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Original Thread: Aces of the Abyss: Let's Play Armored Core 2: Another Age



Armored Core 2, and it's expansion pack, Another Age, is a direct sequel to the PSX Armored Core series. Taking place 67 years after the first series, much of humanity has left Earth, and moved to Mars, hoping to escape the desolate, polluted hellscape of Earth and find a new life away from the old Corporations. Unfortunately, given the struggles of terraforming Mars and the new group of Corporations that have surfaced on the red planet, not much has changed. And so, our Protagonist, having just arrived on Mars, sets out to become a Raven.

So with all that laid out, let's begin:

Episode 1 - Intro and basic mechanics

Nerves Concord posted:

Welcome Raven
Welcome to Mars.
Here you will perform various missions as a Raven registeredwith the Nerves Concord. We look forward to working with you.

Under the Terraforming Project, the Martian environment is beginning to approximate that of the Earth's. And as Martian society matures, conflicts over control are becoming fierce.

The planet is therefore in a state ofconstant turmoil. For a Raven, it is an ideal setting. The amount ofwork available to you is limited only by your abilities.

Another thing: As on Earth, Arenas for Ravens exist on Mars, and all Ravens must be registered with an Arena. your registration is already complete.

Your current ranking reflects your status as a new Raven. Advancement through the ranks rests solely on your shoulders. We will contact you periodically, so remember to check your Mail. Good luck.

Nell Aulter posted:

New Partner
Hello, Raven.
I am Nell Aulter, a liaison manager for the Nerves Concord.

I'm responsible for your managerial duties, including mission assignments and communicationsupport. How long I will be your manager is up to you,but I look forward to working together.

I've already lined up your first mission assignment. The job is low in rank for a Raven, but it's a good chance to get warmed up. Please complete the mission successfully.

On a parting note... "Some birds can fly, and others cannot." This is the only truth in your existence. I pray you'll have the ability to fly.

Light Seeker posted:

To the New Raven
I want to congratulate you on your entry into the Arena, but life here is hard. Most pilotsdrift through the lower ranks, and then disappear. The ultimate dream is to attain the title "Nine Breaker."

"Werehound." You won't be able to advance as long as he's in the way. Your future in the Arena depends on your ability to defeat him. If you can't, you'll vanish like so many others. Good luck.

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