look at Sebastian's face again and started laughing myself. "Perhaps, Virgil, perhaps. Let's head down to Tarant. It's on the way to the next altar and I can get rid of this damned ruby at one of the random shops there before it causes us any further trouble. I don't like this thing... there's something not right about it."

Much to my surprise, he didn't seem to object to that plan in the slightest. "Fair enough, Samantha. That sounds like a good plan, actually." So that's exactly what we did.

I pawned the ruby off on a local junk dealer once we arrived and then scouted out the docks for any signs of Teach. It didn't look like he was hanging around Tarant these days, that was for sure. Just out of curiosity I decided to ask one of the local captains if he'd be willing to take me to Thanatos for a generous sum. As I'd suspected, I was laughed straight off of his ship. I definitely had to find Teach if I intended to continue on my journey.

Journeying even further to the South eventually took us to the abandoned ruins of Kree, where the barbarians that had sacked it built an altar to the evil god Shakar. I offered him a Reaper's Axe that I'd bought from the gypsy in Ashbury for just that purpose.

I shuddered as I felt his blessing wash over me. Although it was a proper boon, I still felt somewhat dirty for having received it. I gazed out upon the ruins of Kree with pity, regretting that a god like Shakar even existed in the world. ...and here I am, having received his blessing. This had better be worth the effort in the end.

The ancient temple where the altar to Moorindal was hidden was practically on our way back towards the North. It made the most sense to me to make a quick stop there before proceeding to the Wheel Clan caverns so that I could make a second offer to Alberich while I was there. None of my companions objected and so that's exactly what I did. I offered a black diamond at the altar of Moorindal, a rather expensive and difficult to acquire gem that I'd obtained purely by luck in my travels.

The blessing that washed over me then was certainly a dark one, but I was pleased that it also seemed to cleanse all of the other blessings I'd received recently, from Torg to Shakar. It was somehow purer, less tainted, although it was also decidedly wicked. I shuddered for just a moment, looking very much forward to finishing off my pilgrimmage to honor the old gods. I still had no idea where the altar to Velorien was located or what I needed to offer to it, but it wasn't quite time for that yet anyway. My next step was to visit Alberich for a second time, and I had the lava rock ready to offer to him.

The dwarves of the Wheel Clan welcomed me like their own kin, and I smiled at the thought. There were few places I had ever felt like I belonged previously, and the caverns of the Wheel Clan now felt second only to being out in the open wilderness with my companions. Is this what your heart always desired, Bates?

I wound my way through the winding corridors until I came back to Erick Obsidian's room. He greeted me heartily as I entered, but I only smiled. "Erick... I found the Iron Clan, and I've brought a gift for you." I pulled the Durin Stone out of my purse and handed it over to him, "Here... it's yours."

It was a difficult thing to describe, but I tried my best. While I talked Virgil stalked forward and placed the massive hammer on the table. "It... it was incredible, Erick. They had technology built better than anything I've ever seen. Their home was in the most grand cavern, and I'm sure they hollowed it out themselves... even after so many years it was all in such pristine condition. They had fully functional automatons defending the place! In addition to the stone I found a suit of plate armor and a hammer, you may have both as I've no use for them."

He shook his head, smiling widely, "Its more than I ever hoped or dreamed. It seems they truly were advanced, far beyond what anyone could have known. I so look forward to visiting the caverns of the Iron Clan, and learning of their ways. Thank you, my friend. You've no idea the gift you've bestowed on us all."

"You're very welcome, Erick. I'm happy to have done what I could for the sake of history." I lightly curtsied to him, though he was so intent on the Durin Stone that he didn't even notice. I departed from his room, winding around yet more hallways until finally returning to the altar of Alberich. I offered another lava rock to him, praying briefly, and I felt his blessing wash over me once again, feeling so much more familiar now. I could still feel the unpleasantly dark blessing I'd received from Moorindal, but with Alberich's blessing I could more easily ignore it.

"So, where to next?" Virgil asked innocently.

It was a perfectly valid question. With the mystery of the Iron Clan resolved and the Durin Stone in the hands of the one that can best analyze it, I supposed that it was finally time. "I think perhaps we ought to see if we can't find Captain Teach somewhere? He wasn't in Tarant, and I think he was only in Ashbury before at Bates' request. Don't you think a town like Black Root would suit him just fine?"

Vollinger nodded, "Seems like as good of a guess as any. So we're off to Black Root then?"

"Black Root, eh?" Sebastian perked up. "I'm rather fond of that town. I'm all for any idea that involves visiting it."

Virgil started chuckling, "I should've suspected a man like you would be fond of Black Root. Sure, why don't we head there then."

Sebastian nudged Virgil roughly, "Hey, now, what's that supposed to mean? A man like me?"

I just laughed and began our journey back towards the South. It seemed like we'd been traveling all over the land and had very little to show for it, save for a few nasty scars. Even if the ultimate destination was Thanatos it would be nice to just relax on a ship for a week or two.

When we arrived in Black Root the whole town was bustling with activity. There was a man I didn't quite recognize parading down the street with half a dozen people following him and shouting praises at him. "Welcome home, Payne!" "We love you, Payne!" Hmm... so that's Franklin Payne, is it? As quite possibly the only individual remaining in all of Arcanum who'd had adventures as far-reaching as my own, I was rather curious to talk to the fellow.

I followed him as he strolled down the street casually, trying not to associate myself with the legion of fans that chased after him excitedly. He at last stopped at a rather expansive house on the corner, bowing once to the assembled crowd and shouting his thanks to them before stepping inside. Judging by the comments they were shouting, he was actually stepping into his own home for a rare visit.

I waited several moments for the crowd to disperse, not caring one bit to draw overly much attention to myself, and finally I knocked on the door. Franklin himself answered it, which actually surprised me. I'd have figured he would've had a butler. "Hello! Can I help you, madam?" His voice was quite clear and he pronounced his words with incredible precision. For all the adventuring he did, I was pleased to note that he knew how to act polite and proper when it came down to it.

"Hello, sir. My name is Samantha Colburn, and you are?" I obviously knew who he was - it would've been difficult not to - but still, manners like his demanded the same in return so I tried to be polite.

I'm not sure why, but I think I'm going to like this fellow. "Well met, Franklin. I do hope you don't mind me taking up your time. What are you doing here in Black Root?"

"No, no, of course not! I don't mind at all!" He was very animated when he spoke, gesturing to and fro. "I'm just stopping in for supplies. That, and I've just added another head to my collection here in the den." He gestured again, this time towards a collection of stuffed heads on the wall. "Finally bagged myself a Howling Bog Dweller up in the Dark Fens! 20 feet of him, and bloody tough, too! They almost shipped me home in an ice barrel!"

Franklin certainly was a rather interesting person to talk to. It seemed like he had a rather strong, perhaps unconscious, desire to never be boring. It mostly succeeded, even if he was rather wordy. "Why? What happened?" There were worse things to talk about than the man's crazy exploits.

Naturally, he was only too happy to indulge my curiosity. "Well, wouldn't you know it, my blunderbuss, Old Mary, gave up the ghost just as the beast was charging! Have you ever seen a raging Howler set his sights on you? Enough to give you a good case of the muckies! Ha!"

I'd never encountered a howler in all my travels through the Dark Fens, so there was actually a level of personal curiosity at what I'd missed. "And so? Out with it man!" I urged him to continue rather jovially, and with a grin he did.

I glanced over at Vollinger and he started chuckling, remembering when he'd done the exact same thing for a similar reason. I turned back to Franklin, "You said you were stopping in for supplies? Supplies for what?" I was mighty curious where the renowned Franklin Payne would be heading next.

He shrugged casually, "Why, for whatever the next adventure is, my good friend! One can never be too prepared, you know! My kingdom for a compass, and all that! Ha! We're pushing off at first light! Or was it the day after tomorrow...? Whichever! It's a big world out there, full of mystery and danger... no time to waste!"

I got the impression he didn't actually have any idea where he was going next. That made a good bit of sense, really. "Well, while you're here, would you mind telling me about some of your adventures?"

Virgil sighed impatiently, and I turned just in time to see Sebastian grabbing him around the shoulder for a rough one-armed hug. Franklin seemed to understand my companions' hesistance to listen to him ramble, "Adventures? Mine? Oh, there's really not much to tell. Bloody newspapers are always blowing these things out of proportion! You'd think they'd never heard of a man fighting a pair of Fire Giants with his bare hands! Standard fare, really... nothing you'd be terribly interested in..."

"Oh come now!" I scolded, "Tell me about the Fire Giants!"

Teach? You know captain Teach?! By the gods, man, get me in touch with him! I resolved to ask Franklin about contacting Teach after we were done with our conversation. "And so? What happened?"

As always, he was quite happy to elaborate for as long as I was happy to listen. "Well... I was there to get some fire gems, and so that's just what I was going to do! Unfortunately, the Fire Giants who owned them weren't being very cooperative. Have you ever spoken with a Fire Giant? Breath like the rear end of a Dreadhound bitch in heat! And bad grammar to top it off! Ha!

Well, like a complete idiot I'd forgotten Old Mary on the boat, and all I had was an old, rusted sword! I realized that was bloody useless after the first swing, so I tossed it aside. Now, normally I'd not resort to fisticuffs with a family of Fire Giants, but what was I to do?

"Well, with a bit of luck and a few well-placed blows, I was running back to the boat with a handful of fire gems! Enough to scare a man out of his skivvies, but a brilliant time all around! Ha! Wouldn't have missed it for the world!"

I was quite enjoying Franklin's fanciful method of storytelling. "Fascinating. What about your other adventures? Tell me of the most valuable thing you've ever recovered."

Well, I'm not exactly a religious sort... but I've certainly done my fair share of work for the Panarii. "What sort of work have you done for the church...?"

Franklin continued to be accommodating. There were very few individuals that I could actually enjoy hearing a story from. Whether it was hogwash or not I didn't really care, at least it was entertaining. "Legend told that one of the barbarian tribes in the south worshipped a smooth, black rock, and the church got a burr in its bustle about it... they were convinced it was the Eye of Kraka-tur! And that's not just its name... it's really supposed to be the eye of the bloody demon! They say old Nasrudin popped it right out when he banished the bugger to the Void! Imagine that!"

I thought about telling Franklin that I ended up with that old rock in the end, but then thought better of it. It probably wasn't any concern of his what the church did with the eye after he retrieved it for them, though the fact that Hadrian had the eye in his possession did lend a peculiar veracity to Franklin's tale. "So... what did you do?"

He continued his story happily, "Well, you know how barbarians are... superstitious bunch... couldn't go to the loo in the morning without kissing the damned thing! So, needless to say, they weren't at all happy when I showed up dressed like one of their bone-nosed witch doctors and plucked it right from under their noses! The whole damned horde was after me!

So you see, I knew that close by was an ogre village. Bloody disagreeable bunch as well, and ogres aren't the most tolerant gents to begin with. So I ran as fast as I could, right through the ogre village, screaming obscenities and making a general nuisance of myself! And those ogres came out just as the barbarians were coming through! Ha! What a sight! I almost doubled over laughing! Brilliant!"

It was hard not to smile in return, given how much Franklin seemed to enjoy relating his odd little tales. "All right. What about your greatest battle ever?"

NO! "Yes...?"

I could see where the story was going already, but that only made me that much more interested in it. "Somehow I'd been separated from my party, and I was searching a cave I found in the forest. And in the back of that cave I found a small, blue rabbit! Blue like a baboon's backside! Bloody strange, but I wasn't on the hunt for that sort of thing, so I turned to go..."

"Wait... don't tell me..." By the gods, you'd swear he's lying through those perfect teeth of his the way he embellishes the stories so, but if he hadn't really encountered the giant he'd never have mentioned a blue bunny....

"Yes! That's right!" He laughed, seeing the look on my face. "As soon as I turned, I heard something move behind me. Something BIG. So I looked back, and there standing in front of me was the most awful creature I've ever seen...!"

I nodded, recalling my own similar experience, "Let me guess... huge, shaggy, big antlers on its head..."

"Too right! Ha!" He seemed happy to have my participation in his story. "This thing was terrible! Hairy bugger, and it smelled like a bloated Corpse Hog! A mouth full of teeth like foot-long razors, bloodstained claws on its hands and feet! Excuse the expression, madam, but I've got no problem telling you that I just about filled my union suit!"

Perhaps I was a bit too eager to hear more. I prodded him, "And so?"

I nodded along, somewhat embarrassed. I supposed if I'd been lacking my axe it would've been quite a battle indeed, but the Stillwater Giant really wasn't all that amazing. Franklin's way of telling it sure did make for a better story, though. "What happened?"

As if he had been waiting for me to ask, he continued, "Somehow, I got the upper hand! And just as I was about to dispatch the beast once and for all, the bugger changed back into a bloody rabbit and hopped away! Dash it! Of all the bad luck! Ha!"

"Well," I grinned wickedly, "Then you might be happy to know I actually killed it!" He raised his eyebrow at me and I grinned at him even more widely, launching into a story of my own, "I'd just recovered a fake replica pelt from H.T. Parnell's museum in Tarant and given it to a rather eccentric elf in exchange for the location of Qintarra, the tree city of the elves. I was on my way to Hardin's Pass along the route to the Glimmering Forest when I saw it... a peculiar, blue rabbit just hopping about in the snow..."

Franklin's eyes lit up as I told him my own story, and he was just as happy to listen as he was to ramble. "Please, do go on!"

It felt pretty damned good to be swapping tales of high adventure with the renowned Franklin Payne. "So I approached the rabbit, finding it rather oddly colored, especially considering it was hopping about in the snow... no sooner did I approach it then I watched it transform from a tiny rabbit into a huge, hideous beast! I was so shocked that it struck me a rather painful blow, painful enough to knock some damned sense into me and get my feet moving!

I darted around behind the beast, taking advantage of its naturally slow speed. My axe was out in seconds and I chopped at it furiously, afraid for my life should I give it even the slightest chance to strike at me again. At last I landed a powerful blow on its backside, cleaving clear through its flesh and separating its body into two pieces! It crumpled in the snow in a bloody mess, and I took to skinning it with my trusty dagger that I always have around for backup."

To me, it was that single bit of praise more than anything that told me Franklin Payne was a true gentlemen. He did enjoy going on about his own stories, but that he so happily listened to my own was proof that he truly enjoyed adventure for his own sake, and telling stories about it was just an extension of that. "All right, all right... what about the most dangerous place you've ever been?"

He didn't even have to think before coming up with his response. "Oh! By far the most dangerous place I've ever been is the Isle of Thanatos!" You don't say.... "They call it Monster Island, or some such, but what they should call the bloody place is Hell! Ha! I've never seen a more complete collection of the world's most abominably evil creatures in all my life! Words can't possibly describe the danger! Absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to go back!"

It's funny you should phrase it like that, my good man. "That's interesting. I just happen to be going there myself..."

"Really?" He seemed genuinely excited at that. "Brilliant! Sounds like a smashing good time! Hoist the Jolly Roger and all that! Good luck to you!"

He really was quite the happy fellow, but he just didn't quite get the point of my mentioning it. "You know, Franklin, I could use a man like you when I get there..."

This is going to be really bloody interesting, now isn't it? "So... you'll come with me?"

"Why yes! I'd love to go!" He practically shouted in excitement. He continued talking as he ran about his house grabbing guns and gear. "I've been itching for another round or two with those Thanatos beasties anyhow! And I just might be a spot of help when it comes to navigating that bubbling cauldron of death! Right! To Thanatos it is...!"

"Say, Franklin," I began slyly, "You wouldn't happen to know of a good sea captain to take us there, would you?"

"Why how wonderful of you to ask!" He exclaimed, "I know just the gentleman! Let's head on down to the local bar on the docks and have a chat with old Captain Edward Teach! He does love to stop in here for a good ale more days than not."

"That sounds like a fantastic idea, Franklin. Thanks for the tip!" It looked like my arrival in Black Root had been quite fortuitous after all. In addition to finding a sea captain, I also found a rather talented, if verbose, guide to Thanatos. Things were looking up for a change. Well, as up as they could look when the destination was the most godforsaken island in the whole of Arcanum. At least Franklin would be sure to enjoy it.

Bonus Content

For some reason I missed this cave right outside of the Wheel Clan for a long time now, but here it is.

It's pretty much right there. It's not all that important, though. Like most bonus areas it's just a random little diversion.

There's some fire right out front there that hurts (and damages armor) when you run through it.

This guy isn't too friendly. Fire elementals are probably the most annoying enemies in the game. Behind him you can see the entire point of the cave, and that's the pile of junk on the ground there. I forget what was in it, but you can bet it wasn't spectacular.

You might also have noticed that this was the first update where I ran around in the northern section of the map. Just like the areas to the West, there's a bunch of little hidden areas there that are pointless but ultimately amusing to explore.

This location leads to a place called "The Hidden Village" or "The Secret Village" or something like that. It's basically a bunch of Kite playing in mushrooms.

See? I wasn't kidding. I don't really know what the fuck, but that's all that's there.

Down here is a place called "The Bog". It's pretty uninteresting, all things told.

You've got some undead (re-dead?) that poison you, and a random treasure chest there. The loot is, as usual, a bunch of gems and potions and random crap I don't care about along with maybe one magickal weapon.

There are also some of those strange "it came from the swamp" style beasts. At least they aren't being called Fleshy Mounds As usual, Samantha gets way too many critical hits.

That's actually where you find Kerlin's altar. If you ever want to do the Gods quest, and for some reason don't use a FAQ, there you go.

I actually forget what this place was called. vv

It's pretty, at least. Prettier than the fucking bog, but that's not hard. Also, wolves.

The rare shot of Samantha standing around going "huh?" while everybody else has found something to kill.

I'm not sure why gorillas, apes, monkeys, and strange ape-like beasts with names like "gowrath" make up such a large amount of the wildlife, but they do. They're almost as common as wolves, and actually I'd say more common than bears.

I always love it when I pass a bunch of bones scattered on the ground. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe that's just the treasure chest, not that it'll contain anything aside from gems, potions, and a fucking magickal weapon. (that's probably cursed anyway).

Lastly, at this point in the game you can buy a ship. It'll be covered in the next update, but I won't actually buy it.

What some people don't know (most especially the people who haven't played this game) is that I have not been able to ride on trains for a stupidly long fucking time. They don't actually let Terry on the train, so I have to walk everywhere. It's not a problem with ships, however, and especially not with my own ship. I could've afforded this easily (I never spend money anyway